Global strength sells well overseas. New Tiggo 8 is listed in Brazil.

  On August 12th, Chery Automobile’s new generation of Tiggo 8 was upgraded and listed in Brazil. At this point, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has appeared in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Ukraine, the Philippines, Peru and other places, and stood out in the increasingly competitive overseas market, becoming a veritable global car. 

  With years of deep cultivation in the global market, Chery has become the most popular China automobile brand in overseas markets. As the flagship of Chery Automobile’s Tiggo family, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has won wide acclaim in the international market with its hard-core strength, precise positioning and global standard product quality, and has been recognized by many authoritative organizations and welcomed by consumers. 


  eightOn December 12th, a new generation of Tiggo 8 was launched in Brazil. 

  While brands and products have been recognized by overseas markets, market sales have also performed well. Since its listing, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has been listed with the product strength of "super Chinese core" and "super space", and its sales volume has exceeded 10,000 for several months in a row, and it has been recognized by more than 100,000 users in one year. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has shaped the sales benchmark of market segments. Similarly, in overseas markets, especially in Brazil, Russia and other markets, the sales data has reached a new high in the past five years. 


  This achievement is not without reason. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has created a benchmark product force experience. Its "Double Top Ten" powertrain-Acteco 1.6 TGDI engine and Gertrak 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox can achieve a maximum power of 145kW and 290N in generate. M peak torque, and the highest thermal efficiency of China brand engine is over 37.1%, which realizes the ultra-low fuel consumption of the whole vehicle of 7.4L. 


  In addition to gratifying power performance, the new generation Tiggo 8 still maintains the largest body of its class of 4700x1860x1746mm, and has a super-long wheelbase of 2710mm, making it easy to realize 567-seat multi-seat layout. With the size advantage brought by the architecture, the product brings up to 12 kinds of flexible and variable combination spaces and 44 humanized storage spaces, which can easily meet the needs of ever-changing vehicles. 


  Behind the performance of the parameters is the Chery brand’s profound grasp of consumer demand. The brand-new generation of Tiggo 8 after this renewal and upgrade has brought 28 highly perceived quality upgrades to users in terms of five modules: appearance, interior, comfort, NVH and configuration. 

  After the upgrade, the 7-inch dashboard of the new generation of Tiggo 8 adopts a brand-new shape, and the U-shaped chrome ring is replaced by soft-coated material, which makes the sense of luxury and technology perfectly integrated. The newly designed wireless charging layout maximizes the stability of charging from the user’s point of view and ensures the safety of users’ driving. At the same time, the new generation of Tiggo 8 also upgraded the strong sensing intelligent configuration such as 360 panoramic image, electric tailgate, driving recorder and panoramic sunroof, and added humanized intelligent configuration, giving users a standard answer sheet for easy travel. 


  In addition, at the beginning of product development, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has adhered to the four high (high temperature, plateau, cold and high humidity) extreme environment development verification, including Novosibirsk, Russia (temperature:-50C), Middle East (Temperature: 5five℃), South America (relative humidity ≥90%), Chery has deeply optimized the reliability, dynamic performance and smell of the whole vehicle. Taking the high temperature test as an example, the Tiggo 8 can cool down to nearly 10℃ in 57 seconds under the environment of 50℃. 


  The listing of the new generation of Tiggo 8 in Brazil is an important part of Chery’s overseas market layout. With keen user insight and good product reputation, it can be expected that the new generation of Tiggo 8 will be recognized and praised by users in Brazil in the future, adding good results to Chery’s globalization journey. As China’s automobile industry becomes stronger, Chery’s future performance is worth looking forward to. 

Geely officials have announced that it will become a trend for traditional IPO car companies in the United States to "create a second generation" listing.

K diagram 00175_0

  A piece of paperIt opened the curtain of its high-end smart electric brand’s independent IPO.

  On December 13th, (00175.HK) announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that Krypton had submitted a draft registration statement for possible initial public offering to the SEC on December 7th, 2022 on a confidential basis.

  According to the announcement, the proposed spin-off content currently includes two items, namely, the sale of krypton shares in the United States and the physical way toDistribute American Depositary Shares. On the date of this announcement, the number and amount of American Depositary Shares proposed for sale and sale in the IPO have not been determined.

  The day before, it was reported that Krypton sought to raise more than 1 billion US dollars (about 6.9 billion yuan) in the United States, with a valuation of more than 10 billion US dollars (about 69 billion yuan), which was higher than the 9 billion US dollars when it raised funds for the first time last year.

  Krypton independent spin-off listing

  It is believed that the proposed spin-off is in the overall interests of shareholders, which will enable investors to better evaluate the Group and focus on retaining business, and at the same time provide Krypton with continuous direct and independent access to the equity and debt capital markets when necessary. In view of the industry trend and based on the evaluation of the business and operation of the Group and Krypton, it is suggested that the spin-off will enhance the value of Krypton, enable Krypton to develop independently and fully release its potential, thus benefiting shareholders.

  In fact, the news that Krypton will be listed independently has a long history.

  Krypton was established in March 2021, and was jointly invested by Geely Automobile and Geely Holding Group. As early as last August, when we completed the $500 million Pre-A round of financing, Yuan Jing, CFO of Extreme Intelligence Technology, said that there is no clear IPO plan at present, but it does not rule out participating in the capital market in various forms in the future.

  After more than a year of development, on October 31st this year, Geely Automobile announced that it proposed to split Krypton and list it independently, and the Stock Exchange has confirmed that the company can carry out the proposed spin-off, but the terms of the proposed spin-off (including listing location, sale scale, price range and the company’s shareholders can get Krypton)The guaranteed quota of) has not yet been determined.

