2,700 layoffs, losses 6 billion, NIO has no future?

By the end of 2022, NIO had a total of 26,763 employees. On November 3, NIO Chairperson and CEO Li Bin said in a letter to all NIO employees that about 10% of positions would be reduced, meaning that about 2,700 people would be laid off.

On August 29, 2023, NIO announced the second quarter financial report. The financial report shows that the revenue decreased by 14.8% year-on-year to 8.7717 billion yuan, the gross profit decreased by 93.5% year-on-year to 87 million yuan, the net loss 6.0558 billion yuan increased by 119.6% year-on-year, and the adjusted net loss was 5.4457 billion yuan, an increase of 140.2% year-on-year. (Normally, NIO will release the third quarter financial report of 2023 around November 9, but as of the date of publication, it has not been seen for a long time, and the estimated data is not optimistic.)

As of October this year, NIO’s total sales were 126,067 vehicles, ahead of XPeng Motors’ 101,445 vehicles, but far below Li Auto’s 284,647 vehicles.

The level of sales is the bedrock of a car company’s economy, and a series of data suggest that NIO’s life in 2023 will indeed be difficult.

Although NIO’s sales and profits are average, it is also quietly doing big things.

As of November 1, NIO has built 2,079 power stations and 19,579 charging piles around the world, including more than 2,000 power stations in China and more than 600 high-speed stations. At the same time, NIO’s overseas and domestic stores are also increasing, with 25 new stores added in October.

The layout of NIO’s charging and swapping network and stores has undoubtedly improved the car experience of NIO owners and expanded the influence of NIO, but many people believe that the construction and operation costs of NIO swapping stations are too high, and the global rollout takes up a lot of money.

If the cost of a power station 3 million (including land, personnel, battery loss, etc.), the NIO 2000 power stations need at least 6 billion to support. More importantly, NIO power stations only serve NIO owners, and NIO promises to owners that there will be free power changes every year, so the profitability of NIO power stations is about equal to none compared with 6 billion.

In addition, with the rapid development of overcharging technology and battery technology, the charging time has been greatly shortened, the battery life of pure electric vehicles has also been greatly improved, and the advantage of fast power station replacement has been gradually weakened.

Writing here, the author wants to apologize for the NIO power station replacement.

The author has personally experienced the second and third generation of NIO power station, and the average power change time is only 3-5 minutes. No matter how fast the overcharge speed is, it is impossible for them to fully charge a 75KW/h and 100KW/h battery within 3 minutes at this stage, and the charging time will even be extended due to the instability of the charging pile voltage. If there is no revolutionary breakthrough in power battery technology, the charging speed of the power station cannot be shaken.

The power station takes up most of NIO’s resources, but it also brings a lot of convenience to users, and at this stage, the power station and the overcharge complement each other, and it is far from the day when the winner will be decided.

NIO’s predicament today is mainly caused by high prices and low sales.

At present, NIO’s product system has covered many aspects such as cars, SUVs, coupe SUVs, station wagons, etc. It is the car company with the most models and the widest layout among the three car companies of "Wei Xiaoli". Friends who are familiar with NIO know that the price of its models is generally high. If it were not for the price reduction of NIO ES6 and NIO ET5 and ET5T, NIO’s cars would not be lower than 300,000 at all, especially NIO ES8 high-end models. Correction is approaching 600,000.

The advantage of many models and high prices is that it has cut into a more subdivided market, stabilized NIO’s high-end brand perception, but also entered the sphere of influence of traditional luxury brands and emerging brands such as Tesla.

NIO ET5 and ET5T priced at 29.8-356,000 yuan have no advantage over Tesla Model 3 and BMW 3 Series in price, and belong to the level of half a catty to eight taels in control and comfort. The biggest advantage is that ET5T has design advantages in order to stabilize the monthly average of 5000 vehicles (ET5 and ET5T), which can be compared with BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model 3 with an average of 1-20,000 units.

In fact, NIO has tasted the sweetness brought by the price reduction, in June NIO all models down 30,000 yuan, although the cancellation of free power exchange and other parts of the rights and interests, but NIO new ES6, ET5T, ET5, ES8 and other models sales or a significant increase, its July sales is the first time in the year to break through the 20,000, especially the new ES6 of 11118 vehicles, become the absolute main force of NIO.

At this stage, many car companies are deliberately setting the price of new cars for sales, such as Zhiji LS6, Xiaopeng G6, Xiaopeng G9, etc., and the effect is quite positive. Xiaopeng G6’s October sales are 8,741 units, Xiaopeng G9 is listed for 15 days, and Zhiji LS6 is 28,000 units.

Now NIO really don’t have to hold it for high-end brand perception. It is the most practical to cancel part of the rights and interests to give consumers real money discounts in order to sell sales. What about the future of NIO? Layoffs and losses are just a small episode in its growth process. Even if Li Jiebin picks it up, with the scale of NIO charging stations and stores, as well as the annual sales of 150,000 vehicles, capital and major car companies will not give up easily. (Text/Youshi Auto, forward)

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Deep Mathematics: Give full play to the advantages of digital technology platforms to help Linyi Mall develop new formats and models

"Modern Logistics City, as a complex with thousands of business scenes, itself has huge data value and connectivity." In the Linyi coverage, the chairperson of Deepin Mathematics Group Quanchuanxiao described the overall ecology of Linyi Mall.

With the rapid development of digital technology, "digitalization" and "intelligence" have gradually penetrated into all walks of life. Under this opportunity, in order to adapt to this rapidly changing environment, enterprises should also continue to innovate, optimize their operation models, and improve service quality. Linyi Mall, as the core area of the business and logistics industry, is also an integral part of Linyi’s economy. Through the effective collection and application of massive data such as its small commodity city, furniture city, and logistics city, it will become a breakthrough point for Linyi Mall to move towards the modern logistics industry.

At this stage, the implementation of the first good strategy of trade and logistics, and the acceleration of the construction of "four malls" of digital mall, international mall, green mall and chain mall, the construction of Linyi modern logistics city bears the new transformation and upgrading of trade and logistics. To meet new opportunities and challenges, and to create new advantages of trade and logistics, the construction of modern logistics city is even more duty-bound.

Big DataSupport the new business model of the mall

Quan Chuanxiao, chairperson of Deepin Digital Technology Group, continued to emphasize in an interview with Linyi News that "we need to continuously tap the potential of these [mall enterprises] data to provide better digital transformation and innovation services for enterprises in the mall." Linyi, as the largest market cluster and commodity distribution center in the north of China, has also been known as the "famous business city" and "logistics capital".

Among them, the healthy development of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in the mall also continues to affect the four beams and eight pillars of Linyi’s economy. Therefore, how to promote the sustainable development of major core enterprises and mall merchants, and make the industrial chain and supply chain in the mall more resilient and faster has become an urgent issue for the entire mall.

As a local enterprise in Linyi and a leading digital technology enterprise in the domestic service bill market, Deepin Digital Group’s digital technology strength and its natural affinity between its "bill" business and enterprises have become a natural advantage to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the mall with digital transformation.

It is understood that promoting the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy, grasping the direction of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, promoting the digitalization of manufacturing, service industries, agriculture, and other industries, and using new Internet technologies to carry out all-round and full-chain transformation of traditional industries have been the focus of Deepin Digital for a long time. For many merchants in the mall, Deepin Digital Group can use big data and artificial intelligence and other technologies to help merchants connect upstream and downstream, and use legal massive data for modeling and analysis, and then by mining the information of consumer behavior and market demand behind the data, so as to provide more accurate marketing strategies and decision support for small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to better improve the value of the supply chain, and expand business opportunities for enterprises and stimulate market vitality.

Digital technology empowers new business models

As a supply chain and digital technology enterprise that has grown up relying on Linyi Mall, Deep Digital Group is also a carrier to improve the modern supply chain system of Linyi Mall. In the digital exhibition hall of Deep Digital Group, there is a digital cloud map of the enterprise network that can be demonstrated on the spot. Every time an enterprise node is clicked on, the map can easily and quickly find the upstream and downstream supply chain relationships of the enterprise, and achieve accurate docking of supply and marketing needs, so that enterprises can implement digital supply chain management, achieve transparency and real-time monitoring of procurement, production, sales and other links, and improve the efficiency of full-link work.

