Global strength sells well overseas. New Tiggo 8 is listed in Brazil.

  On August 12th, Chery Automobile’s new generation of Tiggo 8 was upgraded and listed in Brazil. At this point, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has appeared in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Ukraine, the Philippines, Peru and other places, and stood out in the increasingly competitive overseas market, becoming a veritable global car. 

  With years of deep cultivation in the global market, Chery has become the most popular China automobile brand in overseas markets. As the flagship of Chery Automobile’s Tiggo family, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has won wide acclaim in the international market with its hard-core strength, precise positioning and global standard product quality, and has been recognized by many authoritative organizations and welcomed by consumers. 


  eightOn December 12th, a new generation of Tiggo 8 was launched in Brazil. 

  While brands and products have been recognized by overseas markets, market sales have also performed well. Since its listing, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has been listed with the product strength of "super Chinese core" and "super space", and its sales volume has exceeded 10,000 for several months in a row, and it has been recognized by more than 100,000 users in one year. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has shaped the sales benchmark of market segments. Similarly, in overseas markets, especially in Brazil, Russia and other markets, the sales data has reached a new high in the past five years. 


  This achievement is not without reason. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has created a benchmark product force experience. Its "Double Top Ten" powertrain-Acteco 1.6 TGDI engine and Gertrak 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox can achieve a maximum power of 145kW and 290N in generate. M peak torque, and the highest thermal efficiency of China brand engine is over 37.1%, which realizes the ultra-low fuel consumption of the whole vehicle of 7.4L. 


  In addition to gratifying power performance, the new generation Tiggo 8 still maintains the largest body of its class of 4700x1860x1746mm, and has a super-long wheelbase of 2710mm, making it easy to realize 567-seat multi-seat layout. With the size advantage brought by the architecture, the product brings up to 12 kinds of flexible and variable combination spaces and 44 humanized storage spaces, which can easily meet the needs of ever-changing vehicles. 


  Behind the performance of the parameters is the Chery brand’s profound grasp of consumer demand. The brand-new generation of Tiggo 8 after this renewal and upgrade has brought 28 highly perceived quality upgrades to users in terms of five modules: appearance, interior, comfort, NVH and configuration. 

  After the upgrade, the 7-inch dashboard of the new generation of Tiggo 8 adopts a brand-new shape, and the U-shaped chrome ring is replaced by soft-coated material, which makes the sense of luxury and technology perfectly integrated. The newly designed wireless charging layout maximizes the stability of charging from the user’s point of view and ensures the safety of users’ driving. At the same time, the new generation of Tiggo 8 also upgraded the strong sensing intelligent configuration such as 360 panoramic image, electric tailgate, driving recorder and panoramic sunroof, and added humanized intelligent configuration, giving users a standard answer sheet for easy travel. 


  In addition, at the beginning of product development, the new generation of Tiggo 8 has adhered to the four high (high temperature, plateau, cold and high humidity) extreme environment development verification, including Novosibirsk, Russia (temperature:-50C), Middle East (Temperature: 5five℃), South America (relative humidity ≥90%), Chery has deeply optimized the reliability, dynamic performance and smell of the whole vehicle. Taking the high temperature test as an example, the Tiggo 8 can cool down to nearly 10℃ in 57 seconds under the environment of 50℃. 


  The listing of the new generation of Tiggo 8 in Brazil is an important part of Chery’s overseas market layout. With keen user insight and good product reputation, it can be expected that the new generation of Tiggo 8 will be recognized and praised by users in Brazil in the future, adding good results to Chery’s globalization journey. As China’s automobile industry becomes stronger, Chery’s future performance is worth looking forward to. 

Foreign media: The number of 5G patent applications in China is far ahead or exceeds that in the United States.

  Reference message networkReported on May 4 thAccording to foreign media, China accounts for 34% of the patent applications related to the new generation communication standard "5G", which is more than 1.5 times that of 4G. In the field of 4G, Europe and the United States have mastered the essential standard patents for manufacturing products, but in the field of 5G, which has attracted much attention as a new generation of industrial infrastructure, China’s presence has increased. The number of patents will also influence the cultivation of new industries such as driverless driving and the national strength of the new era.

