Henan province introduces 19 measures to support major new infrastructure buildings

  Shanghai Securities Daily China Securities Network News, according to the Henan Provincial People’s Government on August 4, the General Office of the Henan Provincial People’s Government issued the "Several Policies for Supporting Major New Infrastructure buildings in Henan Province", proposing a total of 19 measures in six aspects, including consolidating and upgrading the status of information and communication hubs, accelerating the construction of central computing power highlands, and promoting the deep empowerment of integrated infrastructure.

  Specifically, the "Several Policies" propose to establish a computing power platform operation and settlement sharing mechanism with "computing power coupons" as the core, and issue "computing power coupons" with a total scale of not more than 50 million yuan each year. Support enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, etc. to use the national supercomputing Zhengzhou Center, artificial intelligence computing centers with a computing power scale of 100P FLOPS (floating point operations per second) or more, and data centers with more than 1,000 standard racks. Reward 20% of the cost of using computing power resources, and each user unit will enjoy an annual reward of not more than 1 million yuan "computing power coupons". The required funds will be shared by the provincial and municipal finances in a ratio of 1:1.

  In terms of increasing the intensity of intelligent charging infrastructure building, the "Several Policies" propose that the land for charging infrastructure be included in the scope of land for urban public facilities business outlets, and support the construction of public charging stations by means of reconstruction and expansion of existing refueling (gas) stations; in accordance with the land supply mode of refueling (gas) stations, priority is given to the construction land for charging stations along national and provincial highways; in addition to supplying land in accordance with the way of transfer, all localities are encouraged to provide land in the form of state-owned construction land use rights as capital or shares, and cooperate with social capital to build charging infrastructure.

  The full text is as follows:

  Henan province supports several policies for major new infrastructure buildings

  In order to accelerate the construction of a high-level new infrastructure system and effectively support the high-quality economic and social development of the province, the following policies are formulated.

  First, consolidate and enhance the status of information and communication hubs

  1. Continuously promote network infrastructure building. Support basic telecommunications enterprises to continue to expand Zhengzhou’s national-level Internet backbone direct connection point transmission network, improve inter-provincial special lines, optical cables and other network facilities, and improve the quality of network interconnection with provinces and cities where the national hub node of the national integrated computing power network is located. Zhengzhou’s national-level Internet backbone direct connection point has an annual expansion of more than 300G of interconnection bandwidth, and each interconnection unit will be given a one-time reward of 2 million yuan. (Responsible unit: Provincial Communications Administration, Department of Finance)

  2. Strive to create a national-level new Internet exchange center. Support Zhengzhou City to establish a national-level new Internet exchange center, and provide guarantees in terms of capital subsidies, staffing, office space, etc. In accordance with relevant national construction review requirements and regulations, provide corresponding policy support. (Responsible units: Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Provincial Communications Administration, Department of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Party Committee Organization, Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department)

  Second, accelerate the construction of the central computing power highlands

  3. Support computing power applications. Establish a computing power platform operation and settlement sharing mechanism with "computing power vouchers" as the core, and issue "computing power vouchers" with a total scale of not more than 50 million yuan per year. Support enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, etc. to use the national supercomputing Zhengzhou Center, artificial intelligence computing centers with a computing power scale of 100P FLOPS (floating point operations per second) or more, and data centers with more than 1,000 standard racks. Reward 20% of the cost of computing power resources. Each user unit enjoys an annual reward of not more than 1 million yuan "computing power vouchers". The required funds are shared by the provincial and municipal finances in a ratio of 1:1. (Responsible unit: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department)

  4. Promote the construction of green data centers. For new data centers with a PUE (power usage efficiency) of less than 1.3, or existing data centers with an annual PUE reduction of more than 0.01 (or equivalent power savings of more than 1.50 million kWh), each TCE-metal rack in use will be given no more than 1,000 yuan per year. Among them, the park-level data center PUE is calculated in units of single machine rooms in the park, and the required funds will be shared by the provincial and municipal finance in a ratio of 1:1. (Responsible units: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Communications Administration, Finance Department, Power Company)

  5. Support the construction of industrial data centers. For new national or regional data centers in transportation, industry, water conservancy and other fields recognized by the state, a one-time reward of no more than 5 million yuan will be given. (Responsible unit: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Finance)

  6. Support the construction of energy storage facilities for computing power infrastructure. Encourage supercomputing centers, smart computing centers, new data centers, etc. to configure energy storage facilities according to local conditions to improve power self-balancing capabilities; for the construction of energy storage facilities with a scale of more than 1,000 kWh, the provincial finance will give a one-time reward. (Responsible units: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Communications Administration, Finance Department)

  III. Deeply empowering integrated infrastructure

  7. Support the construction of smart transportation. Combined with provincial financial resources, appropriate subsidies will be given to new smart transportation projects such as smart high-speed, smart ports and shipping, and multimodal transportation. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Transportation)

  8. Increase the intensity of intelligent charging infrastructure building. Include charging infrastructure land into the scope of urban public utility business outlets, support existing refueling (gas) stations to build public charging stations through reconstruction, expansion, etc.; in accordance with the land supply model of refueling (gas) stations, give priority to the construction land of charging stations along national and provincial highways; in addition to supplying land in accordance with the transfer method, encourage all localities to provide land in the form of state-owned construction land use rights or shares, and cooperate with social capital to build charging infrastructure. For newly built special charging facilities in public service fields such as public transportation, sanitation, logistics, and commuting, and new public charging facilities along expressway service areas, national (provincial) roads, and intercity expressways, provincial financial awards will be given according to 30% or 40% of the total investment in main charging equipment. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Development and Reform Commission, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Transportation, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Electric Power Company)

  9. Speed up the construction of secondary nodes for industrial Internet identification analysis. For the construction units of new nodes, post-subsidies of no more than 1 million yuan will be given according to a certain proportion of the actual investment in software and hardware. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Communications Administration, Finance Department)

  IV. Breakthrough development of major innovation infrastructure

  10. Support major science and technology infrastructure building. For projects included in the annual plan of major science and technology infrastructure building in the province, investment subsidies will be given according to the actual construction situation according to the principle of "one matter, one discussion, shared responsibility among provinces and cities". (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission)

  11. Strengthen the pre-research of major scientific and technological infrastructure. Coordinate funds to support forward-looking leading, strategic-oriented, application-supporting and other major scientific and technological infrastructure to carry out key technology research, and provide sufficient technical and engineering reserves for project construction. (Responsible unit: Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department)

  12. Promote the sharing and sharing of provincial major scientific and technological infrastructure. Support provincial major scientific and technological infrastructure to open up innovative resources such as device platforms, instruments and equipment, scientific data to the society, use provincial innovation ecological support special project funds, and provide subsidies to management units with excellent performance appraisal and eligible users according to the amount of shared and open services. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance)

  13. Promote the transformation of major scientific and technological infrastructure achievements. Use the provincial innovation ecology to support special project funds to promote the transformation of technological achievements formed by major scientific and technological infrastructure in the province; encourage relying on universities and scientific research institutes in the province to build major scientific and technological infrastructure, and implement technology transfer and transformation in Henan. A maximum of 10% of the post-subsidy will be given according to the turnover of the previous year’s technology contract, and each unit will not exceed 1 million yuan per year. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance)

  14. Support the construction of laboratories, "smart islands" and other facilities. For provincial laboratories laid out at the provincial level, according to actual needs, support for start-up fees and R & D funds during the construction period; for provincial laboratories established under the leadership of local governments, a certain amount of R & D subsidies will be given according to the investment of local governments; if the operating company issues corporate bonds for financing, a discount subsidy of up to 30% will be given, and the provincial and municipal finances will share it in a ratio of 1:1. For "smart islands" that pass the assessment after the construction period, a post-subsidy of not more than 50 million yuan will be given. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission)

  Establish and improve the incentive mechanism for new infrastructure building

  15. Strengthen incentives for new infrastructure buildings. Study and formulate evaluation standards for new infrastructure buildings and carry out evaluation work. The top 3 provincial municipalities (including Jiyuan demonstration area and airport area) with comprehensive development level will be rewarded with 5 million yuan respectively, and the top 5 counties (cities, districts) with comprehensive development level will be rewarded with 2 million yuan respectively. The evaluation results will be used as a reference for prioritizing policy funds in other digital economy fields. (Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission)

  Strengthen the guarantee of major project elements of new infrastructure buildings

  16. Attract social capital to increase investment. Guide government investment funds to support new infrastructure building, and encourage localities to explore the establishment of new infrastructure building funds. Support policy banks, development Financial Institution Groups and commercial banks to issue special project loans with preferential interest rates, and actively form syndicates. Improve the government-bank-enterprise docking mechanism, establish a high-quality project list, regularly carry out policy publicity and project docking activities, and support social capital to increase investment in new infrastructure building. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau)