Quan Chuanxiao Zaizhong, chairperson of Deepin Digital Group, said, "In the later stage, we will also give full play to our technological advantages and advantages to continuously improve the construction of the mall database, and build the mall’s characteristic index system and application mechanism." It is understood that in order to further promote the healthy development of the mall with digital technology, Deepin Digital Group also provides supply chain management cooperation for logistics enterprises in Linyi Mall. By building intelligent logistics infrastructure and Internet-based logistics information, it realizes online and intelligent logistics services, so as to provide its enterprises with more convenient and efficient logistics services, while reducing logistics costs and improving service quality.

As Chairperson Quan Chuanxiao said in the introduction, "The relevant measures of the group are designed to provide accurate industry operation status data support for enterprises in the mall, so as to solve the problems of information asymmetry in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and further promote information sharing and cooperation among enterprises in the mall. Let Linyi Mall continue to remain competitive in the competition of new formats and new models." In the future, under the leadership of Chairperson Quan Chuanxiao, the group will pay attention to its own development, and will also actively participate in the construction of commercial logistics, continue to provide digital services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and "chain" new development momentum.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, so choose carefully! This article is for reference only and is not a basis for buying or selling.

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Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Auto Forum.

  The 19th China International Forum on Automobile Industry Development (TEDA) (hereinafter referred to as TEDA Automobile Forum) was held in Tianjin Binhai New Area from September 1 to 3, 2023. As a VIP car for TEDA Auto Forum — — Weiran Viloran shoulders the important mission of escorting this grand event. With its excellent strength, it brought first-class driving experience to the participants and successfully completed the VIP designated reception task during the meeting.

Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Automobile Forum _fororder_image001

  Weiran 2024 built the flagship luxury cockpit with "really comfortable three rows of space", adding 80mm space for the third row, which is called a free "upgrade". At the same time, with German high-quality driving and German seiko quality, we can enjoy the "driving" and "riding" double-flagship car with space, safety and comfort, and welcome the distinguished delivery room.

Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Automobile Forum _fororder_image003

  Wei Ran’s 2024 model comprehensively considers the three major indicators of riding space, riding somatosensory and riding safety. The whole system is equipped with a gold power combination of 2.0T+7DSG, and with a solid chassis of German, which not only has flexible handling, but also can achieve smooth driving in complex road conditions, without swaying or drifting, and riding without carsickness. In addition, Weiran’s 2024 executive-level two-row concierge chair is ergonomically designed, which integrates the functions of electric adjustment, active ventilation, heating and massage. The leg rest can be adjusted to a flat posture, and the mobile physiotherapy room can be opened with one button.

  Weiran 2024 integrates high-end intelligence, and IQ.Drive intelligent driving butler can realize L2-level driving assistance, which can be easily controlled in many road conditions. Smart Car Link System 3.2+ is equipped with Carplay and CarLife, and is equipped with Huawei HiCar mapping system, which supports one-click screen projection of Huawei mobile phones and enjoys rich and vivid in-car entertainment functions during travel. Weiran’s front and rear doors and windows are equipped with 4.96mm VSG double-layer silent glass, and with more than 60 silent designs, it is really quiet all the way.

Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Automobile Forum _fororder_image004

  While bringing practicality, comfort and entertainment, Weiran has built a "safety fortress" with the quality of German Seiko. The whole car has 9 airbags, all of which are equipped with driver’s knee airbags to protect the safety of the driver’s seat. The second and third rows are equipped with child seat fixing devices, which can always protect the baby’s safety and protect the whole family’s travel with flagship strength.

  Since TEDA Auto Forum 2020, Weiran has served as a VIP car for the grand event for three consecutive years, and this year is the fourth year. TEDA Auto Forum is committed to building a high-end think tank platform in the industry, where many outstanding auto brands compete for industry glory. SAIC Volkswagen Weiran Viloran has been recognized by the organizers of this event. In the future, the two parties will continue to work together, innovate together, take consumer demand as the guide and value creation as the core, continue to expand brand value and influence, and continue to contribute to the sustainable and high-quality development of China’s automobile industry. (Photo: provided by Weiran Viloran)

HEYTEA denies listing; Amiro receives investment from Tencent; Pot Zaihuang receives tens of millions of financing | Consumer Research Institute Weekly Report

HEYTEA denies listing in Hong Kong next year

On August 3, HEYTEA was rumored to be listed in Hong Kong in 2022, with a target valuation of 150 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 124.782 billion yuan), double the valuation after the latest round of strategic financing. In this regard, HEYTEA said that the news is not true and there are no listing plans at present.

Chayan Yuese invests in Changsha local tea brand Guoya

On July 30, Chayan Yuese invested in Changsha’s local tea brand Guoya. Guoya was established in Changsha in 2013, focusing on fruit tea products. The price of Guoya is between 20-30 yuan, which is higher than the price of Chayan Yuese 15-20 yuan, forming a differentiation.

Xiabu Xiabu expects to close 200 stores throughout the year

On July 30, Xiabu Xiabu released an announcement showing that as of June 30 this year, the revenue of the same period is expected to increase by 59% compared with last year’s 1.92 billion yuan; the loss of the same period is expected to narrow significantly compared with last year’s 255 million yuan, between 40 million yuan and 60 million yuan. The announcement shows that Xiabu Xiabu’s net loss narrowed significantly in the first half of 2021, but still failed to achieve profitability. The main reasons for the loss include the impairment loss of assets of about 120 million yuan. At the same time, the company expects to close about 200 loss-making stores of Xiabu Xiabu brand throughout the year.

China Resources Vanguard withdraws from Hainan

Recently, China Resources Vanguard’s famous stores in Haikou posted a closure announcement. Due to regional layout adjustments, the stores will be closed from August 1. This is also the only hypermarket store of China Resources Vanguard in Hainan. China Resources Vanguard said in the closing announcement that it will bring an upgraded shopping experience to consumers in Haikou in the future with high-end formats.

Li Ning Sports Center opened in Qingdao

On July 31, the Ado Li Ning Sports Center officially opened in Qingdao Sunac Ado Town. The center has a comprehensive venue of more than 700 square meters, which can provide competition venues that meet the requirements of international competition levels. In addition, the sports center is also equipped with a gym and a yoga studio. In the follow-up operation, the sports center will build itself into a high-standard national fitness, event hosting, sports and entertainment, sports training and other community sports centers with Li Ning’s resource advantages.

Nayuki responds to food hygiene issues

On August 2, the media reported that Nayuki’s Beijing Xidan Joy City store and Chang’an shopping mall store had problems such as "cockroaches on the ground", "black mangoes", and "wrong production labels." On the morning of August 3, Nayuki’s official Weibo responded: The company’s management attaches great importance to it, and immediately established a special project working group to carry out a thorough investigation and rectification of the stores involved overnight. The two stores involved will suspend business today, and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will be invited to visit the store for inspection, and the inspection results will be announced as soon as possible. On the evening of August 3, Nayuki released Weibo saying that after on-site inspections by government regulatory departments in many places, the random inspection results of 186 stores inspected by Nayuki nationwide were in compliance. On August 4, Nayuki announced that the directors believe that the coverage of the matter will not have any material adverse impact on the operation and financial condition of the group.

Fitness Mirror Fiture will open up the European and American markets

On August 3, according to the South China Morning Post, Chinese fitness mirror brand Fiture plans to expand into the European and American markets, and will compete with Peloton, lululemon’s Mirror, and Germany’s VAHA in the global market. Fiture was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Chengdu. In the past two years, Fiture has accumulated $400 million in financing from investors including Tencent, Sequoia Capital and private investment firm C Ventures.

Lawson will open a new type of store in China

On August 2, according to the Nikkei Chinese website, a new type of Internet of Things store created by Japan’s Lawson and Panasonic will open in China. After consumers place an order and pay through a mobile app, the clerk will prepare the goods and put them in an insulated locker for safekeeping. Lawson plans to trial the new store in Dalian, and if it works well, it will be rolled out to other regions.

Yonghui enters the simple dish track

On August 3, Yonghui launched its own brand "Hui Ma Daojia" to enter the simple dish track. The first batch of more than 10 products was launched in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The products are quick-frozen and cooked products, which only need to be heated on high heat for 2 minutes in microwave or 8 minutes in hot water. "Hui Ma Daojia" is based on the concept of "on time meal, delicious instant enjoyment", combined with regional dietary preferences and business characteristics, through customized Product Research & Development, intelligent cold chain warehouse distribution, personalized user service and other links, to achieve full-link control of products, to create high-quality and cost-effective Kuaishou main dishes.

