Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to?

  Along with the take-off of Yunqi, in addition to exclamations and praises, there are also full of questioning and disdain.

  On April 10th, 2023, when the short video of looking up at U9 "jumping in place" began to spread exponentially, the "busybodies" brushed aside and questioned one after another-such as copying the magic control system of Mercedes-Benz and the idea of "low rider" in the United States half a century ago, and so on, and some friends stood in front of the stage and declared that we had released similar technologies a few years ago …

  As the saying goes, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong ones. The topic of Yunqi is wrapped in the waterfall of attention and the marketing window. The original desire to share the flow cake is understandable, but the tide will eventually fade, naked swimmers will soon be made public, and the core of the problem will return to the original point-where is the innovation of Yunqi? What is the meaning of existence? Is there any deep value for the overall development of the automobile industry? In the final analysis, is Yunqi worth looking up to?

  All doubts and disdain, after waiting for the hustle and bustle to disappear, Yunqi answers with truth and strength.

  Innovation or tribute?

  As big asTVComputers, as small as mobile phone accessories, online public opinion has become more and more entangled in the originality of design. "Innovation is proud, plagiarism is ashamed", and the proper concept of honor and disgrace forces the progress of industrial design of manufacturers. Have you noticed that in the German Red Dot Design Awards, China products won numerous awards, and even foreign experts who are used to the Mona Lisa did not hesitate to praise them.

  However, the shape design is only an intuitive contrast between beauty and ugliness, but the engineering design similar to Yunqi involves more original latitudes-many machines that look similar in function and appearance, with the metal skin uncovered, are intricate and varied inside. For example, BYD’s DM-i and Toyota’s THS hybrid architecture both achieve fuel saving and high efficiency, but how much do they have in common on the mechanical level? Patent barriers are blocked layer by layer, trying to copy? Friends will sue you to bankruptcy first.

  In addition, when the engineering design develops to 2023, the space for innovation is limited after all-just like the integrated circuit, the process can only progress one nanometer at a time. As we all know, it has been 138 years since the appearance of automobiles, such as front-drive layout, air suspension, non-load-bearing body and so on. For the future development of automobiles, the modern public should recognize and attach importance to every "micro-innovation"-to make further progress, and this spirit deserves recognition. In fact, looking up at the cloud chariot -P on U8 is just like this.

  What’s the difference between Yunxiao -P?

  At first glance, the functions are similar, and the appearance can’t see much details. What is the difference between Yunqi -P?

  If you have been to Tibet, you must have seen the amazing LC80 (old land cruiser). Its suspension is a representative of primitive durability-the front and rear hard bridges are designed with a simple structure, which greatly avoids the possibility of failure, but the bumps are really bumps … The technical limitations of the times have caused comfortable regrets, and from today’s perspective, it is outdated.

  The progress of Yunqi -P has just solved this great regret-modern suspension is no longer just a matter of four shock absorbers and four springs. In Yunqi -P system equipped with U8, the suspension body, sensing technology and intelligent computing center are connected into a whole, and the shock absorbers and other actions have gone through perception-decision-execution, just like putting a brain on the chassis of a car, including turning, avoiding and calculating.

  The difference between Yunpi -P does not stop there. As far as its sensing system is concerned, Yunqi -P deeply integrates multiple road sensing elements such as camera and laser radar, which can identify the road features 5-150m ahead and output the elevation curve, and adjust the suspension damping in advance in a targeted manner, greatly optimizing the impact of road bumps on comfort. In addition, looking up at U8 can realize three independent adjustments of height+stiffness+damping, and has the ability of independent adjustment of four-wheel height, which can achieve front and rear leveling, left and right leveling and single-wheel leveling of the whole vehicle, and creatively realize the unique one-button leveling function in mainstream off-road vehicles, and almost achieve full adaptability of the whole scene.

  Such a balanced all-terrain capability is not groundbreaking.

  What’s the significance of Yunqi -P?

  After the press conference, many netizens questioned that the whole Yunqi family was a "fancy whistle", but little did they know that there were similar speech attacks when the iPhone was released. Ironically, smart phones eventually unified the rivers and lakes, and almost completely put Nokia and others into the cold palace.

  The superficial value of Yunqi -P is nothing more than making the car more comfortable, more flexible to handle and more adaptable to the road surface. But only from this perspective, Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles can also do well. Why should we spend millions on U8 to own this Yunqi -P?

