BYD Han EV network about the car, 70,000 km earned a net profit of 150,000! Master: 90% of my peers have bought Chinese books for two years.

> a Shenzhen BYD Han EV network car, 70,000 kilometers of net profit of 150,000 RMB! He runs in two classes, one class runs 200 kilometers, and the total runs 400 kilometers a day. This is also the similar use intensity of the old fuel taxi. It is easy to drive 70,000 kilometers a year for this "high-end car" of Han EV.

The 30-year-old online car driver in Shenzhen said that he had already suffered from lumbar disc herniation and scapulohumeral periarthritis at a young age, and driving 70,000 kilometers a year was simply to exchange his life for money.

After deducting all the electricity, maintenance, insurance, depreciation and daily expenses for 70,000 kilometers, the net income of Fu, an online car contract engineer, reached 150,000 yuan a year, which is already a very high income in today’s big environment. If we exchange our lives for money, we can at least maintain the livelihood of a family of four.

The master of BYD Han EV 600km also revealed that about 90% of his peers in the network buy BYD Han EV, and will not consider other pure electric car brands, because this car has few faults, is durable to drive, and the battery has the smallest attenuation among other cars of the same class. The 600 km standard can actually run more than 500 kilometers easily, which means that it is completely possible to charge in the middle of the night, use the cheapest peak-valley electricity price, and be hard-working and natural.

The master of BYD Hanwang’s car is most concerned about this pure electricity, which can earn 2 yuan a kilometer after deducting electricity and other expenses! If you drive 70 thousand kilometers a year, you will be able to return to your capital in two years, and you will start to make a pure profit in the third year, which is equivalent to picking up a BYD Han EV quasi-new car in vain.

Moreover, trams are different from oil trucks. For ordinary traditional oil trucks, driving more than 100,000 kilometers in two years is a "great effort", and the engine is bound to have various problems: carbon burning oil, oil leakage from the gearbox, loose chassis, aging rubber bushings, and shock absorption problems will all occur with great probability.

Oil trucks are most afraid of driving very long kilometers in a short time, and the maintenance fees and maintenance fees are also very expensive. However, the tram is completely different. The maintenance of Han EV only needs a few hundred yuan or even less, so there is no need to change the gearbox oil. Without the engine, more than half of the fault sources of the oil truck are simply saved! There is no need to worry about the strike caused by the long-term intense driving of the engine. The famous car critic has no money here: Wang Yin, in his double-car durability test of 100,000 kilometers, a 1.5T model of Honda’s pure oil car is less than 100,000 kilometers, and the CVT stepless gearbox has a "stall problem". The flagship car of Honda, a famous Japanese brand, is so reliable and durable, not to mention other turbocharged oil cars.

How about the acting skills of the young actors in this year’s Chinese film in Cannes?

Author: Twenty-two Island Owners

Compared with previous years, this year’s China films in Cannes can be described as a comprehensive return. Face of china films were shortlisted in the main competition, a kind of attention, bi-weekly directors, film critics week and other units.

However, for the general audience, people are more concerned about the performance of China stars on the red carpet and China actors who are shortlisted for the film, and whether it is possible to win the prize. This year, two short-listed films, Mistakes by the River and Burning Winter, both star in young filmmakers who have a high popularity in China, which has become the focus of public concern.

In the movie "Mistakes by the River", Zhu Yilong plays the role of Ma Zhe, a criminal policeman. Neither the film nor the original work focuses on the detection of the case and the truth about who the murderer is, but focuses on depicting how Ma Zhe, as an obsessive person, is constantly fiddled with the unspeakable truth and gradually falls into absurd, uneasy and confused moments and memories. On the basis of the original work, the film enriches some pre-history and relationships for Ma Zhe. For example, he seems to have made a third-class merit and is proud of it; I am very loving with my wife, but I have a disagreement on the issue of the upcoming child; The director thinks highly of him, but sometimes he feels that he is one-track-minded and somewhat out of place with this system …

The enrichment of these details provides a starting point for Zhu Yilong’s performance. As a male-dominated drama, almost every scene of the film has the appearance of Ma Zhe, but there is no emotional drama that is particularly exposed on the whole, and most of them are silent inner dramas and dialogues with people around them. In the film, there is a scene in which Ma Zhe falls into a dream, which is an ingenious stroke of the film. In this scene, the audience cuts in from the first perspective of Ma Zhe, and as he experiences something that seems to be true and unreal, these scenes need to be established through Zhu Yilong’s performance in the previous performance to establish the audience’s emotional connection with Ma Zhe.

At this point, Zhu Yilong can be said to have completed it successfully. As a criminal policeman in the movie, when he appeared, he was dressed in leather, unshaven and disheveled. Whether walking or smoking, it has the feeling of ordinary criminal police at the end of last century. According to Zhu Yilong, for this role, he lived in the county town for a month and a half, and especially observed the living habits of some policemen who are now middle-aged. Because of his thin figure, he gained weight for his role to nearly 160 Jin, which was not specifically required by the crew, but after chatting with these old policemen, he found that these people were generally overworked because of staying up late and being too nervous. In the second half of the film, as Ma Zhe fell into a trance, his weight plummeted, and he wore tired dark circles every day. Zhu Yilong then lost weight according to the changes of the characters in the shoot. It can be said that at least in appearance, Zhu Yilong stood still, and upheld the consistent breakthrough in styling since The Event of Life.

