How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  There is still more than a month.

  Chinese New Year is coming!

  I hope to lift the ban and set off fireworks and firecrackers

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How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  recent days

  Guangdong issued fireworks and firecrackers in many places.



  Huadu district: fireworks and firecrackers are not allowed in these areas.

  A few days ago, Huadu District issued a notice delineating the scope of the area where fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited. The notice shall come into force as of the date of issuance and shall be valid for 5 years.

  No fireworks area:

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  The following villages (communities) around Baiyun International Airport: Guangya Street Guangtang Village, tuanjie village, Huashan Town Donghu Village, Xiaobu Village, Pingdong Village, Pingshan Wei Village, Luochang Village, Huadong Town Tianhe Village, Jiuhu Village, Fenggang Village, Sanfeng Village, Jiuyi Village, Promotion Community, Xiangshan Village, Nanxi Village, Shanxia Village, Yong Guang Village, Datang Village and Qizhuang Village.

  Huadu District Xinhua Street, Huacheng Street, Xiuquan Street, Xinya Street and Timian Town, and the central city of Shiling Town (the area east of Shiling Avenue and west of China Southern Airlines Avenue, south of Shanyou Tourist Avenue, east and north of Shiling Viaduct of Xuguang Expressway).

  At the same time, Huadu District will publicize the list of 48 fireworks and firecrackers retail stores (points) that will meet the site selection requirements. The list is as follows:

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How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  Panyu district: fireworks and firecrackers can be set off in time-limited areas.

  Recently, the Emergency Management Bureau of Panyu District, Guangzhou released information, and Panyu District has formulated the Planning Plan for Distribution of Fireworks and Firecrackers Retail Operation in Panyu District, Guangzhou.

  There are 27 fireworks retail stores planned in Panyu, including 4 in Xinzhao Town, 7 in Hualong Town, 10 in Shilou Town and 6 in Shiqi Town, all of which are specialized stores, and the business license is valid for 2 years.

  It is reported that the licensed business hours of fireworks and firecrackers retail stores are: December 21 to January 15 of the lunar calendar (including the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival) and April 25 to the seventh day of May of the lunar calendar (including the Dragon Boat Festival). Business scope: only C and D fireworks and firecrackers are allowed, and A and B fireworks and firecrackers are strictly prohibited.

  Nansha District: Fireworks and firecrackers can be set off in time-limited areas.

  The People’s Government of Nansha District recently issued the Notice on Delineating the Area of Prohibiting and Restricting Fireworks and Firecrackers in Nansha District, which will come into force as of the date of issuance and will be valid for 5 years.

  The circular made it clear that fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited throughout the year in Nansha Street and Longxue Street, and in Xiaohu Island and Shazai Island in huangge town.

  Nansha District is a restricted area where fireworks and firecrackers are not listed. It can be set off on the whole day of Lunar New Year’s Eve, the first day and the second day of the first month, the third day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival from 7: 00 to 24: 00, and it is forbidden to set off at other times. Class C and D personal fireworks can be set off, and Class A and Class B fireworks and lanterns are strictly prohibited.

  Zengcheng District: Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in these areas.

  The Notice of Zengcheng District People’s Government on Setting a Zone Prohibited from Fireworks and Firecrackers in Zengcheng District, issued by Zengcheng District, will come into effect on January 1, 2024, with a validity period of five years, and it is clear that fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in the following areas: from the east to the west bank of Zengjiang River, from the south to Jiguang Expressway, from the west to the Pearl River Delta Ring Expressway, and from the north to the north of Guangshan Highway; Within the core area of Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone.

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  Zhuhai Jinwan

  Recently, the Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee of Jinwan District People’s Government of Zhuhai issued a notice on the safety management requirements for setting off fireworks and firecrackers in 2024. The requirements are as follows:

  Set a no-discharge zone in Jinwan District (Development Zone), and fireworks and firecrackers are strictly prohibited at any time in the no-discharge zone. No discharge area:

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How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  According to the relevant provisions of "Safety and Quality of Fireworks and Firecrackers", the types of fireworks and firecrackers that are allowed to be discharged by businesses and individuals in non-prohibited discharge areas are Class C and Class D.

