The counter-attack of "Hidden into the Dust" is expected to exceed 100 million at the box office, and Tik Tok’s literary films with "goods" have reached a new peak?

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On July 6, 2022, "Hidden into the Dust" was officially released, with a box office of 349,000 on the first day of release, accounting for only 2.3% of the films.

At that time, the cumulative box office predicted by Cat’s Eye for this film was 565,000, and the final box office prediction of the film by the public remained at around 2 million. As a rural literary film, even Ruijun Li, the director of Into the Dust, once mentioned in an interview that he was worried that this film would become cannon fodder for the summer file.

On August 9, 2022, "Hidden into the Dust" was webcast and landed on many video platforms such as Youku, Tencent and iQiyi. According to past experience, it is inevitable that the box office will decline after a movie is launched on the online video platform. However, Into the Dust unexpectedly broke the inherent cognition of the public.

52 days after its release and 21 days after its online broadcast, Into the Dust miraculously fell to 3.662 million box office in a single day, reaching the highest single-day box office at present. It is predicted that the box office will soar from more than 50 million to more than 80 million again, and the single-day box office is expected to soar from more than 3 million to more than 5 million. Even many netizens boldly said that they are optimistic about the box office of the film. The cat’s eye also resumed on August 30th.predictThe total box office of "Hidden into the Dust" in mainland China will break 102 million.

After the cinema films are broadcast online, it is rare that the box office increases instead of falling, so that it feeds back the film market. It is urgent for the market to find out what makes the long tail effect of the film so strong, and it is also urgent to know whether the box office decline of "Into the Dust" can be repeated.

Word of mouth solidly improves box office performance


"Hidden into the Dust" Douban scored 7.8 points, and now it has risen to 8.5 points, ranking first in Douban’s real-time hot book audio-visual list.Not only has it become the first Chinese cinema film with a Douban score of 8 this year, but it is also the Chinese cinema film with the highest Douban score this year.

The official Weibo, who opened the movie "Into the Dust", has only a few more than 1,000 fans. Of the 103 articles published in Weibo, only a few in Weibo have turned over 100 praises and comments. All this makes the announcement of this film seem to have a sense of "big hidden in the city".

The most famous story in the previous film was the behind-the-scenes shooting story told by Christina. Many netizens called that story "The Chocolate Factory in Christina", and this stalk of Christina even replaced "You are my God", which was very popular. However, the popularity of the stars themselves has not been transferred to movies.Before "Into the Dust" went online, the box office was in a downturn.

According to the box office trend chart of "Into the Dust", it can be seen that the box office trend in the picture presents a strange V-shape, but it grows more rapidly after the webcast goes online. On the one hand, the literary film itself is a niche film, and the number of films given in the early stage of the cinema is not enough, which leads to the decline of the box office after the release; On the other hand, webcasting enabled more viewers to see the film, and word of mouth drove the cinema box office.

It is not only "Hidden into the Dust" that still chooses to be put in the cinema after webcasting goes online.

In 2019, the popular animated film "Nezha, The Devil Child Came to the World" was launched on October 11 before it was released on October 26. However, according to the box office trend of "Nezha, The Devil Child Came to the World", the box office of the film continued to decline after it was launched. In 2021, the "520" movie "Decisive Battle Against the Black" was also launched on the online platform on May 29th, while releasing the notice of key extension. This also led to the final box office score of "Decisive Fight Against the Black" of only 405 million.

Can be like "Hidden into the Dust", there are few films that have fallen strongly after webcasting. Searching for the film reviews of "Into the Dust" on social platforms, many people choose to continue Amway with their friends after watching the movie. Many of them decided to go to the cinema to get another ticket after watching the movie on the video platform. Since the audience is willing to go to the cinema for support, the demand for films has increased for cinemas, and it is natural to increase the mutual benefit of film arrangement.

After the number of films in "Into the Dust" increased, the attendance rate was also guaranteed. This is also the effect that high reputation can bring.High word-of-mouth and high box officeThis simple sentence has been truly verified in "Into the Dust".

Short video platform helps box office rebound


The propaganda achievements of "Into the Dust" can go to a higher level.The short video platform also contributed.