Pepsi sells Tropicana and other juice brands

On August 3, PepsiCo announced that it would sell Tropicana, Naked and other juice brands to French Private Equity firm PAI Partners for about $3.30 billion. The deal is expected to close in late 2021 or early 2022. According to the transaction announced so far, the above-mentioned changes in PepsiCo’s juice business do not involve the Chinese market. Tingyi in the Chinese market still owns the distribution and production rights of non-carbonated beverage businesses such as Tropicana.

Magnum responds to whether to replace milk fat with non-dairy fat

On July 30, some netizens questioned that Magnum has a double-standard behavior. The materials used at home and abroad are different. The domestic version replaces milk fat with plant fat, thereby reducing costs. On the evening of August 1, Magnum’s official Weibo posted a response to this matter, saying that the product meets the national standard and responds to sustainable development, and then deleted the response. On August 3, the phone answering staff of Magnum’s official website responded that the Weibo matter is not clear. The crisp layer of ice cream is pure chocolate. As for whether other parts are plant fat, you need to give feedback to the factory and wait for a reply, but it does use coconut oil.

Uniqlo has announced that its first global flagship store in Beijing will open in November

On August 5, Uniqlo announced that its first global flagship store in Beijing will open in November this year. It is located in Sanlitun, a well-known fashion landmark in Beijing, spanning three floors and covering an operating area of more than 2,000 square meters. It is understood that this is the third global flagship store opened by Uniqlo in China after eight years. The first two are located in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Luckin Coffee achieves overall profitability

On August 5, it was reported that "Luckin Coffee" started to achieve overall profitability in May this year, which means that Luckin Coffee has completed this year’s annual target ahead of schedule. (2021 annual target: by November, more than 60% of self-operated stores will achieve store-level profitability, and plans to achieve overall profitability throughout 2021.) The official does not comment on profit-related information, subject to the financial report.

 Forever 21 returns to China

On August 4, Forever 21 announced its return to the Chinese market on Weibo. The brand headquarters officially authorized Lasonic Limited and its subsidiary Xusheng Electric Appliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to be fully responsible for the operation of Forever 21 in China. At present, the brand has settled in Vipshop and Pinduoduo, and Tmall flagship stores and large brick and mortar stores in major cities across the country are also being prepared.

The cutting-edge tea brand "One Mind in Vegetables and Trees" launched its first product

On July 29th, the cutting-edge tea brand "Yinian Grass and Wood" launched its first product – the "Shenyou Eight Extremes" limited tea gift box. In 2021, Yinian Grass and Wood was established in Beijing, with the "Yinian Tea Search" WeChat service account as the main position, providing users with a wealth of tea tasting, tea playing and tea learning content.

"Suze" officially announces ambassador Lee Lo Xiu and launches new products

On July 30, the personal care home appliance brand "Suji" officially announced the beauty ambassador Li Luxiu, and at the same time launched the new product of the Suji Qixi Festival – men’s razor. Suji was founded in 2015 and is a Xiaomi ecological chain brand. Suji first entered the market from electric toothbrushes, and then expanded its products to electric razors, hair dryers and other sub-categories, covering bathrooms and focusing on head care scenes, and gradually completed the category layout of personal care home appliances.

Plant Label Launches New Plant Milk Series

On July 30, plant-based nutrition brand Plantag plant label launched a new plant milk series. The new series has three flavors: black sesame seeds, oats, and pistachios. The brand emphasizes that the products in this series are all 0 sucrose, 0 lactose, and 0 cholesterol, and are all made of pure plants and do not contain milk ingredients. At present, this series of products has been put on the shelves of the brand Tmall flagship store.

Luckin Coffee × Zero Launches "Planting Package"

On August 2, Luckin Coffee launched the "Plant Package" in conjunction with Monday Zero, which has now been registered in Luckin stores across the country. The package includes two new products: egg-flavored plant ham sandwich and lime plant ham bagel.

"Fenty Beauty" will launch perfume products

On July 29, Fenty Beauty, a beauty brand founded by Rihanna, announced on its Instagram account that its first fragrance product, Fenty Eau De Parfum, will be officially launched on August 10.

Baby food brand "Deer Blue Blue" launched children’s soy sauce

On August 2, baby food brand "Deer Blue Blue" launched a children’s soy sauce. Founded in Anhui in 2020, Deer Blue Blue is an infant brand incubated internally by three squirrels. It takes children from 6 months to 14 years old as the consumer group and launches three product lines of "6 months + nutritional complementary food", "12 months + baby snacks", and "3 years + children’s snacks".

SK-II partners with JD.com to create an online virtual city

SK-II recently joined hands with "JD.com 2nd Floor Feature Z" to create an online virtual city "SK-II CITY" to bring consumers an immersive e-commerce shopping experience. In "SK-II CITY", in addition to pulling down to the second floor for shopping, you can also interact with JD.com Puppy JOY; in addition, users can watch SK-II’s animated videos in the virtual theater and explore behind-the-scenes stories in the "production backstage".

WonderLab Announces Yuxin Liu as Brand Spokesperson

On August 6, WonderLab, a cutting-edge nutritional meal replacement food brand, announced Liu Yuxin as its brand spokesperson on the official Weibo, and launched a limited "40 billion guardian gift box". In addition to probiotics, the gift box also has a spokesperson’s souvenir book, customized commemorative umbrella, badge and other peripherals.

Xiaohongshu "Don’t go to work on Mondays, eat, drink and play company pays the bill"

On August 2 this year, "Xiaohongshu Day" coincided with a Monday. Xiaohongshu planned an offline activity of "No work on Monday, eat, drink and play company pays the bill", allowing Xiaohongshu employees to go out and experience "life on Xiaohongshu" for a day with pay. Xiaohongshu arranges 250 + lifestyle choices in Xiaohongshu, such as Disney, indoor surfing, art exhibitions, massage, escape room, etc., which are loved by users, and encourages employees to choose according to their interests.

Luhan endorses Boucheron

On August 2, French fine jewelry brand Boucheron announced that Lu Han has become the brand spokesperson and will perform the "Seven Hearts" special short film on the occasion of the Qixi Festival. At the same time, the brand also launched the new Quatre Classique series and Quatre Radiant series pendant necklaces in the Chinese mainland.

MCM Announces Kid Wang Linkai as Brand Spokesperson

On August 3, MCM announced that singer and producer Wang Linkai has become the brand spokesperson, and released the MCM 2021 autumn and winter series and Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day special series advertising campaign shot by the ghost. The series of products have been sold simultaneously in MCM boutiques, official websites and Tmall official flagship stores.

Wanglaoji× ChinaMeteorological News Agency Launches Meteorological Popularization

On July 29, the herbal tea brand Wanglaoji officially announced the cooperation with the China Meteorological News Agency, saying that under the guidance of the China Meteorological Administration’s Publicity and Popularization Center, they will jointly carry out the 2021 "Solar Hero" high temperature care action, while guarding high temperature workers, open a series of interesting meteorological trivia science, bringing a touch of coolness and care to more people running under the hot sun.

Zhong Xuegao launches summer short film featuring virtual idol A Xi

On July 30, Zhong Xuegao, a Chinese ice cream brand, announced that the virtual idol Angie was the "special tasting officer of Zhong Xuegao", and launched a summer short film and a season-limited "apricot milk ice cream" flavored ice cream starring Ah Xi. Founded in 2018, Zhong Xuegao started from the ice cream with tile design, focusing on 0 additions and high-quality ice cream products.

Shanghai’s second K11 officially begins construction

On July 30, the groundbreaking ceremony of the second K11 in Shanghai was successfully held, which also indicates that the second K11 will not be far away. This is the re-entry of New World Group into Shanghai after the first K11 shopping and art center in the mainland entered Shanghai in 2013, and it also further improves the strategic layout of K11 in East China. Huang Shaomei, Director and CEO of New World China, said at the groundbreaking ceremony that New World China will uphold the concept of "City New Heritage" in the future and turn the Huaihai Middle Road plot project into a highly recognizable artistic and cultural landmark.

Ele.me: Many brands have joined the "New Service Partner Program"

On July 30, Ele.me announced that many brands such as Nayuki, Lele Tea, 7 Fen Sweet, Liufu Duck, and Jiujiuya have joined the "New Service Partner Program". Ele.me said that it will continue to increase investment and subsidies in the afternoon tea scene, continue to optimize the consumption experience of takeaway, self-pickup, and reservation, further realize the digital upgrade of joint member operations, and better promote new product promotion and cross-border cooperation on the platform.

