Dress in fashion, not in price.

The beauty of human beings consists of three parts, namely, innate beauty, beautiful clothes, and beautiful manners and temperament. This article focuses on the beauty of dress.

It is generally believed that people look beautiful when they wear fashion.

However, now many people have realized that wearing fashionable clothes does not necessarily mean that clothes are expensive. Wearing expensive clothes does not necessarily mean that people are naturally beautiful.

People dress in fashion.

Mainly refers to the color of clothes and fabrics, and the clothes are fashionable. The most important factor is that the clothes people wear are appropriate and suitable. Pay attention to people’s hobbies, and wear clothes suitable for their body shape, skin color, professional characteristics, communication habits, psychological personality and so on. Not a fashionable dress looks beautiful on anyone.

Dressing in fashion does not mean that clothes are expensive.

Many people think that they have little money, and wearing expensive clothes will not reflect fashion, nor will it be beautiful. This statement is biased. Some stars go out, go to the entertainment stage, and go to interpersonal public places, showing great fashion. Everyone thinks that the clothes and accessories they wear are very expensive and piled up with money.

Actually, not completely. There are many celebrities wearing clothes that are cheaper, not as expensive as people think. Dong Qing, a famous program host, once said that some clothes she wears are only 50 yuan or a hundred pieces.

We often see the host of the program, wearing ordinary clothes. In contrast, some people are bent on buying high-end clothes, spending thousands of dollars on a dress and hundreds or thousands of dollars on a scarf. Do outsiders think fashion is beautiful in others’ eyes? Not really.

How to make yourself look fashionable and beautiful.

01 Follow the trend appropriately. Dressing in fashion can pay attention to the current recognition of members of society. Look at what people tend to wear, and wear it with them.

For example, young people love to wear jeans and feel energetic. The elderly people also wear jeans, and they still have a sense of fashion. It is also fashionable that some jeans manufacturers deliberately make knees or trouser legs into "rotten whiskers".

Be creative and fashionable. It is fashionable to dress up as a style and style by your own vision and appreciation, and be imitated by others.

For example, a lady will buy a silk scarf for seven or eight yuan, and it is typical fashion to boldly appear in the street to attract admiration with a kind of tying method she imagines, which matches her self-demeanor and self-confidence.

How to make the combination of wearing and human body beautiful and attractive.

The charm of people, after all, is graceful, beautiful, attractive and penetrating in interpersonal relationships, but also has personality shock and warmth.

To have this comprehensive charm, people must pay attention to their appearance. Dress neatly, pay special attention to appropriateness and collocation. We should also pay attention to the beauty of language posture.

Some people only wear expensive clothes, which are famous brands. They don’t pay attention to people’s self-cultivation. They talk too much, are rude, talk too much, dance too much, etc. Not only are they not beautiful, but they are also "ugly".

Ouyang Zhongshi: What is culture? What is the core of culture?

What is culture? There are many experts who have defined it. There are hundreds of kinds in ancient and modern times, at home and abroad. Everyone always talks about a certain aspect of "culture", but it has not been fully summarized, so it is more troublesome to define it. Modern Chinese Dictionary explains culture as the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical development. If we understand it according to this definition, there is probably nothing that is not cultural, good or bad, and almost everything we can see can be classified into the category of culture. As for how culture came into being, why it came into being and why it came into being, there is no answer. Now, let’s analyze and study the word "culture".

Culture is the pursuit of beauty by human beings.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

From the beginning of existence, human beings always hope that the present will be better than the past, and tomorrow will be better than today. It can be seen that the pursuit of beauty is the desire of human beings and the goal that human beings will always pursue. It is human nature to pursue a beautiful desire. This desire for beauty is not only human, but also common animals, such as monkeys, cats, rabbits and dogs. Therefore, we say that this is a kind of nature of species, that is to say, this is an inevitable pursuit of the survival of a "living thing". However, this desire is limited by nature and bound by heaven and earth. From the nature, everything between heaven and earth exists objectively, regardless of human will, and they have their own operating rules. Living in nature, human beings should also obey some laws in nature, and form some laws and rules that everyone abides by in social life. In the Book of Changes, it is said that "the sky is strong and the terrain is Kun". This has summed up everything in nature. Kun means Shun. Heaven and earth are constantly running. The sky should be strong and the earth should be smooth. Everything on the earth, including human beings, requires "smoothness". Heaven and earth require "harmony", and if human beings want to be beautiful, they must also "harmony". Find a word to describe "beauty" and "harmony", and we in China will find the word "Wen". Literature is the meaning of beauty and harmony.