  Mouth guns can’t promote the progress of technology, and a simple cloud experience may just be a blind man touching an elephant. The far-reaching significance of Yunqi -P is that it realizes the intelligent linkage between the key parts system of the lower body and the whole vehicle for the first time, which indicates another electrical revolution of the automobile after the canbus bus is introduced into the vehicle control. The parts related to driving are controlled by the intelligent system in a centralized way, just like the human brain controls walking, and the automobile can take every road in a predictable, active and coordinated way, which means that the intelligent wave will sweep up and down every muscle of the automobile, and the automobile will have independent thinking and judgment in the future. What’s more, it has been predicted that Yunqi -P also supports OTA upgrade, which proves that it still has the potential for growth!

  More than that. From the technical point of view, we should also pay attention to its social value-the birth and application of Yunnian -P, which proves that China automobile has quietly passed the embarrassing stage of parodying Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, found a way out through deliberation and explored innovation through mediocrity. The domestic automobile industry is no longer a follower, but has changed from a chaser to a leader, grasping the baton of development and starting a new era in which the Chinese automobile industry affects the world industrial structure! Great country craftsmen shouted for this! National self-confidence does it one brace up!

  So, if anyone still asks: Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to? I will ask and answer questions, it’s worth it!

Qin L DM-i, a brand-new mid-level car of BYD Dynasty, appeared at Beijing Auto Show.

DM-I, a brand-new mid-size car of BYD Dynasty, made its world debut in auto china in 2024, leading the new trend of mid-size cars in an all-round way with its beauty, leading technology, brand-new platform and excellent intelligence.


Sword and finger intermediate: the layout of large and small Qin cars completes the map of dynasty cars

The length, width and height of Qin L are 4830mm/1900mm/1495mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2790mm. It is a standard mid-level car. In the car matrix of the current dynasty, the Qin family is a compact crown and has the right to speak in the family car; The Han family is a medium-sized and large-scale sales champion, ranking first in the mainstream mid-to high-end market, and the Qin L sword refers to the intermediate level, which just fills the matrix gap between the two cars. Upward, attack the joint venture intermediate car headed by Han; Downward, with the formation of a large and small Qin double-car pattern, radiating the A+ market, improving the product layout of Wangchao. com in the mainstream car market.


Design guidance: dynasty is the tide of the country, showing cultural self-confidenceAs a brand-new mid-level sedan of the dynasty, Qin L was built based on the brand-new orientation of "mainstream, quality and new national tide", drawing strength from Chinese excellent traditional culture, and embodying the perfect integration of national tide culture and future technology. Qin L adopts "the aesthetics of new national tide and dragon face", which melts the dragon and dragon face into the car body, and the dragon face evolves to show the weather of Daqin. The "Dragon’s front face" is majestic, with slender and elegant sides, and the ultra-wide rear shoulder design at the tail, which makes the whole car show a "wide body and low squat" posture, domineering and dynamic.


The garage is between mountains and seas, and people are in Traveling in a pictorial world. Qin l’s interior is inspired by Chinese painting, creating a "landscape painting cockpit" with high style. The integrated center console slowly unfolds around the rotating big screen, like a long scroll of the East floating on the instrument panel of the sapphire case, creating a strong sense of encirclement. With luxurious space, exquisite materials, ergonomic spacious and comfortable seats, and front McPherson rear multi-link independent suspension, Qin L is beautiful, spacious, comfortable and stable, making driving enjoyable.


Technology Leading: "Big and Economical" has become the new trend of mid-size cars.

The most anticipated is the technical parameters of Qin L. Previously, Qin L will have a major breakthrough in fuel consumption and battery life. Although the official did not "hammer" at this auto show, it said that Qin L will subvert the stereotype of "fuel consumption" of mid-level cars and lead the breakthrough through technology, making "big and economical" a new trend of mid-level cars.


Platform leading: the new mainstream of the definition of the strength of a new generation of plug-in and hybrid vehicle platforms

With the acceleration of electrification, the vehicle platform is accelerating innovation. Qin L is based on BYD’s new generation of plug-in and hybrid vehicle platform, and integrates a number of forward-looking technologies, which is designed for plug-in, more efficient, safer and more interesting, and promotes the new energy platform to become the mainstream!


