Still that smell BYD’s brand-new Qin EV official map was released.

  [Aika Auto Domestic New Car Original]

  Previously, the official released several brand-new (|) local official maps. Today, BYD’s brand-new official Qin EV map was officially released, and the new car still adopts the Dragon Face family-style front face. The overall design is not very different from the cash (|), which is dynamic and fashionable.



  Judging from the official map released, the new car still adopts the latest Dragon Face family-style front face, and this design language has been well received by consumers. The headlight group has a higher degree of integration with the front middle net, and the overall sense is very strong. In addition, the headlight group adopts matrix design and contains five independent light sources, which makes it more recognizable.



  In the rear part, the taillight group of the new car does not use the penetrating taillight that BYD is good at, but is connected with a chrome-plated decorative strip at the top, which is highly recognizable. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4675/1770/1500mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2670mm. As for other relevant information, it has not been disclosed yet, and Aika will continue to pay attention.

  Editor’s comment:(|) The sales volume of this model has always been very good, and its reputation among consumers is also commendable. Now the replacement model is coming, and I believe it will have better performance after listing in the future.

Looking forward to the car U8/U9/U7 gathered at the Beijing Auto Show, Yunnian -Z made a heavy start.

The Beijing Auto Show kicked off, looking forward to the car carrying U8, U9 and U7 at the W1 Hall, and all the products attracted the attention of the audience. On the opening day, I look forward to the official launch of the U8 cross-country player version, with a starting price of 1.098 million yuan; At the same time, the million-class new energy flagship sedan looks to U7 to complete its offline debut. It is worth noting that Yunqi -Z, a revolutionary technology carried by U7, made its debut, further expanding the Yunqi technology family.

Looking forward to the car U8/U9/U7 gathered at the Beijing Auto Show, Yunnian -Z made a heavy start.

Looking up, since its establishment, we are determined to create high-end brands with cutting-edge technology and bring unprecedented product experience to consumers. The brand relies on six core technologies, namely Easy Sifang, Yunqi, Blade Battery, Super Body, Intelligent Cockpit and Intelligent Assisted Driving, to build a look-up architecture, and through flexible combination, it has created a variety of high-end products covering hard-core off-road, performance supercar and flagship car for different application scenarios.

Looking forward to the car U8/U9/U7 gathered at the Beijing Auto Show, Yunnian -Z made a heavy start.

On the first day of the auto show, Yunqi -Z technology was shocked and released, and it was first applied to look up at U7. This revolutionary technology replaces the traditional hydraulic shock absorber with four highly integrated suspension motors, and the response speed is increased to 10 milliseconds, which is several times faster than the traditional active suspension. Abandoning the oil medium, the energy transmission loss is significantly reduced, and the suspension motor can directly generate electricity, realize energy recovery and charge the battery. The appearance of Yunnian -Z marks that the suspension has entered the era of "electricity", which has achieved a revolutionary leap in adjustment speed and accuracy, bringing unprecedented super-stable and super-safe driving experience to users.

Looking forward to the car U8/U9/U7 gathered at the Beijing Auto Show, Yunnian -Z made a heavy start.

With the release of Cloud -Z technology, we hope to add new members to Cloud-Z technology family. Looking up to U7 as a million-class flagship car, it is the first to take Yunqi -Z technology, bringing users a ride comfort beyond the maglev train. Looking up to U9 as the first pure electric performance supercar equipped with Yunxiao -X, it breaks the performance boundary between track and street, and has the ultimate control and daily driving comfort. The new energy hard-core cross-country looks up to U8, and the first vehicle is equipped with Yunqi -P, which makes the vehicle have both urban driving comfort and cross-country crossing ability. Looking forward to the deep integration of Yunqi intelligent body control system and Yifangfang technology, we can realize the only accurate control of vertical and horizontal three-dimensional body posture in the world, break the product scene restrictions and bring unprecedented car experience to users.

Looking forward to the car U8/U9/U7 gathered at the Beijing Auto Show, Yunnian -Z made a heavy start.

This Beijing Auto Show, looking forward to U8 Deluxe Edition and Off-road Player Edition, looking forward to U9, looking forward to U7 being exhibited on the same stage for the first time, concentrated on showing a million-level high-end product matrix based on Yifangfang and Yunxiao technology.

Looking forward to the car U8/U9/U7 gathered at the Beijing Auto Show, Yunnian -Z made a heavy start.

Looking forward to the launch of U8 Off-Road Player Edition, the price is 1.098 million yuan, which has attracted much attention for its excellent off-road performance, distinctive off-road style and attributes. This model is based on two subversive technologies: Easy Sifang and Yunqi-P. It is equipped with unique configurations and functions such as full-scene vehicle-mounted satellite communication, near-far infrared night vision system, and the world’s first deeply integrated vehicle-mounted UAV system, which refreshes the off-road experience standard and sets a new benchmark for off-road safety.

Looking up to U8 cross-country player edition provides users with security beyond their peers. The standard vehicle-mounted satellite communication scheme ensures that users can maintain external communication in areas without signal, and can also use it normally while driving without manually searching for satellite signals. In addition, the near-far infrared night vision system equipped on the vehicle can sense the road conditions around the clock in complex environments and lighting conditions such as sandstorm, smog and backlight, and has collision warning function to provide users with all-round security.