  As the "second growth curve" of Geely’s electrification, Krypton is becoming the high-end of Geely.As a new force in the market, the sales volume of Geely Automobile increased from 3.5% in the first half of 2021 to 17.9% in the first half of this year.

  At present, the main model of extremely krypton is extremely krypton 001. In November this year, extremely krypton delivered 11,000 vehicles. After the first delivery in October, it broke through 10,000 vehicles again, and achieved a month-on-month growth for five consecutive months. In the first 11 months of this year, the cumulative delivery of krypton has reached 66,600 vehicles, and there is almost no suspense in achieving the goal of selling 70,000 vehicles annually.

  In addition, in November this year, Extreme Krypton launched its second product, Extreme Krypton 009, aiming at pure electricity.MPV is expected to be delivered in January next year.

  An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, said that in the first half of this year, it was extremely gross.It will reach about 5%, and the gross profit level will be further improved on the basis of delivering 50,000 vehicles in the second half of the year.

  It is worth mentioning that Krypton is not the first brand listed independently by Geely. In October 2021, Volvo Cars announced that it wasInitial public offering of Stockholm Stock Exchange; In June this year,(Polestar) merged with SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) Gores Guggenheim and landed in the United States; The application statement for Geely’s Yikatong Technology to use the listing plan of SPAC company CovaAcquisitionCorp in the United States has been announced by the US regulatory authorities. It is expected that the listing of SPAC will be completed by the end of this year, with a valuation of about 3.8 billion US dollars.

  It is becoming a trend for traditional car companies to "create the second generation" to go public.

  In fact, as a business with huge initial investment and long payback period, car-making has to go through mass production-sales climbing-scale effect highlighting-gross.Turn positive-The long process of becoming a full member-returning to the original position.

  Even "Wei Xiaoli", whose sales volume has risen and gross profit margin has turned positive, has not yet achieved profitability under the continuous R&D investment and market layout. Although in the eyes of many people, the new brand born out of traditional car companies is not bad, but the cruel fact is that at present, exceptandIn addition, basically all brands have not yet formed a certain hematopoietic capacity.

  Chairman Ceng Qinghong hit the nail on the head-"At present, all new energy automakers are losing money and have no money to earn. This is a consensus."

  The cumulative loss of GAC Ai ‘an in 2019-2021 was nearly 2.7 billion yuan; Lantu Automobile, a subsidiary of Dongfeng, has been in a state of loss since its establishment in June last year. By June 30 this year, the accumulated net loss was 1.443 billion yuan, and the average monthly net loss exceeded 100 million yuan.

  According to the financial report data released by Geely Automobile, the revenue in 2021 was 2.868 billion yuan, and the net loss in the same period reached 1.01 billion yuan; In the first half of this year, Krypton’s revenue was 8.828 billion yuan, and the net loss during the period was 759 million yuan. Since the establishment of the brand, the accumulated net loss of Krypton is nearly 1.8 billion yuan.

  In An Conghui’s view, "smart electric vehicles don’t make money at first, but with the growth of sales and the formation of branding and scale, enterprises can gradually make profits."

  Therefore, for the new car-making enterprises that are generally in a state of burning money crazily and have not yet achieved balance of payments or even profits, they are facing the domestic market.The fierce competition in the city needs more funds for production investment, technology research and development, brand building, digital marketing, channel expansion, etc. Financing and listing have become one of the means for many new car manufacturers to get more funds. Since this year, many traditional car companies have released listing plans.

  Insiders of GAC Ai ‘an revealed to 21st century business herald that GAC Ai ‘an, which has completed the A round of financing, plans to make an IPO next year and strive to become the first new energy vehicle in science and technology innovation board; Tamia Liu, co-CEO of Zhiji Automobile, has repeatedly publicly stated that the company’s public financing is already under planning, and there will be A-round, B-round and C-round financing plans, as well as very clear listing plans; In addition, it is reported that Feifan Automobile, a subsidiary of SAIC, also has an independent IPO plan.

  In November this year, Lantu Automobile completed a round of financing of 5 billion yuan, and the valuation of Lantu Automobile after financing was about 30 billion yuan. Lu Fang, CEO of Lantu Automobile, said that Lantu Automobile will continue to carry out subsequent rounds of financing according to actual development needs and market conditions. At the same time, it will also consider the follow-up IPO plan based on the market and regulatory policies.

  It is worth mentioning that if the company, which was established less than two years ago, successfully goes public in the United States, it will become the fastest listed new car-making enterprise. beforeIdeal, Tucki took about four to five years from its establishment to landing in the US stock market, and successfully went public in Hong Kong in September this year.It took nearly seven years.

  In the eyes of the industry, the current capital market is becoming more and more rational for intelligent electric tracks. In order to obtain financing, simple storytelling is difficult to maintain, and it needs to be matched with actual products and technologies. "In contrast, the new energy brands hatched by traditional car companies do not have too many historical burdens. They are good at absorbing new management models and focusing on new energy, autonomous driving and other tracks, which has certain appeal to industrial capital."