Leading by intelligence: enjoy the convenience of car life and create a sensory experience of taste

In the era of intelligence, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving assistance are indispensable. Qin L is equipped with DiLink intelligent cockpit, which is equipped with 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad, car ETC, NFC digital key, full-scene intelligent voice, etc. It is smart and easy to control. DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, including adaptive cruise, intelligent navigation, emergency lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring and other functions, comprehensively improves driving safety. With the spacious and luxurious cockpit, quiet space and immersive concert hall, the car life is full of wisdom and taste.


The arrival of Qin L will lead the new trend of mid-level cars in an all-round way, provide the mainstream families with the choice of upgrading the quality of cars, and provide young people with the one-stop choice of buying cars. It is reported that Qin L will be listed in the second quarter of this year, and it is expected to start selling at 120,000 yuan, which is worth looking forward to!

The new model M5 equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system will be officially released on April 17th.

  The advanced intelligent driving version of Wenjie M5 will be officially released on April 17th. Wenjie M5 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, providing extended-range and pure electric power systems. The price range of the current model is 259,800-331,800 yuan.

The new model M5 equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system will be officially released on April 17th _fororder_image001.

  The M5 advanced intelligent driving version of Wenjie continues the design style of the current model. The middle net adopts a banner grille, which has a large area and can provide a good heat dissipation effect. The headlight group has a sharp design, and black decorative strips are added below the front enclosure as an ornament, making the front face younger.

The new model M5 equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system will be officially released on April 17th _fororder_image002.

  The waistline of the M5 car body is sharp, which highlights the sense of strength. The new car is equipped with a hidden door handle, and the taillights are designed through and blackened, and the AITO letter logo is provided in the middle of the taillights. The advanced intelligent driving version is mainly equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system, and radar and camera are also added.

  The current model of Wujie M5 provides two power systems: extended range and pure electric. Pure electric provides two-wheel drive standard version and four-wheel drive performance version. Extended range provides four models, and rear-wheel drive standard version and two four-wheel drive models. What kind of power system is used in the advanced intelligent driving version remains to be officially announced. (Photo courtesy of the car)

China in Spring: In early spring and February, cherry blossoms dance and rape are dyed all over the ground.

  Cctv news: Spring returns to the earth, and everything is renewed. At this time of year, peach blossoms and willow greens, singing and dancing, and spring steps from south to north. Cherry blossoms are flying on the Songjiang mine site in Shanghai, Luoping in Yunnan is golden everywhere, bougainvillea in Haikou, Hainan is dazzling, and Shili cherry blossoms in Zhangping, Fujian are blooming all over the mountain. Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.

  Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden: In early spring and February, the cherry blossom dance pit site became a garden.

  In Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang, Shanghai, it is warm and cold in early spring and February, and the grass is not yet green. Cherry blossoms take the lead in bringing spring. Thousands of Hejin cherry blossoms have blossomed one after another, and the cherry blossom avenue with a length of more than 600 meters has reached the most romantic season of the year. Pink cherry blossoms are covered with branches, like clouds, and walking among them is like walking into a pink dream tunnel.

  Chenshan was a quarry 20 years ago, and half of the stones on the hill have been cut off. It was once a mine site with serious soil erosion and serious vegetation degradation, and now it has turned into a beautiful urban garden. As a mega-city with a population of 24 million, Shanghai, with an inch of land, eliminated more than 500 backward enterprises through planning and land consolidation last year, took out 400 square kilometers of land and built 21 country parks. These country parks can not only purify the air, conserve water and prevent land loss, but also provide more choices for citizens to go hiking.

  Rapeseed Flower Sea in Luoping, Yunnan: Rapeseed is dyed all over the ground like a dream and a poetic spring breeze.

  In Luoping County, Yunnan Province, which is famous for its rape flower sea, 800,000 mu of rape flower fields are endless. Since the spring, there has been plenty of rain here, and rape has grown well. Even today, it is a rainy day, but although we can’t see the bright spring, we can appreciate the unique flavor of the sea of rape flowers in the fog.

  It is located in the mountainous area, and the fields are reclaimed by the mountains and stepped up, forming a unique terraced rape flower sea. The golden rape blossoms and unique geographical environment attract many tourists at this time of year, which also brings a lot of changes to the local area.