According to the statistics of cat’s eye data, the topic broadcast volume of Into the Dust in Tik Tok has reached 2.1 billion, and it has been listed on the hot search list of Tik Tok for many times. On August 30, 2022, the number of likes on the official account of "Into the Dust" in Tik Tok has also exceeded 81.49 billion. Compared with thousands of fans in Weibo’s official account, nearly 200,000 fans in Tik Tok’s official account are really huge.

In addition to official accounts, "tap water" bloggers on the short video platform have also emerged after the webcast of "Into the Dust".Major film bloggers and online celebrity bloggers in different fields have started to publish relevant contents of "Into the Dust".

July was a smash hit, and Dong Yuhui, who has many fans, also talked about "Hidden into the Dust" in the selection live room in the East. Judging from the volume of fans in the East’s selection live broadcast room, there are not a few potential box office supporters. On August 22nd, in Tik Tok’s hot search "What’s the stamina of hiding in the dust?", the film published by online celebrity blogger Kongkong Diary with 4 million fans was praised by nearly 500,000 people. In the video, Kongkong Diary explained his feelings of watching movies, and many netizens began to post the classic lines in this video comment area. Another part of netizens who haven’t seen "Into the Dust" spoke in the comments, saying that they had been arrived by Amway and would go to the cinema to see the film.

On the one hand, among the audience groups of short video platforms such as Tik Tok, there are more rural users in third-and fourth-tier cities and counties.As a rural film, Hidden into the Dust, especially the huge display of farming culture in the film, easily resonates with netizens in Tik Tok.

And according to the cat’s eye data, the local box office growth of "Into the Dust" is concentrated in the Central Plains region where the farming industry is relatively developed, such as Shaanxi and Henan. Based on this, it is found that it is a correct and beneficial strategy to choose short video platforms such as Tik Tok to announce the content in the later stage of "Into the Dust". In the early stage, "Into the Dust" made accurate publicity for the audience of literary films in developed areas such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen. The main creators ran several rounds of roadshows, but the results were minimal.

The news of being shortlisted for Berlin Film Festival failed to make literary film lovers take "Into the Dust" out of the circle, but a rural blogger on a short video platform made "Into the Dust" successfully enter more people’s horizons.

On the other hand, the second creation and editing of "Into the Dust" on the short video platform is mainly based on the output of film reviews, which is very inflammatory.The expression of netizens’ true feelings can drive more people to express their views on this film and arouse everyone’s interest in this film.

Breaking the inherent circle of literary films, "Hidden into the Dust" is still accumulating after the online broadcast. How to make good use of the audience of the short video platform so that webcasting is no longer a "box office springboard" may be a new thought brought to the film market by "Into the Dust".

Can "Into the Dust" be reproduced?


In recent years, the only film short-listed in the three major European competitions, Hidden into the Dust, was also withdrawn in February 2022.

Due to various reasons, the film market remained sluggish in the first half of this year, and "Into the Dust", which was released in July, did not expect that the film with minority theme was expected to become a phenomenal domestic literary film. It is not a simple matter to reproduce the success of "Into the Dust".

First of all, from the perspective of subject matter, although "Into the Dust" is a literary film, its content is close to the northwest countryside, which coincides with the audience of the short video platform.With the help of short video platform, the box office can take off directly.Secondly, after the webcast was launched, the number of second-generation videos on the short video platform increased.However, different from the ordinary plot explanation, the second creation video of "Into the Dust" is mostly an emotional film review, which extends from the story of the film to the emotional expression of the group and can impress the audience to watch the movie.

There is also the support of the cinema for "Into the Dust".As early as the beginning of the film’s release, the general manager of Jinan Belle Palace Cinema once sent a message to Weibo, saying, "Into the Dust" has been streamed, but I am still arranging films for it, because I firmly believe that the sound effects on the big screen are more attractive to fans than computer screens and mobile phones. " On August 30, 2022, "Into the Dust" won the highest attendance rate on that day, which did not live up to the expectations of many cinemas.

But most importantly, we have to return toThe quality of "Into the Dust" itself passed the test.Therefore, it can be full of stamina.