Looking up to the U8 off-road player version, you can choose the world’s first deep-integrated vehicle-mounted UAV system, and the optional price is 100,000 yuan. The deep integration of vehicles and drones significantly simplifies the operation difficulty of drones, supports functions such as "one-button take-off, intelligent follow-up", and allows users to easily enjoy the novel shooting perspective and driving pleasure brought by on-board drones.

Looking up to the U8 cross-country player version, while maintaining 1200 horsepower, it comes standard with a wading throat, with a maximum wading depth of 1.4 meters. It has the ability of emergency floating and calmly responds to the wild wading environment. At the same time, the approach angle, departure angle and longitudinal passing angle of the vehicle are optimized to reach 37.5, 38 and 26.5 respectively, which greatly improves the off-road trafficability. In addition, this model provides 17+1 driving modes, which effectively enhances the all-terrain conquest ability.

Compared with the Deluxe Edition, Wangwang U8 Cross-country Player Edition adopts a more wild and practical exclusive interior and exterior design, providing more personalized modification space. The interior adopts black and green color matching, showing off-road atmosphere; The appearance is available in two colors: sandstone green and obsidian black. 20-inch cross-country forged wheels and AT tires are standard, and various optional kits such as loading kit, trailer kit and luxury comfort kit are provided.

Looking forward to the first show under the U7 line, as a million-class flagship car, it is equipped with the leading-edge Yifangfang technology and revolutionary Yunqi -Z technology, supplemented by the "Eye of the God" advanced intelligent driving assistance system, which ensures driving safety all the time and brings unprecedented extreme driving experience to users.

Looking up to U7 equipped with easy Sifang technology, the horsepower of the whole vehicle is as high as 1,300 horsepower, and the acceleration of 0-100km/h takes only 2.9 seconds. At the same time, it can easily control the urban road conditions, and at the same time, it can independently adjust the four-wheel torque in milliseconds, calmly cope with the change of road adhesion, successfully challenge Yabuli’s ice and snow platform, and show the strong control of easy Sifang on the body posture. The revolutionary suspension technology Yunqi -Z replaces the traditional hydraulic shock absorber with four suspension motors, which actively eliminates the road force and creates a ride comfort beyond the maglev train for users. In addition, U7 comes standard with the high-performance carbon ceramic brake disc independently developed by BYD, and combined with the excellent electric braking ability of Yifangfang, the braking distance of 100-0km/h is 33 meters.

It is particularly worth mentioning that under the test standard of 120km/h, the drag coefficient of U7 is as low as 0.195, which is the lowest record of mass production vehicles in the world, and the seating space is not sacrificed, ensuring a spacious and comfortable rear row space. In August, 2023, Wangwang U7 was certified by the authoritative organization as the advanced technology model of automobile aerodynamics in 2023 (C-STAA model).

Looking forward to the U7 design, it follows the family language of "dimension door", blends modern design with traditional inspiration, and shapes the unique aesthetic style of the flagship car with millions of new energy in the new era. Simple and elegant body lines and innovative aerodynamic design constitute its distinctive recognition characteristics, giving the flagship car a brand-new luxury attribute under the new form and proportion. Combining elegance and technology, we hope U7 will hit a new high at the top of the flagship and lead the aesthetic trend of new energy flagship cars in the new era.

Since the first exhibition at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2023, I hope that the brand will continue to expand its product and technology matrix in one year, and the whole lineup will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2024. Looking forward to always adhering to the belief of building high-end brands with the ultimate technology, and continuing to promote the development of new energy automobile industry to a higher dimension with the most cutting-edge technology applications, the most forward-looking technology ideas and the deepest vertical integration. Facing the future, looking forward to giving "electricity" unlimited imagination, we will continue to carry out pioneering exploration and scene innovation with top aesthetic, performance and engineering capabilities, and inject the ultimate product strength into its models.

How to choose an extended-range electric vehicle?

The trend of new energy is booming. Among several types of new energy vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles have become the new favorite. Such vehicles can not only enjoy the policy benefits of new energy vehicles in most cities, but also make up for the shortage of mileage anxiety of pure electric vehicles. In the camp of extended-range electric vehicles, AITO and Ideality are representative brands. The former has launched the first technologically luxurious intelligent electric drive SUV—AITO Wenjie M5, which is being delivered in 36 cities and more than 100 user centers. The latter has a high market popularity in Li ONE, so how to choose these two models? This paper tells you the answer by comparing the hard power of the two.

Comparison of extended range platforms: AITO-bound M5 has a longer comprehensive battery life and a smoother range extender.

AITO Interface M5 comes from Celeste pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-i), which contains a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender specially built for the range extension system. It runs very smoothly, and the maximum power generation efficiency can reach 3.2 kW h/L under the action of 41% ultra-high thermal efficiency. In terms of cruising range, the pure battery life of AITO-bound M5 under WLTC condition is 150km. Under the condition of full charge and full oil, the comprehensive battery life under WLTC condition is over 1,100 km, which is superior to all pure electric vehicles. At the same time, the fuel-and-electricity charging method can better meet the needs of users in complex usage scenarios.