  Ao Liqiong, a villager in Shaodai Village, Luoping County, used to work in other places. Two years ago, she returned to the village to plant rapeseed. At the same time, she opened a farmhouse to entertain tourists who came to watch rapeseed. Now she doesn’t have to travel far, but her income is higher than before. In the village, more than 10 people have returned to their hometowns to start businesses like him. Rape series industry has also become a local pillar industry, taking the villagers on the road to becoming rich. Look at this golden land, this year is another bumper harvest year.

  Haikou Binhai Park, Hainan: a city with red clover and red pistil.

  In the Binhai Park in Haikou, Hainan, clusters of colorful bougainvillea bloomed in the spring, and citizens and tourists strolled in the sea of flowers, letting the sea breeze brush their faces and feel the warm spring in the south. There are nearly 90 thousand bougainvillea plants and more than 110 varieties here. During the holidays, it receives tens of thousands of citizens and tourists every day.

  Bougainvillea bougainvillea was called bougainvillea in ancient times. It can blossom all year round. The poet Shu Ting once wrote: As long as there is sunshine all the year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter are your flowering periods. Bougainvillea symbolizes the spirit of enthusiasm, perseverance and indomitable spirit. In 2013, it was designated as the flower of Hainan Province, and the colorful bougainvillea also made the enthusiasm of the tourist island more intense. With the increasing market demand for bougainvillea, the bougainvillea economy has also taken shape. In 2016, the number of bougainvillea planting enterprises in Hainan increased from 27 to 56, and the number doubled.

  Taiwan Province Farmers Pioneer Park, Zhangping, Fujian: Shili Cherry Blossom Mountain is full of tea, green cherry blossoms are red and spring is strong.

  Ten thousand mu of tea garden is full of cherry blossoms. In the Taiwan Province Farmers Pioneer Park in Yongfu Town, zhangping city, Fujian Province, more than 100,000 early spring cherry blossoms are blooming along the winding path on the lush tea mountain. From the air, they look like ribbons wrapped around the green tea mountain.

  Yongfu Town’s geographical and climatic conditions of high cold, high humidity and high altitude are very similar to those of Alishan Mountain in Taiwan Province. It belongs to a high-quality tea producing area, especially suitable for planting alpine tea in Taiwan. As early as 1996, Taiwan compatriots took root in this kind of tea, so it has the reputation of "Alishan Mountain in the Mainland". At present, Yongfu Town has more than 500 resident Taiwanese businessmen, planting more than 55,000 mu of Taiwanese alpine tea and 20,000 mu of Tieguanyin, with an annual output value of more than 600 million yuan, making it the most concentrated and largest alpine tea production base for Taiwan Province tea farmers to invest in the mainland. Since the beginning of spring, after several spring rains, the tea tree is growing vigorously, and this year’s spring tea will usher in a bumper harvest.

  In addition to planting tea, since 2006, Taiwan compatriots have also interplanted cherry blossoms in tea gardens. Today, there are more than 150,000 cherry blossoms planted here, with as many as 42 varieties. Yongfu Town from January to March every year is a magnificent scene of "ten miles of cherry blossoms blooming all over the mountain". Only during the Spring Festival holiday this year, more than 270,000 tourists came here to enjoy the flowers.

Visiting relatives from prison during the Spring Festival and seeing off his father-in-law and father, he has no regrets in life/figure

  Li Linping (a pseudonym), a prisoner, never imagined that he had the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives during the Spring Festival this year. Having a reunion dinner, seeing off my elderly father-in-law and looking after my seriously ill father … Li Linping said that the experience of visiting relatives made him very excited. "I just want to make a good transformation, get out of prison as soon as possible and live a good life again." It is understood that this year’s Spring Festival, 42 prisons in the province organized a total of 274 prisoners to leave prison to visit relatives. Recently, all prisoners who left prison to visit relatives returned to prison on time.


  Leave prison: to leave prison freely.

  Li Linping, who is over 40 years old, is visiting relatives for the second time. Compared with the previous experience of visiting relatives, he felt very deeply that he was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for corruption and abuse of power: "This time it is a reward, which is different from visiting relatives outside the prison. There is no full monitoring, and his psychology is very relaxed, and at the same time he has a sense of responsibility."

  In 2004, Li Linping’s mother-in-law died of illness, and he was granted a special leave from prison to visit relatives. From 3 pm to 6 pm that day, Li Linping, led by two policemen, returned to his hometown Qingbaijiang. After knocking on the head several times in front of her mother-in-law’s spirit and hastily comforting her wife and family, Li Linping reluctantly embarked on the way back to prison.