  "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported on May 3 that standard essential patents are irreplaceable technology patents in promoting business, and about 2% of the ex-factory price of 4G smartphones is patent royalties. According to Japanese intellectual property sources, the total annual (4G patent royalties) is about 1 trillion yen (about 9 billion US dollars, and 100 yen is about 6 yuan RMB), and the enterprises with patents are the main participants.

  According to the statistics of Puliti Company, a German patent data company, as of March, China accounted for 34.02% of the applications for essential patents of 5G communication standards, with Huawei Technologies as the company with the largest number of applications, accounting for 15.05%, ZTE Corporation as the fifth and China Institute of Telecommunications Science and Technology as the ninth.

  According to the report, the United States and Europe have taken the lead in communication technology and mastered the main patents of 3G and 4G. Therefore, China has to pay huge royalties to European and American enterprises.

  Therefore, China listed the new generation information technology industry as a key development project, and promoted the research and development of 5G related technologies throughout the country. Including Huawei’s 5G, the R&D expenditure reaches more than 10 billion US dollars every year (1 US dollar is equivalent to 6.7 yuan RMB).

  According to the report, Huawei has applied for more patents related to base station development, surpassing Ericsson in Sweden and Nokia in Finland. ZTE’s share in base stations is also expanding. Samsung galaxy and LG Electronics ranked third and fourth respectively, and South Korea’s overall share was 25.23%, which was more than two percentage points higher than that of 4G.

  The share of the United States is 14%, which is two percentage points lower than that of 4G. Qualcomm, which holds patents such as smart phone semiconductors, is a major participant in 4G, and its share in the 5G field has declined, ranking sixth.

  According to the report, in the field of communication, technology patents are cumulative, and even if they are developed to 5G, 3G and 4G patents, they will continue to be used. Qualcomm’s advantages will not disappear suddenly. The company’s patent licensing business sales in the first quarter reached 1.122 billion US dollars. Japan’s share is about 5%, which is about 4 percentage points lower than that of 4G. According to the share of enterprises, Fujitsu ranks 12th. It is said that Fujitsu holds a number of 5G related technologies, including sending radio waves to target locations.

  According to the report, enterprises that master the standard essential patents get rich patent income, which can improve the price competitiveness while providing new equipment such as 5G base stations and smart phones. Generally speaking, the more standard essential patents a country’s enterprises hold, the easier it is to promote 5G infrastructure at a lower price, and the easier it is to take the lead in the new generation of communication services. In addition to the number of patent applications, it is also important to master the important patents with high frequency of use.

  According to the report, the United States prohibits government departments from purchasing 5G products from five companies including Huawei on the grounds of security. However, Huawei holds many patents necessary for the development of 5G products. "Even if Huawei can’t sell products in the United States, it can still get patent royalties" (according to the person in charge of Puliti Company).

  According to the report, under the huge investment and long-term plan, China’s position and influence in the field of 5G communication are increasing day by day in various service fields based on 5G technology.

Xiaomi Auto Opens the First Delivery Lei Jun Announces: Xiaomi has officially become a car factory.

  On the morning of April 3rd, the first delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 was held in the assembly workshop of Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, attended the ceremony and personally delivered the car to the first batch of car owners. The delivery center of 28 cities nationwide also started the first batch of delivery simultaneously.

  Earlier in the day, Lei Jun also announced in Weibo that starting from today, Xiaomi will officially become a car factory.

  Lei Jun said at the delivery ceremony that in just a few days, Xiaomi SU7 had more than 100,000 orders, and the number of lock orders had exceeded 40,000.

  It is understood that Xiaomi Automobile’s after-sales network has set up 58 service centers nationwide. In terms of car owners’ service, Xiaomi Auto has established an "exclusive service butler group" for every car owner in Xiaomi Auto App. The service butler+technical experts respond to users’ needs 7×24 hours, and the service process is transparent and traceable. Car owners can enjoy the one-stop service of ordering, picking up, repairing and delivering cars from the App without leaving home. In case of vehicle failure, in addition to providing online diagnosis service for 7×24 hours, when users meet the needs of simple disassembly, pure software failure, tire repair, etc., mobile service vehicles and road rescue can also respond at any time to protect users from traveling.