Of course, in The Mistake by the River, we can not only see the difference of Zhu Yilong’s modeling, but also feel the change of his performance style. Although "Life Events" doesn’t have many scenes or plots to express inner feelings with eyes, it can be seen that he has been using his eyes to convey inner subtext, so when the film was released, there were many comments praising Zhu Yilong as a veritable "eye skill school"; But in The Mistake by the River, it can be clearly seen that he uses his eyes less, but also uses some micro-expressions and external actions, such as smoking, pacing, meditation, etc., and the director rarely gives him close-ups, which adds a bit of mystery to this character. It can be said that Ma Zhe was originally a puzzle solver, but through Zhu Yilong’s interpretation, he also became a part of the puzzle.

Of course, due to the difficulty of adaptation, the film can’t fully present the original appearance. In the second half of the original, Ma Zhe has undergone amazing changes. If that part of the passage can be played by Zhu Yilong, I believe it will be a greater blessing for him to win the prize. At present, the overall impression is still a little dull. However, from "Life Events" to "She Disappeared" and then to "Mistakes by the River", I have to admire Zhu Yilong’s team’s vision in choosing roles. These characters are complex and not single, and they are highly compatible with Zhu Yilong’s own temperament, which is very valuable.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Zeng Mei Hui Zi, who plays Ma Zhe’s wife in The Mistake by the River, is equally eye-catching. In a limited number of scenes, he has constructed a forbearing and strong wife image. Unfortunately, there are too few scenes. If we can give this character more space, I believe it will enrich the play.

Compared with the hero’s main play "The Mistake by the River", the three leading roles in "Burning Winter" are relatively even, and they all have a lot of room to play. Nana, Haofeng and Han Xiao are very ordinary, so they seem to have no personality, so they need actors to return to themselves completely, perform and interpret their roles with the state of life.

Zhou Dongyu is the core figure in the film. He cooperated with director Anthony Chen for the second time, and also cooperated with another starring Haoran Liu for the second time, which can be said to have a certain bond. In recent years, Zhou Dongyu’s works rarely appear in cinemas. Most of the films such as King of the Sky, Nightlife in Changsha, You are My Spring, Hug You Through the Winter are special appearances or guest appearances. As the first female starring, Flame on the Plain was unexpectedly withdrawn. This time, Burning Winter can be said to be her best screen performance in these years, which once again proves her strength as a three-gold winner.

Liu Haoran needs a breakthrough even more. He once wrote an article summarizing the difficulties faced by the new generation of actors. Haoran Liu’s biggest problem is that he also succeeded in Tang Tan and lost Tang Tan. His personal box office is basically supported by three Tang Tan, and there is no particularly impressive screen role in recent years. The role of "Haofeng" appeared at the right time, which not only stepped out of Haoran Liu’s personal performance comfort zone, but also provided a relatively novel character image for the current China big screen.

Qu Chuxiao’s performance in the film is also quite amazing and full of powder. In fact, we can see from "I want us to be together" that he is more suitable to play this kind of contemporary urban/small-town youth, because he has a kind of "dejection", but when he pulls himself together, he can also burst into a kind of "burning energy", which are more valuable qualities in him than actors of the same age.

As mentioned above, these roles need actors to return to self-acting, so Anthony Chen also provides them with some favorable conditions, such as the names of characters come from actors, Zhou Dongyu’s nicknames Nana and Haoran become Haofeng and Chu Xiao become Han Xiao, etc., and the role settings are all from the actors’ own hometown, Hebei, Henan and Sichuan, which makes it easier for actors to enter.

Nana in the film is a tour guide and the first person to appear in the film. From the moment she appeared, the real life breath came to my face. In the interview, Zhou Dongyu said that she specially observed the speaking habits of the tour guides, and combined with Anthony Chen’s lines full of life, she presented the image of a girl who was careless on the surface but fragile and sensitive inside to the audience from the beginning.

In terms of performance methods, we can actually see that the three actors are not limited to men or women. Haofeng and Daxiao will have a delicate and soft side, while Nana will also have a strong and self-reliant side. It can be said that in this film, there is no "actor" or "actress" in a complete sense. Everyone is just playing people who are trying to live, and they all have two sides of their personalities. This is also the state that director Anthony Chen deliberately tries to blur some gender.

Generally speaking, Burning Winter allows the audience to see Zhou Dongyu, Haoran Liu and Qu Chuxiao that they have never seen before. At present, many comments focus on the erotic scenes of Zhou Dongyu and Haoran Liu, which is actually somewhat biased. If you really see several erotic scenes in the film, I believe it will prove our previous point: the actors in this play are highly unified with the characters, and all the plot settings are also for the characters.

This year, the main faces of Chinese actors in Cannes Film Festival are above the standard, which is gratifying and worth looking forward to. After all, I sincerely hope that in the future, more and more young China filmmakers, whether directors or actors, can bring their works to the temple of this film, instead of just rubbing the red carpet and making some short-lived exposure. After all, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared.

A large truck in Guangxi rushed to primary school students, causing 3 deaths and 2 injuries. The accident vehicle was suspected of being overloaded.

  Cctv newsOn March 26, the reporter learned from the traffic police detachment of Guigang Public Security Bureau that on March 24, a large truck collided with students crossing the road after school in Guangren Village, Mule Town, Guiping City, causing one girl to die on the spot, two girls died after being rescued, and two others were injured. After the accident, governments at all levels in Guigang and Guiping, public security traffic police and other departments carried out follow-up investigation and handling work, and it has been determined that the truck involved was suspected of being overloaded. 

  The truck was suspected of being overloaded.

  According to the investigation by the Traffic Police Brigade of Guiping Public Security Bureau, the driver Liang was from Luchuan County, Guangxi. At 11 o’clock on the morning of March 23, Liang drove a heavy van of Gui K brand to carry sugar from a sugar factory in Longan, Baise to Guangzhou, stopping for three times, and stopping for dinner in Shizui Town, Guiping City before the incident. After the accident, the traffic police department checked the vehicle situation and found that the approved load mass of the truck was 40 tons, while the sugar loaded on the truck was 58 tons. At present, the public security organs have criminally detained Liang, and the traffic police department has also sent the accident vehicle to the judicial technical appraisal department for various performance tests.