Taobao and Tmall reduce merchant service fees

On July 28, Taobao Tmall announced that from 0:00 on August 1, the credit collection service fee for all Taobao and Tmall merchants on the platform will be reduced to 0.6% uniformly, and the debit collection service fee will continue to remain free. This means that when consumers use funds such as debit card Yu’e Bao to spend, the merchant’s service fee will continue to be free, and the cost will be borne by the Taobao Tmall platform. If consumers use funds such as Huabei and credit cards to spend, the merchant’s service fee will be cheaper.

Traceability codes will be attached to the three types of duty-free goods on Hainan outlying islands

From August 1st, three types of duty-free goods in Hainan outlying islands, such as fragrance, wine, and mobile phones, will be sold with traceability codes. At the end of December, traceability codes will be attached to all duty-free goods in outlying islands. The traceability code is the unique identification of duty-free goods, including "Hainan outlying islands duty-free goods traceability code", anti-counterfeiting QR code, Hainan duty-free exclusive logo, and "unpaid tariffs, no reselling" warning. The relevant person in charge said that the purchased duty-free goods in outlying islands are goods for personal use by consumers, and must not enter the domestic market for re-sale, and must not participate in illegal activities such as set (on behalf of) purchase and smuggling. After the implementation of the traceability code management of outlying islands duty-free goods, the regulatory authorities can easily identify the violators and

"Tmall Apparel" unveils new brand support system for the first time

On August 4, at the Tmall Apparel New Product Investment Fair, Tmall Apparel released the new brand support system of the platform for the first time, supporting the growth of new apparel brands from trend insights, reducing operating costs to financial services, supply chain security, logistics services, etc. At the same time, it launched the "Rhinoceros Attractive Force" project in conjunction with Ali’s new manufacturing No. 1 project Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing, which is dedicated to opening up fabric research and development and fast counter-supply chain capabilities for new brands. At the same time, Tmall Apparel launched a large-scale investment promotion.

"Chaotianmen Wharf" announced that it has received nearly 100 million yuan in Pre-A roundsfinancing

On August 5, Chongqing Chaotianmen Catering Holding Group’s new consumer brand "Chaotianmen Wharf" announced that it has received nearly 100 million yuan in Pre-A round of financing. The investors are Gao Rong Capital, Panda Capital, Zhanze Investment, Red Dot China and Honghui Capital. This round of financing will be mainly used to strengthen Product Research & Development and data mid-platform building, and realize the further transformation and monetization of the Chaotianmen brand with the help of diversified online and offline marketing methods. At the same time, the company will officially start business extension to the upstream supply chain to provide consumers with better quality ingredients and more reasonable prices.

"Maverick Casey" completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan

On August 3, the pre-cooking brand "Maverick Casey" completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by GF Shinde, followed by Fuzhou Yuguang, and Yuanzhi Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor. The funds will be mainly used for new product research and development, supply chain upgrade, brand marketing and other purposes. Maverick Casey was established in Quzhou in 2020. The main consumer group is positioned as young families. It provides consumers with steak, pizza, pasta, egg tarts and other western food ingredients. It is a pre-cooking brand with family steak as the core.

Hot pot catering brand "Senior Brother Zhou" completed 100 million yuan A round of financing

On August 2, "Senior Brother Zhou", the head brand of Chongqing hot pot, has completed 100 million yuan A round of financing, which is exclusively invested by Black Ant Capital. "Senior Brother Zhou" is the largest direct-operated hot pot brand in Chongqing, focusing on Chongqing spicy hot pot, double-flavor hot pot and signature big knife waist. As of July 2021, "Senior Brother Zhou" has set up 21 directly-operated stores in Chongqing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

"Pot King"Received tens of millions of financing

On August 6, it was reported that the rice fast food brand "Pot Zaihuang" (formerly known as: Zaihuang Pot) has recently completed a new round of 10 million-level financing. The investor is Tibet Yuankun, a subsidiary of Century Jinyuan Group. It is reported that this is another round of financing voluntarily added by the old shareholder Tibet Yuankun after the new round of financing at the beginning of the year. Pot Zaihuang was established in 2012 and officially renamed the brand "Zaihuang Pot" to "Pot Zaihuang" in 2021. At present, Pot Zaihuang has more than 50 directly-operated stores across the country and will open to join in the second half of 2020. The current number of franchise stores is about 20. Xue Guowei, founder of Pot Zaihuang, said that the next round of financing of Pot Zaihuang has also been launched, with a target scale of about 100 million

Tide play brand "ToyCity" nearly 100 million yuan A + round of financing

On August 3, the trendy play brand "ToyCity" completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Ease Capital, followed by Fuji Capital, and Yiren Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round. The financing funds will be used for IP incubation, brand promotion and exposure, team building, and ATS space construction.

"Amiro" receives strategic investment from Tencent

On July 30, Amiro, a pioneering technology beauty care brand, received strategic investment from Tencent. Amiro was established in Shenzhen in 2015 and entered the home beauty instrument track from the subdivision vertical with a small makeup mirror. During the Double Eleven period in 2020, AMIRO’s Tmall sales exceeded 54 million, reaching three times that of the same period in 2020. Makeup mirrors ranked first in the Double 11 category for three consecutive years, with cumulative sales exceeding 1 million units.

Beauty equipment brand mesmooth completed 50 million RMB A round of financing

On July 30, the beauty instrument brand mesmooth announced that it has received 50 million yuan A round of financing, which is exclusively invested by Nut Capital. This round of funds will be used for branding, supply chain integration and marketing promotion. Founded in 2019, mesmooth focuses on multi-functional beauty instrument products with "one machine multi-purpose" as the entry point.

"Le Fan" completes 10 million-level A-round financing

On July 30, Le Fan announced the completion of the 10 million A round of financing, led by Baidu and followed by Dingxiang Capital. This round of funds will be used for brand marketing, marketing activities and Product Research & Development. Founded in 2017, Le Fan was incubated in the massage equipment industry group Aojiahua, focusing on the development of portable and mobile smart health products. Currently, it has launched a series of products for young people’s office, home and travel scenarios.

 Roleplay tabletop game brand "Reasoning Master" received $10 million in Pre-A round of financing

On July 30, the Roleplay tabletop game brand "Reasoning Master" completed a $10 million Pre-A round of financing. The investor is Plum Blossom Venture Capital, and Yuze Capital serves as a financial advisor. This round of financing will be used for the expansion of offline stores, the cultivation of upstream authors, and the incubation of hosts.

One-stop new female content social platform Walsea completes millions of yuan angel round financing

On August 2, the one-stop new female content social platform "Walsea" completed millions of yuan angel round financing, and the investor is Liebao. Li Yanni, founder of Walsea, said that this round of funds will be mainly used for team building and product content polishing, driving user growth through word-of-mouth and refined operations, and providing a more comfortable content social environment for female users.

Plant meat brand "in addition to meat" received tens of millions of angel round financing

On August 5, the plant meat brand "Except Meat" completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing. This round of financing was led by Huagai Capital and followed by Taiyu Ankang. The plant meat brand "Except Meat" was established in 2019 and has now launched B-end products such as plant meat dumplings and plant solid egg yolks.

"Jianlu Sugar Water Shop" completes a round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan

On August 4, the new Hong Kong-style sugar water brand "Jianlu Sugar Water Shop" completed a round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan. The investor is Fuda Capital. This round of funds will be mainly used for team building, product upgrading and supply chain construction, driving store user growth through word-of-mouth and refined operations, and providing consumers with more comfortable sugar water consumption space.

"Fabez" received nearly 10 million yuan in seed financing

On August 5, the pet nutrition fresh food brand "Fabez" announced that it has received nearly 10 million yuan in seed round financing, and the investor is Qingyu. This round of financing will be mainly used for marketing, advertising, core team building and new product research and development. Fabez was established in 2015, and its current products include cat and dog fresh food and snack cat strips. Among them, the formula of fresh food includes chicken pumpkin wolfberry, duck kelp prebiotics, deep sea fish series, etc. The product is characterized by pure fresh meat, rich in high protein, and no food inducers.

