Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to?

  Along with the take-off of Yunqi, in addition to exclamations and praises, there are also full of questioning and disdain.

  On April 10th, 2023, when the short video of looking up at U9 "jumping in place" began to spread exponentially, the "busybodies" brushed aside and questioned one after another-such as copying the magic control system of Mercedes-Benz and the idea of "low rider" in the United States half a century ago, and so on, and some friends stood in front of the stage and declared that we had released similar technologies a few years ago …

  As the saying goes, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong ones. The topic of Yunqi is wrapped in the waterfall of attention and the marketing window. The original desire to share the flow cake is understandable, but the tide will eventually fade, naked swimmers will soon be made public, and the core of the problem will return to the original point-where is the innovation of Yunqi? What is the meaning of existence? Is there any deep value for the overall development of the automobile industry? In the final analysis, is Yunqi worth looking up to?

  All doubts and disdain, after waiting for the hustle and bustle to disappear, Yunqi answers with truth and strength.

  Innovation or tribute?

  As big asTVComputers, as small as mobile phone accessories, online public opinion has become more and more entangled in the originality of design. "Innovation is proud, plagiarism is ashamed", and the proper concept of honor and disgrace forces the progress of industrial design of manufacturers. Have you noticed that in the German Red Dot Design Awards, China products won numerous awards, and even foreign experts who are used to the Mona Lisa did not hesitate to praise them.

  However, the shape design is only an intuitive contrast between beauty and ugliness, but the engineering design similar to Yunqi involves more original latitudes-many machines that look similar in function and appearance, with the metal skin uncovered, are intricate and varied inside. For example, BYD’s DM-i and Toyota’s THS hybrid architecture both achieve fuel saving and high efficiency, but how much do they have in common on the mechanical level? Patent barriers are blocked layer by layer, trying to copy? Friends will sue you to bankruptcy first.

  In addition, when the engineering design develops to 2023, the space for innovation is limited after all-just like the integrated circuit, the process can only progress one nanometer at a time. As we all know, it has been 138 years since the appearance of automobiles, such as front-drive layout, air suspension, non-load-bearing body and so on. For the future development of automobiles, the modern public should recognize and attach importance to every "micro-innovation"-to make further progress, and this spirit deserves recognition. In fact, looking up at the cloud chariot -P on U8 is just like this.

  What’s the difference between Yunxiao -P?

  At first glance, the functions are similar, and the appearance can’t see much details. What is the difference between Yunqi -P?

  If you have been to Tibet, you must have seen the amazing LC80 (old land cruiser). Its suspension is a representative of primitive durability-the front and rear hard bridges are designed with a simple structure, which greatly avoids the possibility of failure, but the bumps are really bumps … The technical limitations of the times have caused comfortable regrets, and from today’s perspective, it is outdated.

  The progress of Yunqi -P has just solved this great regret-modern suspension is no longer just a matter of four shock absorbers and four springs. In Yunqi -P system equipped with U8, the suspension body, sensing technology and intelligent computing center are connected into a whole, and the shock absorbers and other actions have gone through perception-decision-execution, just like putting a brain on the chassis of a car, including turning, avoiding and calculating.

  The difference between Yunpi -P does not stop there. As far as its sensing system is concerned, Yunqi -P deeply integrates multiple road sensing elements such as camera and laser radar, which can identify the road features 5-150m ahead and output the elevation curve, and adjust the suspension damping in advance in a targeted manner, greatly optimizing the impact of road bumps on comfort. In addition, looking up at U8 can realize three independent adjustments of height+stiffness+damping, and has the ability of independent adjustment of four-wheel height, which can achieve front and rear leveling, left and right leveling and single-wheel leveling of the whole vehicle, and creatively realize the unique one-button leveling function in mainstream off-road vehicles, and almost achieve full adaptability of the whole scene.

  Such a balanced all-terrain capability is not groundbreaking.

  What’s the significance of Yunqi -P?

  After the press conference, many netizens questioned that the whole Yunqi family was a "fancy whistle", but little did they know that there were similar speech attacks when the iPhone was released. Ironically, smart phones eventually unified the rivers and lakes, and almost completely put Nokia and others into the cold palace.

  The superficial value of Yunqi -P is nothing more than making the car more comfortable, more flexible to handle and more adaptable to the road surface. But only from this perspective, Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles can also do well. Why should we spend millions on U8 to own this Yunqi -P?

  Mouth guns can’t promote the progress of technology, and a simple cloud experience may just be a blind man touching an elephant. The far-reaching significance of Yunqi -P is that it realizes the intelligent linkage between the key parts system of the lower body and the whole vehicle for the first time, which indicates another electrical revolution of the automobile after the canbus bus is introduced into the vehicle control. The parts related to driving are controlled by the intelligent system in a centralized way, just like the human brain controls walking, and the automobile can take every road in a predictable, active and coordinated way, which means that the intelligent wave will sweep up and down every muscle of the automobile, and the automobile will have independent thinking and judgment in the future. What’s more, it has been predicted that Yunqi -P also supports OTA upgrade, which proves that it still has the potential for growth!

  More than that. From the technical point of view, we should also pay attention to its social value-the birth and application of Yunnian -P, which proves that China automobile has quietly passed the embarrassing stage of parodying Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, found a way out through deliberation and explored innovation through mediocrity. The domestic automobile industry is no longer a follower, but has changed from a chaser to a leader, grasping the baton of development and starting a new era in which the Chinese automobile industry affects the world industrial structure! Great country craftsmen shouted for this! National self-confidence does it one brace up!

  So, if anyone still asks: Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to? I will ask and answer questions, it’s worth it!