  The traffic facilities in the accident section are perfect.

  After on-the-spot investigation by the accident handling police, the road section is 304 provincial highway, and the whole line is equipped with large-scale car speed limit signs. There is a crosswalk (zebra crossing) at the accident site, with clear markings, a speed bump 230 meters away from the zebra crossing, and a warning sign to avoid children and students 77 meters away.

  Carry out investigation and rectification to prevent problems before they happen

  After the accident, Huang Weijing, vice chairman of the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, gave instructions to attach great importance to it and quickly organize forces to deal with it. On March 25th, the joint meeting on road traffic safety in Guigang issued a notice to the offices of the joint meeting on road traffic safety in counties, cities and districts, as well as to all member units, to deploy and carry out the major investigation and rectification of traffic safety hidden dangers around the campus.

  The traffic police department of Guigang City quickly investigated and rectified the hidden dangers around the campus for all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in its jurisdiction, focusing on the establishment and integrity of signs and markings such as traffic warning signs, zebra crossings and speed limit signs along the national and provincial roads around the campus. Understand the daily work style of the school when organizing students to go to school and cross the road, and urge the school to learn the lessons of the 3.24 traffic accident in Guiping and attach importance to the safety guidance of students to go to school and cross the road.

  Enter the passenger and freight enterprises in the jurisdiction, urge the person in charge of the enterprise to strengthen management, investigate the hidden performance hazards of trucks and vehicles and traffic violations, organize freight drivers to carry out traffic safety publicity and education activities, improve drivers’ awareness of civilized and safe driving, and prevent traffic accidents from the source. Intensify efforts to rectify road traffic violations of key vehicles such as trucks, buses and dangerous goods transport vehicles, and strictly investigate serious traffic violations such as overloading, overcrowding, illegal modification, illegal overloading and transportation, license-related, drunk driving, and fatigue driving.

  It is reported that the traffic police department of Guigang City will also convene relevant departments to hold a road traffic safety contact meeting in the near future to study the traffic safety management around the campus and explore the establishment of a long-term management mechanism for traffic safety around the campus. (CCTV reporter Fu Qien Ryson Ho)

Save the famine! Star movie bloggers recommend good movies for you online.

Huang Xuan

As a famous "Buddhist male god of literature and art", Huang Xuan is not active on various social networking sites, but leaves more time for self-charging, including a lot of reading and watching movies.

      Huang Xuan, who starred in many literary films, also loved art films. He once revealed in an interview that michael haneke, Clint Eastwood, jim jarmusch and sean penn are all his favorite filmmakers.

      He also recommended Into the Wild, Children, A Parting, Requiem for a Dream, East of Eden and many other films that will still be revisited.

When filming The Legend of the Demon Cat, in order to make himself more poetic, Huang Xuan read The West Chamber and Wang Guowei’s Poems on Earth under the recommendation of Chen Kaige, and constantly tried to figure out the psychological state of the characters. Watching movies on weekdays is another form of precipitation and accumulation for Huang Xuan.

In Huang Xuan’s view, sharing his reading and watching movies with fans is also part of the communication between artists and fans. "It is biased towards the exchange of ideas and is also an active advocacy of a lifestyle."

Chun Li

In addition to Li Xian, Chun Li, who once played the role of Si Li in Joy of Life, and played Wei Yaowan in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, is also a star movie blogger who often "operates" in Weibo.

Not only that, but she also created a topic for sharing movies in Weibo: # Pure Movie Watching #, which has been launched for nearly two years and recommended more than 50 movies, with nearly 100 million readings and more than 100,000 comments.

Last year, Chun Li also won the title of "Top Ten V Judges of 2019" with a group of film critics for this topic.

In contrast, Chun Li’s film list is more grounded and popular, with both foreign literary masterpieces and a large number of cinema films and Chinese films. The recommendation is more like a "private" sharing between girlfriends than a film review.

For example, when recommending the award-winning film Girl, the director of Cannes Film Festival, Chun Li shared his experience of practicing ballet. "The familiar images evoke many memories. Becoming a ballet dancer is a transformation full of real pain … The girls who dance ballet are given a stubborn persistence. The film is like this, and so are we. "

The suspense film Searching reminds her of her subtle mentality when communicating with her parents: "I am particularly touched by the fact that my father repeatedly knocked on the keyboard and then deleted this picture. Many times when communicating with my parents, many words came to my mouth and finally swallowed back."

chen jian bin

      Chen Jianbin, a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, is a famous "professional fan" in the circle.

      For this identity, he himself is also very recognized. He bluntly said that his interest in watching movies is "natural" and he likes all kinds of movies, not for work. "Because watching movies can make me feel particularly happy and happy."

Among them, Zhang Yimou’s Red Sorghum and Truffaut’s The Last Subway are enlightening works that lead him to the road of performance.

The rural theme of "Red Sorghum" made him see the hope that he was born in the countryside to engage in acting career. In "The Last Subway", the images of the protagonists still insisting on rehearsing in the basement of the theater during the war gave him the desire to apply for Chinese opera.

Chen Jianbin is very confident about his movie viewing volume, and once proudly said that he has never met his opponent. When studying in Chinese opera, he often locked himself in the viewing room and watched videos all night. This brushing habit has also been maintained until now.

In a life variety show, Chen Jianbin started the "viewing room" mode as soon as he arrived at the residence, and took out the long-prepared Blu-ray discs, all of which were classic old films, including butch cassidy and the sundance kid, Sunset Yellow Sand and the "Apu Trilogy" by Indian director satyajit ray.