What is the word Wen? The Book of Changes says: "The phases are mixed, so it is called Wen." "Za" was originally written as "Fu" (we simplified it as "Za"), with the word "Yi" on the left and the word "Ji" on the right. In terms of word-making, it means that there are many birds flying on a tree and wearing all kinds of clothes, which are very beautiful, that is, "味味". In other words, a variety of appearances and things are gathered together and colorful, which is called "Wen". In addition, there is another explanation, which says in the Book of Rites: "Five colors are written." All colors are gathered together, which is "Wen". All kinds of colors are gathered together, but they are not randomly piled up, but have their own rules, so we also say "articles". All kinds of things get together, and they are not chaotic and organized. This is called "Wen", which is a beautiful symbol.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". All material wealth is created by people, and our spiritual wealth also appears for beauty, so we use a word "Wen" to describe it. Can we understand that all the beautiful things (whether material or spiritual) created by human beings, as well as all the efforts made to achieve beauty and all the ideas for development towards beauty, are all cultures? Therefore, a good wish is culture; Pursuing beautiful practical actions is also culture; Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

In this way, all the wishes, actions and results of people’s lives, which are getting better day by day, can be covered in culture. Therefore, the meaning mentioned in the dictionary can be interpreted as: in the historical process of human society, all material wealth and spiritual wealth belong to culture, or culture can be said to be the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth. I think my understanding may depend on a little spectrum, or at least touch a little edge.

Having said that, I also want to make an important explanation: after "beauty", the word "harmony" must be added. Since culture is the pursuit of beauty. You also pursue, I also pursue, he also pursues, it should be said that this is a common pursuit of all mankind. Since it is the common pursuit of all mankind, it is inevitable that they will collide with each other. In order for everyone to get "beauty", we should make a code of conduct to ensure that everyone can get "beauty". This norm must ensure that everyone is "beautiful", which requires everyone to live in harmony, and everyone should be humble, tolerant, tolerant and respectful.

Chinese culture is developed.

Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

The world, from the beginning of human beings, is pursuing beauty. What is created and formed in the process of pursuit, whether material or spiritual, is the crystallization of the pursuit of beauty. So, how to understand Chinese culture? Analysis, in Chinese culture, some of them are native to China, or are inherent, such as our "classics" and "transmission". There is also a part that comes with the historical development of society. For example, we didn’t have a fire, we didn’t know how to use it, and we didn’t eat cooked food. Later, we gradually found that food tastes better when cooked, and the use of fire is wide, so we can keep warm and cook. We have also built many houses and planted crops, which are our material wealth. In the ideological and spiritual field, there are many books, music and paintings, which are our wealth. These are all created and developed by our Chinese nation. Everyone knows that Chinese culture is profound and profound, because we have a long history and a large population. On the land of China, our wisdom has naturally condensed into a set of cultural characteristics suitable for ourselves in the continuous progress. To put it bluntly, we Chinese sons and daughters have enough ability to pursue beauty and harmony step by step! Our long history has proved this. In the long historical process, our ability has gradually accumulated with the development of society. Since the pre-Qin period, the growth of new content has never stopped. No matter the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, or even modern and contemporary times, every era has its unique contribution and a little fresh knowledge has grown up.That is to say: in addition to the original inherent culture, with the progress of the times, a large part of the cultural accumulation has increased.

Part of our culture is absorbed from the outside, or introduced from the outside. Even if it came from the outside, we absorbed it, transformed it and developed it. Especially after the Ming Dynasty, foreign cultures from other regions poured in, which added new contents to our long-term self-developed culture. China people are not afraid of wealth, and China people do not refuse foreign wealth. They first introduce it, then combine it, and then "transform" it, and finally it is no longer easy to distinguish it clearly. For example, after Buddhism in India and Zen in Indian Buddhism spread to China, China people conducted research and development, resulting in the formation of Chinese Buddhism. China’s Zen is a fusion and has become a part of Chinese culture. It is precisely because our Chinese culture has such tolerance, absorption and digestion, and it is precisely because we have such a trilogy of "introduction, combination and melting" with foreign cultures that our Chinese culture has formed a life force with its own characteristics, which is developing at any time and is good at integration. Therefore, Chinese culture is becoming more and more huge, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, profound and profound. Inherent, developed and integrated, these three aspects make our Chinese culture more comprehensive. Of course, the status and emphasis of these three aspects in Chinese culture are not exactly the same in different times, but in the final analysis, these integrated cultures are still harmonious, which constitutes our Chinese culture.