Li ONE also uses the extended range platform, but the specifications and structure of the range extender are different from those of AITO M5. It uses a 1.2T three-cylinder range extender. Although the dynamic parameters are good, the inherent structure of the three cylinders is not good for the ride comfort, thus affecting the NVH performance of the whole vehicle. In terms of cruising range, Li ONE’s WLTC has a comprehensive cruising range of 890km, which is far ahead of most pure electric vehicles, although it is far from AITO’s M5, and there is no mileage anxiety.

Power system comparison: all adopt dual-motor four-wheel drive, and AITO asks M5 to accelerate faster.

AITO Interface M5 adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme, the front axle is equipped with asynchronous AC motor and the rear axle is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor. This combination achieves a balance between performance and energy consumption. Under the strong power output, the zero-speed acceleration time of AITO’s flagship version of M5 four-wheel drive reached 4.4 seconds, which led a number of new energy vehicles.

Li ONE also adopts the dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme, but both motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors, with the maximum power of 245kW and the maximum torque of 455N·m, which is not as radical as AITO’s M5, and the acceleration time is 6.5 seconds, which is nearly 2 seconds behind AITO’s M5. This result is also expected. After all, Li ONE is positioned as a medium-and large-sized SUV for home use, which is more suitable for the daddy crowd. Even so, the acceleration performance of Li ONE is compared with that of gasoline at the same price and the same level.

Chassis specification comparison: the lightweight of AITO interface M5 is more in place, and the front suspension is higher.

As a high-end SUV, AITO Wujie M5 adopts an all-aluminum chassis, which is not only lighter but also better in rigidity and strength than the traditional steel chassis. In terms of suspension, AITO M5 also shows sincerity. The front suspension is a double wishbone structure exclusive to luxury cars, which can better restrain the roll and control the corners steadily. The rear suspension is a multi-link structure, which has good shock absorption, can absorb the vibration caused by uneven roads and improve the ride comfort.

Li ONE is a little more expensive than AITO M5, but the chassis material is not as kind as AITO M5. Although there are some aluminum alloy components, the application scope is not wide enough. In terms of suspension, Li ONE’s front suspension is a common McPherson style, which is simple in structure, small in size and more easily accepted by manufacturers. However, the curve limit is not as high as that of the double wishbone, and the rear suspension is also a multi-link structure, so the comfort is guaranteed.

As two representative players in the field of extended-range electric vehicles, both the M5 and Li ONE of AITO have good comprehensive strength, which meets the diversified car demand of users. In terms of the comprehensive cruising range, acceleration performance and chassis specifications, the performance of AITO Jiejie M5 is even better. Considering that its price is also lower than that of Li ONE, AITO Jiejie M5 is more worthy of consumers’ choice based on the car purchase concept of "spending less money to buy a better experience".

Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by our website, aiming to provide readers with more news information. The contents involved do not constitute investment and consumption suggestions, and are for readers’ reference only.

[Editor: Zhong Jingwen]

The new model M5 equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system will be officially released on April 17th.

  The advanced intelligent driving version of Wenjie M5 will be officially released on April 17th. Wenjie M5 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, providing extended-range and pure electric power systems. The price range of the current model is 259,800-331,800 yuan.

The new model M5 equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system will be officially released on April 17th _fororder_image001.

  The M5 advanced intelligent driving version of Wenjie continues the design style of the current model. The middle net adopts a banner grille, which has a large area and can provide a good heat dissipation effect. The headlight group has a sharp design, and black decorative strips are added below the front enclosure as an ornament, making the front face younger.

The new model M5 equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system will be officially released on April 17th _fororder_image002.

  The waistline of the M5 car body is sharp, which highlights the sense of strength. The new car is equipped with a hidden door handle, and the taillights are designed through and blackened, and the AITO letter logo is provided in the middle of the taillights. The advanced intelligent driving version is mainly equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system, and radar and camera are also added.

  The current model of Wujie M5 provides two power systems: extended range and pure electric. Pure electric provides two-wheel drive standard version and four-wheel drive performance version. Extended range provides four models, and rear-wheel drive standard version and two four-wheel drive models. What kind of power system is used in the advanced intelligent driving version remains to be officially announced. (Photo courtesy of the car)

Full high energy! The measured results in the urban area of the M5 Smart Driving Edition: silky as an old driver.

Fast Technology reported on April 15 that the M5 series Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition will be released on April 17, making travel more comfortable, secure and worry-free!

It is understood that the biggest highlight of the car is that it is equipped with Huawei’s latest ADS high-order intelligent driving system, which can realize high-order assisted driving without relying on high-precision maps.

Today, the online video of the M5 version of the intelligent driving in the urban area was exposed. In the case of unmanned operation,The driving of the M5 version of Zhijie is very silky at intersections, tunnels, elevated roads, night roads and other scenes, comparable to that of an old driver.

As you can see in the video, with the blessing of lidar and visual perception,M5 Intelligent Driving Edition not only successfully realized unprotected left turn, automatically identified the next obstacle/construction area and bypassed it, but also did not have a big lane change or sudden acceleration/braking in the whole process.