  At the same time, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is arranging production in an orderly manner for existing orders, and accelerating the production process steadily and orderly. Xiaomi Automobile Factory, located in Yizhuang, Beijing, has the characteristics of high automation and intelligence. After the production capacity is full, a brand-new millet SU7 will be off the assembly line every 76 seconds. Xiaomi Automobile Factory integrates advanced intelligent technology with traditional intellectual innovation, and more than 700 robots directly serve the production line, realizing 100% automation of key processes such as large die casting, stamping, body connection, body assembly, painting and final assembly, fully ensuring production capacity, and finely controlling production quality to ensure that every millet SU7 can be delivered to users quickly and with high quality.

  It is understood that at present, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is making every effort to increase production capacity, and fully mobilizing supply chain partners to fully guarantee supply. With efficient and high-quality operations, it will steadily promote the delivery of existing orders as soon as possible and the orderly handling of future orders to ensure the delivery experience of users.

  This delivery will be the founding version of Xiaomi SU7. The non-original versions of Xiaomi SU7 and Xiaomi SU7Max start delivery at the end of April, and the Xiaomi SU7Pro start delivery at the end of May.

  Regarding the issue of delivery, Xiaomi Auto officially replied that the first batch of founding editions totaled 5,000 units. In order to start delivery for car owners as soon as possible, the way of production in advance was adopted, and very strict standards were set in all aspects of the whole delivery process such as production, quality inspection and logistics. The original version of the vehicle will complete all the production and quality inspection processes in the near future, and it is being sent to 29 cities one after another and delivered to users.

  Xiaomi Automobile said that it is currently in a state of explosive orders, and there are continuous new lock orders every day. Orders will be scheduled and delivered in the chronological order of the final lock.

  Earlier, a video on the Internet broke the news that the test drive of Xiaomi SU7 found abnormal sound and leakage. In this regard, Xiaomi Automobile replied that after investigation, it was confirmed that the actual situation was: at about 11: 30 am on April 1, the clerk of Xiaomi Automobile Store in Xiamen stopped after a sudden abnormal noise while taking the customer for a test drive, and found that the vehicle was in a stable state and the chassis was normal, so the car was driven back to the store normally; After detailed inspection in the store, it was found that a stone invaded the position of the brake disc, causing abnormal noise; After the stone is taken out, the abnormal sound is eliminated and returned to normal.

  As for the water marks around the car body, it is due to the recent rain in Xiamen, and the vehicle has traveled through the water accumulation area. It is normal for the car body to leave water marks after parking. After testing, the whole vehicle has no leakage, no leakage point, the kettle liquid level is normal, and there is no relevant liquid level alarm fault light prompt.

  It is worth mentioning that due to the expected release of Xiaomi Automobile, the share price of Xiaomi Group has continued to rise since March this year. On April 2, Xiaomi Group’s share price rose back to the issue price, reaching a maximum of HK$ 17.34 per share, up 8.97% on that day. On April 3, Xiaomi Group’s share price fell back. As of press time, the intraday share price was HK$ 15.90 per share.

Genyuan Technology is about to make its debut in AWE 2024, demonstrating smart life with technological innovation.

From March 14th to 17th, 2024, the 2024 China Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (hereinafter referred to as AWE 2024) with the theme of "Smart Technology, Creating Life" will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This AWE 2024 will focus on three key words: "technology", "innovation" and "intelligence", which will not only bring together the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the industry, but also show how these achievements deeply influence and improve people’s daily lives.

As a brand of scientific life in the field of home storage and personal products management, Genyuan has always adhered to the brand concept of design innovation and technology-driven, aiming at providing global solutions and products for storage, storage, care and management of various homes or products.

In this AWE event, Genyuan will present products including Genyuan smart sports bag, Genyuan clothes care machine, Genyuan smart shoe cabinet, Genyuan lantern deodorizer, Genyuan shoulder bag and heavy new concept machine, bringing visitors an experience journey of perfect integration of technology and life.

For example, Genyuan’s smart sports bag can effectively decompose the sweaty odor and bacteria on shoes and clothing equipment after sports travel, and support HarmonyOS Zhilian to intelligently adjust the odor removal mode; The intelligent shoe cabinet can automatically adjust the storage environment according to the material and humidity of the shoes to ensure that the shoes are kept dry, sterilized and odorless; The clothes care machine adopts the unique technology of fumigation, which purifies the wardrobe circularly and makes the clothes storage environment healthier.