Some people say that our cultural development is not fast enough or advanced enough, is that right? I think the progress of Chinese culture is by no means slow! Gunpowder was invented by China people, and it was also the most advanced at that time, but we didn’t develop it later. Is it because China people are not smart? I don’t think so, because we in China simply don’t want to make a weapon with powerful lethality. The pursuit of Chinese culture is to avoid war and misfortune. The pursuit is to move forward more steadily. Therefore, I feel that Chinese culture is firmly grasping the "beauty" and "harmony" and moving forward. I would rather take one step slowly and take one step less than those inappropriate paths.

Therefore, the Chinese nation has formed its own inherent culture, which is a very complete system. With the development of history, it is constantly developing and expanding, and it is also constantly absorbing and melting with the development of the world. Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

What is the core of Chinese culture?

The words "benevolence, virtue, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Chinese culture pursues beauty, and all its development is towards "better and more harmonious day by day". Therefore, I think beauty and harmony are the core requirements of culture and Chinese culture. It is difficult to get along fairly and harmoniously like this, and to achieve the beautiful harmony of all mankind without a common agreement and a common norm. Our sages have long known this problem, and they put forward some requirements and norms. We can analyze it through a few Chinese characters.

The first is "benevolence". "Benevolence" occupies an unshakable core position in Chinese traditional culture. If you take the word "benevolence" apart, it is two people. People should love each other, and this "benevolence" is love.

Followed by "virtue"; The word "virtue" should be written straight on the right side except the heart, so the ancients often said that "straight heart is virtue" "Straight" is integrity, and upright is "virtue". "Virtue" requires a lot. Adding the word "heart" is to explain thoughts, and adding "worry" is to explain actions. That is to say, integrity is required in both thoughts and actions. This is the meaning of "virtue". "Virtue" has been mentioned in Zhuangzi, which means "virtue". Things are born, which is called virtue. Morality is a special power. Although it is not a thing, it is a very unusual internal energy force. This kind of power will make things grow and make things successful. Visible is a power that can enhance life and promote success. How can we explain this power? I realize that it is a kind of "strength", and it seems easier to understand that it is an "opportunity". In the language of ordinary people, especially in Beijing dialect, there is a saying: "Come on!" Sometimes it is reduced to one word: "Yes!" Just saying: ok! It’s done! Everything was successful and reached a very "suitable" situation. This statement is exactly the true meaning of "de". It must also be explained that this "gain" refers not only to one aspect, but to all aspects. It is the requirement of "getting" that is suitable in any way. In order to ensure a comprehensive "win", all aspects must follow certain principles, which falls on this "virtue".

On the winter solstice, it was also called "Germany and Japan" in ancient times. From this day on, the days became longer, which is the law of celestial bodies. "Yin declines and Yang rises", and everything began to grow. This day is also called "prosperous day", that is, it begins to grow. Therefore, "things can be born"-if things have "virtue", they begin to grow; "Things can be done"-things can be successful. "Virtue" is a good word to help people and things grow vigorously.

How can a beautiful "text" achieve a comprehensive "culture"? We must rely on "virtue". Chinese culture can have such vitality and cohesion, which is inseparable from the word "virtue". It can also be said that virtue is an essential core in Chinese culture.

We pay attention to "benevolence" in order to ensure a comprehensive "beautiful and harmonious" requirement. It can be said that "benevolence" is the core of Chinese culture. In order to ensure the normal development of "benevolence" and "morality", we need to do standardized activities and then make it a system, which leads to "ceremony" and "law"

How can people achieve "benevolence" and "virtue" and move into a standardized system? There is a way-that is "transformation". The word "Hua" is amazing. No matter how you look at it, there are two people, one is upside down and the other is red-handed. In this way, the word can’t be inverted, and everything is correct. This "transformation" can be both negative and positive, that is to say, it can be reconciled and dissolved, and it can be established in all cases. This should be a channel to a better state. There are many things that can be solved as long as they are "transformed".

We have been using and following the law of "transformation", or this principle. Why is Chinese culture more and more extensive, more and more profound, with a long history and enduring prosperity? First of all, because it is the pursuit of all mankind, it represents the common and beautiful aspirations of all mankind; Secondly, it is the strong inclusiveness and integration, culture and power of Chinese culture. Because in the process of cultural development, it is impossible without collision. The fear of collision lies in coordination and how to solve it. It boils down to two kinds, one is to let and the other is to rob. Rob no good results, today’s winner, tomorrow may be a loser, today’s loser may be a winner tomorrow. Fighting and looting is not a good way to solve the problem, and it is not as good as a word "Hua". Through a word "Hua", we can resolve, harmonize and transform and move forward in harmony. We have "transformed" many things, and by "transforming", we have formed a big multi-ethnic family.