  17. Strengthen the service guarantee of land use and energy use. Incorporate communication base stations and other related facilities into land and space planning at all levels, and make overall arrangements to ensure the indicators of new construction land. Party and government organs, enterprises, institutions and public institutions at all levels and other public facilities, as well as municipal, green space, highways, railways, airports, subways and other public facilities, should be open to 5G base station construction and settle electricity bills according to direct power supply prices, reserve base station sites, communication machine rooms, pipelines and other construction space, and provide convenient passage. Support telecommunications enterprises to jointly build and share communication pipelines (pipe holes). Encourage new infrastructure building operators to participate in electricity market transactions and improve cost control capabilities. (Responsible units: Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Development and Reform Commission, Communications Administration)

  18. Strengthen the talent team for the operation of new infrastructure buildings. Relying on talent projects such as the "Central Plains Talent Program", increase the introduction and training of high-level talents and teams in the field of new infrastructure, and provide support in the areas of talent settlement, housing security, children’s education, medical security, and spouse employment. (Responsible unit: Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department)

  19. Strengthen the guarantee of capital elements. Coordinate provincial finance-related special project funds to support the construction and operation of new infrastructure projects. Actively support qualified new infrastructure building projects to apply for special project bonds, and give full play to the investment-pulling role of bond funds. (Responsible unit: Provincial Finance Department, Development and Reform Commission)

  If the policies issued by Henan Province are inconsistent with the above policies, they will be implemented in accordance with the principle of "no duplication on the high". They have enjoyed the non-repetition support of other support policies. The above policies will be implemented from the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2025.

Laugh till you get angry! CCTV’s "Everyone loves made in China" home appliances live broadcast "explosion point" constantly.

  What is the painting style of the three giants of color TV "forcibly" in the same frame? The "blind box" lottery to bring goods is not awkward and a little happy? Xiao Ni and Yi Yi, two hosts, one is the bad COP and the other is the bad COP. What’s the matter with bargaining and cutting the boss’s nerves?

  On the evening of June 7th, CCTV’s "Everyone Loves Made in China" brand helped Gome.A 3-hour live webcast created a sales volume of over 720 million, a cumulative viewing volume of over 60 million, and a topic reading volume of 380 million in Weibo.

  The gratifying data is only one aspect. What’s more interesting is that the live content is constantly exploding, which can be said to be a "mudslide" with live goods!

  "Explosion point" 1: The three giants of color TV love each other and kill each other "forcibly" in the same box.

  Hisense, Skyworth and TCL, three famous brands in China color TV industry, account for more than 50% of the domestic market. For decades, the three giants fought hand to hand, and you chased me, which can be said to be the romance of the Three Kingdoms in Wei Shuwu.

  Our program planning director, "Evil is born with courage": What will happen if these three families are put together at a table?

  So there was this style of painting:

  Hisense said: My laser tv represents the next generation of technology, which is eye-protecting, authentic and vivid in color. Even Van Gogh’s famous paintings can be confused with the real ones.

  Skyworth said: My OLED TV is second to none, and it is most suitable for watching shopping programs. I can clearly see the red number.

  TCL said: My TV is not only a TV, but also an intelligent robot. I don’t need hands for voice dialogue and film selection.

  You see, everyone praises himself, and no one obeys anyone. However, when Wang Junzhou, president of Gome Retail, talked about the history of the rise of household appliances in China, the three giants shed tears at the same time, and sent out the same feeling: China’s household appliances enterprises were not easy, and they started to imitate from the 1980s. At that time, when we looked around, they were all dominated by European, American, Korean and Japanese brands.However, China’s household appliances people are not discouraged, and they are catching up bit by bit. Now, they have not only topped the world in terms of output and sales, but also stood in the forefront of the world in technology, and some technologies are still ahead of the world.

  As the saying goes: the Big Three love each other and kill each other, and once they get together, they will forget their enmity.

  "explosion point" 2: "blind box" brings a lot of joy.

  Can there be a new way to play live with goods? On June 7th, during the live broadcast of "Everyone loves Made in China", our program planner came up with a coup: "blind box" with goods.

  What is a "blind box" with goods? This link includes the boss’s all-in-one cooker, Jiuyang soymilk machine, Angel water purification system and Cobos sweeping robot. Just as the bosses of four enterprises prepared a set of self-boasting words, they were eager to try. Wait a minute, I have four cards here, and I have written four products. Whoever draws which card will bring the goods for that product.

  The four bosses looked at each other: Why not follow the script?

  A dramatic scene appeared — — In the process of drawing lots, it was a strange coincidence that all four people got their own products, and the four bosses secretly rejoiced: It was just to scare us.

  The boss of Boss Electric Appliance was about to burst into tears. The host was quick-eyed and grabbed the card and exchanged it with the card in the hand of another boss next to him: Sorry boss, you can’t bring goods for yourself yet.

  … …

  An interesting delivery actually gave birth to the story of "civet cats for princes".

  As the saying goes: the blind box is a strange move, and the ups and downs of the story depend on it.

  "Burst point" 3: ruthless and ruthless, really bargaining.

  The three-hour live broadcast sold 720 million, relying on real discounts. There is a tacit cooperation between "Wang Yidao", "Counting Nihao" and "Iraqi Ruthlessness".

  Wang Junzhou, president of Gome Retail, is a veteran of the home appliance industry. This live broadcast can gather more than 10 BOSS delegations, which largely reflects the appeal of Wang Junzhou. Unexpectedly, an expected "Friends"-style warm-hearted drama turned into a "western" with pleasure and enmity.

  In the white electricity link, the "old enemies" of Haier and Midea were manipulated by Wang Junzhou, causing sparks.

  Haier took out the maternal and child refrigerator and washing and drying kit at the bottom of the closet, while Midea offered a wall-breaking machine and windless air conditioner with high cost performance. Although the products didn’t play hardball, in terms of price concessions, they still couldn’t stand the shock of Wang Junzhou and dived in succession.

  Li Huagang, the chief experience officer and vice president of Haier Group, is also a veteran, but under the haggling price of his old friend Wang Junzhou, he even forced out a great discount on buying a casarte refrigerator to send the latest Huawei P40 mobile phone.

  Wu Haiquan, president of Midea Group in China, also failed to recruit Wang Junzhou’s step by step. An air conditioner dropped 700 yuan and a sweeping robot was given 800 yuan.

  Different from Wang Junzhou’s big talk, the hosts Nigmat and Yi Yi played a "double spring".

  Xiao ni deserves to be the four-character brother of CCTV boys, and the goods are too stable! The business leaders were cut to the death by bargaining. Boss doesn’t give cheap? Turn your head and go! After lowering the price, it is necessary to "threaten" Boss— — "If it’s not the lowest price in the whole network, I’ll really go to your house and dismantle the water purifier" … …

  Yiyi even gave everyone "grinding soybean milk" and "taking a group photo" to continue to strive for overweight benefits for the audience.

  As the saying goes: hard and soft are applied without mercy, and the big brother is defeated. A live broadcast with both benefits and fun, and a gathering of "fireside night talk" have added many topics to CCTV’s "Everyone loves Made in China" brand boosting action. This is the beginning, and we will bring you more interesting and affordable programs.

  Everyone loves to make it in China. Don’t you make it yet?

The counter-attack of "Hidden into the Dust" is expected to exceed 100 million at the box office, and Tik Tok’s literary films with "goods" have reached a new peak?

Author | Wang ruoye

Edit | Mingming

On July 6, 2022, "Hidden into the Dust" was officially released, with a box office of 349,000 on the first day of release, accounting for only 2.3% of the films.

At that time, the cumulative box office predicted by Cat’s Eye for this film was 565,000, and the final box office prediction of the film by the public remained at around 2 million. As a rural literary film, even Ruijun Li, the director of Into the Dust, once mentioned in an interview that he was worried that this film would become cannon fodder for the summer file.

On August 9, 2022, "Hidden into the Dust" was webcast and landed on many video platforms such as Youku, Tencent and iQiyi. According to past experience, it is inevitable that the box office will decline after a movie is launched on the online video platform. However, Into the Dust unexpectedly broke the inherent cognition of the public.

52 days after its release and 21 days after its online broadcast, Into the Dust miraculously fell to 3.662 million box office in a single day, reaching the highest single-day box office at present. It is predicted that the box office will soar from more than 50 million to more than 80 million again, and the single-day box office is expected to soar from more than 3 million to more than 5 million. Even many netizens boldly said that they are optimistic about the box office of the film. The cat’s eye also resumed on August 30th.predictThe total box office of "Hidden into the Dust" in mainland China will break 102 million.

After the cinema films are broadcast online, it is rare that the box office increases instead of falling, so that it feeds back the film market. It is urgent for the market to find out what makes the long tail effect of the film so strong, and it is also urgent to know whether the box office decline of "Into the Dust" can be repeated.