At the same time, the film "Tomorrow’s Battle" was ridiculed on the short video platform for "selling badly", and the box office just passed 600 million after 27 days of release. Ruijun Li, the director, also said in an exclusive interview with Zumu News that he understood the choice of film arrangement in cinemas and cinemas in the early stage. "The audience has the freedom to choose what to watch, and the cinemas have the freedom to choose what to arrange. Even if we want to talk about feelings, the premise is to let the market operate first. Now the cinema has been’ hungry’ for a long time, let the cinema fill its stomach first, and then take care of art movies. "

It is gratifying that the market has now clearly perceived the value of the art film "Into the Dust". On September 30, 2022, "Hidden into the Dust" was postponed to September 30 after it was announced on August 2 that the key was postponed to September 12. In addition to the key extension, the proportion of cinema films is also rising, reaching 10%. Compared with the release volume of about 0.2% in the early stage, the box office data of "Hidden into the Dust" in September should be more impressive.

It can continue to ferment word of mouth after webcasting, and the box office in a single day has exceeded 4 million, and the total box office has reached 37 million.This is a miracle of a film, and it also indicates new opportunities in the film market.

Soldiers in the Marine Police Area of the East China Sea Fleet go ashore for dinner without affecting emergency sailing.

  Overall planning on the level, development to see practical results. Walking into a marine police area of the East China Sea Fleet, modern sailors’ restaurants and neat garden-style camps all reflect the brand-new look of the motherland’s East China Sea outpost, taking into account scientific development.

Navy soldiers are carefully wiping and maintaining shells.

  Unify the relationship between "big things" and "small things" and improve the health index of development.

  In the transitional period, the marine police area has faced many development issues in the past two years. How to deal with the balance, so as not to care about one thing and lose another? The experience of the Party Committee of the Marine Police District is to coordinate the relationship between "major events" and "minor events", paying attention to both "major events" related to the construction and development of the army and "minor events" related to the vital interests of officers and men, and improving the health index of development.

  In the past, the sailors in the marine police area continued the tradition of eating on the deck: when it was time for dinner, everyone held their rice bowls in their hands and squatted on the deck in groups of three and five around the dishes on the ground.

  The leaders of the Marine Police District are anxious in their eyes: it has been almost 30 years since the construction of the Special Zone, and the people’s lives and environment have undergone earth-shaking changes, while our sailors have been camping all the year round, which not only affects their health, but also affects the image of the sailors in the Special Zone.

  At the party Committee meeting, the idea of "sailors going ashore for dinner" was put forward, which was followed by many concerns: Will going ashore for dinner weaken the fighting spirit of officers and men who take ships as their home? What should I do if I need to prepare for war and sail in an emergency after landing? Where does the construction fund come from?

  No matter how difficult it is, it is not difficult to emancipate the mind. In March 2004, they seized the opportunity of building a modern port tourist city, integrated military and land resources, invested nearly 10 million yuan with the support of their superiors, and built a modern comprehensive sailor restaurant with a building area of 900 square meters, which can accommodate 570 people at the same time, becoming the first three-level surface warship unit of the navy to go ashore for dinner. Sailors’ Dining Room is located at a distance of 20 meters from the wharf. When going out to sea, some cooks in the dining room are dispatched to accompany the boat, which ensures the combat readiness and emergency sailing speed.

  Facts have proved that the original concerns are superfluous. The sailors’ restaurant made the officers and men smile, which greatly inspired their enthusiasm for loving ships, boats and battle positions.

  Dongxiu 912 has been anchored in the East China Sea outpost for 10 years in a row to carry out the task of repairing ships, and has been called "the high-rise house in the special zone" by local citizens. The smaller the unit and the more difficult the conditions, the heavier the weight will be in the hearts of the party Committee "a group of people". In recent years, the Party Committee of Marine Police District has paid special attention to the construction of "high-legged house", and modern living facilities such as fitness equipment, LCD TV and desktop computer have settled here one after another. At the end of last year, the Party Committee of the Marine Police District granted officers and men a special treatment according to their need to see green plants because they worked at sea all year round: bringing soil from land and opening up an open space on the dock to grow flowers and vegetables. In April this year, Zhao Minyang, political commissar of the Marine Police District, came here to listen to the opinions of officers and men and promised to help them realize 12 wishes. It is this overall idea of "grasping the big but not letting the small" that makes 48 grass-roots units and 37 small scattered and far-reaching units in the Marine Police District show a good momentum of healthy development.