All this comes down to one word-"harmony", which is the highest realm that people pursue. This "harmony" is not that "combination" Harmony is two things, or many different things are very harmonious and harmonious, such as various musical instruments, which play and sing to form a beautiful melody, but it is not that two different things have lost themselves. For example, people’s wishes and demands are varied, but it is indeed possible to achieve unity. Unity here does not mean synthesizing "one", but achieving agreement, that is, achieving harmony. Combination is to add two different things together, dissolve them and lose yourself. "Harmony" is the fusion of two different things, each with its own characteristics and living in peace. Everything in the world is different, and everyone is different, so we should advocate harmony. Only harmony can last.

In our thoughts and actions, we should respect morality, etiquette and law, and finally reach the realm of "harmony" through "culture". Therefore, I believe that the words "benevolence, morality, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Transferred from Ouyang Zhongshi’s "Culture Man Tan"

Science fiction come true? In the future, mankind will sleep in the meta-universe.

People don’t seem to care much about the future world described in the sci-fi movie The Matrix, but a recent news released on the Meta platform has made people curious about the future world. According to Forbes, a virtual community named Game Free is building a virtual world-"Metauniverse". It has been established for more than ten years, but it is relatively simple compared with the world in the Matrix. What is the magic of meta-universe? Has it become a reality now?

I. Future Society
The idea of "Metauniverse", first put forward by Meta Company, is an expression way to turn people’s vision of the future society into reality. In the setting of X-Men, Professor X has special devices and abilities in real life, and can breathe and move freely, but he can’t turn his control into a real society. The reality is not infinitely close, but gradually close to the ideal society. That is to say, the "infinite approach" pursued by the X-Men is not realistic in real life: it is impossible to turn one person into another; Unable to control human behavior; Unable to control the direction of people’s actions in reality … eventually led to the X-Men being abandoned by the world. If the X-Men movies are sorted out, it is found that the movies have a clear vision for the future society, then the meta-universe will be closer to the real state in reality: on the one hand, the meta-universe, as a virtual space, can be infinitely connected to the real world; On the other hand, Metauniverse will become the key "cornerstone" for building the infrastructure of human society … So what will human society become in the future?

Second, intelligent hardware
The universe is not only a game world, but also a technology. In MetaUniverse, through various virtual carriers such as games and videos, MetaUniverse players can be immersed in it, which is not only a space for games and entertainment, but also an interactive space for knowledge, skills and contacts. There is a kind of meta-universe in a special sense, which is a "virtual life" mode in which the virtual world and the real world merge, influence, blend, promote and expand with each other. It is a place where people can exchange and interact with each other, acquire knowledge and skills and cultivate friendship in this virtual world. For users, Metauniverse makes itself a "human" character-this is the experience they need in games and the real world. For hardware equipment manufacturers, it is the performance of the product itself besides ensuring entertainment, interaction and other functions.

Third, artificial intelligence
As the core of scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence will gradually get more applications in the meta-universe. With the help of human beings, artificial intelligence has developed from relying on single software and single function in the past to the present artificial intelligence. In the future, artificial intelligence will be more dependent on computing power. For example, driverless cars are an attempt to realize barrier-free travel in the meta-universe. Starting from the progress in the field of driverless cars, this paper explores the possible forms that driverless cars may appear in the meta-universe, hoping to provide more exploration space for the meta-universe. It is foreseeable that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the meta-universe in the future.

IV. Conclusion.
With the rise of meta-universe, virtual world has been given more and deeper meanings, and the application of science and technology by human beings has changed from passive acceptance to active creation. At the same time, the lifestyle and experience provided by the virtual world in the meta-universe have greatly enriched human thinking and feelings, and made people interested in a new thing. However, with the development and innovation of technology, this trend will gradually become stable. But we believe that technology is always a double-edged sword. It can bring convenience and benefits to human beings, but it may also bring harm to human beings. Like the future world described in science fiction movies, human beings are sleeping in a dormant warehouse made of machines, and their brains are linked to the meta-universe world, so they live falsely.

Meibo Art Museum | Xu Ziyun -Listen


As the brand art exhibition of the Meibo Art Museum, the Miko Spring Art Exhibition series has been successfully held for four years, and has accumulated a group of loyal audiences and good reputation. "We tried to break through innovation again and continued the expressiveness and artistic nature of the theme art exhibition over the years. Together with the eleven contemporary art coffees and famous contemporary artists, they strive to present an art feast for the audience with their works that meet the theme of the exhibition.