As one of the heavy products of Genyuan Technology, intelligent sports bag is more suitable for multi-equipment nursing sports travel scenes, such as boxing/badminton/golf/tennis/rugby and other equipment sports. This sports bag not only has multiple purification functions, such as waterproof, sterilization, deodorization, warehouse care and so on, but also incorporates HarmonyOS induction. When the mobile phone is close to the bag, it can quickly sense the pop-up program, adjust the working state in real time, and send a reminder to the user through the mobile APP, so you don’t have to worry about the sour smell and mildew caused by the clothes and equipment not being taken out of the bag in time after exercise.

In addition to the high-profile smart sports bag, there are also MINI models of the same series and the upcoming Tote bag. All of them have the basic functions of sterilization and odor removal, shoes and clothes storage, HarmonyOS Zhilian, waterproof and so on; The smart sports bag MINI has a smaller body and is suitable for sports travel scenes with light or little equipment, such as fitness yoga/city cycling/short-distance travel and other light sports; Genyuan tote bag has both sports and leisure and daily commuting, with moderate capacity and computer interlayer, so it can be easily handled whether carrying sports equipment or daily necessities.

In addition, Genyuan also brought a new concept machine of Homie series for the first time. This new product is a professional equipment care product for deep sports enthusiasts. Homie series emphasizes that intelligent technology and good equipment are the same as partners. On the basis of sterilization, deodorization, waterproof and intelligent control, it adds intelligent drying and warm-keeping functions, automatically adjusts the temperature for different scenes, ensures the equipment is fresh and hygienic, and makes users more comfortable in sports and travel.

Genyuan Technology’s product lineup not only shows its innovative strength in the field of intelligent storage and equipment care, but also reflects its profound insight and comprehensive satisfaction of user needs.

For more cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, welcome to visit Hall E1 -1H61 of Shanghai New International Expo Center to enjoy the life experience of intelligent technology with Genyuan, and jointly explore more intelligent and convenient life solutions brought by technology.

Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by our website, aiming to provide readers with more news information. The contents involved do not constitute investment and consumption suggestions, and are for readers’ reference only.

[Editor: Zhong Jingwen]

What are the reliable Java training institutions in Shanghai?

What are the reliable Java training institutions in Shanghai? What kind of training institutions should I go to learn a new skill? Everyone has different focus, but the content of the curriculum, the teaching environment, the employment rate, and the reputation of the training institution considers each person. Therefore, a good training institution must have a good teaching environment, a scientific and perfect curriculum system, a good employment rate and a better reputation.

To enter the IT industry, learning Java is a good entry point, because in the Internet era, Java is the protagonist of eternal. At present, the Java language market share in computer language is 20%, which is the world programming language. There are many training in Shanghai Java. There are well -known and unknown. Which one you choose to choose needs to be determined according to the comprehensive conditions of the training institution.

Choosing a well -selected training environment and teaching facilities not only make people feel good -minded, but also allows people to invest in learning without burdens, and directly improve the quality of learning and learning. The power node is located in the Zhongshan Science and Technology Innovation Center in Songjiang District, Shanghai, all of which are intelligent supporting facilities. It is truly comfortable to the teaching environment and teaching facilities.

What to learn, what extent you learn, what you will do after completing the study, and what kind of work you will find. These can be found directly from the course content. Whether the content of the curriculum is a new knowledge in the industry, the content of the courses is updated at a time -consuming node. The knowledge learned is the frontier knowledge of the industry.

How to understand the employment of the training institution, one is to see the employment report of the training institution, and the other is to understand the employment situation like students who are studying or graduated. The power node is for students to work better, internal employment, and employment of famous enterprises. At the same time, there are special employment service centers to track and guide employment services throughout the process, and do a good job of service for students.

Shanghai Power Node Wuhan Java Training Java Experimental Class, for 15 days for free studies. After professional evaluation, the teaching director further understands the comprehensive quality of the students’ personality, mentality and other comprehensive quality, predicts the employment salary of the students, gives the final learning suggestions, and gives the students for the students It’s a key to learn. After the experimental class, you can choose whether to continue Java to study.