Word of mouth solidly improves box office performance


"Hidden into the Dust" Douban scored 7.8 points, and now it has risen to 8.5 points, ranking first in Douban’s real-time hot book audio-visual list.Not only has it become the first Chinese cinema film with a Douban score of 8 this year, but it is also the Chinese cinema film with the highest Douban score this year.

The official Weibo, who opened the movie "Into the Dust", has only a few more than 1,000 fans. Of the 103 articles published in Weibo, only a few in Weibo have turned over 100 praises and comments. All this makes the announcement of this film seem to have a sense of "big hidden in the city".

The most famous story in the previous film was the behind-the-scenes shooting story told by Christina. Many netizens called that story "The Chocolate Factory in Christina", and this stalk of Christina even replaced "You are my God", which was very popular. However, the popularity of the stars themselves has not been transferred to movies.Before "Into the Dust" went online, the box office was in a downturn.

According to the box office trend chart of "Into the Dust", it can be seen that the box office trend in the picture presents a strange V-shape, but it grows more rapidly after the webcast goes online. On the one hand, the literary film itself is a niche film, and the number of films given in the early stage of the cinema is not enough, which leads to the decline of the box office after the release; On the other hand, webcasting enabled more viewers to see the film, and word of mouth drove the cinema box office.

It is not only "Hidden into the Dust" that still chooses to be put in the cinema after webcasting goes online.

In 2019, the popular animated film "Nezha, The Devil Child Came to the World" was launched on October 11 before it was released on October 26. However, according to the box office trend of "Nezha, The Devil Child Came to the World", the box office of the film continued to decline after it was launched. In 2021, the "520" movie "Decisive Battle Against the Black" was also launched on the online platform on May 29th, while releasing the notice of key extension. This also led to the final box office score of "Decisive Fight Against the Black" of only 405 million.

Can be like "Hidden into the Dust", there are few films that have fallen strongly after webcasting. Searching for the film reviews of "Into the Dust" on social platforms, many people choose to continue Amway with their friends after watching the movie. Many of them decided to go to the cinema to get another ticket after watching the movie on the video platform. Since the audience is willing to go to the cinema for support, the demand for films has increased for cinemas, and it is natural to increase the mutual benefit of film arrangement.

After the number of films in "Into the Dust" increased, the attendance rate was also guaranteed. This is also the effect that high reputation can bring.High word-of-mouth and high box officeThis simple sentence has been truly verified in "Into the Dust".

Short video platform helps box office rebound


The propaganda achievements of "Into the Dust" can go to a higher level.The short video platform also contributed.

According to the statistics of cat’s eye data, the topic broadcast volume of Into the Dust in Tik Tok has reached 2.1 billion, and it has been listed on the hot search list of Tik Tok for many times. On August 30, 2022, the number of likes on the official account of "Into the Dust" in Tik Tok has also exceeded 81.49 billion. Compared with thousands of fans in Weibo’s official account, nearly 200,000 fans in Tik Tok’s official account are really huge.

In addition to official accounts, "tap water" bloggers on the short video platform have also emerged after the webcast of "Into the Dust".Major film bloggers and online celebrity bloggers in different fields have started to publish relevant contents of "Into the Dust".

July was a smash hit, and Dong Yuhui, who has many fans, also talked about "Hidden into the Dust" in the selection live room in the East. Judging from the volume of fans in the East’s selection live broadcast room, there are not a few potential box office supporters. On August 22nd, in Tik Tok’s hot search "What’s the stamina of hiding in the dust?", the film published by online celebrity blogger Kongkong Diary with 4 million fans was praised by nearly 500,000 people. In the video, Kongkong Diary explained his feelings of watching movies, and many netizens began to post the classic lines in this video comment area. Another part of netizens who haven’t seen "Into the Dust" spoke in the comments, saying that they had been arrived by Amway and would go to the cinema to see the film.

On the one hand, among the audience groups of short video platforms such as Tik Tok, there are more rural users in third-and fourth-tier cities and counties.As a rural film, Hidden into the Dust, especially the huge display of farming culture in the film, easily resonates with netizens in Tik Tok.

And according to the cat’s eye data, the local box office growth of "Into the Dust" is concentrated in the Central Plains region where the farming industry is relatively developed, such as Shaanxi and Henan. Based on this, it is found that it is a correct and beneficial strategy to choose short video platforms such as Tik Tok to announce the content in the later stage of "Into the Dust". In the early stage, "Into the Dust" made accurate publicity for the audience of literary films in developed areas such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen. The main creators ran several rounds of roadshows, but the results were minimal.

The news of being shortlisted for Berlin Film Festival failed to make literary film lovers take "Into the Dust" out of the circle, but a rural blogger on a short video platform made "Into the Dust" successfully enter more people’s horizons.

On the other hand, the second creation and editing of "Into the Dust" on the short video platform is mainly based on the output of film reviews, which is very inflammatory.The expression of netizens’ true feelings can drive more people to express their views on this film and arouse everyone’s interest in this film.

Breaking the inherent circle of literary films, "Hidden into the Dust" is still accumulating after the online broadcast. How to make good use of the audience of the short video platform so that webcasting is no longer a "box office springboard" may be a new thought brought to the film market by "Into the Dust".

Can "Into the Dust" be reproduced?


In recent years, the only film short-listed in the three major European competitions, Hidden into the Dust, was also withdrawn in February 2022.

Due to various reasons, the film market remained sluggish in the first half of this year, and "Into the Dust", which was released in July, did not expect that the film with minority theme was expected to become a phenomenal domestic literary film. It is not a simple matter to reproduce the success of "Into the Dust".

First of all, from the perspective of subject matter, although "Into the Dust" is a literary film, its content is close to the northwest countryside, which coincides with the audience of the short video platform.With the help of short video platform, the box office can take off directly.Secondly, after the webcast was launched, the number of second-generation videos on the short video platform increased.However, different from the ordinary plot explanation, the second creation video of "Into the Dust" is mostly an emotional film review, which extends from the story of the film to the emotional expression of the group and can impress the audience to watch the movie.

There is also the support of the cinema for "Into the Dust".As early as the beginning of the film’s release, the general manager of Jinan Belle Palace Cinema once sent a message to Weibo, saying, "Into the Dust" has been streamed, but I am still arranging films for it, because I firmly believe that the sound effects on the big screen are more attractive to fans than computer screens and mobile phones. " On August 30, 2022, "Into the Dust" won the highest attendance rate on that day, which did not live up to the expectations of many cinemas.

But most importantly, we have to return toThe quality of "Into the Dust" itself passed the test.Therefore, it can be full of stamina.

At the same time, the film "Tomorrow’s Battle" was ridiculed on the short video platform for "selling badly", and the box office just passed 600 million after 27 days of release. Ruijun Li, the director, also said in an exclusive interview with Zumu News that he understood the choice of film arrangement in cinemas and cinemas in the early stage. "The audience has the freedom to choose what to watch, and the cinemas have the freedom to choose what to arrange. Even if we want to talk about feelings, the premise is to let the market operate first. Now the cinema has been’ hungry’ for a long time, let the cinema fill its stomach first, and then take care of art movies. "

It is gratifying that the market has now clearly perceived the value of the art film "Into the Dust". On September 30, 2022, "Hidden into the Dust" was postponed to September 30 after it was announced on August 2 that the key was postponed to September 12. In addition to the key extension, the proportion of cinema films is also rising, reaching 10%. Compared with the release volume of about 0.2% in the early stage, the box office data of "Hidden into the Dust" in September should be more impressive.

It can continue to ferment word of mouth after webcasting, and the box office in a single day has exceeded 4 million, and the total box office has reached 37 million.This is a miracle of a film, and it also indicates new opportunities in the film market.

How does the Central Radio and Television General Station report on anti-epidemic disease?

  Author | Gao Xiaohong

  来源 | 中国广播杂志(ID:zggbzz)

  当前,我国正面临新型冠状病毒肺炎(英文简称NCP或COVID-19,中文简称新冠肺炎)肆虐的严峻挑战。新冠肺炎疫情是一场特别重大的突发公共卫生事件,极大地威胁着人民群众的生命健康安全。截至2月18日,全国已累计确诊72530例,重症 11741 例,死亡1870例。




  Unblocked information:

  Give full play to the authority and professionalism of mainstream media

  1, timely, open and accurate report on the progress of the epidemic

  The report of unexpected events refers to the news media’s integration of media resources in the process of the occurrence and development of events, and their reporting and evaluation of various situations related to events to the society and the public. After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, a major public health event, the whole society paid close attention to the epidemic information and the progress of epidemic prevention and control. China quickly launched a Class I response to major public health emergencies, and the National Health and Wellness Commission and the health and wellness commissions of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government announced the epidemic information of infectious diseases in their respective administrative regions to the public. The information on epidemic situation of infectious diseases should be published in a timely and accurate manner. At the same time, the news media should also report the true information of emergencies in a timely and accurate manner according to the law, protect the people’s right to know, and contribute to the handling and aftermath of public emergencies.