Baking brand "Hua Muzi" received a million yuan angel round + financing

On August 5, "Hua Muzi" announced that it had received millions of yuan in angel round + financing, which was led by Qiguang Capital and co-invested by Zhonglin Capital. This round of funds will be used for new product research and development, brand promotion and channel development. Hua Muzi was founded in January 2020, focusing on the fast-paced lazy breakfast scene of the younger generation, and launching Chinese-style innovative products for Western-style cakes. The product categories include meat floss toast, cheese Iwaki toast, egg yolk rose flower cake and mung bean cake.

Listen, Progress: A Detail of the Huawei Ascend P7

Last week, Huawei invited us to a product briefing on the Ascend P7 to explain in detail almost all the details behind the development of this new flagship. Leaving with a white version of the P7 in my hand, I think this is a very sincere but risky move by Huawei, because on the one hand Huawei has given us a full understanding of the ingenuity behind the product – but at the same time, it will arouse my curiosity to taste the product carefully, which means that no details will be missed in the process.

The hardware information about the P7 will not be repeated, and interested readers can rewind it toTake a look hereAfter a week of use, the outline of this Huawei’s annual flagship has gradually become three-dimensional. In appearance, the P7 still adopts the same design as the P6But unlike the metal back shell of the P6, the P7 this time uses front and rear glass (Corning’s Gorilla III), with a sandwich structure with a full metal frame in the middle. Huawei said that the advantage of using Gorilla III as the back cover material is that it is wear-resistant and has a flatter feel.

The 7-layer coated back cover mentioned in the promotion does have a bonus. If you take a closer look, you will find that the back cover of the P7 is not simply milky white, but has countless fine dots and lines interlaced. Especially when there is external light hitting the fuselage, you will see the unique "ripple pattern" that is unique to the brushed metal shell.

As for its grip, one word, cold. 6.5mm thickness, 124g weight, all-metal frame, the feeling that feeds back to the fingers is light and cold. This kind of finger feels out of place with body temperature as it slides over the glass and metal of the fuselage, giving the fuselage a sense of cheapness. I think even in 2014, all-metal frame can still make an excellent, timeless design.

DSCF3450The newly designed power button has a good texture, but it seems to have a trace of Sony


Compared with the previous generation of P6, the production process of P7 has made a big leap. We will no longer see the SIM card holder and frame with inconsistent paint color. There are no terrible gaps, and there are more delicate spiral texture all-metal power keys. In addition, Huawei revealed that the P7 is assembled using "zero labor". In simple terms, even if the most advanced manufacturing process is used, there will be certain errors between parts. Therefore, during the assembly process, Huawei will find the component group with the highest degree of mutual fit for assembly to ensure that there will be no process problems in the product shell when it leaves the factory. At least this P7 in my hand meets this definition.

In addition to the improvement of the manufacturing process, as mentioned in the previous article, in order to better meet the user’s usage habits, Huawei has absorbed the P6 experience and readjusted the position of the P7 data and headphone interface, so it has specially designed a new miniature antenna for this purpose.

But even so, I still think the P7 has some room for improvement. For example, when Huawei designed a delicate metal frame around the camera of the P7, but the earphone jack less than two centimeters away is a simple and rough opening, this kind of "schizophrenia" in design thinking inevitably makes people feel abrupt. In addition, although it can be seen that the designer specially made a concave design for the speaker on the back of the fuselage, because the speaker is too thin, as long as there is a barrier on the back of the phone, it will greatly affect the external quality.



Regarding the introduction of hardware and performance, there are several fixed links that come and go. Review the configuration:

  • Android 4.4.2 + Emotion UI 2.3;
  • 4G LTE (Cat 4) with a maximum download speed of 150Mbps.
  • 5 inch 1080P full fit high definition LCD (ppi 445);
  • 1.8GHz HiSilicon Kirin 910T quad-core processor;
  • Mali 450 GPU;
  • 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM (supports up to 64GB microSD card expansion);
  • 800/13 million pixel front and rear cameras;
  • 2500mAh battery.

The system is based on Android 4.4.2 Emotion UI 2.3, which officially claims to have made more than 200 improvements to the previous version. In actual use, the Emotion UI system running on the P7 is stable and smooth. In terms of screen, the P7 finally swept away the haze of the P6, ppi is 445 full high definition 5 inch screen, JDI top panel with full fitting process, even if it did not catch up with the 2K screen trend, but the P7 still provides users with absolutely excellent display effect.

However, for the hardware of the P7, I believe everyone is most concerned about the HiSilicon four-core processor developed by Huawei. The Kirin 910T four-core processor running at 1.8GHz on the P7 is actually designed based on the ARM A9 standard. The rest is equipped with a display core Mali 450 and 2GB random access memory.

If we use quantitative means to measure the performance of P7, AntuTu’s running score is about 25,000 points. It is basically at the level of Snapdragon 600 or MTK octa-core processor this year. As for actual use, the P7 brings excellent experience in system interaction, daily applications, and browsing a web. Consistent with my experience of evaluating many high, medium, and low-configuration mobile phones in the past, in today’s operating system has been greatly improved and hardware performance is excessive, there is no equal sign between excellent user experience and heap hardware.

It should be pointed out that the P7 can occasionally struggle to navigate certain web portals or large 3D games, so when choosing this product, you need to ask yourself what your true performance needs are: this product can meet most of your daily needs, but if you are a serious 3D game enthusiast, there are better options on the market.

However, this still prompts me to think. Since it is a flagship, I think the most conventional way of thinking should be to apply the latest and best to this product. Because consumers are emotional, everyone wants a product that is known as a flagship and has the best "indicators" – who cares if there is excess performance! I try to use limited IQ to explore the reasons why Huawei insists on using HiSilicon from the perspective of products:

1. Heat dissipation. For the P series, Huawei has always been proud of the ultra-thin body record that this series has maintained. As a 4G LTE mobile phone, the 6.5mm thickness of the P7 is actually an excellent set of numbers. However, correspondingly, the ultra-thin makes the power consumption of the mobile phone core a key consideration. The HiSilicon four-core chip on the P7 undoubtedly meets Huawei’s requirements in this regard. Specifically, in the copy machine process, the shell temperature of the P7 is only slightly hot throughout. Imagine that if such a thin body is equipped with a Snapdragon 800-level processor, the heat will be very amazing.

2. Profit margin.

3. A little bit of ambition. HiSilicon has been used many times on flagship models, which shows that Huawei, which has a technical background, wants to support its ambition to develop mobile chipsets independently.

But in general, I still Huawei only relies on thin and light to make up for the lack of performance, and does not use the brand perception between the core high-end user base.

If the performance of the P7 can’t surprise consumers too much, then I believe that taking pictures can make it save a game. First of all, the P7 has made a great favor to female users who like to take selfies, equipped with a front-facing camera with pixels up to 8 million and an aperture of 2.4, and built-in automatic beauty function.

The rear camera uses Sony’s fourth-generation stacked photosensitive elements, with 13 million pixels and 2.0 aperture. And the front and rear two of the P7 are designed with 5 aspherical lenses, which the official claims can maximize the picture clarity, and the anti-distortion and purple edge capabilities are also better.

From the proofs, the P7’s photo quality is solid. Although we can still see slight dispersion and purple edges at the edges of the photo, the overall photo is quite sharp. In addition, I specially took pictures in some backlight and dark environments, and found that the P7 film still maintains good sharpness and retains rich details in low-light environments. The color of the film is too bright, it is a matter of opinion.







In addition, the P7 provides the function of quickly starting the camera. As long as you press the volume-button twice in a row in the sleep state (and this button also acts as a shutter), the P7 can automatically take a photo and then open the camera application, providing a very convenient mechanism for capturing. In the communication, Huawei revealed that in order to keep the entire capture process at 1.2 seconds, in addition to the customized ISP (image processor), the team has also optimized the bottom layer of the system.

In actual use, if the photo is output at the maximum resolution, the P7’s fast capture can basically be completed at the nominal speed. However, I found that such a fast capture also comes with a certain price. For example, when you start the capture quickly, the camera will automatically ignore the "focus" process and shoot at an infinite focal length. That is to say, if you are capturing objects at medium and long distances, it will be very suitable for using this function, but if you are capturing at close range, you will get a photo that is out of focus.

