Harvard brand announces the naming of its new energy series models.

(Reporter Yue Qian) On March 27th, Haval brand announced the naming of its new energy series model, code B07 model named Xiaolong MAX, code A07 model named Xiaolong.

According to reports, the new energy field is now in a period of accelerated change. Haval is making great efforts to launch a new track, and it is in urgent need of a product that can represent a new image to compete for the new energy road. To this end, Haval brand has launched brand-new Xiaolong MAX and Xiaolong. Xiaolong represents the posture of a strong man who takes the initiative to attack and is invincible, and symbolizes Harvard’s ambition to forge ahead in the field of new energy.

In terms of design, the new model has been innovatively interpreted in the appearance and local details of the whole vehicle, adopting the extreme hexagonal stability of the fighter and the sharp and line-like shape. Their common features in the front face modeling are headlights and fog lights, which are derived from refining and innovating the outline of the fighter. They are brave, stable and stylish.

In the creation of interior space, Xiaolong MAX not only surpasses the same level in terms of size and wheelbase, but also has superior space expansibility and rich storage advantages, which is enough to meet the car demand in the family travel scene.

In terms of product functions, Xiaolong MAX first took the Great Wall Hi4 technology to create a new car product strength advantage, achieving the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes.

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