  At the beginning of February this year, Li Linping was pleasantly informed by Jintang Prison that he was on the list of people who left prison to visit relatives during the Spring Festival! It turned out that because of his good performance after he was imprisoned, Li Linping was given the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives. At 9: 00 a.m. on February 5, Li Linping dressed up completely and excitedly appeared in front of his wife, sister, brother and other relatives. Accompanied by them, he confidently stepped up and walked out of the prison gate for the first time.

  Home: My father-in-law finally waited for him.

  In the morning, Li Linping went to his father-in-law’s house first. The 82-year-old father-in-law was seriously ill in bed. Li Linping came to the old man’s bed and took his hand tightly: "Dad, I came back to see you. Who am I?" After several calls, the old man raised his hand excitedly and said in a trembling voice, "Are you a son-in-law …" "He has been waiting for me, and now he finally sees me." Li Linping said that at noon the next day, the old man finished his life peacefully.

  Youth League Year: For the first time in many years

  At noon on the first day of returning home, a large family had a reunion dinner at their wife’s home. The family kept raising their glasses to bless the New Year and Li Linping. "For so many years, I went home for a reunion dinner for the first time. I am so happy to see a family in harmony. " Li Linping enjoyed this meal so much that he drank a little wine happily, even though he didn’t drink much at ordinary times.

  Filial piety: taking care of father before bed

  Li Linping, accompanied by his family, rushed to the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region to visit his 84-year-old father almost every day. Because of his careless fall, his father wearing a ventilator could not speak. "Dad, I’m coming to see you. If you know, blink your eyes." Father moved and really blinked a few times slowly.

  "I finally saw the old man for the last time, but I also regretted that I could not be filial." Li Linping said that just after he returned to prison for half a month, his father quietly stopped breathing. He is very grateful to the prison for giving him the opportunity to leave prison to visit relatives, so that he can see the two old people for the last time.

  Significance: Carrying out humanized management.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Prison Administration that all prisoners who left prison to visit relatives had returned to prison within the specified time, and there was no incident of supervision safety accident and criminals who left prison to visit relatives disturbing social order. Among them, Liu, a criminal in Chengdu Juvenile Delinquency Center, took the initiative to participate in local rescue and relief activities during his visit from prison, and the local town government sent a special letter of commendation.

  "Under the premise of strict standards,’ sunshine’ approval and ensuring safety, visiting relatives outside prison is an important means to improve the quality of criminal reform, which is the embodiment of the criminal policy of’ tempering justice with mercy’ and also conforms to the current advanced execution concept." Li Xinmin, Party Secretary of the Provincial Prison Administration, said.

  Liu Zhicheng, director of the Provincial Prison Administration, said: "Visiting relatives after leaving prison is an important measure to implement humanized management in prisons and an important embodiment of the prison policy of’ reforming people’. We will strengthen the summary, strive to improve and constantly advance." (Reporter Yang Qin)

Editor: Jufu

The sexy calendar of "Coconut Tree" was exposed in 2024, and the bikini-printed beauty and macho man were accused of vulgarity. Coconut Tree responded: It is indeed available, not for sale, only for o

On January 4th, according to the report of "White Deer Video" of Shaanxi Net, recently, in Haikou, Hainan, netizens sent out pictures of coconut trees in 2024, which triggered discussion.

The video content shows that this calendar is printed with many bikini beauties and pictures of macho men.

Some netizens think that this kind of bikini beauty and macho man are vulgar and unacceptable. Some netizens think it is normal, and so do many old calendars. There is nothing wrong with a healthy and plump aesthetic, so I want to leave a message.

On the 4th, the staff of Coconut Tree responded that this calendar does exist. At present, there is no purchase channel, and local large-scale suppliers will have it. Calendars are not for sale, only for internal storage. "We do have this calendar. At present, there is no purchase channel, and some local large-volume suppliers will have it. This calendar is not for sale and is only used for our own internal preservation. "

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Shaanxi Network "White Deer Video"]

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Bama Tea won the first place in paying taxes for Wuyi Rock Tea and Anxi Tieguanyin origin tea enterprises for four consecutive years.