The M5 version can also enter the left turn waiting area and identify the countdown of traffic lights, at the same time, it can safely cross the opposite lane, and perform high-order operations such as comity for pedestrians in zebra crossings and non-motor vehicles in bicycle lanes.

Full high energy! The measured results in the urban area of the M5 Smart Driving Edition: silky as an old driver.

Foreign media: The number of 5G patent applications in China is far ahead or exceeds that in the United States.

  Reference message networkReported on May 4 thAccording to foreign media, China accounts for 34% of the patent applications related to the new generation communication standard "5G", which is more than 1.5 times that of 4G. In the field of 4G, Europe and the United States have mastered the essential standard patents for manufacturing products, but in the field of 5G, which has attracted much attention as a new generation of industrial infrastructure, China’s presence has increased. The number of patents will also influence the cultivation of new industries such as driverless driving and the national strength of the new era.

  "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported on May 3 that standard essential patents are irreplaceable technology patents in promoting business, and about 2% of the ex-factory price of 4G smartphones is patent royalties. According to Japanese intellectual property sources, the total annual (4G patent royalties) is about 1 trillion yen (about 9 billion US dollars, and 100 yen is about 6 yuan RMB), and the enterprises with patents are the main participants.

  According to the statistics of Puliti Company, a German patent data company, as of March, China accounted for 34.02% of the applications for essential patents of 5G communication standards, with Huawei Technologies as the company with the largest number of applications, accounting for 15.05%, ZTE Corporation as the fifth and China Institute of Telecommunications Science and Technology as the ninth.

  According to the report, the United States and Europe have taken the lead in communication technology and mastered the main patents of 3G and 4G. Therefore, China has to pay huge royalties to European and American enterprises.

  Therefore, China listed the new generation information technology industry as a key development project, and promoted the research and development of 5G related technologies throughout the country. Including Huawei’s 5G, the R&D expenditure reaches more than 10 billion US dollars every year (1 US dollar is equivalent to 6.7 yuan RMB).

  According to the report, Huawei has applied for more patents related to base station development, surpassing Ericsson in Sweden and Nokia in Finland. ZTE’s share in base stations is also expanding. Samsung galaxy and LG Electronics ranked third and fourth respectively, and South Korea’s overall share was 25.23%, which was more than two percentage points higher than that of 4G.

  The share of the United States is 14%, which is two percentage points lower than that of 4G. Qualcomm, which holds patents such as smart phone semiconductors, is a major participant in 4G, and its share in the 5G field has declined, ranking sixth.

  According to the report, in the field of communication, technology patents are cumulative, and even if they are developed to 5G, 3G and 4G patents, they will continue to be used. Qualcomm’s advantages will not disappear suddenly. The company’s patent licensing business sales in the first quarter reached 1.122 billion US dollars. Japan’s share is about 5%, which is about 4 percentage points lower than that of 4G. According to the share of enterprises, Fujitsu ranks 12th. It is said that Fujitsu holds a number of 5G related technologies, including sending radio waves to target locations.

  According to the report, enterprises that master the standard essential patents get rich patent income, which can improve the price competitiveness while providing new equipment such as 5G base stations and smart phones. Generally speaking, the more standard essential patents a country’s enterprises hold, the easier it is to promote 5G infrastructure at a lower price, and the easier it is to take the lead in the new generation of communication services. In addition to the number of patent applications, it is also important to master the important patents with high frequency of use.

  According to the report, the United States prohibits government departments from purchasing 5G products from five companies including Huawei on the grounds of security. However, Huawei holds many patents necessary for the development of 5G products. "Even if Huawei can’t sell products in the United States, it can still get patent royalties" (according to the person in charge of Puliti Company).

  According to the report, under the huge investment and long-term plan, China’s position and influence in the field of 5G communication are increasing day by day in various service fields based on 5G technology.

Ask the new M5 to open the reservation channel.

  Huawei Terminal announced that the new M5 in the world opened the reservation channel. At the first anniversary node of the release of the intelligent driving version of the M5, Yu Chengdong said that the new M5 would be released on April 23rd, and it would be upgraded in an all-round way, making a stunning appearance with a younger and more fashionable image, bringing consumers a brand-new experience of "super-beautiful, super-easy to open, super-intelligent and super-safe". Previously, the M5 version of Zhijie was trusted by consumers for its outstanding performance in the fields of intelligent driving and safety.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show.

  April 18th, the high-profile annual event of the automobile industry — — The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition opened in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). With the theme of "Go New, march towards a great future together", SAIC-GM presented 34 models of exhibition cars with its Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac brands.

  The three brand booths of SAIC-GM located in Hall 3 are full of stars and colorful. Among them, the newly listed Buick ELECTRA E5 leapfrog five-seat smart electric SUV entered the auto show stage for the first time, and joined hands with Buick flagship MPV— — CENTURY, the strength of Buick brand "the more new" rejuvenation style; Cadillac consists of luxury pure electric medium and large SUV— — LYRIQ led by sharp songs, with rear-drive car family and SUV product matrix, showing brand pioneer design and new American luxury style; Chevrolet brings the first Ultium platform pure electric concept car FNR-XE, the newly upgraded Chevrolet SUV family and the high-performance product camp, which is a new interpretation of the brand’s extraordinary and new life. The strong exhibition lineup, together with the wonderful interaction and creative exhibition integrating cutting-edge technology and brand culture, not only presents the latest achievements of the three major brands in actively promoting the development of electrification and intelligent networking, but also clearly reflects the unremitting efforts of SAIC-GM to revitalize and accelerate its transformation and "lead smart travel and achieve a better life with innovative automobile products and services".