  Foshan Gaoming

  In the Spring Festival of 2024, fireworks and firecrackers can be set off in Gaoming District. The reporter was informed that Gaoming District has studied and organized the implementation of a new round of fireworks and firecrackers business (retail) distribution planning, and initially plans to distribute 11 fireworks and firecrackers sales points in the whole district to meet the needs of citizens to set off fireworks and firecrackers on holidays.

  The relevant staff of the District Emergency Management Bureau also revealed that the layout plan is as follows: lotus town Street, yanghe town and Genghe Town each set up three fireworks retail outlets, and Mingcheng Town set up two fireworks retail outlets, with a total of 11 fireworks sales outlets in the whole region. The specific layout and implementation of each retail point will be the responsibility of the town (street) emergency management department. The planning period is 2 years. After the expiration of 2 years, the relevant departments of the district will plan and set up fireworks retail outlets according to the actual situation.

  Humen, Dongguan

  The People’s Government of Humen Town, Dongguan issued an open letter to the general public on safety precautions in the field of fireworks and firecrackers, which mentioned:

  Humen Town is a restricted area for fireworks and firecrackers. The restricted time is from Lunar New Year’s Eve to the first day of the first month, from the second day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, and from 6: 00 to 23: 00 every day on Tomb-Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Double Ninth Festival. Fireworks and firecrackers can be set off at other times.

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How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  Jiangmen Kaiping

  The Kaiping Municipal People’s Government recently issued a notice on the delineation of areas where fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited, and fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited throughout the year within the no-burn area. The notice will come into force on January 1, 2024 and will be valid until December 31, 2028.

  The red line of the fireworks and firecrackers no-burn zone is defined as follows: from Zhenhua in the east, from Donghuicheng in the west, from Jingtou in the south, and from Dongle Village in the north, including Xianglong area, some areas of Jingtou community and bridges and roads connecting the no-burn zones.

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  Outside the red line of the no-burn zone, within the administrative area of Sanbu Sub-district Office and Changsha Sub-district Office, completed and newly built residential quarters with closed management in the future are included in the no-burn zone.

  Fireworks are beautiful.

  But you should also pay attention when setting off.

  Fire safety and personal safety!


How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

How to buy fireworks? Where can I set off fireworks? The latest release of Guangzhou four districts!

  Comprehensive Southern News Network, Guangzhou Daily and Emergency Management Department

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Wang Fang was reused, Xiaoding sent blessings, qi zhou finally appeared, women’s basketball team Long Hudou, Liaoning’s glorious history.

Recently, the news of China Basketball Association has been continuous. The National Team Construction Committee was set up by the Basketball Association, and Yao Ming served as the director of the Committee. Xiaoding blessed the men’s basketball team, but it was ridiculed by the fans. qi zhou was afraid of missing the preliminaries because many opponents infected COVID-19. WCBA had just carried out six rounds, but it had already come to an end. Guangdong’s 11 crowns were enviable, and Liaoning fans basked in the team’s 12 crowns.

On September 26th, Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that it would set up the National Construction Committee in the near future, with Yao Ming as its director and Wang Fang as its executive director. Perhaps it was because of the poor performance of China football men’s national team in the top 12 that chinese basketball association made this decision quickly. This move by the Basketball Association is intended to promote the construction of the men’s national team, improve the overall strength of the national team and strengthen the players’ awareness of winning glory for the country. In fact, this is also related to the fact that China men’s basketball team missed the Olympic Games for the first time after 17 years.

Wang Fang was the leader of Liaoning Sports Bureau before, but now he is appointed as the executive director, which shows that chinese basketball association values Wang Fang highly. Wang Fang is the mother of Liaoning team player Zhang Zhenlin. As the superior leader of Liaoning team in last season’s playoffs, Wang Fang also accompanied the team throughout the playoffs. He witnessed the growth of the players. In this year’s National Games, Wang Fang also witnessed the Liaoning National Men’s Basketball Team defending this National Games gold medal, which shows that his support for basketball is real.

Ding Yan Yuhang, a Shandong player who hasn’t updated his personal social dynamics for a long time, recently updated his personal social media. He took a big photo of the China men’s basketball team participating in this World Cup qualifier, and gave his best wishes to his friends. Originally, this was a perfectly normal dynamic, but some fans thought that Ding Yanyuhang was rubbing against the popularity of China men’s basketball team. In fact, it was a bit unfair to Ding Yanyuhang. After all, Xiaoding’s wishes for the national team and friends were sincere, and fans should not be mixed with too much personal feelings.