  Since the outbreak of the war of resistance against the epidemic, the general station has released authoritative information in time and continuously spread the epidemic situation around the clock. The News 1+1 column of CCTV, the general station, has been arranged as a whole and specially planned, and has continuously reported the COVID-19 epidemic since January 20th.

  On January 20th, this column was connected with Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of National Health Commission high-level expert group, to introduce the basic situation of COVID-19 epidemic, which played a role of "setting the tone" in the information dissemination of COVID-19 epidemic. Since January 26th, CCTV News Channel of the General Station has launched "Special Report on the War Epidemic", with the theme of fighting the epidemic, continuously focusing on the national situation of fighting the epidemic, and releasing the latest data of the epidemic in time, so that people can know fairly well. It also connected with reporters from the front-line general station of the anti-epidemic in real time, showing the good mental state of all regions and departments in fighting the epidemic with one heart and one mind. At the same time, we will give full play to the advantages of the platform and share the program resources. From January 29, CCTV will broadcast CCTV programs simultaneously from 10: 00 to 11: 00 and from 15: 00 to 16: 30 every day.

  In the reporting of major public health emergencies, the openness and transparency of information is very important. As a bridge connecting the government and the people, the mainstream media should disclose authoritative information at the first time and occupy the first place in the public opinion field.

  From January 26th, the press conference of the State Council Press Office, National Health Commission Press Conference and the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism will be broadcast simultaneously by CCTV’s comprehensive channel and news channel, and broadcast simultaneously by China Voice. Every day, through the live broadcast of the press conference on epidemic prevention and control, the prevention and control information in COVID-19 can be disseminated openly and transparently, and the people’s right to know is fully respected and guaranteed. At the same time, speaking in a timely, active and rational manner has also curbed the spread of online rumors.

  2. Interview authoritative sources and release authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control.

  After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the spread of all kinds of information, especially the spread of new media space on the Internet, is very active, which makes the people contact with a lot of information every day, and the phenomenon of information overload appears. At the same time, the people are very concerned about the spirit of the central government and the policies, methods, and prevention and control process of epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, the mainstream media need to exert their authority and credibility and master the leading power of public opinion. This is also an initiative to set the agenda and master the right to publish, define and interpret issues. As the authoritative mainstream media in China, the reception desk gathers the advantages of interview resources by releasing official authoritative information at the first time, interviewing authoritative experts and frontline workers against the epidemic, and carefully sets the media agenda for fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.

  3, professional team to fulfill the responsibility and mission of news propaganda work.

  In the highly developed communication environment of online social media, the mainstream media put forward more stringent requirements for the authenticity, accuracy and security of information in this public opinion campaign against the COVID-19 epidemic. Because if the information is slightly deviated, it may cause the content to spread out of control, and then affect the credibility of the mainstream media.

  On the one hand, the main station sent a professional team to the first scene to fight the epidemic, on the other hand, it strengthened the supervision of the contents of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the foolproof dissemination of information. From January 27th, the General Station set up the "Wuhan Live Studio of War Epidemic" in Hubei Radio and Television Station, and set the studio at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. The broadcasting frequency of the main station gives full play to the emergency role of broadcasting in public health emergencies. By taking advantage of the advantages of wide broadcasting coverage, fast transmission speed and low listening threshold, the emergency reporting plan is launched at the first time, and the propaganda of epidemic prevention and control is intensified. All programs broadcast the progress of epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19 in a rolling way throughout the day. Every day from 19: 00 to 20: 00, the "Voice of China Special Report on Fighting the Epidemic" is also launched. During the week from February 3rd to 9th, there were 1,400 epidemic-related reports and nearly 7,000 written messages.













  In terms of the strength and discretion of news reports, the epidemic reports of the main station are of high frequency, high intensity and high quality, thus achieving high coverage of epidemic prevention and control information.

  According to the data of CCTV Advertising Management Center, from January 24th to February 2nd, the viewing rate of News Network increased significantly, reaching 11.72%, and the viewing rate of viewers aged 15-24 increased by 186% year-on-year. The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic coincided with the Spring Festival. With the escalation of prevention and control measures, the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, and the implementation of personal home prevention and control measures, radio and television, as a family-accompanying media, just played a key role in spreading anti-epidemic information in families.

  In terms of the effect and actual effect of public opinion guidance, the general station boldly innovated on the new media platform by means of media integration, and achieved outstanding communication effects. For example, from 8: 00 on January 27th, CCTV News launched an uninterrupted live broadcast of the special program "Common War Epidemic", which was broadcast simultaneously on CCTV Video, CCTV News client, Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and other mobile new media platforms, providing viewers with an information channel that directly hits the front line of epidemic prevention and control 24 hours a day. The reporter from the General Station visited the epidemic prevention and control site and made a comprehensive, accurate and timely report on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients in various regions, the work and living conditions of medical workers, and the production, supply and transshipment of medical protective equipment. The live broadcast attracted tens of thousands of viewers from all over the country to interact in real time, and "Come on Wuhan, Come on Hubei, Come on China" was screened.

  At 19: 00 on January 31st, CCTV News Network entered the "Aauto Quicker" short video community and began the normal live broadcast. Within 33 minutes of the first live broadcast, the cumulative number of viewers was nearly 20 million. Since February 1st, "News Network" has been broadcast live on Sina Weibo, with a cumulative audience of 17.658 million, with an average daily audience of 1.358 million. In addition, CCTV news official Weibo initiated the topic of "real-time broadcast of joint prevention and control of epidemic situation", which was read 3.36 billion times and discussed 374,000 times, with a maximum reading of 608 million times in a single day. The topic of "common war and epidemic" has been read 6.07 billion times, discussed 1.55 million times, and the highest reading volume in a single day is nearly 870 million times. Through the way of integrated communication, the mainstream media has exerted great influence among young people and achieved the communication effect guided by public opinion.

  3. Storytelling: Reflect the people’s determination and deeds in fighting the epidemic.

  "People-centered" is an important working principle of the party’s news and public opinion work. In the report on the fight against the epidemic in COVID-19, the reception desk pointed the lens and microphone of news reports at the people’s anti-epidemic actions. By recording touching stories and accumulating ordinary materials, it told the stories of people around us and described the greatness of ordinary people, conveyed the warmth of humanity and humanistic care behind the severe epidemic, and showed the spirit of the people of the whole country to unite as one and help each other in the same boat.

  On January 29th, the Voice of China, the Central Broadcasting Station, launched the special program "Diary of an Angel". The content of this program comes from angels in white who are facing the COVID-19 epidemic and racing against death. It records the daily work of front-line medical staff in the form of voice self-report and first-person perspective. Angel Diary broadcasts an episode every day, and at the same time, it is launched on Himalayan FM audio platform, and published on Voice of China Weibo and WeChat WeChat official account. The program gives full play to the voice advantage of broadcasting, and spreads the positive energy story of fighting the epidemic with a keen perspective and delicate brushwork. According to the data, its single item in Weibo received the highest praise of 19,000 person-times, and the cumulative reading volume of WeChat WeChat official account exceeded 344,000 person-times.

  In addition, since February 11th, News Network has launched a column "A Line of Anti-epidemic Groups" to report the effectiveness of joint prevention and control measures by various departments in various regions and tell touching stories about the front line of anti-epidemic. The book "Wuhan at Zero, Here are Stories You Don’t Know" by feature story of the Central Broadcasting Corporation truthfully records the voices of people in Wuhan in the middle of the night and bears witness to the determination and persistence of people from all walks of life. By reporting the great love and responsibility of front-line workers, the mainstream media has established an emotional bond for the people to overcome the difficulties together.


  Stabilizing People’s Heart: Facing the Social Concern of Major Public Emergencies

  1, timely counseling to resolve the crisis of public opinion.

  The prevention and control of the epidemic situation in COVID-19 is all-round. In the field of news and public opinion, the first problem is to face and promptly dispel the possible public opinion crisis. The so-called public opinion crisis refers to the phenomenon that public opinion is at a difficult juncture because unfavorable public opinion occupies the central position in the public opinion field. In order to avoid and prevent the public opinion crisis and smoothly resolve the contradictions and problems caused by unexpected events, it is necessary to open the way, promptly guide and master the initiative.

  After the occurrence of major public emergencies, the news media should fully predict the current public opinion environment, and make adjustments from the perspective of overall information dissemination, ensure the expression of opinions of the masses, reflect their voices, channel negative and negative public opinion, and encourage and advocate positive public opinion.

  The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic coincided with the Chinese Lunar New Year, so the festive atmosphere became heavy, and the people’s life focus shifted to preventing and controlling the COVID-19 epidemic and ensuring life safety. In this public opinion environment, the reception desk immediately made adjustments, and the 2020 Spring Festival Gala broadcasted a scenario report program "Love is a Bridge" with zero rehearsal. Through the form of scenario narration, it showed the touching scene of Wuhan people facing up to the sudden COVID-19 epidemic and the medical staff selfless treatment.