  "Primary Pure Electricity" Buick ELECTRA E5 booth attracts attention "Work of the CENTURY" Buick Century is popular.

  Buick’s 14 exhibition cars highlight the brand’s "new life"

  Buick brand brought 14 exhibition cars to the Shanghai International Auto Show. Among them, the leapfrog five-seat smart electric SUV just listed on April 13th & mdash; — Buick ELECTRA E5 made its first public appearance, and made its debut with Buick flagship MPV— — CENTURY has jointly led Buick MPV, SUV, sedan family and other heavy-duty models, and demonstrated the "new life" of the brand-new Buick with a full range of product matrices and refreshing booth technology interaction.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image001.

Buick booth gathered MPV, SUV, car family and new energy products.

  As the brand’s first mass-produced model based on Ultium Ultrapower electric vehicle platform, Buick ELECTRA E5 has become an absolute eye-catching highlight on the Buick booth. The new car adopts a new electric vehicle design language, has a leapfrog quality space and an advanced and reliable three-electric system. It is equipped with a new generation of VCS smart cockpit and iterative update of eConnect Zhilian Technology, and will also open the SUPER CRUISE super assisted driving system in the future; At the same time, with strict development and test standards, it will bring consumers a safer, smarter, more comfortable and more temperature-sensitive new energy travel experience. The price of Buick ELECTRA E5, a five-seat smart SUV, starts from 208,900 yuan. At present, it has been fully launched. Users can pay a deposit of 3,000 yuan to complete the reservation by downloading iBuick App or WeChat search Buick applet, and enjoy rich rights and interests of car owners.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image002.

SAIC-GM unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with 34 exhibition cars _fororder_image003.

Buick ELECTRA E5 cooperates with ELECTRA E5 Avia to meet the travel needs of mainstream users in China.

  Another popular role of Buick booth is the large-scale technology luxury MPV— — Buick CENTURY. It inherits the deep accumulation of Buick brand’s high-end MPV product development for more than 20 years. Based on the new large-scale luxury MPV architecture development, it not only adopts the brand-new PURE Design concept, but also gathers a number of breakthrough industry-leading technologies, perfect high-grade materials and unique process details, and sets a new market standard of more comfort, luxury, technology and safety. Since its listing in November last year, Buick CENTURY has been favored by many industry leaders, cultural celebrities and high-net-worth families in the new era.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image004.

Buick CENTURY creates an unprecedented distinguished travel experience for users.

  These two brand-new models "Double Star" reflect each other, which proves the strength of Buick brand’s accelerated transformation to electrification, intelligence and high-end. Under their leadership, Buick brand assembled its booth with four new product series: MPV, car, SUV and new energy. Among them, Buick GL8 ES LUZun and GL8 land business class of "Yishang IKEA" continue to show the calm attitude of leading models in the large MPV market by surpassing the same level of luxury quality, comfortable performance and intelligent technology; The Buick SUV family not only went on stage, but also brought interesting GS pet modified cars, which attracted the attention of "shovel officials". These new cars and best-selling players, together with Buick ELECTRA-X pure electric concept SUV, more fully demonstrate the ever-increasing product strength of Buick brand.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image005.

Buick High-spirited pet modified car makes Meng Chong’s life more exciting.

  In addition to the rich lineup of models, the styling design and interactive experience of Buick booth have also been upgraded. Inspired by the PURE Design concept of Pure Design, the Buick booth is centered on the pure electric main stage, showing an outward extended rhythmic shape, which explains the exhibition theme of "brand-new Buick is reborn"; The flowing metal texture and the rigid and flexible folding surface create a stronger visual impact, and the sense of science and technology is full. In addition, the Buick booth also has exclusive experience areas such as ELECTRA smart space, VCS multi-dimensional interactive stage, Buick Century multi-scene luxury space display, and Space Capsule space shuttle. Among them, ELECTRA Smart Space has demonstrated many leading technologies of Buick brand in the era of smart electric by means of digital devices on Ultranium platform and SUPER CRUISE super assisted driving interactive show. While experiencing Buick’s technology and art in an immersive way, the audience can also interact with each other on the spot and get rich gifts.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image006.

ELECTRA smart space vividly presents the technical advantages of Ultium platform.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image007.

Buick Century Multi-Scenes Luxury Space Simulation Multi-car Scenes

  Pure electric LYRIQ sharp song leads the new debut of 2023 CT5.

  Cadillac brought 11 exhibition cars to the auto show.

  The Cadillac brand brought 11 exhibition cars to form an all-star lineup at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. Together with the immersive booth technology interaction, the brand’s new American luxury and avant-garde design sense were fully displayed.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image008.

Cadillac All-Star Team Appears to Show New American Luxury and Pioneer Design in All Aspects.