After watching the movie, I had a whim. I told my wife, Angel, that I wanted to name the unborn child Sundance (the name of the protagonist in butch cassidy and the sundance kid), and the shadow is full of true colors.

WatchingThe Phantom SewerAt that time, Chen Jianbin even brought his own commentary track. "This is notPaul Thomas AndersonThe best movie. "And then reel comments.

In an interview, Chen Jianbin once asked a reporter, "What is the first shot of American Beauty?" At that time, the other party was speechless. This has also become one of the anecdotes circulating in the circle.

Chen Jianbin said that when people often ask themselves why they can watch so many movies, he often replies, "I spend other people’s time watching movies. Even though I’m not in this industry now, I’m still an avid movie fan. “

In addition to the above four, there are many stars in the film and television circle who are hidden senior fans and movie bloggers.

Zhang YiIt has been revealed that my biggest hobby is to organize my own film library and prefix all films according to the ranking of directors, main actors, awards and douban, so as to facilitate my retrieval and study at any time.

78-year-old famous directorXie FeiUp to now, I still actively share all kinds of film reviews and drama reviews on Douban, including not only a large number of literary films and cinema films, but also online dramas such as Joy of Life, which can be described as "never too old to see old".

It is true that some people may question that the behavior of movie recommendation by stars is "setting aside people" and "showing superiority", but it is undeniable that listening, watching and feeling excellent works is one of the necessary accomplishments for actors and directors, and it will certainly help them go further and further on the road of performing arts.

Xiao Dianjun also sincerely expects that there will be more movie bloggers in the entertainment circle.

A quick tutorial on football, which teaches you to become an elegant girl who knows the ball.

Recently, football fans have celebrated the Spring Festival again.

The Spanish national derby has begun again!

It is always difficult for girls to understand such things as football.

Why is it so attractive to boys!

So today, Brother Hunzi will tell you something about football (especially my sister paper who doesn’t know the ball).

# Football # # World Cup # # Football rules # # Football play # # Spanish national derby #

Ouyang Zhongshi: What is culture? What is the core of culture?

What is culture? There are many experts who have defined it. There are hundreds of kinds in ancient and modern times, at home and abroad. Everyone always talks about a certain aspect of "culture", but it has not been fully summarized, so it is more troublesome to define it. Modern Chinese Dictionary explains culture as the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical development. If we understand it according to this definition, there is probably nothing that is not cultural, good or bad, and almost everything we can see can be classified into the category of culture. As for how culture came into being, why it came into being and why it came into being, there is no answer. Now, let’s analyze and study the word "culture".

Culture is the pursuit of beauty by human beings.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

From the beginning of existence, human beings always hope that the present will be better than the past, and tomorrow will be better than today. It can be seen that the pursuit of beauty is the desire of human beings and the goal that human beings will always pursue. It is human nature to pursue a beautiful desire. This desire for beauty is not only human, but also common animals, such as monkeys, cats, rabbits and dogs. Therefore, we say that this is a kind of nature of species, that is to say, this is an inevitable pursuit of the survival of a "living thing". However, this desire is limited by nature and bound by heaven and earth. From the nature, everything between heaven and earth exists objectively, regardless of human will, and they have their own operating rules. Living in nature, human beings should also obey some laws in nature, and form some laws and rules that everyone abides by in social life. In the Book of Changes, it is said that "the sky is strong and the terrain is Kun". This has summed up everything in nature. Kun means Shun. Heaven and earth are constantly running. The sky should be strong and the earth should be smooth. Everything on the earth, including human beings, requires "smoothness". Heaven and earth require "harmony", and if human beings want to be beautiful, they must also "harmony". Find a word to describe "beauty" and "harmony", and we in China will find the word "Wen". Literature is the meaning of beauty and harmony.

What is the word Wen? The Book of Changes says: "The phases are mixed, so it is called Wen." "Za" was originally written as "Fu" (we simplified it as "Za"), with the word "Yi" on the left and the word "Ji" on the right. In terms of word-making, it means that there are many birds flying on a tree and wearing all kinds of clothes, which are very beautiful, that is, "味味". In other words, a variety of appearances and things are gathered together and colorful, which is called "Wen". In addition, there is another explanation, which says in the Book of Rites: "Five colors are written." All colors are gathered together, which is "Wen". All kinds of colors are gathered together, but they are not randomly piled up, but have their own rules, so we also say "articles". All kinds of things get together, and they are not chaotic and organized. This is called "Wen", which is a beautiful symbol.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". All material wealth is created by people, and our spiritual wealth also appears for beauty, so we use a word "Wen" to describe it. Can we understand that all the beautiful things (whether material or spiritual) created by human beings, as well as all the efforts made to achieve beauty and all the ideas for development towards beauty, are all cultures? Therefore, a good wish is culture; Pursuing beautiful practical actions is also culture; Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

In this way, all the wishes, actions and results of people’s lives, which are getting better day by day, can be covered in culture. Therefore, the meaning mentioned in the dictionary can be interpreted as: in the historical process of human society, all material wealth and spiritual wealth belong to culture, or culture can be said to be the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth. I think my understanding may depend on a little spectrum, or at least touch a little edge.

Having said that, I also want to make an important explanation: after "beauty", the word "harmony" must be added. Since culture is the pursuit of beauty. You also pursue, I also pursue, he also pursues, it should be said that this is a common pursuit of all mankind. Since it is the common pursuit of all mankind, it is inevitable that they will collide with each other. In order for everyone to get "beauty", we should make a code of conduct to ensure that everyone can get "beauty". This norm must ensure that everyone is "beautiful", which requires everyone to live in harmony, and everyone should be humble, tolerant, tolerant and respectful.

Chinese culture is developed.

Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

The world, from the beginning of human beings, is pursuing beauty. What is created and formed in the process of pursuit, whether material or spiritual, is the crystallization of the pursuit of beauty. So, how to understand Chinese culture? Analysis, in Chinese culture, some of them are native to China, or are inherent, such as our "classics" and "transmission". There is also a part that comes with the historical development of society. For example, we didn’t have a fire, we didn’t know how to use it, and we didn’t eat cooked food. Later, we gradually found that food tastes better when cooked, and the use of fire is wide, so we can keep warm and cook. We have also built many houses and planted crops, which are our material wealth. In the ideological and spiritual field, there are many books, music and paintings, which are our wealth. These are all created and developed by our Chinese nation. Everyone knows that Chinese culture is profound and profound, because we have a long history and a large population. On the land of China, our wisdom has naturally condensed into a set of cultural characteristics suitable for ourselves in the continuous progress. To put it bluntly, we Chinese sons and daughters have enough ability to pursue beauty and harmony step by step! Our long history has proved this. In the long historical process, our ability has gradually accumulated with the development of society. Since the pre-Qin period, the growth of new content has never stopped. No matter the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, or even modern and contemporary times, every era has its unique contribution and a little fresh knowledge has grown up.That is to say: in addition to the original inherent culture, with the progress of the times, a large part of the cultural accumulation has increased.

Part of our culture is absorbed from the outside, or introduced from the outside. Even if it came from the outside, we absorbed it, transformed it and developed it. Especially after the Ming Dynasty, foreign cultures from other regions poured in, which added new contents to our long-term self-developed culture. China people are not afraid of wealth, and China people do not refuse foreign wealth. They first introduce it, then combine it, and then "transform" it, and finally it is no longer easy to distinguish it clearly. For example, after Buddhism in India and Zen in Indian Buddhism spread to China, China people conducted research and development, resulting in the formation of Chinese Buddhism. China’s Zen is a fusion and has become a part of Chinese culture. It is precisely because our Chinese culture has such tolerance, absorption and digestion, and it is precisely because we have such a trilogy of "introduction, combination and melting" with foreign cultures that our Chinese culture has formed a life force with its own characteristics, which is developing at any time and is good at integration. Therefore, Chinese culture is becoming more and more huge, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, profound and profound. Inherent, developed and integrated, these three aspects make our Chinese culture more comprehensive. Of course, the status and emphasis of these three aspects in Chinese culture are not exactly the same in different times, but in the final analysis, these integrated cultures are still harmonious, which constitutes our Chinese culture.

Some people say that our cultural development is not fast enough or advanced enough, is that right? I think the progress of Chinese culture is by no means slow! Gunpowder was invented by China people, and it was also the most advanced at that time, but we didn’t develop it later. Is it because China people are not smart? I don’t think so, because we in China simply don’t want to make a weapon with powerful lethality. The pursuit of Chinese culture is to avoid war and misfortune. The pursuit is to move forward more steadily. Therefore, I feel that Chinese culture is firmly grasping the "beauty" and "harmony" and moving forward. I would rather take one step slowly and take one step less than those inappropriate paths.

Therefore, the Chinese nation has formed its own inherent culture, which is a very complete system. With the development of history, it is constantly developing and expanding, and it is also constantly absorbing and melting with the development of the world. Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

What is the core of Chinese culture?

The words "benevolence, virtue, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Chinese culture pursues beauty, and all its development is towards "better and more harmonious day by day". Therefore, I think beauty and harmony are the core requirements of culture and Chinese culture. It is difficult to get along fairly and harmoniously like this, and to achieve the beautiful harmony of all mankind without a common agreement and a common norm. Our sages have long known this problem, and they put forward some requirements and norms. We can analyze it through a few Chinese characters.

The first is "benevolence". "Benevolence" occupies an unshakable core position in Chinese traditional culture. If you take the word "benevolence" apart, it is two people. People should love each other, and this "benevolence" is love.

Followed by "virtue"; The word "virtue" should be written straight on the right side except the heart, so the ancients often said that "straight heart is virtue" "Straight" is integrity, and upright is "virtue". "Virtue" requires a lot. Adding the word "heart" is to explain thoughts, and adding "worry" is to explain actions. That is to say, integrity is required in both thoughts and actions. This is the meaning of "virtue". "Virtue" has been mentioned in Zhuangzi, which means "virtue". Things are born, which is called virtue. Morality is a special power. Although it is not a thing, it is a very unusual internal energy force. This kind of power will make things grow and make things successful. Visible is a power that can enhance life and promote success. How can we explain this power? I realize that it is a kind of "strength", and it seems easier to understand that it is an "opportunity". In the language of ordinary people, especially in Beijing dialect, there is a saying: "Come on!" Sometimes it is reduced to one word: "Yes!" Just saying: ok! It’s done! Everything was successful and reached a very "suitable" situation. This statement is exactly the true meaning of "de". It must also be explained that this "gain" refers not only to one aspect, but to all aspects. It is the requirement of "getting" that is suitable in any way. In order to ensure a comprehensive "win", all aspects must follow certain principles, which falls on this "virtue".

On the winter solstice, it was also called "Germany and Japan" in ancient times. From this day on, the days became longer, which is the law of celestial bodies. "Yin declines and Yang rises", and everything began to grow. This day is also called "prosperous day", that is, it begins to grow. Therefore, "things can be born"-if things have "virtue", they begin to grow; "Things can be done"-things can be successful. "Virtue" is a good word to help people and things grow vigorously.

How can a beautiful "text" achieve a comprehensive "culture"? We must rely on "virtue". Chinese culture can have such vitality and cohesion, which is inseparable from the word "virtue". It can also be said that virtue is an essential core in Chinese culture.