2023 Shanghai Auto Show: Ideal Autopilot and Pure Circuit Line

  [car home Information] On April 18th, 2023, LI released the "Double Energy Strategy", which will fully exert its strength in "intelligence" and "electric energy". In terms of "intelligence", NOA navigation-assisted driving in the ideal city of AD Max 3.0 will be launched in the second quarter, and the landing push in 100 cities will be completed before the end of the year. It is worth mentioning that the NOA navigation and driving assistance system software and services in the ideal city of AD Max 3.0 are free for life, and its "assets" will also be fully reflected in the second-hand car transaction.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of "electric energy", LI has launched an 800V ultra-charged pure electric solution, officially entering a new stage where "extended range electric" and "high voltage pure electric" go hand in hand. By 2025, the product layout of "one flagship model+five extended range electric vehicles+five high voltage pure electric vehicles" will be formed. At the same time, at the press conference, LI and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited signed a "Comprehensive Strategic Agreement", announcing that LI’s first pure electric vehicle will become the first vehicle equipped with 4C Kirin battery in the world.

Home of the car

  "In the’ intelligent’ part of the’ dual-energy strategy’, the ideal intelligent driving has officially entered the 3.0 stage. According to the official, its release will make the ideal model completely free from the dependence on high-precision maps, and it can perceive, make decisions and plan in real time like a human driver, thus realizing autonomous traffic in complex urban scenes and bringing users a truly usable intelligent driving system. Lang Xianpeng, vice president of intelligent driving in LI, said.

  "Under the’ electric energy strategy’, LI released an 800V super-charged pure electric solution, which combined the high-voltage electric drive system based on the third-generation power semiconductor, the battery with 4C charging capability, the thermal management system with wide temperature range and the 4C super-charged network to realize the charging efficiency of’ charging for 10 minutes and cruising for 400 kilometers’ from 2G to 5G era. Ma Donghui, president and chief engineer of LI, said, "In the future, extended-range electric and high-voltage pure electric will work in parallel to bring users a complementary energy experience comparable to that of fuel vehicles, and finally realize the goal of replacing fuel vehicles on a large scale."

  LI delivered a total of 52,584 new cars in the first quarter just past, an increase of 65.8% compared with the first quarter of 2022. Liu Jie, vice president of LI Commercial, said: "Up to now, the cumulative delivery volume in LI has exceeded 300,000."

Ideal intelligent driving enters the 3.0 era

  In the aspect of intelligent driving, LI insists on full-stack self-research. The official said that the ideal intelligent driving has entered the 3.0 era, from high-speed scenes to urban scenes.

Home of the car

  LI has used three neural network large model algorithms: static BEV network algorithm, dynamic BEV network algorithm and Occupancy network algorithm to restore the urban navigation assisted driving algorithm, and used NeRF technology to enhance the Occupancy network algorithm to achieve higher accuracy and details.

Home of the car

  Static BEV can still fill the road structure when some cameras are blocked and lane lines are blurred, which solves the real-time problem of high-precision map data.

  Dynamic BEV can track and perceive the distance and speed of the object stably when the vehicle appears in the field of vision of multiple cameras at the same time, which makes the dynamic BEV neural network have a certain "brain supplement" ability.

  Occupancy network algorithm can model the physical world in which we live in data, and restore the real scenes of the physical world through pure vision, such as trash cans on the road, temporary construction signs and other "general obstacles". On this basis, the use of NeRF technology further improves the resolution of Occupancy at a long distance and makes the system more powerful in perception.

  Based on the perceptual results of the above three neural network large model algorithms, the system will output the trajectory prediction results of all traffic participants around in real time, which can provide accurate information for users in decision-making planning of complex urban scenes.

Solution of 800V Ultra-charged Pure Electricity

Home of the car

  At the press conference, LI put forward the solution of 800V super-charged pure electricity. This scheme includes an 800V high-voltage electric drive system based on the third-generation power semiconductor silicon carbide technology, a battery with 4C overcharge capability, and a full-stack self-developed thermal management system, which improves the charging speed and energy efficiency at the same time, so that users can obtain higher charging efficiency and longer cruising range in various environments.

Home of the car

  It is reported that LI’s new generation self-developed electric drive system will be built with 800V silicon carbide power module. The application of the third generation power semiconductor Sic technology is the key to improve energy efficiency, and the capability of SiC chip also determines the upper limit of electric drive performance. At the same time, the 800V silicon carbide power module independently developed by LI can support up to 480A current output. The volume advantage of the self-developed power module combined with the multi-component integrated design of the motor controller makes the volume of the motor controller compressed to less than 4L and the power density as high as 62kW/L, thus reducing the volume and weight of the electric drive system and further optimizing the space and energy consumption of the whole vehicle.

Home of the car

  In addition, in order to solve the problem of charging high-voltage electric vehicles on low-voltage charging piles, LI innovatively provided a deeply integrated boost charging solution. Using the inductance characteristics of motor windings, the electric drive system can be transformed into a step-up power supply, allowing users to get a fast charging experience of up to 150kW on charging piles with a voltage of 750V and below, and the highest charging efficiency can reach 98%. LI self-developed high-voltage electric drive system adopts the third generation silicon carbide power module and deeply integrated boost charging function, which not only improves the energy efficiency, but also has the function of fast charging and recharging covering the whole scene.

Intelligent charging network layout

Home of the car

  LI officially launched the "Ideal 4C Super Charging Station" and the super charging network. Different from the traditional idea of taking a single charging pile as the product, the "Ideal 4C Super Charging Station" takes the whole station as the smallest module of product operation, and realizes intelligent interaction, intelligent operation and intelligent security by deploying four cameras and an intelligent sensing chip with computing power of 128TOPS. In the future, the ideal 4C overcharging station will also realize the real-time synchronization of station information with car and mobile App.

  At the same time, the LI 4C super-charged pile can reach the maximum output power of 480 kW, and with the ideal 4C model, it can quickly replenish energy by charging for 10 minutes and increasing the battery life by 400 kilometers. Combined with the power flexible distribution function of the station, the output power of each charging pile can be flexibly distributed based on the utilization rate of the charging pile.