  At this auto show, the Cadillac booth was led by the pure electric LYRIQ sharp song four-wheel drive high-performance version and the rear-drive long-life version. As the first luxury model of the Otneng electric vehicle platform in China, Ruige has excellent performance such as a long cruising range of 653 kilometers and support for fast charging in the whole life cycle. At the same time, Ruige creatively combines innovative technology with pioneer luxury, and has upgraded the whole system with a new generation of SUPER CRUISE super assisted driving system. With the first DMS driver monitoring system and unique vibrating seat and steering wheel light strip, it integrates HoLCA intelligent lane centering assistance and other functions, bringing users a safe and relaxed luxury pure electric experience.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image009.

Cadillac pure electric LYRIQ sharp song four-wheel drive high-performance version & rear drive long battery life version led the debut

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image010.

Cadillac SUPER CRUISE Intelligent Experience Cabin

  In addition to the charm of pure electric vehicles, the Cadillac fuel car camp also demonstrates the strength of hard-core products. The "New American Luxury Rear-Drive Car Family" consisting of CT4, CT5 and CT6 assembled the booth, in which the star model CT5 ushered in a new upgrade, adding new colors of Alaska White, Manhattan Gray and Danube Blue, optimizing and upgrading a number of configurations, bringing users a new experience from quality to style. At the same time, Cadillac XT4, XT5 and XT6 also appeared together to show the strong comprehensive strength of the "new American luxury SUV product matrix".

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image011.

Cadillac CT5, a new American-style sedan, is renewed and upgraded.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image012.

Cadillac CT5 and CT4 inherit the track genes and debut together.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image013.

Cadillac XT6 Black Diamond Edition California Red Cloud Direct-Selling

  Not only that, Cadillac service brand "Cadillac LIKE U" will also usher in an advanced service, and a new upgrade will launch the "exclusive scooter" service. During the warranty period, when the owner’s car needs to stay in the store for maintenance, he can make an appointment for a free scooter. Cadillac will provide models including the flagship model CT6, which will make travel worry-free and worry-free. The upgraded "Kaidi LIKE U" service will be provided with the following services: door-to-door pick-up and delivery of the car, charging on behalf of the driver, exclusive scooter, many-to-one service, delayed waiting for you, car delivery on demand, full-time rescue, all-weather guarding, carefree charging and workshop.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image014.

15 service courtesy of Cadillac service brand "Kaidi Like U" to create a respectful and intelligent service experience for customers.

  Adhering to the spirit of vitality and exploration, interpreting extraordinary and new life

  Chevrolet unveiled with 9 exhibition cars.

  At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Chevrolet made its debut with nine main models. Among them, FNR-XE, Chevrolet’s first pure electric concept car based on the Autodyne platform, joined hands with the newly upgraded Chevrolet SUV family, Mai Rui Bao XL and modified cars to have a more scientific and technological sense and immersive multi-dimensional interactive experience, which completely interpreted Chevrolet’s extraordinary and new life.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image015.

Chevrolet made its debut with the strength of nine main models, which was a new interpretation of the brand’s extraordinary and new life.

  Chevrolet’s first concept car FNR-XE is the C-star of this booth. Adhering to the aesthetic design concept of vitality, FNR-XE shows a futuristic vehicle posture with its capable and powerful profile lines and metallic arc blue body. The front of the car adopts an integrated blackening technology front face, and the penetrating headlights are in harmony with the digital butterfly wing grille; The flapping dual-element taillights at the rear of the car cooperate with the active liftable tail and aerodynamic spoiler to create an aesthetic atmosphere of avant-garde technology. In the interior, FNR-XE’s family-oriented intelligent cockpit is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The unique adaptive seat, suspended quiet center console, interactive smart big screen and rear entertainment base integrate cool technology, comfortable life and game interaction, and interpret the brand’s infinite imagination of intelligent electrification life in the future.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image016.

The FNR-XE, Chevrolet’s first concept car of Autoenergy pure electric vehicle, interprets the infinite imagination of intelligent electrification life in the future.

  On the left side of the main booth is the outdoor camping area inspired by Yellowstone National Park, where American 7-seat SUV Chevrolet pioneers, 9AT mid-level SUV explorers, compact SUV star Milo and "No.1 Steel Gun" Chuangkuo RS gather together to show the tough and reliable hard-core strength of Chevrolet SUV family after rejuvenation and upgrading, as well as the vitality and exploration spirit of brand inheritance for a hundred years. Among them, the newly listed version of Xingmailuo Redline Obsolete Black Bee has a sporty Redline red and black contrast design, which sets off a more powerful and trendy vehicle shape. Its front face is decorated with bright red grille strips, and the bright red logo is embedded in the obsidian black exterior rearview mirror and the 18-inch obsidian black five-spoke wheel hub; The barrel-type air outlet in the car is decorated with bright red lines, the steering wheel and door panel are wrapped in suede, and the ergonomic seat is made of bright red and white clouds with perforated leather to ensure ride comfort. As the official customized painted version provided by Chevrolet, the Stellar Redline Obsidian Black Bee Edition shows the unique charm of "Little Hornet" with its cool body and classic red and black elements, and it will provide consumers with more fashionable and diversified personalized car choices together with the Stellar RS model.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image017.

Chevrolet SUV family collectively unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image018.