  Later, in the recording of the Lantern Festival special program, we dug deep into the first-line story of epidemic prevention and paid tribute to the "most beautiful retrograde" who silently contributed to the epidemic prevention work, showing the great cohesion of the Chinese nation and the spiritual strength of the people of the whole country to work together to overcome difficulties, which was well received by the audience.

  According to statistics, as of 10: 00 on February 5th, the epidemic news materials released by CCTV International Vision and the press conference signals held by state authorities were selected and broadcast by 1,721 overseas TV stations or channels in 112 countries and regions, including Fox and BBC, for more than 362,000 times, which won wide respect and support from the international community.

  2. Relieve public panic.

  After the outbreak of the epidemic in COVID-19, especially at the initial stage of the outbreak, the public was in a state of panic due to the fact that the focus of the epidemic has yet to be scientifically studied, the situation of epidemic spread is grim, the effect of epidemic prevention and control has yet to be observed, and the drugs for treating and preventing the epidemic have yet to be developed. The public’s panic is manifested in various ways, such as the spread of rumors and rumors, weak awareness of scientific prevention and group prevention and control, and panic buying of masks and medical supplies in some areas. During the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, it is very important for the mainstream media to play the role of public opinion guidance to alleviate public panic. Previous studies have shown that if we can correctly use the guiding function of the mainstream media, we can promote the original absurd rumors to become a "pedal" for people to understand the truth and scientific knowledge.

  On the basis of interviewing authoritative sources and releasing authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control, the Headquarters also launched a series of promotional videos in conjunction with the Propaganda Department of National Health Commission to popularize the knowledge of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and guide the public to enhance their awareness of self-prevention. Each of these popular science videos is about 1 minute long, which effectively and conveniently spreads the practical operation and prevention and control concepts of legal prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, and group prevention and control, and the communication effect is good. Up to now, the series of public service short films have landed on nearly 400,000 digital screens in 50 cities across the country, playing circularly at major airports, stations and ports, and landing in business districts, communities, enterprises and universities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

  In the communication environment of media convergence, the new comprehensive audio-visual media flagship "Central Video" 5G new media platform newly built by CCTV based on new technologies such as "5G+4K/8K+AI" was officially launched not long ago, which was put into the prevention and control propaganda of the COVID-19 epidemic. CCTV, the main station, opened up "War ‘ Epidemic ’ The topic "Frontline" includes vlog real shooting, exclusive interview, scientific inquiry, suggestions, real-time panorama and other sections. Record the true story of the "epidemic" front line, follow up the latest progress of experimental research and development, and introduce the knowledge of epidemic prevention science in the form of short video; "CCTV News" broadcasts "Common War" 24 hours a day, and works with hundreds of millions of viewers to supervise, watch, accompany and guard the cloud.

  On the evening of January 27th, CCTV opened a 24-hour live broadcast port, and started the "slow live broadcast" of the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Thunder God Mountain hospital through the 5G+ optical fiber dual Gigabit network, and multiple aircraft seats presented live real-time pictures around the clock. Without the host, commentary and editing and packaging, it attracted nearly 120 million online "cloud supervisors". The series of live broadcasts were broadcast on 11 online platforms, including Tencent News, Today’s Headlines, Phoenix News, Youku and Wo Video. The total number of viewers exceeded 15 million and the number of interactive comments exceeded 13,000. The series live broadcast and slow live broadcast are broadcast on CCTV News client, @ CCTV News Weibo, CCTV Video client and Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and Betta Fish. Among them, only the short video of "Tik Tok" was watched by more than 55 million people.




  On January 29, the Central Steering Group sent an inspection team to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, where the epidemic was serious, for supervision and verification. CCTV reporters covered the whole process. In the report, the working ability of the person in charge of the local competent department was questioned. After the news broadcast, the role and effect of public opinion supervision were produced, and the director of the health and health commission in Huanggang City was immediately dismissed. In the supervision of news and public opinion, the mainstream media always adhere to the problem orientation, which can neither make a mountain out of a molehill to cause panic, nor make a mountain out of a molehill to make the work lax. We should correctly carry out constructive public opinion supervision, meet the audience’s higher-level pursuit of information disclosure in the all-media environment, and promote the solution of problems in the prevention and control of epidemic situation in COVID-19.

  The whole people participated in the war against the COVID-19 epidemic, and the effect was obvious. With the unified and centralized leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the mobilization and participation of the whole society, and the comprehensive strengthening of prevention and control, the battle of epidemic prevention and control will surely win the final victory. At the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, the authoritative mainstream media, represented by the Central Radio and Television General Station, adhered to the duty and mission of news and public opinion work, gave full play to the authority and professionalism of the mainstream media, grasped the principle of "time and effect" and carried out news and public opinion work "people-centered", which unblocked information, enhanced confidence and stabilized people’s hearts.

  The author of this paper is Gao Xiaohong, Minister of Journalism and Communication at China Communication University, and distinguished professor, a Changjiang Scholar at the Ministry of Education. Cai Yu is a Ph.D. student at China Communication University, originally published in the third issue of China Broadcasting in 2020.

Cool weekend "summer" Fengxian Bihai Jinsha and Jinshan city beach play strategy is coming.

Hot summer day

Go barefoot to the seaside to blow the sea breeze and step on the sea water.

It is the best way to cool off in summer.


Fengxian Bihai Jinsha and Jinshan City Beach

Has been opened to the outside world

Small body has prepared a play strategy for you.

Help you cool down for a summer!

Bihai Jinsha

No.6 Haihan Road, Fengxian District

I. Opening hours

From July 2nd to September 12th, 8: 30-21: 00 (admission will be closed at 19: 30).

From September 13th to October 7th, 8: 30-17: 00 (admission will be closed at 16: 00).

From October 8th to December 31st, 8: 30-16: 30 (admission will be closed at 15: 30).

Note: The swimming period is from July 2nd to September 12th, and the non-swimming period is from September 13th to December 31st. The operation time of the scenic spot will be adjusted due to uncertain factors such as weather and renovation. The above information is for reference only, which is subject to the actual publicity information of the scenic spot on that day.

Second, the way to purchase tickets

Tickets can be booked through WeChat WeChat official account "Bihai Jinsha" and major online platforms (Meituan, Ctrip, Mama Donkey, etc.).


1. Amusement items in the scenic spot are all second-generation items, which need to be purchased separately.

2. Please reasonably participate in high-risk tourism projects such as high altitude, high speed, water, diving and exploration according to your own conditions, so that the safety of happy travel comes first.

Once the ticket is sold, it is not transferable.

Iii. preferential policies for tickets

1. Free of charge

Children: under 1.3m (inclusive).

Old people: 70 years old or above, with an old age card or ID card, need to be accompanied by family members to enter the park.

Disabled people: they need to be accompanied by their families to enter the park with their valid certificates (disability certificates).

Servicemen and disabled soldiers: Hold my valid Military Officer’s Card or Soldier’s Card.

Fire rescue personnel: with valid certificates.

2. Half-price ticket

Children: children over 1.3 meters tall buy discount tickets.

Students: Minors aged 6 to 18, students with full-time undergraduate education or below can buy discount tickets with their student ID cards.

Old people: 60 years old (including 60 years old) to 70 years old (excluding 70 years old) buy discount tickets with ID cards.

Soldiers: Ex-servicemen buy discount tickets with their retirement certificates, families of active servicemen, survivors of martyrs, survivors of soldiers who died in the line of duty, and survivors of deceased soldiers with valid certificates.

Fourth, the admission notice

1. Before entering the park, visitors must hold a negative nucleic acid certificate within 72 hours; When entering the park, you must show your health code and cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurement. Visitors whose temperature exceeds 37.3℃ are refused to enter the park.

2. After entering the park, visitors must wear masks all the time. Specific requirements and precautions for prevention and control have been set up at the eye-catching position of the main entrance of the park, so visitors are requested to cooperate and abide by them.

3. All the items in the scenic spot except those included in the big ticket are self-funded items, and the specific items are subject to the on-site presentation of the scenic spot (for example, due to force majeure factors such as weather, electricity, equipment, epidemic situation, etc., for safety reasons, the merchants may change, delay or cancel the opening of some play items without prior notice, and no change or refund measures will be implemented. Please forgive me! )

Jinshan City Beach

No.7555, Huhang Highway, Jinshan District

I. Opening hours of swimming period

July 2 to September 10, 8:30-21:30

Second, the ticket price

1. Swimming period: ticket to 30 yuan on weekdays and 50 yuan on holidays and weekends.

2. Non-swimming period: ticket to 10 yuan on weekdays and 20 yuan on holidays and weekends.

Iii. preferential policies for tickets

1. Free tickets

Officers (for servicemen with valid certificates, disabled soldiers, survivors of martyrs, survivors of servicemen who died in the line of duty, survivors of deceased servicemen and families of servicemen).