For Ding Yan Yuhang, some fans also very much hope that he can return to the national team. It is also a great encouragement for Ding Yan Yuhang to see that Abdul Salamu, who has suffered serious injuries like him, has already returned to the national team. Du Feng has also given all players a chance. After all, it is the greatest honor for a player to play for the national team, and it is also a very confidence-boosting thing to have the opportunity to enter the national team after a serious injury.

Recently, there are a lot of news about China men’s basketball team, one of which makes the fans very worried. That is, when qi zhou participated in nbl preseason, many of their opponents were found to have COVID-19. qi zhou, as a close contact, is likely to be isolated and missed. However, recently, some media broke the news that qi zhou appeared in China men’s basketball team’s training abroad, which broke the previous rumor that qi zhou would miss the preliminaries. China men’s basketball team has been sent to the strongest team in the world, hoping that they can break into the final with all their might.

The second phase of the cba is about to start, and wcba has already gone through six rounds. Compared with the attention of CBA in China, there are few fans in wcba. Up to now, three teams in WCBA have maintained an unbeaten record this season, namely the defending champion Inner Mongolia team, Sichuan team and Shandong team. In the first six rounds, Inner Mongolia team beat their opponents by a big score, and their biggest competitor this season is Sichuan team, which is temporarily ranked third.

In fact, after seeing the lineups of the two teams, the fans were not surprised why the two teams competed for the championship. Together, the two teams gathered a total of 17 national players. The Inner Mongolia team gathered 9 national players including Li Yueru, Yang Liwei, Huang Sijing, Zhao Shuang, Zhang Ru, Pan Zhenqi, Ma Xueya, Wei Wei and Li Yifan, while the Sichuan team had Han Xu, Wu Di, Shao Ting, Li Meng, Sun Mengran, Li Shanshan and so on.

In today’s cba league, Guangdong men’s basketball team and Liaoning men’s basketball team are still the two strongest teams. Compared with the 11th championship of Guangdong men’s basketball team, Liaoning men’s basketball team has won the championship of cba league only once, but the runner-up has won many times, which has also been criticized by many fans. Liaoning fans who are very unconvinced listed the past record of Liaoning team, and the time goes back to the national basketball championship in 1985. As we all know, cba league only has a history of more than twenty years. Here

According to the statistics of the fans, since 1985, Liaoning men’s basketball team has won 12 championships in many competitions, such as the National Basketball Championship, the National Basketball League, the National North-South Championship, the National Games, the Asian Club Cup, cba, Extraordinary 12, etc. From this figure, it has indeed surpassed Guangdong’s 11 championships. In fact, just from the data point of view, it can’t explain too many problems. After all, the glory created by our predecessors has become.

Wang Bo is desperate! After Hu Jinqiu+Sun Minghui was completely injured, Cummings was reimbursed in the first stage. How can I fight?

Cummings’ injury involved Guo Ailun? Sunspots are everywhere. We often say that it never rains but it pours. This sentence is really appropriate when applied to Guangsha. Wang Bo’s despair is also normal. Any coach would not be in a good mood. Last season’s playoffs, Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao were injured one after another. This season, Hu Jinqiu had already suffered a fracture before taking part in the official game. In the first game, Cummings, a foreign aid, also suffered a palm fracture, which was really too difficult for Guangsha team!

Liaoning played against Guangsha in CBA, and finally the Liaoning men’s basketball team won. Cummings, a new foreign aid from Zhejiang Dongyangguang, also performed very well. He played for 35 minutes, made 8 of 17 shots, made 4 of 7 3-pointers, and scored 23 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal from four free throws. The data is still good. Because it’s only the first game of CBA, the MVP of this European league is still not used to it. I believe that after adjustment, it will definitely play its due level.

Two yuan generals were reimbursed at the beginning of the season, which was a big loss for Zhejiang Dongyangguang and head coach Wang Bo. One is the main inside center, and the other is the newly-joined defender’s foreign aid. The two lines have been hit hard, and I’m afraid the record of the first stage will be greatly affected.