  Unify the relationship between chessboard and chess pieces, and eliminate the potential shortcomings of development

  There are great regional differences among the troops in the marine police area. There are both urban troops stationed in the prosperous special zone and troops stationed on the island far away from the government and under difficult conditions. In addition, there are many small scattered units scattered in different regions spanning thousands of kilometers, just like the "three worlds" with different levels of development. Therefore, the development of the marine police area is, to some extent, a question of how to coordinate the development of the "three worlds".

  After the fleet implemented the "catch one piece a year" of grass-roots construction, it was suggested that the marine police district organs and a submarine hunting brigade located in the special zone are window image units, and the grass-roots construction has a high starting point and many advantages, and it is easy to produce visible results from superiors, so it should be the key construction targets; The construction of the escort boat brigade stationed in remote islands and with relatively backward infrastructure construction can be planned for five years and put into construction bit by bit.

  "Army building is a chess game, and each unit is an indispensable chess piece. It is impossible to create new shortcomings because of uneven development!" The party Committee of the Marine Police District rejected the proposal. They organized personnel to conduct a thorough investigation of all units and put forward different development plans in a targeted manner.

  The escort boat brigade is stationed in the isolated island, the traffic is inconvenient, and the available development resources are very limited. Therefore, the Marine Police District has given priority to the funding tilt, and has invested more than 10 million yuan to focus on infrastructure construction and the transformation of the military port, thus achieving the construction requirements of a garden-style modern military port in one step.

  The infrastructure of the marine police district organs and a submarine hunting brigade has a good foundation and a high starting point. The party committee of the marine police district makes full use of the regional advantages of the resident special zone cities, adopts the method of combining adjustment and utilization, new construction to make up for vacancies, and transformation and upgrading, and invites local urban planning professionals to design, so as to make the infrastructure upgrading and upgrading project a highlight project of the special zone. Nowadays, the modern military port terminal has become a beautiful scene of the military station.

  Unify the relationship between today and tomorrow and seek the sustainable effect of development.

  During the study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, the party committee of the Marine Police District reached a valuable consensus: we should run a "baton" well, be a "tree planter", coordinate the relationship between today and tomorrow, and strive for the sustainable effect of army development. Last year, when planning to renovate the dock of the military port, Commander Gemee proposed to build a new frigate dock separately. Many people don’t understand: at present, the marine police area is basically equipped with old ships, and the existing facilities are enough. Although there is an idea to equip a new frigate, it is still unknown when it will arrive. Is it worth spending limited funds on an "unknown"? At the Standing Committee meeting, Commander Cheng asked everyone to think about Scientific Outlook on Development: the construction of combat effectiveness is a relay race, and each team is one of the best. If we don’t reserve a place for new equipment in advance today, what shall we prepare once the new equipment is in place tomorrow? How do we make a stick? Finally, the Standing Committee reached a consensus that priority should be given to building new docks according to first-class standards.

  At the beginning of this year, the repair shop of the Equipment Department will rebuild the building. According to the normal argument, as long as a five-story building is built, it can meet the current needs. At the seminar of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee, everyone thought that the marine police area is currently in a leap-forward development stage, and the immediate construction should keep pace with the development of the army. Finally, they decided to design the originally planned 5-story pile into a 10-story pile, which will increase the budget by more than 400,000 yuan, but leave more room for future army building.

  It is this idea of "serving tomorrow’s combat effectiveness" that makes this old equipment unit not satisfied with the status quo and constantly seeks new breakthroughs in combat effectiveness construction. As early as the beginning of the transformation of the army, the party committee of the Marine Police District keenly put the new topic of carrying out diversified military task training into the agenda of the party committee’s discussion and training, and proposed to make a difference in "coordinating the two forces, enhancing the two capabilities, and forming system capabilities".

  At the end of last year, they took the initiative to coordinate 11 local sea-related departments to organize joint search and rescue drills, and successfully drilled 12 specific topics, which provided valuable experience for the military and local maritime rescue operations to clarify the task division, information sharing and command coordination. In recent years, the number of gold medals and the total number of medals in the marine police area have ranked first in the competition of military basic courses organized by higher authorities, and major military drills have been successfully completed many times. Last year, the Party Committee of the Marine Police District was rated as "Advanced Division Party Committee" by the Navy. (Lu Wenqiang Special correspondent Fang Lihua Our reporter Zhao Fengyun)

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