Home of the car

  In order to make more users in LI enjoy a more convenient charging experience, the first batch of 25 ideal 4C overcharge stations will be put into trial operation one after another before the end of May. The ideal 4C overcharge station will be open to all new energy vehicles, and the overcharge network will be rapidly improved in the next three years. By the end of 2023, LI aims to build more than 300 high-speed overcharging stations, covering 70% of the high-speed mileage in the four economic belts of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Greater Bay Area and Chengdu-Chongqing, and the national high-speed coverage rate is expected to reach 40%. By 2025, the goal is to build more than 3,000 overcharging stations, which will cover 90% of the country’s national high-speed mileage and major cities.

Vehicle planning: 1 flagship vehicle +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles.

Home of the car

  Next, LI will also enter a new stage where the extended range keeps pace with pure electricity. By 2025, LI will have a product layout of 1 super flagship model +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

"ideal new MPV spy photos"

  The first pure electric vehicle in LI will be a pure electric MPV, which Li Xiang calls a whale (aircraft carrier), and there are five sharks (ships), which should be cars or SUVs. Previously, car home reported the spy photos of the ideal new MPV model. It is understood that the car will be rolled off the assembly line in July, officially mass-produced in September, and is expected to be listed in 2023. (Text/car home zhang xiaodan)

The appearance is the peak. BYD Yunqi system comprehensively improves the safety and stability of the whole vehicle.

  BYD recently officially released the world’s first exclusive intelligent body control system for new energy — — Cloud, brush screen, the emergence of this technology directly brought BYD’s attention to an unprecedented height.

  Body control system is the most important active safety system on the vehicle, which determines the dynamic safety and stability of driving. As the latest achievement of BYD’s full-stack self-research, Yunqi is not only the world’s first exclusive intelligent body control system for new energy, but also marks that BYD has become the first China car company to master the intelligent body control system independently, breaking the long-term technical monopoly of traditional giants in the body control system.

  In the product matrix of Yunqi system, Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A and Yunqi -P have greatly improved the user’s driving experience from the dimensions of comfort, handling, safety and off-road, and better ensured the safety and stability of the whole vehicle, which not only filled the blank of China brand in the body control system, but also solved the "stuck neck" dilemma with technological innovation.

The appearance is the peak. BYD Cloud System has comprehensively upgraded the safety and stability of the whole vehicle _fororder_image001

  Starting from this year, Yunqi system will be installed in the flagship model of Dynasty Ocean, Tengshi, Wangwang and professional personalized brands one after another, empowering BYD to upgrade its entire brand.

  Systematically solve the problem of body control 

  The rapid development of new energy vehicles poses a new challenge to vertical direction control. At present, the general research on vertical direction control of car body mainly starts with a single technology or a single hardware. BYD, on the other hand, took a different approach and came up with a systematic solution for the vertical direction of vehicles.

  Yunqi is an intelligent body control system developed by BYD Auto for five years and costing billions of yuan. It has been developed from the aspects of system design, key parts design, software and strategy algorithm development, matching verification, etc. This key technical breakthrough has realized the decoupling control of the upper and lower bodies, and has the advantages of multi-dimensional perception, accurate decision-making, intelligent control and stable execution, which can comprehensively improve the user’s driving experience and endow the vehicle with high-quality intelligent driving.

  Yunqi intelligent body control system consists of Yunqi intelligent detection architecture, Yunqi intelligent calculation center, Yunqi intelligent control technology and key components, giving full play to the advantages of electrification and intelligence of new energy vehicles and building a complete system architecture of perception, decision-making and execution. 

The appearance is the peak. BYD Cloud System has comprehensively upgraded the safety and stability of the whole vehicle _fororder_image002

  In the product matrix of Yunnian intelligent body control system, Yunnian -C intelligent damping body control system can realize stepless adaptive adjustment of damping by controlling the electromagnetic valve of shock absorber, and achieve "quality" improvement in driving comfort. While satisfying the extreme comfort, it also takes into account the vehicle handling, breaks the limitation of traditional passive suspension adjustment, and realizes the perfect combination of comfort and handling. 

  Yunqi -A intelligent air body control system, through Yunqi accurate sensing technology, Yunqi intelligent calculation center makes quick decisions, outputs accurate control strategies, controls air spring intake and exhaust, stiffness conversion valve, shock absorber solenoid valve and other adjustment heights, stiffness and damping, realizes dynamic adjustment of body control, and makes the whole vehicle have extreme comfort, smoothness, support and passability, setting a new benchmark for luxury.

The appearance is the peak. BYD Cloud System comprehensively upgrades the safety and stability of the whole vehicle _fororder_image003

  Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system, through Yunqi precise sensing technology, and Yunqi intelligent calculation center, quickly makes decisions, outputs control strategies, and controls the oil intake of shock absorber, damping regulating valve and stiffness regulating valve to realize the dynamic adjustment of body control. Yunqi -P is the world’s first intelligent hydraulic body control system, which integrates three core technologies: mechanical, hydraulic and electronic control. It has the innovative functions of four-wheel linkage and camping adjustment, creating a new peak of off-road

The appearance is the peak. BYD Cloud System has comprehensively upgraded the safety and stability of the whole vehicle _fororder_image004

  Ensure the safety and stability of the whole vehicle.

  The launch of Yunqi is another breakthrough of BYD’s safety technology after blade battery, CTB and Easy Sifang.