On-the-job, retired, disabled firefighters (including full-time government firefighters) and fire rescue college students (with their valid certificates).

Disabled persons shall hold the "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Disabled Persons’ Card" issued by the Disabled Persons’ Federation.

Any elderly person over 65 years of age (with my valid certificate).

Children under 1.3 meters in height.

Visitors who enjoy free tickets (except children) must first go to the ticket office to exchange tickets for scenic spots with valid certificates. When entering the scenic spots, they should also show their tickets and their valid certificates to check in.

Children under 1.3 meters (inclusive) will be issued admission tickets after their height is confirmed by the ticket office.

2. Half-price ticket

Students in full-time schools (with student ID cards).

Every elderly person aged 60 (inclusive) -64 (inclusive) is limited to one (with an old-age card or ID card). When entering the scenic spot, he must present a half-price ticket and his valid certificate at the same time, and check the ticket to enter the park.

Children 1.3m-1.5m in height.

Fourth, the admission notice

The scenic spot will strictly implement the prevention and control measures such as "peak shifting, reservation and flow restriction" and place code, application code, travel card and "four codes" of nucleic acid detection information, and strictly implement quota reservation management according to the carrying capacity and actual situation of the scenic spot.

1. You must wear a mask regularly, consciously accept the temperature test, provide the application code, travel card, negative proof of nucleic acid test within 72 hours, take the initiative to be verified by digital sentry or scanning place code, and the staff can confirm before entering the park.

2. Visitors can purchase tickets online through "Jinshan City Beach" WeChat, WeChat official account, Meituan and other online platforms, or they can purchase tickets at the artificial window.

3 tourists consciously keep a safe distance of more than 2 meters, do not gather, do not stay in crowded areas for a long time, and do not engage in group activities.

4. Tourist attractions that do not wear masks, do not listen to dissuasion, and do not meet the requirements for entering the park will be persuaded to return.

Visitors are requested to strictly follow the epidemic prevention requirements, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations in the scenic spot and follow the guidance of the staff in the scenic spot to ensure a pleasant play. For more details of opening, please pay attention to the official WeChat official account of the scenic spot. The actual opening situation is subject to the notice of the scenic spot.

Small body warm reminder, in recent hot days, please do a good job in heatstroke prevention and sun protection when going out, and try to avoid outdoor activities during high temperature periods. If you have symptoms of heatstroke, you should quickly enter a cool and ventilated place and seek medical advice in time.

Source: Bihai Jinsha, Jinshan City Beach official WeChat official account


Comments | Hometown Zodiac … are all reasons for rejection! How to break the discrimination in job hunting?

  CCTV News:Entering the graduation season, many fresh college students are on the road to job hunting, but the road to job hunting is not easy. Recently, China University Media Alliance conducted a questionnaire survey for 605 fresh graduates from more than 100 universities. The results showed that,75.7% of the respondents said that they had been treated unfairly when looking for a job.

  Girls encounter relatively serious employment discrimination.

  Chen Ning is a fresh graduate majoring in English in a university in Zhejiang. She had a dream of being a teacher since she was a child. She set her ideal unit in a middle school early, but when applying for the job, she found that many schools treated male and female candidates differently. Some indicate "male priority", while others require in disguise that "female graduates should be in the top 10% of the whole department, while male graduates should only be in the top 30%".

  According to the survey results of China University Media Alliance, 33.06% of the respondents said that they had encountered gender discrimination in employers, and most of this phenomenon happened to female graduates.

  985, 211 into a fixed label

  In addition, whether it comes from a prestigious school or not has also caused some graduates to express their helpless feelings of "losing at the starting line of employment".

  Chen Weihao, a student from a university in Fujian, said, "I participated in a campus recruitment activity held in Fuzhou University, and many different companies came to recruit. At that time, I thought a Shenzhen enterprise was not bad, but before I sat down, the interviewer asked, ‘ Are you a student in 985 and 211 universities? ’” Such a direct question made Chen Weihao eat a bowl of "closed doors" that was caught off guard. He said frankly: "I didn’t even have time to hand in my resume, so I was ruthlessly rejected."

  According to the survey results of China University Media Alliance, 42.15% of the respondents were hindered by the lack of school grades.

  Hometown, animal sign, constellation, etc. also become rejection factors.

  Lin Chengqi is a recent graduate of a university in Zhejiang, and his household registration is in Hebei. Having participated in major job fairs in Zhejiang Province, he concluded: "Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and other places have strict restrictions on household registration." He also found that many recruitment posters of enterprises and institutions with good reputation read "local household registration is preferred", and some even emphasized that "only graduates with local household registration or nearby areas are recruited".

  The survey results of China University Media Alliance show that recent graduates not only face unfair employment treatment in the above aspects, but also some people say that their "face value" is not high enough, which makes it difficult to find a job, and 4.3% of the respondents have encountered discrimination such as horoscope and zodiac. These uncontrollable factors have actually become obstacles in the employment process of some fresh graduates.

  The Ministry of Education clearly and resolutely opposes any form of employment discrimination in the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Employment and Entrepreneurship of Graduates of National Colleges and Universities in 2017", and it is strictly forbidden to publish discriminatory information including limited institutions, gender and nationality in all campus recruitment activities. Nevertheless, enterprises still regard whether they graduate from a prestigious school as an implicit condition, and examples of employment discrimination abound. All kinds of survey results are enough to show that employment discrimination has not been improved on the whole, but there is still a long way to go to achieve employment equity. Can this social ills be solved?

  CCTV comment: Anti-employment discrimination, find a more effective system outlet.

  Anti-employment discrimination needs the thrust of society.

  Society is always comparing, screening and discriminating, which may be the nature of human society; Discrimination as a screening in the economic sense is also doomed to exist. But the existence may not be reasonable. Advocating equality and opposing discrimination are also connected with the process of human civilization. As the saying goes, "there has never been real equality in human history, which does not hinder our pursuit of equality", and opposing employment discrimination constitutes an important level to promote equality for all. And like all efforts against discrimination,The relationship between anti-employment discrimination and employment discrimination is also like a pressure spring. The greater the social force, the discrimination will shrink back. If society is indifferent or lets go, discrimination will rebound.

  How to oppose implicit discrimination isMore important proposition

  However, discrimination is not necessarily blatant and blatant.With "not discriminating on the table" becoming a new political correctness, a more important proposition is how to oppose implicit discrimination.One of the most common concerns is that even if there is no corresponding discrimination clause in the recruitment notice, will the personal likes and dislikes of the recruiter not be reflected in the real recruitment process? Another example is that the Ministry of Education issued a ban as early as four years ago, "It is strictly forbidden to publish recruitment information containing the words" 985 colleges and universities, 211 colleges and universities ",but the ban did not really prevent 985 and 211 from becoming the screening conditions for recruitment.

  Anti-employment discrimination: we can’t stop at advocating ideas and need more institutional supply.

  This also reminds us that today’s opposition to employment discrimination can no longer simply stay in concept advocacy, but needs more effective institutional supply. For example, why the Ministry of Education’s ban on 985 and 211 can’t really stop the "universal atmosphere" lies in the formal ban without substantive review. The lack of substantive review is precisely because there is no rigid system. "Even if I discriminate, what can you do with me?" Therefore, some experts believe that the scope of application of today’s anti-employment discrimination legislation is too narrow, and "a basic law against employment discrimination is needed".

  Of course, "the life of law lies not in logic but in experience", and opposing employment discrimination is doomed to be a long process. For example, in the 1960s, the United States Congress passed the Fair Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act to regulate the issue of equal pay for equal work between men and women. However, after more than 50 years of implementation of the law, the annual salary of female employees in the United States has increased from 59% to 79% of that of men, but it is still far from equal pay for equal work. Even some studies have shown that if the law enforcement is too rigid in a short time, forcing equal pay for equal work may hurt women’s employment. Today, China is more or less facing the same situation, and the protection of women has fallen into a paradox: the longer maternity leave is extended and breastfeeding leave is advocated, the more likely women are to face the risk of "no interview opportunities".

  It is better to explore the way of enterprise cost socialization than to simply criticize it.

  Therefore, it is not enough to build a truly effective anti-discrimination system framework with ideas, but also to dig deep into effective systems.Specifically, discrimination is always accompanied by issues of economic rationality and cost sharing. For example, "985, 211" is used as a condition to screen resumes. Indeed, there is an advantage for famous school students, and it is understandable that human resources management departments want to recruit graduates from famous schools, but they cannot reject the choice rights of non-key university graduates across the board. For example, discrimination against women in employment, from the employer’s point of view, it is not unreasonable to worry that women will leave their jobs too soon because of childbirth, thus raising the cost of employing people.