However, don’t be too depressed, Wang Bo. Injuries are also a part of the competition. The previous Liaoning men’s basketball team has experienced it, and other teams have similar situations. I believe that with the passage of time, players will recover and the team’s situation will improve. Guangsha’s fighting capacity is not weak at present, so they can lower their posture first, and spend the difficult time steadily, especially for players like Xu Zhonghao. They should pay attention to their movements in the game, and don’t be punished for malicious foul, or even expelled from the game, which will eventually lead to attrition in non-combat, which will be even more costly. Mentality is very important. I hope Wang Bo can survive.

Finally, I want to explain that Cummings’ injury has nothing to do with Caring for Aaron. Two people are fighting for each other normally, and they don’t have much physical contact. There are some regional sprays with rhythm, which is not good.

These living habits are not changed, and more Tai Chi is not enough to make up for your self -harm

What we do every day has made us, and then you will find that excellence is not a behavior, but a habit. —— Aristotle

Everyone found that although there are many longevity old people who practice Tai Chi, some people do not live long. Why?

First of all, the real Taijiquan should be both internal and external, and many people do not practice outside the outside. We only see a stinky skin. We often see that many people are very skilled and can be insisted every day. Seriously, seemingly seriousness is nervous; some people grit their teeth and swipe their teeth, swing their feet, and do not relax at all; some people have practiced for many years and still have a lot of temper to get angry. Bone bones.

Everyone knows that the biggest feature of longevity elderly people is that the personality is optimistic and cheerful, and the influence of emotions from the internal body is far greater than the external environment. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the cold, cold, heat and irritability. The harm of these six prostitutes to human health, that is, external evil injury, is usually from the surface and inside. When it was passed to my heart, I pulled the diarrhea, and then passed the cold to the five internal organs.

However, human emotions are directly harmful to people. The so -called "seven emotions hurt people, direct internal organs", and they can vomit blood immediately. Chinese medicine says that anger hurts the liver, joy and sadness, hurt the spleen, terrify the kidneys, sadness, sadness, sadness, and sadness Sad lung. Lin Daiyu was sad and coughing. She was a typical symptom of "sad lung".

Your fist for a month is not enough for you to be angry. While we practice Tai Chi, while relaxing the body, our mentality must also be relaxed. The relaxing and peaceful mentality in turn is more favorable to the relaxation of the body. Only when the heart is quiet can Tai Chi reach the high realm.

Secondly, Tai Chi is based on Taoism’s "inaction and disappointment". Lao Tzu said, "The husband is not fighting, and the world can not fight with it." Many people who practice Tai Chi have forgotten this. Throughout the day, they think about how to be refined, anxious, and never satisfied. Or can’t stand the provocation of others saying that Tai Chi can’t fight, and gets up and fights angrily.

It is said that "killing 10,000 self -damage for three thousand". In the legendary history, there are indeed some masters of people who have suffered internal injuries because of some tongues. The high -level strength of Tai Chi Boxing Law has cleverly fascinated and excited, and often unconsciously mistakenly entered the courage.

Because of this, in the "Tai Chi Boxing theory", which was regarded as a must -read classic by Tai Chi, Wang Zongyue specifically emphasized the words of the ancestor of Sanfeng after explaining the essence of Tai Chi. Do not do the final dispute. "

With the end of the cold weapon era, today we should not practice boxing for the victory. It is impossible to bear a small bullet in the practice of Diamond. In most cases, things will only make things worse.

We should treat boxing as a kind of fun, because there is something to study, so that the process of fitness exercise has become more fun, culture and charm, pushing the strength to test the strength, winning the win -win smile, and we will never care about it.

In fact, the real Taijiquan high -level kung fu, sometimes the more Hou deliberately pursued, the less you get it. One teacher said good: "When you want to fight with others, the heart is dead, and the heart is already froze. How can I relax? How can I reach a higher level of loose air? "

In the end, I have to say that most of the non -long -lived boxers have bad habits. Some people rely on childhood training from a young age, drinking and smoking, indulgence, and the harm of the nightlife of modern people far exceeding the body. People imagine that in the past, there was no TV in the agricultural society. The oil lamps were sleeping for a while, and there were very few diseases that came out of staying up late.