IMG_20140514_145956normal mode

IMG_20140514_150001Snap mode only supports infinite focus

Emotion UI is already very familiar to many people. It adopts the single-layer interactive interface that is common in domestic ROMs, and even new users have no learning cost. Another major feature of Emotion UI is that it supports the bottom system bar, which has the advantage of making full use of the screen area in videos, games, and browsing a web. However, I found that some games do not support the hidden low bar very well. Users need to hide the low bar in advance before entering the game, otherwise if the low bar is hidden after entering the game, a blank bar will appear. However, this problem is not big, and I hope it can be solved through software updates in the future.

In addition, if the user hides the low bar, Huawei also provides an auxiliary floating button (similar to the small dots of the iOS).




A good thing for small white users is that the built-in mobile housekeeper of Emotion UI can intelligently manage the programs that consume resources and power in the background, and automatically block some applications that will pop up. In terms of ease of use and peace of mind, Emotion UI is very considerate.

Huawei has also made a lot of efforts in UI design, which has been criticized in the past. It has to be said that after so many iterations of Emotion UI, great progress has been made in art design, and the official also provides a very rich backup theme for users to choose from, such as the "Impression Merry" theme used in the evaluation of P7, which is very popular with us.

However, the fly in the ointment was that even though the theme was changed, the lower-level menus such as the notification center and the settings interface still retained the original ecology, which gave people a clear sense of incompatibility. In addition, for example, the pull-up toolbar under the lock screen and some desktop plug-ins used too much glass element effect, which was not very harmonious with the overall design.


DSCF3471Some UI designs still have some traces of inspiration

The 2500 mAh battery is considered a qualified line in the Android camp. Under moderate use in one day, the P7 will have about 30% of the power left, and it is inevitable to charge one battery at a time. However, this time Huawei has added the "super power saving" function that has been popular in recent years, that is, turning off all functions except initial phone calls and text messages in exchange for the most optimized standby ability. I really did an experiment. At 12 o’clock in the evening, the P7 entered the super power saving mode when the power was left at 9%, and found that there was still 9% power at 8 o’clock the next day. Therefore, in special cases, this kind of function still has great practicality.

Last year, the P6 was a product with obvious shortcomings. This year’s P7, we saw Huawei listening. Even though it remains thin and light, the P7 has successfully changed the various shortcomings caused by last year’s thin and thin, and the whole machine design has become very reasonable. As a dual-card dual-mode 4G LTE mobile phone with excellent workmanship and a body thickness of only 6.5mm, the Ascend P7 reflects Huawei’s strong hardware integration capabilities. We believe that in addition to the slight regret in performance, from all aspects, the P7 is definitely qualified to become Huawei’s representative model in 2014.


Henan province introduces 19 measures to support major new infrastructure buildings

  Shanghai Securities Daily China Securities Network News, according to the Henan Provincial People’s Government on August 4, the General Office of the Henan Provincial People’s Government issued the "Several Policies for Supporting Major New Infrastructure buildings in Henan Province", proposing a total of 19 measures in six aspects, including consolidating and upgrading the status of information and communication hubs, accelerating the construction of central computing power highlands, and promoting the deep empowerment of integrated infrastructure.

  Specifically, the "Several Policies" propose to establish a computing power platform operation and settlement sharing mechanism with "computing power coupons" as the core, and issue "computing power coupons" with a total scale of not more than 50 million yuan each year. Support enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, etc. to use the national supercomputing Zhengzhou Center, artificial intelligence computing centers with a computing power scale of 100P FLOPS (floating point operations per second) or more, and data centers with more than 1,000 standard racks. Reward 20% of the cost of using computing power resources, and each user unit will enjoy an annual reward of not more than 1 million yuan "computing power coupons". The required funds will be shared by the provincial and municipal finances in a ratio of 1:1.

  In terms of increasing the intensity of intelligent charging infrastructure building, the "Several Policies" propose that the land for charging infrastructure be included in the scope of land for urban public facilities business outlets, and support the construction of public charging stations by means of reconstruction and expansion of existing refueling (gas) stations; in accordance with the land supply mode of refueling (gas) stations, priority is given to the construction land for charging stations along national and provincial highways; in addition to supplying land in accordance with the way of transfer, all localities are encouraged to provide land in the form of state-owned construction land use rights as capital or shares, and cooperate with social capital to build charging infrastructure.

  The full text is as follows:

  Henan province supports several policies for major new infrastructure buildings

  In order to accelerate the construction of a high-level new infrastructure system and effectively support the high-quality economic and social development of the province, the following policies are formulated.

  First, consolidate and enhance the status of information and communication hubs

  1. Continuously promote network infrastructure building. Support basic telecommunications enterprises to continue to expand Zhengzhou’s national-level Internet backbone direct connection point transmission network, improve inter-provincial special lines, optical cables and other network facilities, and improve the quality of network interconnection with provinces and cities where the national hub node of the national integrated computing power network is located. Zhengzhou’s national-level Internet backbone direct connection point has an annual expansion of more than 300G of interconnection bandwidth, and each interconnection unit will be given a one-time reward of 2 million yuan. (Responsible unit: Provincial Communications Administration, Department of Finance)

  2. Strive to create a national-level new Internet exchange center. Support Zhengzhou City to establish a national-level new Internet exchange center, and provide guarantees in terms of capital subsidies, staffing, office space, etc. In accordance with relevant national construction review requirements and regulations, provide corresponding policy support. (Responsible units: Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Provincial Communications Administration, Department of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Party Committee Organization, Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department)

  Second, accelerate the construction of the central computing power highlands

  3. Support computing power applications. Establish a computing power platform operation and settlement sharing mechanism with "computing power vouchers" as the core, and issue "computing power vouchers" with a total scale of not more than 50 million yuan per year. Support enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, etc. to use the national supercomputing Zhengzhou Center, artificial intelligence computing centers with a computing power scale of 100P FLOPS (floating point operations per second) or more, and data centers with more than 1,000 standard racks. Reward 20% of the cost of computing power resources. Each user unit enjoys an annual reward of not more than 1 million yuan "computing power vouchers". The required funds are shared by the provincial and municipal finances in a ratio of 1:1. (Responsible unit: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department)

  4. Promote the construction of green data centers. For new data centers with a PUE (power usage efficiency) of less than 1.3, or existing data centers with an annual PUE reduction of more than 0.01 (or equivalent power savings of more than 1.50 million kWh), each TCE-metal rack in use will be given no more than 1,000 yuan per year. Among them, the park-level data center PUE is calculated in units of single machine rooms in the park, and the required funds will be shared by the provincial and municipal finance in a ratio of 1:1. (Responsible units: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Communications Administration, Finance Department, Power Company)

  5. Support the construction of industrial data centers. For new national or regional data centers in transportation, industry, water conservancy and other fields recognized by the state, a one-time reward of no more than 5 million yuan will be given. (Responsible unit: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Finance)

  6. Support the construction of energy storage facilities for computing power infrastructure. Encourage supercomputing centers, smart computing centers, new data centers, etc. to configure energy storage facilities according to local conditions to improve power self-balancing capabilities; for the construction of energy storage facilities with a scale of more than 1,000 kWh, the provincial finance will give a one-time reward. (Responsible units: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Communications Administration, Finance Department)

  III. Deeply empowering integrated infrastructure

  7. Support the construction of smart transportation. Combined with provincial financial resources, appropriate subsidies will be given to new smart transportation projects such as smart high-speed, smart ports and shipping, and multimodal transportation. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Transportation)

  8. Increase the intensity of intelligent charging infrastructure building. Include charging infrastructure land into the scope of urban public utility business outlets, support existing refueling (gas) stations to build public charging stations through reconstruction, expansion, etc.; in accordance with the land supply model of refueling (gas) stations, give priority to the construction land of charging stations along national and provincial highways; in addition to supplying land in accordance with the transfer method, encourage all localities to provide land in the form of state-owned construction land use rights or shares, and cooperate with social capital to build charging infrastructure. For newly built special charging facilities in public service fields such as public transportation, sanitation, logistics, and commuting, and new public charging facilities along expressway service areas, national (provincial) roads, and intercity expressways, provincial financial awards will be given according to 30% or 40% of the total investment in main charging equipment. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Development and Reform Commission, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Transportation, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Electric Power Company)

  9. Speed up the construction of secondary nodes for industrial Internet identification analysis. For the construction units of new nodes, post-subsidies of no more than 1 million yuan will be given according to a certain proportion of the actual investment in software and hardware. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Communications Administration, Finance Department)