  Instead of simply criticizing, it is better to explore a way to truly socialize the cost of enterprises. Can we further expand the scope and time of maternity insurance? Can the government subsidize enterprises to run their own kindergartens? Can the husband’s maternity leave be improved, so as to share the reproductive cost of women? In a word, it is more important to establish an effective cost sharing mechanism than just shouting.

   Equality, as a great idea, is that it transcends the simple jungle law of the jungle. In this era, more and more people believe in "everyone can succeed" and pay more and more attention to equality of opportunity, so it is possible to achieve real employment equity than in any era. It is the direction that the whole society should make constant efforts to ensure every worker’s equal employment rights and help everyone grow into a successful person.

  Wen Yi, the Mountain of Special Contributions for CCTV Comments

  Watch more news


  How to protect rights when encountering employment discrimination?

  Anti-employment discrimination is an international action. China’s Employment Promotion Law, which was formally implemented in 2007, also clearly stipulates the opposition to employment discrimination. If you are looking for a job again, how should you protect your rights?

  First of all, after encountering gender discrimination, job seekers should pay attention to collecting evidence and demanding rights protection. Including recruitment brochures, articles in advertisements, or other relevant emails and information that are not hired on the grounds of gender, can be retained as evidence.

  At the same time, Article 62 of the Employment Promotion Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) stipulates that workers who violate the provisions of this law and commit employment discrimination may bring a lawsuit to the people’s court.

Visiting relatives from prison during the Spring Festival and seeing off his father-in-law and father, he has no regrets in life/figure

  Li Linping (a pseudonym), a prisoner, never imagined that he had the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives during the Spring Festival this year. Having a reunion dinner, seeing off my elderly father-in-law and looking after my seriously ill father … Li Linping said that the experience of visiting relatives made him very excited. "I just want to make a good transformation, get out of prison as soon as possible and live a good life again." It is understood that this year’s Spring Festival, 42 prisons in the province organized a total of 274 prisoners to leave prison to visit relatives. Recently, all prisoners who left prison to visit relatives returned to prison on time.


  Leave prison: to leave prison freely.

  Li Linping, who is over 40 years old, is visiting relatives for the second time. Compared with the previous experience of visiting relatives, he felt very deeply that he was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for corruption and abuse of power: "This time it is a reward, which is different from visiting relatives outside the prison. There is no full monitoring, and his psychology is very relaxed, and at the same time he has a sense of responsibility."

  In 2004, Li Linping’s mother-in-law died of illness, and he was granted a special leave from prison to visit relatives. From 3 pm to 6 pm that day, Li Linping, led by two policemen, returned to his hometown Qingbaijiang. After knocking on the head several times in front of her mother-in-law’s spirit and hastily comforting her wife and family, Li Linping reluctantly embarked on the way back to prison.

  At the beginning of February this year, Li Linping was pleasantly informed by Jintang Prison that he was on the list of people who left prison to visit relatives during the Spring Festival! It turned out that because of his good performance after he was imprisoned, Li Linping was given the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives. At 9: 00 a.m. on February 5, Li Linping dressed up completely and excitedly appeared in front of his wife, sister, brother and other relatives. Accompanied by them, he confidently stepped up and walked out of the prison gate for the first time.

  Home: My father-in-law finally waited for him.

  In the morning, Li Linping went to his father-in-law’s house first. The 82-year-old father-in-law was seriously ill in bed. Li Linping came to the old man’s bed and took his hand tightly: "Dad, I came back to see you. Who am I?" After several calls, the old man raised his hand excitedly and said in a trembling voice, "Are you a son-in-law …" "He has been waiting for me, and now he finally sees me." Li Linping said that at noon the next day, the old man finished his life peacefully.

  Youth League Year: For the first time in many years

  At noon on the first day of returning home, a large family had a reunion dinner at their wife’s home. The family kept raising their glasses to bless the New Year and Li Linping. "For so many years, I went home for a reunion dinner for the first time. I am so happy to see a family in harmony. " Li Linping enjoyed this meal so much that he drank a little wine happily, even though he didn’t drink much at ordinary times.

  Filial piety: taking care of father before bed

  Li Linping, accompanied by his family, rushed to the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region to visit his 84-year-old father almost every day. Because of his careless fall, his father wearing a ventilator could not speak. "Dad, I’m coming to see you. If you know, blink your eyes." Father moved and really blinked a few times slowly.

  "I finally saw the old man for the last time, but I also regretted that I could not be filial." Li Linping said that just after he returned to prison for half a month, his father quietly stopped breathing. He is very grateful to the prison for giving him the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives, so that he can see the two old people for the last time.

  Significance: Carrying out humanized management.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Prison Administration that all prisoners who left prison to visit relatives had returned to prison within the specified time, and there was no incident of supervision safety accident and criminals who left prison to visit relatives disturbing social order. Among them, Liu, a criminal in Chengdu Juvenile Delinquency Center, took the initiative to participate in local rescue and relief activities during his visit from prison, and the local town government sent a special letter of commendation.

  "Under the premise of strict standards,’ sunshine’ approval and ensuring safety, visiting relatives outside prison is an important means to improve the quality of criminal reform, which is the embodiment of the criminal policy of’ tempering justice with mercy’ and also conforms to the current advanced execution concept." Li Xinmin, Party Secretary of the Provincial Prison Administration, said.

  Liu Zhicheng, director of the Provincial Prison Administration, said: "Visiting relatives after leaving prison is an important measure to implement humanized management in prisons and an important embodiment of the prison policy of’ reforming people’. We will strengthen the summary, strive to improve and constantly advance." (Reporter Yang Qin)

Editor: Jufu

Wuhan Railway Station welcomes the peak of passenger traffic, and it is estimated that 579,000 passengers will be sent during the three-day holiday on New Year’s Day.

Ye Wenbo, a journalist of Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Correspondent Liao Yuzhi Wang Qian

Intern Li Jianing

New Year’s Day is approaching in 2024. The reporter learned from the Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office that it is predicted that the three-day holiday on New Year’s Day is expected to send 579,000 passengers, with a single-day peak on December 30, sending about 236,000 passengers.

During the festival, the Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office will make overall coordination, continuously improve the comprehensive environment of the station area, jointly rectify the taxi operation order, fully divert traffic, carefully investigate potential safety hazards, and wholeheartedly create a safe, stable and orderly riding environment for passengers.

On the eve of New Year’s Day, the person in charge of the Comprehensive Management Office of Wuhan Railway Station actively communicated with the person in charge of Wuhan Railway Station, Hongshan Traffic Brigade, Metro, Wu Tie Travel Service Media Co., Ltd. and other station units on various security matters such as traffic diversion, passenger evacuation and parking lot management during New Year’s Day. All units in the station area use the WeChat support group in the station area to strengthen the joint logistics linkage. Wuhan Station publishes the passenger flow situation at the stage every day, and all units in the station area are responsible for passenger connection.

In order to create a good operating order, the law enforcement brigade of the Comprehensive Management Office regularly carried out rectification actions, and jointly carried out joint law enforcement actions with Wuhan Municipal Transportation Bureau, Hongshan District Transportation Management Office, District Traffic Police and other units in Wuhan Railway Station Network, East and West Elevated Platforms, Main Traffic Roads and other places to severely crack down on unlicensed operation of operating vehicles and illegal operation of taxis. In the middle and late December, more than 10 rectification actions were organized, more than 300 vehicles of various types were inspected, and 5 illegally operated vehicles were investigated; After collecting complaints from the masses, five cases were filed after verification.

In view of the characteristics of many travelers and traffic during New Year’s Day, Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office analyzed and judged the risk factors during the holiday period in advance and took effective preventive measures. The Joint District Market Supervision Administration and the station police station organized pre-holiday safety inspections, highlighting key areas such as hotels, restaurants and construction sites in the station area, as well as key industries such as fire protection, gas, road traffic, special equipment and electricity safety, to ensure that there are no dead ends in the inspection; Require sanitation companies and garbage sorting companies to strengthen operation safety, and operators are strictly prohibited from drunk driving and fatigue driving to ensure that no safety accidents occur; At the same time, do a good job in road inspection and inspection during key periods during the festival and in extreme weather such as freezing rain and snow, and timely handle and report all kinds of emergencies.

It is also the focus of pre-holiday preparations to strengthen the sanitation and cleanliness of the station capacity and appearance of the car, and optimize and beautify the waiting environment for passengers at the railway station. The third-party cleaning company of Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office increased cleaning staff, strengthened environmental sanitation, and ensured that 50 people were on duty every day during the festival. At the same time, the newly opened landscape areas in West Square, West Second Road and Harmony Road will be comprehensively cleaned and cleaned, and the station units will be coordinated to strengthen the comprehensive environmental improvement of the station area and enhance the window image of Wuhan Station.