And modern people are facing a lot of temptations, and there are many people who sleep at a time or two, which is very harmful to the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Ziye Yiyang is born, and this time for people to hand over yin and yang should be sleeping in the state of sleep. The so -called natural law nature, the nature of our earth changes once every 24 hours of yin and yang. Human beings are the creation of nature. It can be found that those who go to work all the night shifts have almost no longer longevity.

Dr. Yu Juan, a younger return from Fudan University, told people not to stay up late with a 32 -year -old life. She has never slept before 12 o’clock in the past 10 years. What to stay up late? Yu Juan wrote: "Chat, Internet chat, 885 irrigation, jumping, meals, X songs, bowling, personal daze (known as thinking), fill every night without reason."

Staying up late is chronic suicide! Getting up early every day to practice Tai Chi is not only to allow our body to exercise, but also changes to our lifestyle. In order to get up early, you must go to bed early. You have more time to practice boxing. If you do not change the poor lifestyle, it is limited to the body by doing some simple physical exercise, which is not enough to make up for your self -harm.

The old lady of Shanghai takes pensions to constitute a crime of fraud, proving that the pension white eater is a criminal act

#270,000 elderly golden cases open##

The truth of this fact is that from 2009 to 2015, the old lady of Shanghai, Qian Mou, would abandon the husband who lost his ability to take care of his self -care in the hospital after paying some medical expenses during the hospitalization treatment, until the husband died alone. After the death of her husband, Qian still refused to go through the relevant procedures, and at the same time, he took the husband’s pension and accounted for himself.

On June 9, 2021, a case of fraud and abandonment of Qian, a public prosecution of the People’s Procuratorate of Minhang District, Shanghai, was held in the Minhang District People’s Court.

The truth of the case is very clear.

Some people think that pensions are in the country, and the national Tang monk meat, all Chinese citizens can eat, all of which are desirable. Therefore, it is not believed that the old lady of Shanghai Qian Mou is a criminal act. This view is particularly popular in the small and fresh meat little beauties. Because the little fresh meat and the little beauty thinks that farmers are reasonable to eat white food, everyone can not pay a penny social security, and they can be sits to share the social security provers for decades.

However, the understanding of farmers is extreme errors.

In the basic composition of pensions, all pensions of social insurance forms should belong to the private property of citizens who pay social security, and they are not owned by the whole society. In the basic pension of the national welfare form, [also known as the pension subsidy], that is, the country’s money from the city taxpayer to the farmer, the other social benefits that belong to the country to the farmers to the elderly.

Compared with the former, although it is also called pension, it is actually very different in nature. That is to say, the essence of social maintenance money is the private property of citizens who pay social security. They use their labor income to take out a part of their salary every month to invest in their future pensions, like bank savings. But more advanced than banks, these social property from citizens is managed by the state and has absolute security and insurance stability. The basic pension [also known as the pension subsidy for white hair to the farmers], the source of funds is not the citizen of the social security, but from the city’s hundreds of millions of taxpayers. Do not bear the tax responsibilities and obligations that every citizen should have, and the one billion farmers have no longer contributed a penny to the national fiscal tax for seventeen years. Therefore, these money -sweats from urban taxpayers have been distributed to farmers through the hands of the country. The money does not have the nature of private property, but has a social welfare nature.

Understanding the above principles, I understand that the old lady of Shanghai, Qian Mou, led her died of more than 270,000 yuan. The violent object was the private property of all social security citizens.

Similarly, those who do not pay a penny for social security, and those who have to pay the social security persons for decades of social security people are divided by farmers, which are those who eat white food selfish little fresh meat and little beauty. In fact Criminal behavior, they are public robbery, because their violations are the private property of the whole society who has paid social security for decades. But it is terrible that some people have committed guilty and do not know sin. Zhen Zhen has words that he is the savior of the peasant. He has called for robbery and plundering under the banner of speaking for farmers. As criminals, they have gone far enough on the road of illegal.

These pension articles videos are full of headlines. This fully shows that a large number of cyber criminals are active on the media network. They attempted to learn ancient bandits and live on the wealth of others by robbing others.

The opening of the old lady in Shanghai should let the small and fresh meat and little beauties who advocated robbery to calm the rational and rational girls. Please do not go further and further on the road of crime.