We pay attention to "benevolence" in order to ensure a comprehensive "beautiful and harmonious" requirement. It can be said that "benevolence" is the core of Chinese culture. In order to ensure the normal development of "benevolence" and "morality", we need to do standardized activities and then make it a system, which leads to "ceremony" and "law"

How can people achieve "benevolence" and "virtue" and move into a standardized system? There is a way-that is "transformation". The word "Hua" is amazing. No matter how you look at it, there are two people, one is upside down and the other is red-handed. In this way, the word can’t be inverted, and everything is correct. This "transformation" can be both negative and positive, that is to say, it can be reconciled and dissolved, and it can be established in all cases. This should be a channel to a better state. There are many things that can be solved as long as they are "transformed".

We have been using and following the law of "transformation", or this principle. Why is Chinese culture more and more extensive, more and more profound, with a long history and enduring prosperity? First of all, because it is the pursuit of all mankind, it represents the common and beautiful aspirations of all mankind; Secondly, it is the strong inclusiveness and integration, culture and power of Chinese culture. Because in the process of cultural development, it is impossible without collision. The fear of collision lies in coordination and how to solve it. It boils down to two kinds, one is to let and the other is to rob. Rob no good results, today’s winner, tomorrow may be a loser, today’s loser may be a winner tomorrow. Fighting and looting is not a good way to solve the problem, and it is not as good as a word "Hua". Through a word "Hua", we can resolve, harmonize and transform and move forward in harmony. We have "transformed" many things, and by "transforming", we have formed a big multi-ethnic family.

All this comes down to one word-"harmony", which is the highest realm that people pursue. This "harmony" is not that "combination" Harmony is two things, or many different things are very harmonious and harmonious, such as various musical instruments, which play and sing to form a beautiful melody, but it is not that two different things have lost themselves. For example, people’s wishes and demands are varied, but it is indeed possible to achieve unity. Unity here does not mean synthesizing "one", but achieving agreement, that is, achieving harmony. Combination is to add two different things together, dissolve them and lose yourself. "Harmony" is the fusion of two different things, each with its own characteristics and living in peace. Everything in the world is different, and everyone is different, so we should advocate harmony. Only harmony can last.

In our thoughts and actions, we should respect morality, etiquette and law, and finally reach the realm of "harmony" through "culture". Therefore, I believe that the words "benevolence, morality, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

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Can’t you catch tickets for global studios? You can also come here to interact with other "top flow"!

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The 2021 China International Services Trade Fair ("Service Association") is about to be launched. Beijing Global Studio, Beijing Global Studio, will be unveiled in the Beijing sub -center.

According to reports, after the official launch, Kung Fu Panda, the "top flow" of the global studio, and so on. It will also come to the scene and the audience in advance.

Beijing Universal Studios is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing. In the 20 years of construction, 7 years of construction, this year, after the opening, "double", today, I finally started trial. It will be officially opened on September 20.

As the world’s largest global studio, what is mysterious here? Shanghai Securities Journalists take you to explore.

Harry Potter, Xiaoyang and other top traffic collection

VR dazzling technology immersion experience

A reporter from Shanghai Securities and Magazine came to Beijing Global Resort in Tongzhou District, Beijing, early.

It is very convenient to take the subway. Both Beijing Metro Batong and Line 7 are global resorts. The volume of the station is equivalent to three times the total railway station. There are 4 safety entrances 82.

From the subway, the west side of the station is the urban avenue, restaurant and theme store of the global resort, about 700 meters again. You can reach the resort.

Global studios have the magic world of Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda Glass, Xiaoyang Paradise, Transformers, Jurassic World Nubra Island, Hollywood Avenue, Future Water World, and so on. 7.

In the park, first of all, this is a milestone building in Hollywood. On Hollywood Avenue, you can play a monster, Maryline Monroe, and take a group with them. In a film -specific product factory, you can experience the effect of photoelectric mixed. Experience the entire movie production process.

Hollywood Avenue is not far from the right. It is currently the largest little yellow garden in the world. Visitors can enter Super Mengle Island on a huge pier. Experience the stimulus of the roller coaster, or sit at a bird’s -eye view of the Menci Rose Vortex 360 ° Island.

In Nubra, Jurassic World, experience the "Jurassic World Adventure", adopt a complete terrain luxury automatic system (Atlas) into the wilderness of Nubra Island and meet dinosaurs.

"Global resort is full of technology. Many projects are real scenes and 3D virtual scenes. Visual art enjoyment is very good." Tourists told reporters.

In the "Future Water World" theme scenic spots, the feeling of immersion continues various details. Even a hair dryer can be heard in the bathroom. It is shocking to accelerate the technology of water gasoline, accelerate, and bullets. Until the plane crashed & hellip; & hellip; various stunt performances made tourists scream again, it seemed to be in a wonderful "water war".

The largest and most exciting roller coaster in the park- "DABA Tiger Roller Trolley", 4. Within 5 seconds, it can be accelerated from a static state to 104 kilometers.

Except for playing, I can’t eat, drink, drink and various products! There are 80 restaurants and 30 retail stores. Ice cream from Xiaohuang people and other themes, butter beer to signature & hellip; & hellip; various novels diet, of course, the price is also "unforgettable"!

The fare has not yet been announced

Beijing or enter the Mid -Autumn Festival domestic tourism is the hottest

Beijing Global Studio fare? The recent testing and test operation tests have been fired thousands of yuan. But the official fare has not been announced.

Compared with Shanghai Disneyland, before, he had just issued a ticket adjustment plan: starting from January 9th, 2022, the conventional daily ticket adjustment was 435 yuan, the special agreement was 545 yuan, the peak day was 659 yuan, and the special peak day was 769 yuan.

After the official opening on September 20, the theme park of Beijing Global Studio needs to enter the ticket. In Beijing Global City Avenue, tourists can go to the case without buying tickets. Adjustment.