  Starting from the systematic control of the vertical direction of the whole vehicle, Yunxiao realized the safe dimension upgrade. Yunbi can effectively restrain the change of body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers. At the same time, the cloud chariot system can effectively protect the car body under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water, avoid the collision damage of the whole car caused by terrain, improve the comfort and safety of driving, and realize the double protection of people and cars.

The appearance is the peak. BYD Cloud System has comprehensively upgraded the safety and stability of the whole vehicle _fororder_image005

  Due to the lack of R&D in the vertical direction control field, BYD independently developed the Yunqi verification technology, which realized the whole process verification ability of the intelligent body control system, and fully ensured the safety, reliability and quality stability of the Yunqi intelligent body control system from the component level, software level, system level to vehicle level.

  It can be said that Yunqi intelligent body control system is a super technology with extreme experience and extreme safety. It will bring subversive improvement to the driving experience with excellent genes of high intelligence, safety protection, stable driving and full coverage to ensure the safety and stability of the whole vehicle. "Even if one wheel is dropped, the vehicle can still keep running smoothly."

  It is understood that Yunqi -P will take the lead in looking up to U8; Yunxiao -A will take the first leap N7; Yunqi -C hardware has been installed on some configuration versions of BYD Han, Tang and Tengshi D9 models, and will be upgraded to Yunqi -C system through OTA.

The appearance is the peak. BYD Cloud System has comprehensively upgraded the safety and stability of the whole vehicle _fororder_image006

  Relying on the new energy technology "fish pond", BYD has continuously strengthened the technical moat, brought about subversive product innovation and continued to expand its market share. The birth of Yunqi intelligent body control system rewrote the history that body control technology relied on foreign countries, filled the technical gap in China and achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. At the same time, Yunqi intelligent body control system has surpassed the foreign technical level, and stood in the leading position in the industry as soon as it appeared, completing the upgrade from 1 to 2. (Text: wuyue Figure: BYD)

The poster of China Aerospace Day in 2023 was officially released.

  On April 18th, the National Space Administration organized a press conference for China Aerospace Day in 2023, and officially released the poster and list of outstanding works for China Aerospace Day in 2023. After four stages of social solicitation, expert selection, online publicity and approval, 12 outstanding works were finally selected. Among them, the poster designed by Fan Zhiming of Fujian Business School was finally determined as the poster for China Aerospace Day in 2023.

  The design of the poster includes four levels: "learning from things", "asking questions about the sky", "continuing" and "honoring Anhui". In the picture, there is not only the image of "bouncing pipa" flying in the sky, but also the images of Houyi and Dragon Car in the Han Dynasty, the star chart of the Song Dynasty and Xiangyun, which represent the yearning of ancient China for the vast universe. There are astronaut, Dongfanghong satellite, Long March rockets, Tiangong Space Station, Zhu Rong, Chang ‘e, xi he and other typical symbols of China’s space industry, which highlights the vigorous process of China’s space industry and depicts the space dream of building a space power. In addition, the silhouette of a group of teenagers who yearn for science and rush to the future expresses the vision of continuing China’s aerospace blood and continuously promoting the aerospace industry; The Huizhou architecture and welcoming pine interspersed in the picture also highlight the local characteristics of Anhui, the host city.

  The other 11 poster authors (in order of strokes of surnames) who finally won the outstanding works award were Wang Ke, Fang Xijie, marketing planner of Anqing Zhengqi Yuanhang, Tian Xiaoming of Sichuan Aerospace Vocational and Technical College, Li Jie of tongjitang (Guizhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Sinopharm Group, Chen Jie of Fujian Minjiang College, Hu Yun, Liu Huimin, Zhao Long, Guo Chunlin of Hanmo (Shenzhen) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Aerospace.

  From February 16th, when the notice of activities was posted on the website of the National Space Administration and "China’s Aerospace" WeChat WeChat official account, to March 24th, the submission collection ended, a total of 1,058 poster works were received, which was 54% higher than the number of posters collected for "China Aerospace Day" in 2022. The authors of the participating works come from 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Among them, Beijing, Shandong and Fujian provinces ranked in the top three, and Anhui Province contributed 34 pieces. The authors cover a wide range, including front-line aerospace workers, students, art professionals and aerospace enthusiasts. There are many colorful and imaginative works of primary and secondary school students. This solicitation activity has effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of young people to participate in the space industry.

  After the collection, an expert review team composed of representatives from relevant government departments, aerospace enterprises and experts in the fields of art design and news media will review the submitted works and make a comprehensive evaluation according to the standards of theme fit, aerospace characteristics, artistry and creativity. The top 12 outstanding works were selected by secret ballot by the expert review group, and the final poster for "China Aerospace Day" in 2023 was approved.

Nanchang Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is on sale with a discount of 15,000 yuan! limited in number

On the [car home Nanchang Preferential Promotion Channel], preferential activities are being carried out. In Nanchang, you can enjoy a discount of up to 15,000 yuan for buying a car. The starting price is 137,800 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, please click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is a fashionable and dynamic SUV model, and its design adopts a streamlined shape, with a sharp front face design and a large chrome grille, showing a strong sporty atmosphere. The body lines are smooth and strong, which shows the elegance and luxury of Eta Ursae Majoris. Overall style, Eta Ursae Majoris’s design combines modern and traditional elements, bringing a unique and charming visual enjoyment to consumers. The iconic big mouth design of the front face and the unique LED headlight group make Eta Ursae Majoris highly recognizable on the road, showing the brand’s personality and self-confidence. In detail, Eta Ursae Majoris’s body surface adopts fine lines and smooth curved surface design, which perfectly shows the exquisite craftsmanship and superb technology of modern cars. In a word, the exterior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is full of dynamic and modern feeling, and it is an SUV with fashion, sports and luxury.