Recently, according to the tax payment certificates provided by Wuyishan Municipal Government and Anxi County Government of Fujian Province, in 2023, Bama Tea Industry became the first tax payer of tea enterprises in the two places respectively. This means that Bama Tea has won the first place in the tax payment of tea enterprises from Tieguanyin, Anxi for 11 consecutive years, and the second place in the tax payment of Wuyi Rock Tea and Tieguanyin, two oolong tea enterprises from Anxi for 4 consecutive years.

△ Bama Tea won the first place in the tax payment of Wuyi Rock Tea and Anxi Tieguanyin origin tea enterprises for four consecutive years.

Wang Wenli, chairman of Bama Tea Industry, once said that using "double taxation crown" as a signboard is actually using integrity as a signboard. From the perspective of double taxation, it is not difficult to see that Bama Tea insists on feeding back the origin with honest management and promoting the long-term healthy development of China tea industry.

The mission of China tea benchmarking enterprise with double first tax payment for four consecutive years.

In 2023, "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Development and Growth of Private Economy" was issued, which mentioned that it is necessary to guide private enterprises to continuously improve the quality of development and promote the private economy to become bigger, better and stronger.

As a leader of private enterprises, Bama Tea Industry pays taxes according to law, which is one of the manifestations of its practice of honest management and its active commitment to the feelings of home and country and social responsibility of head tea enterprises.

Walking into more than 3,200 stores in Bama tea industry all over the country, you can see the golden sign of "double taxation first". Taking honesty and paying taxes as the letter in business is a concrete action for enterprises to serve the country, which just embodies the "positive" values of Bama tea industry. On the road of industrial revitalization, paying taxes will feed back the origin, continuously inject vitality and upgrading into the tea industry, and empower China tea to develop with high quality.

On the other hand, it has been able to achieve the double first place in tax payment for the two major oolong tea enterprises for four consecutive years, which also reflects the high industry recognition and core market position of Bama tea industry.

Empowering rural revitalization with "enterprise", building a new development path based on good tea of origin

The Bama tea industry, which has always been deeply involved in the development of the producing areas, actively responded to the national major policies, just conforming to the wave of the times. In fact, on the road of implementing the overall development of "three teas", Bama tea industry’s efforts go far beyond paying taxes in good faith according to law, and more importantly, it explores multi-dimensional solutions for the tea industry to empower rural revitalization through initiatives such as opening competitions, building industrial parks, building platforms, and opening channels.

△ In 2023, Bama Tea Industry Wuyi Rock Tea Wang Sai received more than 6,000 samples, far ahead of similar local events.

Up to now, Bama Tea Industry has been deeply involved in the "Double Crown and Double Tea Wang Sai" for four consecutive years, and has invested over 30 million yuan to hold the Tea King Competition, rewarding tea farmers and tea enterprises to make good tea. It has become a phenomenal event that leads tea farmers to improve their tea-making skills and the trend of tea consumption market.

Relying on the competition to empower the tea producing areas, Bama tea industry further sank its origin, and opened factories in Anxi and Wuyishan, two core oolong tea producing areas, to explore the upgrading path of modern smart tea gardens. Among them, Bama Wuyishan Intelligent Ecological Industrial Park, which was just put into operation not long ago, is a large-scale tea industry complex integrating Wuyi tea production and processing, experience sightseeing, scientific research and training, which not only promotes the high-quality development of local tea industry, but also provides a strong boost for rural revitalization in Wuyishan area.

△ Seventh Generation Intelligent Production Line of Bama Wuyishan Intelligent Ecological Industrial Park

As a representative of the national tea brand, Bama Tea Industry has also practiced the concept of "helping farmers with tea" nationwide, built a direct bridge between tea farmers in producing areas and market consumers, and built a value-creating open platform for the participation of tea farmers and tea enterprises. Continue to "hematopoietic" for tea-producing areas and continue to contribute "eight horses" to rural revitalization.

High-quality exploration of developing national tea brands by resonance in the same frequency era

With the prosperity of tea in the country, along with the trend of industrial extension driven by the spirit of "the belt and road initiative", the layout of China tea has already extended to the whole world. The Bama tea industry, which actively conforms to the general trend of the times and develops resonantly, is at the forefront of the layout of tea in China.