  IV. Breakthrough development of major innovation infrastructure

  10. Support major science and technology infrastructure building. For projects included in the annual plan of major science and technology infrastructure building in the province, investment subsidies will be given according to the actual construction situation according to the principle of "one matter, one discussion, shared responsibility among provinces and cities". (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission)

  11. Strengthen the pre-research of major scientific and technological infrastructure. Coordinate funds to support forward-looking leading, strategic-oriented, application-supporting and other major scientific and technological infrastructure to carry out key technology research, and provide sufficient technical and engineering reserves for project construction. (Responsible unit: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department)

  12. Promote the sharing and sharing of provincial major scientific and technological infrastructure. Support provincial major scientific and technological infrastructure to open up innovative resources such as device platforms, instruments and equipment, scientific data to the society, use provincial innovation ecological support special project funds, and provide subsidies to management units with excellent performance appraisal and eligible users according to the amount of shared and open services. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance)

  13. Promote the transformation of major scientific and technological infrastructure achievements. Use the provincial innovation ecology to support special project funds to promote the transformation of technological achievements formed by major scientific and technological infrastructure in the province; encourage relying on universities and scientific research institutes in the province to build major scientific and technological infrastructure, and implement technology transfer and transformation in Henan. A maximum of 10% of the post-subsidy will be given according to the turnover of the previous year’s technology contract, and each unit will not exceed 1 million yuan per year. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance)

  14. Support the construction of laboratories, "smart islands" and other facilities. For provincial laboratories laid out at the provincial level, according to actual needs, support for start-up fees and R & D funds during the construction period; for provincial laboratories established under the leadership of local governments, a certain amount of R & D subsidies will be given according to the investment of local governments; if the operating company issues corporate bonds for financing, a discount subsidy of up to 30% will be given, and the provincial and municipal finances will share it in a ratio of 1:1. For "smart islands" that pass the assessment after the construction period, a post-subsidy of not more than 50 million yuan will be given. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission)

  Establish and improve the incentive mechanism for new infrastructure building

  15. Strengthen incentives for new infrastructure buildings. Study and formulate evaluation standards for new infrastructure buildings and carry out evaluation work. The top 3 provincial municipalities (including Jiyuan demonstration area and airport area) with comprehensive development level will be rewarded with 5 million yuan respectively, and the top 5 counties (cities, districts) with comprehensive development level will be rewarded with 2 million yuan respectively. The evaluation results will be used as a reference for prioritizing policy funds in other digital economy fields. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission)

  Strengthen the guarantee of major project elements of new infrastructure buildings

  16. Attract social capital to increase investment. Guide government investment funds to support new infrastructure building, and encourage localities to explore the establishment of new infrastructure building funds. Support policy banks, development Financial Institution Groups and commercial banks to issue special project loans with preferential interest rates, and actively form syndicates. Improve the government-bank-enterprise docking mechanism, establish a high-quality project list, regularly carry out policy publicity and project docking activities, and support social capital to increase investment in new infrastructure building. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau)

  17. Strengthen the service guarantee of land use and energy use. Incorporate communication base stations and other related facilities into land and space planning at all levels, and make overall arrangements to ensure the indicators of new construction land. Party and government organs, enterprises, institutions and public institutions at all levels and other public facilities, as well as municipal, green space, highways, railways, airports, subways and other public facilities, should be open to 5G base station construction and settle electricity bills according to direct power supply prices, reserve base station sites, communication machine rooms, pipelines and other construction space, and provide convenient passage. Support telecommunications enterprises to jointly build and share communication pipelines (pipe holes). Encourage new infrastructure building operators to participate in electricity market transactions and improve cost control capabilities. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Development and Reform Commission, Communications Administration)

  18. Strengthen the talent team for the operation of new infrastructure buildings. Relying on talent projects such as the "Central Plains Talent Program", increase the introduction and training of high-level talents and teams in the field of new infrastructure, and provide support in the areas of talent settlement, housing security, children’s education, medical security, and spouse employment. (Responsible unit: Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department)

  19. Strengthen the guarantee of capital elements. Coordinate provincial finance-related special project funds to support the construction and operation of new infrastructure projects. Actively support qualified new infrastructure building projects to apply for special project bonds, and give full play to the investment-pulling role of bond funds. (Responsible unit: Provincial Finance Department, Development and Reform Commission)

  If the policies issued by Henan Province are inconsistent with the above policies, they will be implemented in accordance with the principle of "no duplication on the high". They have enjoyed the non-repetition support of other support policies. The above policies will be implemented from the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2025.

Upgraded and refreshed, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy upgrade is on the market

  On January 8th, the Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy upgrade was officially launched, with a total of 4 models priced at 30-390,000 yuan. The Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy upgrade has been upgraded in terms of intelligent driving and configuration, bringing consumers a better intelligent travel experience.

Upgraded and renewed, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy Upgraded _fororder_image001

Upgraded and renewed, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy Upgraded _fororder_image002

  The Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy upgrade continues the previous styling design, featuring a sports kit including 22-inch wheels and yellow Brembo all-aluminum four-piston calipers. The new model comes standard with NAPPA leather seats and leather steering wheel, and is upgraded to 256-color ambient lights (OTA upgrade for old owners), with a maximum battery life of 730km, and an 800V high-voltage electrical platform. Huawei DriveONE high-voltage motor can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration of 3.98 seconds.

Upgraded and renewed, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy Upgraded _fororder_image003

  The core of the upgrade of the new car in terms of intelligent driving is that it no longer relies on high-precision maps and can be driven across the country. In the future, map-free intelligent driving will be pushed. After no longer relying on high-precision maps, the number of cities covered by the intelligent driving system will increase in geometric levels, which is more convenient to use. At the same time, the system can learn by itself and continuously optimize the algorithm to make up for the problem of road construction and road closure environment changes. In addition, it can be used even without the network, as long as the user selects the destination and does it with one click. Integrate the GOD network to build road information in real time, integrate real-time information of road conditions, and select road sections with higher traffic efficiency according to road

Upgraded and renewed, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy Upgraded _fororder_image004

Upgraded and renewed, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition Smart Enjoy Upgraded _fororder_image005

  The second is the upgrade of the chassis. The Huawei iTRACK dynamic torque distribution system is introduced, which uses microsecond-level ultra-fine real-time road condition sensing technology to scan the road environment. When encountering complex road conditions such as speed bumps and low-attachment roads, millisecond-level torque fine-tuning can be realized to improve the ride comfort and safety of the whole vehicle. In terms of vertical turbulence suppression performance, Huawei iTRACK further reduces the sense of impact, and maximizes the bumps through wheel-end torque control to achieve speed reduction belt coasting feedback. The wheel-end speed fluctuation is reduced by 30%, which can realize that drinks are not spilled at the center console, passenger rest is not affected, co-pilot makeup is not shaken, and driving is not bumpy. Huawei iTRACK can be adapted to two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. After the intervention of Huawei iTRACK in different configuration versions, the measured data of the speed bump has been significantly improved, and the road conditions such as bumps have been leisurely weathered. It provides low-attached road coasting feedback, reducing the speed difference between the front and rear wheels by 25%, and driving smoother. It also provides low-attached road driving, reducing the speed difference between the front and rear wheels by 40%. High-speed driving in extreme weather does not skid. The driving in scenarios such as basement parking and low-speed driving at water beaches is also smooth and worry-free, and the kinetic energy recovery is more economical.

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  The seat has been redeveloped from the skeleton, sponge, foam, and face cover. The optimized seat improves the leg support of the seat cushion, the stress relief of the back waist, the back fit support, and the softness of the seat. higher on the priority list of optimization Shoulder support, back immersion optimization, or top pressure point optimization, support the waist suspension point: to ensure that the sedentary waist is not tired, and the curved support is full. In terms of seat filling optimization, multi-layer support, soft and hard combination: Based on ergonomic and pressure distribution analysis, different soft and hard foam materials and precision mechanical spring layers form multi-layer buffers to achieve a balance between soft sitting and support force. The seat cushion has multiple layers of comfortable interlayers, maximizing the contact area of the human body to eliminate the concentration point, homogenizing the pressure surface, the backrest and flanks, and the double hardness foam design. The support is in place without clamping the back. The seat cushion grid spring is mechanically adjusted to balance the left and right sitting postures. (Source: Avita Technology)

"Ip Man" premiere Li Wantong appeared in praise of Donnie Yen Hong Jinbao

Li Wantong

  China Broadcasting News on December 9, 2008, the end of the year kung fu blockbuster, reflecting a generation of martial arts guru, Bruce Lee master Ip Man’s legendary life story of the film "Ip Man" held a grand premiere in Beijing, in addition to starring Donnie Yen, Xiong Dailin, Ren Dahua and martial arts director Hong Jinbao, producer Huang Baiming and other main creators, just in the movie version of "Dream of Red Mansions" successfully played "spicy housekeeper Wang Xifeng" beautiful woman star Li Wantou and many other film and television stars were also invited to cheer for the film said to be the best-looking action movie in 2008, and claimed that it was worthwhile.