The time to open the global resort is a coincidence in the Mid -Autumn Festival. Where to analyze the main data research institute, the Mid -Autumn Festival has always been the off -season of long -distance travel. Especially in Beijing, in the Mid -Autumn Festival, there is usually a scene of "going out" instead of "entering Beijing". As the Global Resort was officially announced in the Mid -Autumn Festival, Beijing is expected to be the most popular destination of the Mid -Autumn Festival.

How to promote the Beijing economy?

It is reported that Universal Studios Beijing covers an area of ??120 hectares, plus 280 hectares of resorts. After completion, it will become the world’s largest global vast city. This is 2 times that of Osaka Global Studio, 5 times of Singapore Global Studio, and 4 times in Shanghai Disney.

The existing section of the global resort includes the theme park of Beijing Global Studio, Beijing Global City Avenue and two resorts. The second phase of planning construction includes the theme park of Chinese elements, which introduces IPS such as Chinese culture and Sun Wukong; the three -phase plan construction water park, with a total investment of more than $ 50 billion.

CITIC Jianota predicts that Universal Studios Beijing receives about 15 million to 20 million people, and the price of guests is expected to exceed 1,500 yuan. After maturity, the annual turnover is about 25 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan.

Pacific Securities believes that the global resort will directly drive Beijing’s tourism revenue by 4 % -5 %, and the annual growth rate of the industry around the tourism industry will increase by more than 100 billion yuan. the value of.

Many listed companies participate in the global studio industry chain

As an investor, the capital story behind Beijing Global Studio is more concerned about.

From the official disclosure information, Beijing Global Resort has Beijing International Resort Hotel Beijing International Resort Hotel, which is a joint venture with Beijing Ryan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Kangcaster NBC Global Commercial Position And resort.

Beijing Handbiao Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. is the Beijing Municipal Government that mainly supports investment, development, operation and Beijing Global Resort. It is usually used by five Beijing state -owned enterprises. Including one of China’s largest tourism companies -Beijing Chiefs Group.

As the largest shareholder of the global studio, the first travel hotel of the first group, Wangfujing, Quanjude, the first commercial stock, and so on. This is the closest and benefited from this industrial chain.

At present, there are only two hotels in NOVOLI in the Universal Studios -Universal Studios Hotel and Resort. The number of rooms is about 1200. These two hotels are management of 50 % of the International Cay and First Tourism Group. And before December 31st, he has been committed to injecting a girl hotel, 2022. In June of this year, the hotel’s discipline announced a $ 3 billion plan. Global Studios near the theme hotel, in order to seize market opportunities.

In addition to the first time, many listed companies have recently responded to investors in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It appeared in the case of cooperation with Beijing Universal Studios.

Wangfujing said that the company produced by Wangfujing Shopping Center produced by the company is expected to be opened with the global studio scenic spot. However, in order to deal with the market tax, the company revealed that there is no specific plan to open global studio.

All the rally and delivered a speech thatthe Quanjihuzhuang is located on the city avenue of Universal Studios. The project covers an area of ??more than 15,000 square meters. The form of snacks, dinner, takeaway, terrace bar, etc. Organic combination. The store will be tested at the same time as global studios on September 1.

There is also an investor’s "adapter". Beijing Culture Group, Beijing Culture Group, Holding Bank, is one of the investors of Beijing Global Studio.

CITIC Tourism, China Youth Travel, and so on. It is a formal authorized partner of the Beijing Global Resort Tourism Channel.

Also, many listed companies have participated in the project construction of global studios. For example, Jintu Group is one of the main suppliers of Beijing Global Studio Green New Building Materials; time and space technology participation in the construction of Beijing Global Studio theme park support construction (first stage) urban avenue flood lighting project construction; Yuanwang valley and valley and Beijing International Resort has signed a franchise agreement for many years.

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"Shanghai Securities Journal" on July 1, 1991, with the establishment of the New China Securities Market, it is the first national financial daily daily that my country provides authoritative financial securities. "Shanghai Securities News" is a key newspaper, Xinhua News Agency, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission designated information disclosure newspapers.

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Shanghai’s tragic accident caused 1 death and 1 injury case details announcement

Cao Moumou, a male, male, born in 1995 ** 被 被 被, citizenship number: 4290041995 **********, Han nationality, junior high school culture, before the incident, online car driver, household registration in Hubei Group of Xian Tao City ** Village, temporarily lived in Room **, ** Road ** Road ** of Yangpu District, Shanghai. On March 31, 2021, the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau was criminally detained in accordance with the law for suspected traffic accidents.

The case was ended by the investigation of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and was transferred to the court on January 17, 2022 to the court for review and prosecution by the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou. After the acceptance of this court, the next day, it was informed that the non -prosecutor had the right to entrust the defender and the legal consequences that the penalty could be caused. The close relatives of the victim had the right to entrust the lawsuit to the lawsuit, and questioned the non -prosecutor in accordance with the law and listened to it. The opinions of the victim’s family reviewed all case materials.

After review by law:

At 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the brand that was not leased by Cao Moumou was Shanghai AF **** small sedan.时,因其驾驶机动车未靠道路右侧通行且违反文明驾驶规定而分别与对方向在道路东侧由南向北被害人沈某甲骑驶的号牌为上海67****电动自行车及The victim Huang Moumou’s number plate was a collision of Shanghai 38 **** electric bicycles, causing damage to the vehicle, Huang Moumou’s injury, Shen Moujia died on the spot. After determining the accident of the traffic police detachment of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Cao Moumou’s total responsibility for the accident, Shen Moujia and Huang Moumou did not bear the responsibility of the accident.