Since the beginning of 2023, on the one hand, Bama Tea has appeared in international events at home and abroad several times, actively practicing the spirit of building a "the belt and road initiative" and helping great countries to have tea talks; On the other hand, he was invited to appear at the United Nations Headquarters, the China Embassy in the United States, and the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and held the global tasting of high-end China tea in South Africa, the Republic of San Marino, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. At the same time, Bama Tea Industry has built an Italian-Italian tea wine culture promotion center, entered the North American market strongly … and expanded the market breadth of China tea in multiple dimensions. Pass the power of China tea brand to the world again and again, and set off the China tea craze sweeping the world.

△ During the International Tea Day in 2023, Bama Tea was invited to represent China Tea at FAO, and Bama Tea was praised by guests from many countries.

In the new stage of "the belt and road initiative" entering high-quality co-construction, from China tea to world tea, Bama tea industry has been constantly exploring the development of tea brands, practicing the path of breaking the national tea brand upgrade and construction. Its implementation of honest management and tax payment, its cultivation of the development of energy-producing areas, and its strategy of promoting China tea to go abroad have all merged into an excellent example of the high-quality development of tea brands in China today.






Third and fourth -tier personnel return, "rich people areas" housing prices rose against the trend, and three changes in the property market appeared

Because of the impact of epidemic and economic transformation, the population of third- and fourth -tier cities is flowing. Many of these migrant workers who returned from Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places are highly educated groups. In the golden area of ??third- and fourth -tier cities, they purchased houses in the "rich area", not only high -quality school district houses, but also supporting and greening are comparable to high -end houses in large cities. The houses in these high -end communities have risen first. Compared with other communities, the "hot island" effect appears, which is a lot higher than the surrounding house prices.

First, return home to snap up high -end houses

Many people who return home sell houses in big cities and buy a high -end house in their hometown. They can take their parents to live together. If you go back to the outside, you will have a place to settle in your hometown. Someone was affected by the mortgage of large cities. A loan of millions of dollars in a house made their lives and work suffer a lot of pressure. Buy a house in his hometown, and there are still funds in your hand to start a business or use it for daily life.

Second, the family replacement school house of the provident fund loan

Most families with provident fund loans are groups with stable income. Now many cities have increased the amount of provident fund loans and reduced down payment. They can buy a high -end house with a small amount of down payment. People who lived in the old town or high -rise houses were currently replacing high -quality school district houses. Therefore, high -end communities in third- and fourth -tier cities have recovered and rose against the trend, forming a sharp contrast with the surrounding second -hand housing.

Third, the scarcity of resources and the superiority of the location

Most of the "rich people areas" in third- and fourth -tier cities are mature communities built by large -scale housing companies that have been stationed before. From design style to supporting facilities are first -class. Now, many large real estate companies are far from the third and fourth -tier property market. It is difficult for local small development companies to have such a large handwriting, so it is particularly popular. The "rich area" is not only high in house prices, but also the local group is also rich or expensive in the local area. Therefore, house prices do not worry about selling the road.

From the trend of the property market this year, it can be seen that the rise and fall of the same city is blurred. So many favorable introduction, most of the property market is still not shocked. There are three changes:

01, the population continues to flow, but the house price is very strong

The phenomenon of the population of third- and fourth -tier cities is very common, and most of them are going out to make a living. If you say that Anjia Real Estate, you will choose to return to his hometown to buy a building. After all, house prices in large cities are high, living costs and housing costs are also high, and they can’t afford it. Therefore, many people will come to buy a neighborhood with good money outside. After all, Ye Luo will be rooted in the future, and now he will be filial to pick up his parents to life in the city.

02, interest rates have been reduced sharply, but most people do not buy a house anymore

Recently, with the introduction of the measures and interest rates, although the property market has stabilized and selling the building without panic, the transaction is still unconventional. Many third- and fourth -tier cities have no imagination scenes, and buyers are silent. Many families already have plans to buy a house, and the down payment can be available, but they are still watching and waiting. High -end communities are relatively hot, many people can’t afford it, housing prices in other areas are also falling, and few people buy it.

03, the vacancy rate increases, but the speculators do not throw the house

At present, the vacancy rate of third- and fourth -tier cities has increased by up to 30%. Many families have unstable income because of the high cost of housing. Therefore, when they return to the countryside, the house cannot be sold. There are also couples who work in the field. The speculators and groups of real estate have good housing in their hands, do not rent nor sold, and have no throwing house. Perhaps there are fantasies about the future property market.