The Redline version of Star Myro shows the unique charm of "Little Hornet" with cool body and classic red and black elements.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image019.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image020.

Punch the historical interactive wall and relive the classic moments of the brand in the past 112 years.

  Chevrolet also set up five interactive zones and as many as 12 interactive experiences at the scene, bringing more impact and immersive brand culture experience to the audience. In the exclusive interactive area of FNR-XE, you can "travel through time and space" by scanning the on-site QR code, and feel the future intelligent travel experience brought by FNR-XE; In the SUV camping area, you can "explore" all kinds of wild animals through the AR telescope. The five senses experience space takes "sports spirit", "jungle secret" and "tactile corridor" as three themes, vividly showing the Chevrolet brand’s dream-seeking, all-way exploration and passionate spirit; The interactive wall of Chevrolet history allows the audience to travel through time and relive the brilliant mark left by the brand in the history of world automobile industry development in the past 112 years. At the same time, naked-eye 3D, Avenue of Stars, Secret Service Room, Chevy X Blind Box Wall, etc. also bring interesting multi-dimensional interactive experience, presenting the brand image of Chevrolet classic heritage and trend innovation in all directions. (Photo courtesy of SAIC General Motors)

Xiaomi automobile appeared in the official and complete closed loop of "the whole ecology of people and cars"

  Our reporter Xiang Yantao

  After 1003 days of announcing its entry into the electric vehicle industry, Xiaomi Automobile officially made its debut. On December 28th, Xiaomi Group held the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference in Beijing. The design, performance, battery life, safety and other details of Xiaomi SU7, the first work of Xiaomi Automobile, made its first public appearance.

  "Xiaomi decided to invest ten times, start with the underlying core technology, seriously build a good car, and through 15 to 20 years of hard work, become the top five automobile manufacturers in the world and strive for the all-round rise of China’s automobile industry!" Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said at the scene that Xiaomi Automobile is a major leap for Xiaomi Group from the mobile phone industry to the automobile industry, and it is also a key leap for the complete closed loop of "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes".

  Lei Jun said that from the beginning, Xiaomi Automobile insisted on starting from the underlying core technology, insisting on positive research and development, and deep self-research on key tracks. At present, Xiaomi Automobile has invested more than 10 billion yuan in the first phase of R&D, and the R&D team has more than 3,400 engineers, including thousands of top technical experts at home and abroad in key fields.

  This conference officially revealed the progress and breakthrough of five core technologies of Xiaomi Automobile, including electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and other key areas, which can be called a comprehensive display of Xiaomi’s 13-year technology accumulation.

  Among them, in the field of industrial hard technology, Xiaomi has demonstrated the scientific and technological strength of self-developed manufacturing hard core, and has the leading intelligent manufacturing strength of complete automobile industry. For example, the super motor HyperEngine V8s independently developed and produced by Xiaomi has a rotational speed of 27200rpm, ranking first in the world in terms of mass production motor speed; Xiaomi has developed the integrated battery technology of CTB, and the world’s first battery inversion technology has achieved the highest battery integration efficiency of 77.8% in the world. In order to ensure the battery performance and quality from the source, Xiaomi even built its own battery pack factory.

  In addition, Xiaomi has independently developed "9100t super large die-casting cluster" and self-developed die-casting alloy material "Titan alloy", becoming the only automobile manufacturer in China with self-developed large die-casting and die-casting materials. At present, the industry is winding up the tonnage of clamping force of large die casting. Xiaomi firmly takes the road of full-stack self-research, from self-research materials and equipment cluster systems to finished castings, and has completed the full-stack self-research of almost all links in the large die casting industry chain.

  In the field of intelligent soft technology, Xiaomi has demonstrated the unique advantages of "technology giant, eco-car-making" and promoted the integration of automobile industry, consumer electronics industry and intelligent ecology. For example, based on Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, Xiaomi intelligent cockpit has realized the bottom reconstruction, evolved for the car, and created an advanced intelligent mobile space; In the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi industry launched three key technologies, namely adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road model and super-resolution occupation network technology.

  In addition, the comprehensive empowerment of AI has also become a new bright spot for Xiaomi Automobile to integrate cutting-edge technologies and achieve innovative breakthroughs. For example, in addition to the first road model in the industry, Xiaomi has also developed the world’s first mass-produced "end-to-end perception decision-making model" for the parking service scene of intelligent driving, which can observe and dynamically adjust the parking spaces in mechanical garages and other ultra-difficult parking spaces in real time.

  Zhang Xiang, director of Vodafone Digital Automobile International Cooperation Research Center, told the Securities Daily that Xiaomi currently adopts the mode of self-purchasing equipment and self-building factories in core areas such as batteries and die casting, which is a common practice in the current industry. For example, Weilai makes its own motors, Tesla has a battery assembly plant, and BYD has mastered the most self-developed technologies for core components. Car companies build their own factories in these fields, on the one hand, because the production capacity of some core components is not very large, the supply chain is not very mature, and outsourcing faces supply chain security problems; On the other hand, the prices of these core components are relatively high and the profits are relatively high. If you choose to build your own factory, you can enjoy the industry dividend. If you outsource it completely, the technical content and profits of Xiaomi Automobile will be greatly reduced.