As a medium-sized SUV, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has a length, width and height of 4781*1920*1671mm and a wheelbase of 2815mm, providing passengers with spacious seating space. The side lines of the car are smooth, showing a fashionable and dynamic design style. In addition, the front and rear wheel tracks are 1641 and 1642mm, respectively, and the front tyre size is 235/55 R19 and the rear tyre size is 235/55 R19, which provides good handling and stability for the vehicle.

The interior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is simple and elegant, and it is made of luxurious leather, which makes it feel comfortable. The steering wheel adopts the design of manual up and down+front and rear adjustment, so that the driver can adjust according to his own needs. The central control screen size is 12.3 inches, which supports voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight, window and other functions. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. In addition, the front row is also equipped with mobile phone wireless charging function. The main and auxiliary seats are made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front-back adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the auxiliary seat also supports front-back adjustment and backrest adjustment. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion, providing more space flexibility.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine, with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine has excellent performance and can provide plenty of power for drivers. At the same time, it is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which makes the shift smoother and improves the driving comfort. Whether it is daily driving or long-distance travel, it can bring excellent driving experience to car owners.

In the reputation of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, car home owners spoke highly of the appearance of this car. He mentioned that the overall design is atmospheric, calm and upscale, and the favorite is the side design of the car, which adds a lot of points. Although the front face design is a little controversial, it is ok to get used to it. He is satisfied with the workmanship of the car body. It is said that the gray paint of rhinoceros horn is hard. The side design is very emotional, and the slip back shape is beautiful, but it sacrifices a little height space of the back box, but it is enough. As he said, the exterior design of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris can really leave a deep impression on people and make people yearn for it. I believe that in the future, more people will join the ranks of car owners and give a thumbs up for the design of this car.

Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to?

  Along with the take-off of Yunqi, in addition to exclamations and praises, there are also full of questioning and disdain.

  On April 10th, 2023, when the short video of looking up at U9 "jumping in place" began to spread exponentially, the "busybodies" brushed aside and questioned one after another-such as copying the magic control system of Mercedes-Benz and the idea of "low rider" in the United States half a century ago, and so on, and some friends stood in front of the stage and declared that we had released similar technologies a few years ago …

  As the saying goes, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong ones. The topic of Yunqi is wrapped in the waterfall of attention and the marketing window. The original desire to share the flow cake is understandable, but the tide will eventually fade, naked swimmers will soon be made public, and the core of the problem will return to the original point-where is the innovation of Yunqi? What is the meaning of existence? Is there any deep value for the overall development of the automobile industry? In the final analysis, is Yunqi worth looking up to?

  All doubts and disdain, after waiting for the hustle and bustle to disappear, Yunqi answers with truth and strength.

  Innovation or tribute?

  As big asTVComputers, as small as mobile phone accessories, online public opinion has become more and more entangled in the originality of design. "Innovation is proud, plagiarism is ashamed", and the proper concept of honor and disgrace forces the progress of industrial design of manufacturers. Have you noticed that in the German Red Dot Design Awards, China products won numerous awards, and even foreign experts who are used to the Mona Lisa did not hesitate to praise them.

  However, the shape design is only an intuitive contrast between beauty and ugliness, but the engineering design similar to Yunqi involves more original latitudes-many machines that look similar in function and appearance, with the metal skin uncovered, are intricate and varied inside. For example, BYD’s DM-i and Toyota’s THS hybrid architecture both achieve fuel saving and high efficiency, but how much do they have in common on the mechanical level? Patent barriers are blocked layer by layer, trying to copy? Friends will sue you to bankruptcy first.

  In addition, when the engineering design develops to 2023, the space for innovation is limited after all-just like the integrated circuit, the process can only progress one nanometer at a time. As we all know, it has been 138 years since the appearance of automobiles, such as front-drive layout, air suspension, non-load-bearing body and so on. For the future development of automobiles, the modern public should recognize and attach importance to every "micro-innovation"-to make further progress, and this spirit deserves recognition. In fact, looking up at the cloud chariot -P on U8 is just like this.

  What’s the difference between Yunxiao -P?

  At first glance, the functions are similar, and the appearance can’t see much details. What is the difference between Yunqi -P?

  If you have been to Tibet, you must have seen the amazing LC80 (old land cruiser). Its suspension is a representative of primitive durability-the front and rear hard bridges are designed with a simple structure, which greatly avoids the possibility of failure, but the bumps are really bumps … The technical limitations of the times have caused comfortable regrets, and from today’s perspective, it is outdated.

  The progress of Yunqi -P has just solved this great regret-modern suspension is no longer just a matter of four shock absorbers and four springs. In Yunqi -P system equipped with U8, the suspension body, sensing technology and intelligent computing center are connected into a whole, and the shock absorbers and other actions have gone through perception-decision-execution, just like putting a brain on the chassis of a car, including turning, avoiding and calculating.

  The difference between Yunpi -P does not stop there. As far as its sensing system is concerned, Yunqi -P deeply integrates multiple road sensing elements such as camera and laser radar, which can identify the road features 5-150m ahead and output the elevation curve, and adjust the suspension damping in advance in a targeted manner, greatly optimizing the impact of road bumps on comfort. In addition, looking up at U8 can realize three independent adjustments of height+stiffness+damping, and has the ability of independent adjustment of four-wheel height, which can achieve front and rear leveling, left and right leveling and single-wheel leveling of the whole vehicle, and creatively realize the unique one-button leveling function in mainstream off-road vehicles, and almost achieve full adaptability of the whole scene.