This art exhibition uses the art form close to the public to extend and find the artist’s spiritual connotation, and think about whether the works and exhibition behaviors of the artist will bring collective changes. understand. The works of the ten famous contemporary artists have a good atmosphere to the Spring Meibo Art Museum. Just like the camphor forest at the Meibo Art Center, the thick vertical line has been attracted to this garden, and the scenery changes.


I am a native of Shanghai. When I shuttle on the streets of Shanghai, I look at the streets, architecture, or some other things. I will have a feeling of knowing each other. Watching these things when I was young is a different feeling.

It’s like looking at a mirror, but this mirror is projected into different spaces and different latitude, so I use the material of mirror acrylic.

I use monochrome, silver, and black and white to present a conversation between the neutralized and memory and memory of the work. The metal color of silver can reflect my feelings of the development of the city in Shanghai. The form of metal and monochrome is more representative and powerful.

The mirror effect of the work allows the audience not only to see myself in the mirror (in the work), but also feel my expression of this city. This work is not only a dialogue between me and my own time and space latitude, but also allows me and viewers to communicate in different time, space, and latitude in the form of mirror.

Xu Ziyun

"Listening Series 1"

Mirror Acrylic

75 × 50cm


Xu Ziyun

"Listening Series 3"

Mirror Acrylic

75 × 50cm


Xu Ziyun

"Listening Series 4"

Mirror Acrylic

75 × 50cm



Young artists convey the creation information through the combination of multiple spaces. Each one can see the artist’s presentation of the past, the presentation of the state of survival, whether it is collective or individual, there is always an indiscriminate relationship with the environment. Xu Ziyun showed his personal feelings about growth space in the form of more novel works, thinking about the meaning of the past and the relationship between the present.

About artist

Xu? Yun

Out of 1991?

Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Fine Arts in 2016


Exhibition experience:


"Early" artistic innovation in China Academy of Fine Arts? Exhibition Futurelab Shanghai? Shore Dome?

"Ming? Can the Bay Area? New Year Artist Program" Australia?

"Internal and Outside" solo exhibition Banana Art Space Nanjing


Banana Art Space 2020 Summer Group Exhibition Nanjing

"Flola’s living room" contemporary art and plant art cross -border exhibition neon art museum


"? 年 Plan for the selection exhibition of outstanding works over the years ·? New Year Artist Nomination Exhibition"

"Memory Vision? -Chayun Art Item? Exhibition" Shanghai


The 9th New Star Art Festival of the series of works "Behind the scenes"


The work "For" Lunch on the Grass "? Conjecture to participate in the" Yue? -The visual cross -border extension "Chicago, USA


The work "Festival?" "College? 2016" Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

The work "Breathing", "Care?"

116m2+POP UP Painting Mobile Biennale Biennale


The work "Separation in the evening" and "Live? Light" won the theme award of the Inter-Youth International?

The work "Star?" "Spring is here -10cm3" San Shang Contemporary Art Museum (Hangzhou)

The work "Models?" "Gadgets -Contemporary Paper Works Exhibition" Van Geng Art Institution (Hangzhou)


The work "Spring Equinry Squiries Laying on?" "Pursue Excellence: Artists of the College ——? The Session of Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition" (National Tour)

Year 2014

The work "On the escalator? Autumn" Nanjing International Art Exhibition (Nanjing)

"Nine? · —— Zhejiang Oil Painting Works Exhibition" Ningbo Art Museum

year 2013

The work "Lu Lu" and "The Shop" "The Consciousness of Painting -Creation Research Exhibition of Oil Painting Department of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts" (Shanghai)

The work "Slim Shadow Slimming


Creative work "Jian" nationwide? The New Year’s Exhibition- "Most Painting" (Beijing)

year 2011

Creative work "Jian" 6th China Academy of Fine Arts "Century Star" China Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts

Zhisheng: Collective upward -2022 Beauty Spring Art Exhibition

Producer: Chen Hui

Project planning: Kong Kong

Curator: Xiaojun


Chen Xiaodan, Ding Fang, Gong Xinru, Ji Wenyu+Zhu Weibing, Long Bin, Qu Fengguo, Xue Song, Xu Ziyun, Zhou Dujin, Zhou Xiaoping

Organizer: Meibo Museum

Opening time: February 26, 2022 (Saturday) at 3:30 pm

Exhibition time: February 26, 2022-March 20, 2022

Exhibition location: Meibo Art Museum, No. 88 Liming Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

| Opening time: Tuesday to Friday 9:00-17:00

Saturday Sunday 9:00-18:00 (closed Monday)

Address: Meibo Art Museum, No. 88, Liming Road, Minhang District, Shanghai