  Li Wantong, who is about to star in the kung fu blockbuster "King" with Hong Jinbao in 2009, has been working hard to practice kung fu recently. Although the film director has always emphasized that as long as there is enough, she still refuses to relax at all, saying that it is a very rare opportunity to work with such a kung fu superstar, and she must be prepared.

  In the espionage drama "The Final Contest", which is about to hit the national TV screen at the end of the year, Li Wantong plays the heroine Qin Muyao, an underground member of the Communist Party of China, who has already had a good time playing stars, but she said that those action scenes should not be comparable to the action scenes in real kung fu movies. Although the filming is also very clean, there is no very beautiful routine or very exciting action scenes in the end. She also hopes to take this opportunity to challenge herself and learn from Kung Fu kings like Hong Jinbao and Liang Xiaolong.

  For the movie "Ip Man", Li Wantong said that he had been looking forward to it for a long time, and now he finally saw it, and he was really shocked and moved. Donnie Yen, Hung Jinbao and Fan Shaohuang are all action actors he likes very much, and Ren Dahua is also an actor he admires very much. Ye Weixin and Huang Baiming are all Hong Kong directors he hopes to cooperate with very much. Their strength no longer needs to be described in words. The action movie they jointly produced will not disappoint fans. For the heroine of the film "Sister Cheng" Xiong Dailin, Wan Tong expressed his envy that she could act with Donnie Yen, and hoped that he could have such an opportunity in the future.

Li Wan Tong and Ip Man martial arts instructor Hung Jin Bao

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Tencent makes another move! 101 repurchases during the year

In the past two trading days, Tencent Holdings in the Hong Kong stock market has conducted the 100th and 101st repurchase operations of the year.

On November 22, Tencent Holdings disclosed that it repurchased 1.23 million shares on the same day at a cost of 401 million Hong Kong dollars. This is the 100th time Tencent has repurchased this year. On November 23, Tencent Holdings repurchased 1.23 million shares again. Since the beginning of this year, Tencent Holdings has repurchased 113 million shares, and the cumulative repurchase amount 37.382 billion Hong Kong dollars.

As of the close on November 23, Tencent’s share price was HK $329.2 per share, a cumulative rebound of about 17% from the phased low set on October 25. Based on the total repurchase price/cumulative number of repurchases, the average repurchase price of Tencent during the year was HK $332.03 per share, slightly higher than the current price.

All repurchased shares have been cancelled in the first three quarters

Statistics show that since last year, Tencent’s average daily repurchase amount has gradually increased. From the end of August last year to the end of May this year, Tencent’s daily repurchase amount was about 350 million Hong Kong dollars. But since June this year, Tencent’s average daily repurchase amount has increased to about 400 million Hong Kong dollars, evolving into "four hundred million".

In February 2021, Tencent’s share price reached a peak of HK $704.6/share, but due to the reduction of major shareholders, changes in international financial marekt and market concerns about the slowdown in the company’s growth rate, Tencent’s share price has been under pressure. At the end of October 2022, Tencent’s share price once fell to HK $187.29/share. Since then, Tencent’s share price has bottomed out and rebounded. In March this year, the share price was close to HK $400/share, and then continued to fluctuate. As of the close of November 23, Tencent’s share price was HK $329.2/share.

Since October 25, 2022, Tencent’s share price has risen by nearly 70%, which is related to the favorable policies of the Internet sector, the improvement of its own performance, and the spare efforts to repurchase.

Tencent Holdings disclosed in the 2022 annual financial report that in 2022, Tencent repurchased about 107 million shares, which cost more than 33.80 billion Hong Kong dollars. Since 2023, Tencent has repurchased 113 million shares, which cost 37.382 billion Hong Kong dollars. This means that the amount of repurchases this year has exceeded that of last year.

The general manager of a private equity firm in Shenzhen said that Tencent is a company with strong cash flow. In the past, Tencent bought many high-quality company assets through foreign investment, which drove the growth of the company’s revenue and total profit. Since the second half of 2021, Tencent’s foreign investment has declined, and its huge operating cash flow has been concentrated in share buybacks.

Tencent’s buyback partly hedged a sell by Prosus, South Africa’s largest shareholder.

On June 27, 2022, Tencent announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company’s major shareholders, Prosus and Naspers, announced that they would start a long-term, open-ended repurchase plan, and the repurchase funds would be obtained through the orderly small sale of Tencent shares by the South African newspaper group.

"In April this year, Prosus deposited 96 million shares of Tencent into the Hong Kong clearing system. It is estimated that Prosus reduced its holdings of Tencent by about 1 million shares per day, accounting for about 4% of Tencent’s average daily turnover. This is roughly equivalent to Tencent’s average daily repurchase of about 1.20 million shares," said Zang Hailiang, director of investment at Yide Wealth.

Regarding the arrangement of share repurchase, Tencent said in the third quarter of this year’s performance report that in the third quarter of 2023, Tencent bought back 47.519 million shares at a total consideration price of about 15.30 billion Hong Kong dollars (excluding expenses) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and these shares have been cancelled. In previous performance reports, Tencent also released similar content.

As of November 23, Tencent’s total share capital had fallen to 9.508 billion shares, close to the total share capital in May 2019. "According to the rules, the repurchase of US and Hong Kong stocks has to be cancelled, thereby reducing the total share capital, which can increase earnings per share while the profit remains unchanged. Over time, the value of the shares in the hands of Tencent’s remaining shareholders will increase," said a senior market person in Hong Kong stocks.

Performance returns to a high-growth track

This year, Tencent returned to the high growth track. Recently, Tencent disclosed the third quarter of 2023 financial report, revenue 154.625 billion yuan (both in RMB, the same below), an increase of 10%; non-international general accounting standards under the net profit of 44.921 billion yuan, an increase of 39%. In the previous two quarters, Tencent’s revenue and net profit growth were also double digits.

Tencent has gradually built up a diverse range of business segments, including value-added services, online advertising, financial technology, and enterprise services.

In the third quarter of 2023, Tencent’s value-added service business revenue was 75.748 billion yuan, an increase of 4% year-on-year, accounting for 49% of total revenue; online advertising business revenue was 25.721 billion yuan, an increase of 20%, accounting for 16% of total revenue; financial technology and Enterprise Services business revenue was 52.048 billion yuan, an increase of 16%, accounting for 34% of total revenue.

"In the third quarter of 2023, we achieved solid and high-quality revenue growth, significant margin improvement, and structured operating leverage. Emerging businesses such as WeChat Channels and Mini Games contributed to our high-margin revenue streams," said Pony Ma, chairperson and chief executive of Tencent.

In light of the development trend of the technology industry, Tencent’s focus is on laying out the AI model. "We are shifting our focus from businesses with less room for development to businesses with higher growth potential," said Pony Ma. "We are investing more in artificial intelligence models to give our products new functions and improve the ability to accurately recommend content and advertising. We are not only committed to positioning our leading artificial intelligence capabilities as a multiplier for our own business development, but also to create value for our corporate customers and society as a whole."

As of November 22, southbound funds held Tencent’s total market value of HK $2958.49 billion, accounting for 9.59% of the issued ordinary shares. However, with the continuous rebound of Tencent’s share price, southbound funds have recently been on the trend of picking up and selling shares in Tencent.

Q & A responded to the online query: Huawei has invested more than 1,000 people in the R & D team, and the load-bearing capacity of the new M7 model exceeds 630kg.

On September 22nd, AITO asked the car to respond to a series of previous online inquiries, mainly focusing on space performance, chassis suspension, and safety.

IT Home with a summary: According to the "Electric Planet" report, a Li Auto staff member recommended his own L7 model and asked the world for a series of "popular science" for "friendly products".Questioned the performance of the development of the M7 non-new platform, the "oil-to-electricity" model, the suspension chassis, shock absorbers, and ultimate load-bearing

The response from the interrogator is as follows: