Global strength sells well overseas. New Tiggo 8 is listed in Brazil.

  On August 12th, Chery Automobile’s new generation of Tiggo 8 was upgraded and listed in Brazil. At this point, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has appeared in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Ukraine, the Philippines, Peru and other places, and stood out in the increasingly competitive overseas market, becoming a veritable global car. 

  With years of deep cultivation in the global market, Chery has become the most popular China automobile brand in overseas markets. As the flagship of Chery Automobile’s Tiggo family, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has won wide acclaim in the international market with its hard-core strength, precise positioning and global standard product quality, and has been recognized by many authoritative organizations and welcomed by consumers. 


  eightOn December 12th, a new generation of Tiggo 8 was launched in Brazil. 

  While brands and products have been recognized by overseas markets, market sales have also performed well. Since its listing, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has been listed with the product strength of "super Chinese core" and "super space", and its sales volume has exceeded 10,000 for several months in a row, and it has been recognized by more than 100,000 users in one year. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has shaped the sales benchmark of market segments. Similarly, in overseas markets, especially in Brazil, Russia and other markets, the sales data has reached a new high in the past five years. 


  This achievement is not without reason. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has created a benchmark product force experience. Its "Double Top Ten" powertrain-Acteco 1.6 TGDI engine and Gertrak 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox can achieve a maximum power of 145kW and 290N in generate. M peak torque, and the highest thermal efficiency of China brand engine is over 37.1%, which realizes the ultra-low fuel consumption of the whole vehicle of 7.4L. 


  In addition to gratifying power performance, the new generation Tiggo 8 still maintains the largest body of its class of 4700x1860x1746mm, and has a super-long wheelbase of 2710mm, making it easy to realize 567-seat multi-seat layout. With the size advantage brought by the architecture, the product brings up to 12 kinds of flexible and variable combination spaces and 44 humanized storage spaces, which can easily meet the needs of ever-changing vehicles. 


  Behind the performance of the parameters is the Chery brand’s profound grasp of consumer demand. The brand-new generation of Tiggo 8 after this renewal and upgrade has brought 28 highly perceived quality upgrades to users in terms of five modules: appearance, interior, comfort, NVH and configuration. 

  After the upgrade, the 7-inch dashboard of the new generation of Tiggo 8 adopts a brand-new shape, and the U-shaped chrome ring is replaced by soft-coated material, which makes the sense of luxury and technology perfectly integrated. The newly designed wireless charging layout maximizes the stability of charging from the user’s point of view and ensures the safety of users’ driving. At the same time, the new generation of Tiggo 8 also upgraded the strong sensing intelligent configuration such as 360 panoramic image, electric tailgate, driving recorder and panoramic sunroof, and added humanized intelligent configuration, giving users a standard answer sheet for easy travel. 


  In addition, at the beginning of product development, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has adhered to the four high (high temperature, plateau, cold and high humidity) extreme environment development verification, including Novosibirsk, Russia (temperature:-50C), Middle East (Temperature: 5five℃), South America (relative humidity ≥90%), Chery has deeply optimized the reliability, dynamic performance and smell of the whole vehicle. Taking the high temperature test as an example, the Tiggo 8 can cool down to nearly 10℃ in 57 seconds under the environment of 50℃. 


  The listing of the new generation of Tiggo 8 in Brazil is an important part of Chery’s overseas market layout. With keen user insight and good product reputation, it can be expected that the new generation of Tiggo 8 will be recognized and praised by users in Brazil in the future, adding good results to Chery’s globalization journey. As China’s automobile industry becomes stronger, Chery’s future performance is worth looking forward to.