The relevant person in charge of the Comprehensive Management Office of Wuhan Railway Station said that during the New Year’s Day holiday, the passenger flow of Wuhan Railway Station increased. The Comprehensive Management Office will coordinate all units in the station area, strengthen scientific dispatch and duty, and do a good job in the management and service of the station area with excellent spirit. Respond to the protection work of the New Year’s Day holiday and continuously enhance passengers’ sense of acquisition, happiness and security.

(Image courtesy of correspondent)

(Source: Jimu News)

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Do you still need a structural biologist with AI? Wait for the top experts in Shi Yigong to see it this way.

Recently, Yan Ning, a famous structural biologist, announced that he would resign from Princeton University and set up the Academy of Medical Sciences in Shenzhen. In response to the latest research that she will focus on when she returns to China, she said that the discovery of structural biology is of great significance to the pharmaceutical industry, including the research on the interaction between drugs and hormones, which has more implications for drug development and disease treatment.

Yan Ning said, for example, that through the method of structural biology, scientists saw for the first time that two commonly used drugs used protein as a "scaffold", which directly "side by side" affected the normal function of protein.

Technological change promotes the development of structural biology.

Protein, as the scaffold and main substance of human tissues and organs, plays an important role in human life activities. In the cell, a large number of protein elements form the molecular machines, which performs important molecular processes in the cell through the interaction of protein, including the cell’s response to the external environment and the internal environment, and also forms a signal transduction network system with the interaction of protein as a link.

Structure By studying the three-dimensional structure, dynamic process and biological function of biological macromolecules, biology can provide more details of protein interaction and real-time dynamic process, thus helping scientists to understand molecular mechanism and explore the pathogenesis of diseases related to macromolecular dysfunction.

The development of biology not only contributes to the discovery of drugs, but also affects the research fields of life sciences including biochemistry, cell biology, genetic development, neurobiology, microbiology and pathopharmacology.

The development of science and technology has been promoting the progress of structural biology. In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to cryoelectron microscopy, which can greatly improve the efficiency of analyzing the atomic resolution three-dimensional structure of large protein complexes; Moreover, researchers can freeze biomolecules in motion and visualize their motion process.

This breakthrough has brought a perfect storm to the field of structural biology. In recent years, important breakthroughs have been made in the field of life sciences. The work of China scientists such as Cheng Yifan, Shi Yigong, Yang Maojun and Liu Zhengfeng has also benefited from this technology. They have analyzed the important complex structure of atomic resolution. In addition, the enzyme that produces the protein that leads to Alzheimer’s syndrome was analyzed by cryomicroscope.

In August, 2015, Shi Yigong’s research team published an article in Nature, reporting the three-dimensional electron microscope structure of human γ -secretase with a resolution of 3.4 angstrom, and studying the function of the pathogenic mutant of γ -secretase based on the structure analysis, which provided an important foundation for understanding the working mechanism of γ -secretase and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.

In February, 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the research team of West Lake University successfully analyzed the full-length structure of novel coronavirus receptor ACE2 for the first time by using cryo-electron microscopy, which helped the research and development of drugs in COVID-19.

What does AI predict protein folding change?

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, recently announced 220 million kinds of protein structures predicted by AlphaFold software, which shocked the field of structural biology, because it indicates that artificial intelligence enterprises have begun to "truly hand over the power of Al to scientists all over the world".

Scientists compare the significance of this disruptive breakthrough with the human genome project. In the 1990s, when the Human Genome Project began to take shape, scientists realized that it was not enough to master the base arrangement of genes, but also to know the protein, the product of genes.

Shi Yigong, academician of China Academy of Sciences, structural biologist and president of West Lake University, commented on AlphaFold’s work: "Its accurate prediction of protein structure is the greatest contribution of artificial intelligence to the scientific field, and it is also one of the most important scientific breakthroughs made by mankind in the 21st century."

Shi Yigong once told China Business News: "AlphaFold represents the world’s leading artificial intelligence protein organization prediction system." At the same time, he said, China’s high-tech enterprises are catching up, expecting to bring surprises to the world in the near future.

He also said that the improvement of the accuracy of protein structure prediction will greatly benefit the pharmaceutical industry. "Artificial intelligence prediction of protein structure provides an important foundation for drug design and optimization. The structure of drug target proteins combined with all small molecule drugs can almost be wiped out by AlphaFold. " Shi Yigong said.

In the opinion of some scientists, although AlphaFold’s work is shocking, the accuracy of drug research and development prediction is not enough. Professor Liu Zhijie, executive director of iHuman Institute, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, told the First Financial Reporter: "It has been a long time to predict the protein structure. Now the accuracy of the prediction is definitely getting higher and higher, but it still hasn’t reached the precision of crystal structure."

Liu Zhijie First Financial News told the reporter that the crystal structure is the most accurate, and now artificial intelligence can predict the protein folding with the accuracy of electron microscope and nuclear magnetic resonance. In addition, because there are thousands of structures in protein, the difficulty of analysis is different. "If some protein sequences are similar to the known structure of artificial intelligence, it is easier to predict." Liu Zhijie said.

However, he still believes that with the continuous improvement of the prediction accuracy of protein folding, it will play a more important role in the field of life sciences in the future. "If the current prediction can reach the accuracy of electron microscope, some drugs can already be designed. Drug design is the biggest application field of artificial intelligence protein folding prediction." Said to Liu Zhijie First Financial Reporter.

Others think that with the development of artificial intelligence, there may not be so many structural biologists in the future. "Many researchers who do structural biology are actually more like technical service personnel. The more people there are, the more structures that can be analyzed. Therefore, in essence, a large part of their work depends on manpower. Now with AI, it is true that a large number of people who do structural biology have changed careers." A virus researcher told the First Financial News reporter.

However, for top structural biologists such as Shi Yigong, technology is only a powerful support for the "top brain", which can help them realize more ideas. "Every conscientious biologist should know how to make good use of the structural prediction of artificial intelligence." Shi Yigong said.

Professor Michael Levitt, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013, told China Business News: "I think many structural biologists are not only doing structural research, but also doing a lot of work on protein function and drug research and development, just like Professor Yan Ning. Artificial intelligence only liberates a part of traditional manpower, but the progress of science still needs to rely on the smartest human brain. I’m afraid that artificial intelligence alone will not work. "

In recent years, a number of AI pharmaceutical companies have also been born in China. In this regard, Ewing Nan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Beijing Institute of Scientific Intelligence, pointed out to the First Financial Reporter: "The emergence of AI for Science research paradigm is an important historical opportunity for scientific and technological innovation, which not only expands the capability boundary of data-driven and physical model-driven models, but also is expected to promote the organic combination of the two, provide theoretical basis for further solving practical problems, and greatly narrow the distance between scientific research and practical application."

Shanghai to Zhejiang self -driving travel detailed route


      First, drive an elevated road along Humin Road. 6 kilometers from exit to enter Shanghai to Kunming highway

  Second, in Shanghai to Kunming Highway

  1) Drive 430 meters along the Shanghai -Kunming Expressway. Hangzhou/G60/Ningbo/Xinzhuang direction, open a small right

  2) Continue along Shanghai to Kunming Expressway 27. 6 kilometers straight into the Hangzhou Bay Ring Road Expressway

  Third, Hangzhou Bay Wound Highway Expressway

  Travel 52 along Hangzhou Bay Ring Road. 7 kilometers, go directly to Hangzhou, open a little bit of Shanghai to Kunming highway

  Fourth, in Shanghai to Kunming Expressway.

  Travel along Shanghai to Kunming highway. 3 kilometers, go directly to Hangzhou/ Qiandao Lake/ S2, and turn to Hangzhou -Ningbo Expressway

  Fifth, Hangzhou -Ningu Highway

  1) Drive along Hanging Highway 21. 9 kilometers directly to Hangzhou/Desheng Road, and it becomes a little bit of Disheng

  2) Walk 610 meters along Desheng Road, and open a small right

  Sixth, Zhejiang driving plan

  1) Continue to run 840 meters along De Sheng, enter Disheng Fast from the entrance

  2) Drive 680 meters along Desheng quickly, leave the slope from the airport exit

  3) Drive 360 ??meters along the ramp and go straight into Dusheng East Road

  4) 580 -meter driver along the Sheng Dong Road, turn left in front to enter the airport road

  5) 3 drivers along the airport road. 7 kilometers, in the direction of the Chengdong Bridge Stadium, rotate the bridge slightly

  6) Travel along the bridge 1. About 60 meters after 2 kilometers from the Hangzhou Criminal Investigation Building, go straight into the field

  7) 2 drivers along the stadium road. Turn left to the ancient Xinhe Bridge at 9 kilometers and enter Western Road

  8) 530 meters along the West Road of the Ring City, open the provincial roads and bridges into the provincial government

  9) Drive 280 meters along the provincial government. Arrive at the end (on the right side of the road)

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