  At the end of October this year, Xiaomi announced a comprehensive upgrade of the group’s strategy, from "mobile phone ×AIoT" to "people, cars and homes are all ecological", and cars have become the most important part of Xiaomi Group’s strategy. Lei Jun announced that with the addition of Xiaomi Automobile, Xiaomi’s "full ecology of people and cars" was officially closed.

  Lei Jun introduced that "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes" is a super-intelligent ecology that comprehensively opens up people, cars and homes, realizes seamless connection and real-time collaboration of hardware equipment, and drives industrial chain partners to create a people-centered and active service. Xiaomi 澎湃 OS has opened up more than 200 categories including Xiaomi Automobile. In the past 13 years, Xiaomi has laid out 12 technical fields and 99 sub-tracks. Based on the principle of "deep integration of soft and hard, comprehensive empowerment of AI", Xiaomi has formed a "fusion technology stack" to continuously empower product development and manufacturing.


Xiaomi Auto Opens the First Delivery Lei Jun Announces: Xiaomi has officially become a car factory.

  On the morning of April 3rd, the first delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 was held in the assembly workshop of Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, attended the ceremony and personally delivered the car to the first batch of car owners. The delivery center of 28 cities nationwide also started the first batch of delivery simultaneously.

  Earlier in the day, Lei Jun also announced in Weibo that starting from today, Xiaomi will officially become a car factory.

  Lei Jun said at the delivery ceremony that in just a few days, Xiaomi SU7 had more than 100,000 orders, and the number of lock orders had exceeded 40,000.

  It is understood that Xiaomi Automobile’s after-sales network has set up 58 service centers nationwide. In terms of car owners’ service, Xiaomi Auto has established an "exclusive service butler group" for every car owner in Xiaomi Auto App. The service butler+technical experts respond to users’ needs 7×24 hours, and the service process is transparent and traceable. Car owners can enjoy the one-stop service of ordering, picking up, repairing and delivering cars from the App without leaving home. In case of vehicle failure, in addition to providing online diagnosis service for 7×24 hours, when users meet the needs of simple disassembly, pure software failure, tire repair, etc., mobile service vehicles and road rescue can also respond at any time to protect users from traveling.

  At the same time, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is arranging production in an orderly manner for existing orders, and accelerating the production process steadily and orderly. Xiaomi Automobile Factory, located in Yizhuang, Beijing, has the characteristics of high automation and intelligence. After the production capacity is full, a brand-new millet SU7 will be off the assembly line every 76 seconds. Xiaomi Automobile Factory integrates advanced intelligent technology with traditional intellectual innovation, and more than 700 robots directly serve the production line, realizing 100% automation of key processes such as large die casting, stamping, body connection, body assembly, painting and final assembly, fully ensuring production capacity, and finely controlling production quality to ensure that every millet SU7 can be delivered to users quickly and with high quality.

  It is understood that at present, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is making every effort to increase production capacity, and fully mobilizing supply chain partners to fully guarantee supply. With efficient and high-quality operations, it will steadily promote the delivery of existing orders as soon as possible and the orderly handling of future orders to ensure the delivery experience of users.

  This delivery will be the founding version of Xiaomi SU7. The non-original versions of Xiaomi SU7 and Xiaomi SU7Max start delivery at the end of April, and the Xiaomi SU7Pro start delivery at the end of May.

  Regarding the issue of delivery, Xiaomi Auto officially replied that the first batch of founding editions totaled 5,000 units. In order to start delivery for car owners as soon as possible, the way of production in advance was adopted, and very strict standards were set in all aspects of the whole delivery process such as production, quality inspection and logistics. The original version of the vehicle will complete all the production and quality inspection processes in the near future, and it is being sent to 29 cities one after another and delivered to users.

  Xiaomi Automobile said that it is currently in a state of explosive orders, and there are continuous new lock orders every day. Orders will be scheduled and delivered in the chronological order of the final lock.

  Earlier, a video on the Internet broke the news that the test drive of Xiaomi SU7 found abnormal sound and leakage. In this regard, Xiaomi Automobile replied that after investigation, it was confirmed that the actual situation was: at about 11: 30 am on April 1, the clerk of Xiaomi Automobile Store in Xiamen stopped after a sudden abnormal noise while taking the customer for a test drive, and found that the vehicle was in a stable state and the chassis was normal, so the car was driven back to the store normally; After detailed inspection in the store, it was found that a stone invaded the position of the brake disc, causing abnormal noise; After the stone is taken out, the abnormal sound is eliminated and returned to normal.

  As for the water marks around the car body, it is due to the recent rain in Xiamen, and the vehicle has traveled through the water accumulation area. It is normal for the car body to leave water marks after parking. After testing, the whole vehicle has no leakage, no leakage point, the kettle liquid level is normal, and there is no relevant liquid level alarm fault light prompt.

  It is worth mentioning that due to the expected release of Xiaomi Automobile, the share price of Xiaomi Group has continued to rise since March this year. On April 2, Xiaomi Group’s share price rose back to the issue price, reaching a maximum of HK$ 17.34 per share, up 8.97% on that day. On April 3, Xiaomi Group’s share price fell back. As of press time, the intraday share price was HK$ 15.90 per share.