  Such a balanced all-terrain capability is not groundbreaking.

  What’s the significance of Yunqi -P?

  After the press conference, many netizens questioned that the whole Yunqi family was a "fancy whistle", but little did they know that there were similar speech attacks when the iPhone was released. Ironically, smart phones eventually unified the rivers and lakes, and almost completely put Nokia and others into the cold palace.

  The superficial value of Yunqi -P is nothing more than making the car more comfortable, more flexible to handle and more adaptable to the road surface. But only from this perspective, Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles can also do well. Why should we spend millions on U8 to own this Yunqi -P?

  Mouth guns can’t promote the progress of technology, and a simple cloud experience may just be a blind man touching an elephant. The far-reaching significance of Yunqi -P is that it realizes the intelligent linkage between the key parts system of the lower body and the whole vehicle for the first time, which indicates another electrical revolution of the automobile after the canbus bus is introduced into the vehicle control. The parts related to driving are controlled by the intelligent system in a centralized way, just like the human brain controls walking, and the automobile can take every road in a predictable, active and coordinated way, which means that the intelligent wave will sweep up and down every muscle of the automobile, and the automobile will have independent thinking and judgment in the future. What’s more, it has been predicted that Yunqi -P also supports OTA upgrade, which proves that it still has the potential for growth!

  More than that. From the technical point of view, we should also pay attention to its social value-the birth and application of Yunnian -P, which proves that China automobile has quietly passed the embarrassing stage of parodying Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, found a way out through deliberation and explored innovation through mediocrity. The domestic automobile industry is no longer a follower, but has changed from a chaser to a leader, grasping the baton of development and starting a new era in which the Chinese automobile industry affects the world industrial structure! Great country craftsmen shouted for this! National self-confidence does it one brace up!

  So, if anyone still asks: Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to? I will ask and answer questions, it’s worth it!

Tik Tok online celebrity’s top 100 songs

[Rank 24]: Almost Girl-g.e.m G.E.M.

[Rank 25]: Love, Being

[Rank 26]: Summer Wind

[Rank 27]: "Lost You"

[Rank 28]: Birds and Cicada-Still.

[Rank 29]: "Sleeping"

[Rank 30]: Out of the Mountain-Flower Porridge/Wang Shengnan

[Rank 31]: Years Later-Dahuan

[Rank 32]: "The world is so big, I still meet you"

[Rank 33]: Insomnia Flight

[Rank 34]: The Sun

[Rank 35]: "Four Seasons for You"

[Rank 36]: Half-life Snow

[Rank 37]: "Your eyes are like stars"

[Rank 38]: "Delete it"

[Rank 39]: "Waiting for Your Return"

[Rank 40]: "Hope"

[Rank 41]: Clouds and the Sea

[Rank 42]

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What will the deep "bundling" with Huawei bring to Changan Automobile?

  Our reporter Feng Yuyao

  The news that Changan Automobile and Huawei jointly set up a new company has aroused widespread concern. On November 27th, the share price of Changan Automobile went up by a daily limit, which led dongan power, Hunan Tianyan and other "Changan Department" stocks to win a word board.

  On the same day, the Securities Daily reporter called the Securities Department of Changan Automobile, and the relevant staff of the company revealed to the reporter: "At present, the specific cooperation between the company and Huawei is still under negotiation, and the signing of the transaction documents is expected to be completed within 6 months."

  "After the transaction documents are signed, it will not affect the company’s business independence." The above-mentioned staff said that the new company established with Huawei this time is expected to deeply empower Aouita, Deep Blue Auto and Changan Qiyuan under the company in the future.

  Further deepen cooperation with Huawei

  Specifically, the cooperation between the two parties is as follows: Huawei, as the company of Party A, establishes a new company, whose business scope includes intelligent driving solutions for automobiles, intelligent cockpit, intelligent digital platform for automobiles, intelligent Che Yun, AR-HUD and intelligent lights, etc., and injects relevant technologies, assets and personnel dedicated to the business scope of the new company into the new company. The specific business scope and loading scheme are determined in the final transaction document. As Party B, Changan Automobile and its related parties intend to contribute to acquire the equity of the new company, with the proportion not exceeding 40%. The specific equity ratio, contribution amount and term shall be discussed separately by both parties.

  In addition, the new company will operate independently based on the principle of marketization, and adopt a market-oriented management system and salary incentive framework. Changan Automobile and Huawei are committed to long-term cooperation and strategic coordination with the new company. In principle, the components and solutions within the business scope are provided by the new company for vehicle customers.

  In the future, the new company will gradually open its equity to investors such as existing strategic partners, car companies and car companies with strategic value, and become a company with diversified equity. Regarding the time for opening the equity, the above-mentioned staff told reporters: "The specific time is still uncertain."

  Wang Peng, an associate researcher at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, told the Securities Daily reporter: "The cooperation between Huawei and Changan Automobile will bring strong technology alliance and market resource sharing, which is expected to promote the rapid development of smart cars and will have a positive impact on the automobile market."

  Accelerate the competition for new energy sources

  The establishment of a new company with Huawei is also a microcosm of Changan Automobile’s competition for the new energy track.

  In 2017, Changan Automobile launched the "Third Entrepreneurship–Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan", which blew the horn of the transformation to a smart low-carbon travel technology company. In the same year, the company released the "Shangri-La" plan to accelerate the pace of new energy transformation in an all-round way. Today, Changan Automobile has reached a critical stage of transformation.

  Data show that in the first three quarters of this year, Changan Automobile’s revenue and net profit were 108.206 billion yuan and 9.882 billion yuan respectively, up by 26.78% and 43.22% respectively. In terms of production and sales, this year Changan Automobile set an annual target of producing and selling 2.53 million vehicles, up 7.8% year-on-year. Among them, new energy vehicles achieved the sales target of 400,000 vehicles. According to the latest data, from January to October this year, the cumulative sales volume of Changan’s own brand new energy vehicles was 364,000, an increase of 88.76% year-on-year.

  Since November, Changan Automobile has frequently pressed the "acceleration button" in the development of new energy business. Not long ago, Changan Automobile released the self-developed battery brand Changan "Golden Bell Cover" at the Guangzhou Auto Show. It plans to launch eight self-developed batteries, including liquid, semi-solid and solid, by 2030, forming a battery capacity of not less than 150GWh. On November 21, Changan Automobile signed a cooperation agreement with Weilai Automobile on battery replacement business, and plans to cooperate in promoting the establishment of battery replacement standards, the construction and sharing of battery replacement networks, and the research and development of battery replacement models.

  The above-mentioned Changan Automobile staff told the reporter: "Since the’ Shangri-La’ plan was put forward, the company’s new energy business has accelerated, and a series of measures introduced this year are intended to accelerate the penetration rate of the new energy market."

  According to the plan, by 2030, Changan Automobile will strive to achieve group sales of 5 million vehicles, of which 4 million vehicles are sold by Changan brand, new energy vehicles account for more than 60%, and overseas sales account for 30%.

  According to Zhang Xinyuan, the research director of the domestic consultancy Co-Found think tank, Changan Automobile has made frequent moves in the layout of new energy this year, which shows that the company has a clear plan for the future. "The newly established company will further promote the technology research and development and product upgrade of Changan Automobile in the field of intelligence, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, the new company will also help Changan Automobile accelerate the realization of strategic goals related to new energy vehicles and increase market share. "

Qin L DM-i, a brand-new mid-level car of BYD Dynasty, appeared at Beijing Auto Show.

DM-I, a brand-new mid-size car of BYD Dynasty, made its world debut in auto china in 2024, leading the new trend of mid-size cars in an all-round way with its beauty, leading technology, brand-new platform and excellent intelligence.


Sword and finger intermediate: the layout of large and small Qin cars completes the map of dynasty cars

The length, width and height of Qin L are 4830mm/1900mm/1495mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2790mm. It is a standard mid-level car. In the car matrix of the current dynasty, the Qin family is a compact crown and has the right to speak in the family car; The Han family is a medium-sized and large-scale sales champion, ranking first in the mainstream mid-to high-end market, and the Qin L sword refers to the intermediate level, which just fills the matrix gap between the two cars. Upward, attack the joint venture intermediate car headed by Han; Downward, with the formation of a large and small Qin double-car pattern, radiating the A+ market, improving the product layout of Wangchao. com in the mainstream car market.


Design guidance: dynasty is the tide of the country, showing cultural self-confidenceAs a brand-new mid-level sedan of the dynasty, Qin L was built based on the brand-new orientation of "mainstream, quality and new national tide", drawing strength from Chinese excellent traditional culture, and embodying the perfect integration of national tide culture and future technology. Qin L adopts "the aesthetics of new national tide and dragon face", which melts the dragon and dragon face into the car body, and the dragon face evolves to show the weather of Daqin. The "Dragon’s front face" is majestic, with slender and elegant sides, and the ultra-wide rear shoulder design at the tail, which makes the whole car show a "wide body and low squat" posture, domineering and dynamic.


The garage is between mountains and seas, and people are in Traveling in a pictorial world. Qin l’s interior is inspired by Chinese painting, creating a "landscape painting cockpit" with high style. The integrated center console slowly unfolds around the rotating big screen, like a long scroll of the East floating on the instrument panel of the sapphire case, creating a strong sense of encirclement. With luxurious space, exquisite materials, ergonomic spacious and comfortable seats, and front McPherson rear multi-link independent suspension, Qin L is beautiful, spacious, comfortable and stable, making driving enjoyable.


Technology Leading: "Big and Economical" has become the new trend of mid-size cars.

The most anticipated is the technical parameters of Qin L. Previously, Qin L will have a major breakthrough in fuel consumption and battery life. Although the official did not "hammer" at this auto show, it said that Qin L will subvert the stereotype of "fuel consumption" of mid-level cars and lead the breakthrough through technology, making "big and economical" a new trend of mid-level cars.


Platform leading: the new mainstream of the definition of the strength of a new generation of plug-in and hybrid vehicle platforms

With the acceleration of electrification, the vehicle platform is accelerating innovation. Qin L is based on BYD’s new generation of plug-in and hybrid vehicle platform, and integrates a number of forward-looking technologies, which is designed for plug-in, more efficient, safer and more interesting, and promotes the new energy platform to become the mainstream!


Leading by intelligence: enjoy the convenience of car life and create a sensory experience of taste

In the era of intelligence, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving assistance are indispensable. Qin L is equipped with DiLink intelligent cockpit, which is equipped with 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad, car ETC, NFC digital key, full-scene intelligent voice, etc. It is smart and easy to control. DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, including adaptive cruise, intelligent navigation, emergency lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring and other functions, comprehensively improves driving safety. With the spacious and luxurious cockpit, quiet space and immersive concert hall, the car life is full of wisdom and taste.


The arrival of Qin L will lead the new trend of mid-level cars in an all-round way, provide the mainstream families with the choice of upgrading the quality of cars, and provide young people with the one-stop choice of buying cars. It is reported that Qin L will be listed in the second quarter of this year, and it is expected to start selling at 120,000 yuan, which is worth looking forward to!