After the accident, Cao Moumou’s initiative to report to the police, waiting for the scene and actively rescued the wounded. After the case, the above -mentioned criminal facts were truthfully confessed. A few days ago, the victim Huang Moumou had received Cao Moumou’s compensation RMB 55,000 (the following currencies are RMB); 38.6668 million yuan and Cao Moumou compensated 49,000 yuan (the remaining 60,000 yuan has been negotiated with Cao Moumou and the victim Shen Moujia’s family membership payment). Cao Moumou has been understood in writing by the above -mentioned victims and family members of the victims.

The evidence of identifying the above facts is as follows:

1. The one -click search for super search information, ID card copy, and criminal suspect’s illegal crime information verification form from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau confirmed that the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou had reached legal and completely criminal responsibility age when he committed the crime. Identity information and no prevalence.

2. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s case (event) issued by the public security organs receiving a report, the registration form, the case of the case, the 110 incident registration form, and the call for details. A traffic accident occurred near the Panlong Highway and the intersection of the construction of the North Road and the electric bicycle. Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, took the initiative to call the police, waited for the scene and truthfully confessed the above criminal facts.

3. The results of the test form of the drug driving (urine test) and the exhalation alcohol tester confirmed that Cao Moumou was not toxic and drunk driving.

4. Driving license information, motor vehicle driving license, photocopy of driver’s license, vehicle detailed information, motor vehicle traffic accident liability for compulsory insurance policy, commercial insurance policy, Shanghai taxi operating license confirmed, Cao Moumou’s driving license and rental car Related conditions such as the driving card is complete.

5. Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s population business inquiry management system information, ID card copy, a copy of the temporary resident ID card, and basic information of the vehicle have confirmed that the victim Shen Moujia, Huang Moumou’s identity information and two electric bicycles are related.

6. The first aid case, the medical certificate of the resident death, the guarantee, the cremation of the remains, the thermalization certificate of the body of the residents, and the thermalization of the body, and the Judicial Appraisal Opinions of the Judicial Appraisal Center of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University confirmed that on March 31, 2021, the victim Shen Moujia was on the spot due to a traffic accident on the spot. Death, the cause of death is in line with road traffic accidents, causing injuries to the whole body. In addition, ethanol composition was found in the blood.

7. Notice of injury testing and the outpatient medical records of the Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine confirmed that the victim Huang Moumou had eyeballs due to the accident.

8. Household registration copy, copy of ID cards, civil judgments, civil jets, civil mediation letters, receipt, understanding, and Didi company transfer vouchers confirmed that Cao Moumou has conducted with the victim Shen Moujia’s family on the economic compensation of the accident. Civil litigation and later reached a mediation agreement. A few days ago, the victim Shen Moujia had received a compensation of 1.182 million yuan in insurance companies, 386.668 million yuan paid by Didi Company and 49,000 yuan for Cao Moumou. Payment). The family members of the victims have been understood by Cao Moumou.

9. Transportation accident understanding, people’s mediation agreement, and road traffic accident economic compensation voucher confirmed that it has been compensated by the victim Huang Moumou for the victim of the victim, and was written in writing.

10. The "Road Traffic Accident Confix" issued by the Transportation Police Detachment of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the situation of Shen Moujia’s electric bicycle after being drunk, which is confirmed by the situation of the responsibility of the accident. Cao Moumou’s responsibility for the accident; Shen Moujia drunk riding electric bicycles does not work on traffic accidents and the consequences of damage. The two victims had no fault in the accident. Responsibility for the accident.

11. Shanghai Fenglin Judicial Appraisal Co., Ltd.’s judicial appraisal opinions confirmed that the safety technical status of the car involved in the case is in line with the relevant provisions of GB7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety"; the safety technical status of the two electric bicycles involved in the case meets GB17761-2018 " The requirements of the Safety Technical Specifications of Electric Bicycles; at the time of the accident, the license plate is "Shanghai 67 ****" electric bicycle carried by people to carry people’s traffic behavior. A collision of electric bicycles can be established.

12. On -site pictures of road traffic accidents, surveys of road traffic accidents, photos, photos, CD -ROM confirmations, car accidents and other related situations.

13. The statement of the victim Huang Moumou confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, when the electric bicycle was driving along the east side of the Pinglong Highway from south to north to the south side of the south side of the river bridge, about 200 meters, It was suitable for a sedan to drive quickly from the middle to southeast along the middle road to the southeast, and it avoided it westward. Later, it felt like a electric bicycle or a car colliding.

14. Witnesses Shen Mou’s testimony confirmed that it was the son of Shen Moujia. On March 31, 2021, Shen Moujia drove an electric bicycle and collided with a small sedan on the way along the Pinglong Highway. His mother said that Shen Moujia went to the construction site from his home when he was at the time of the incident.

15. The confirmation of the confession of the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou was confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the driving number was Shanghai AF **** small sedan, and it was driving north to south along the Dragon Highway in this area to the south to the shoulder. The road milestone hit two electric bicycles at 6.7 kilometers, resulting in related facts such as one death and one injury.

The court believes that Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, implemented the behavior stipulated in Article 133 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, but the circumstances of the crime were mild. And its close relatives made financial compensation and obtained written understanding, according to the provisions of Article 67, paragraph 1 and 37 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, can be exempted from criminal punishment. According to the provisions of Article 177 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, it was decided not to prosecute Cao Moumou.

Three seized CD -ROM returned to the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

If the non -prosecutor’s decision, if he does not accept the decision, he can appeal to the court within seven days after receiving the decision.

If the victim’s close relatives do not accept the decision, they can appeal to the Second Branch of the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate within seven days after receiving this decision, and ask for a public prosecution; they can also filed a self -prosecution directly to the Shanghai Chongming District People’s Court of Shanghai.