The price of two-wheel drive buys "electric four-wheel drive". How many volumes does Haval Xiaolong series have?

  Last month, Great Wall Haval’s two heavy new energy sourcesSUVThe product is officially listed. Wherein the compact stageSUVHaval Xiaolong, price13.98-15.68Ten thousand yuan, medium-sizedSUVHaval XiaolongMAX, selling price15.98-17.98Ten thousand yuan. Xiaolong is the entry-level product of Harvard’s brand-new new energy dragon series.SUVModel, undertake to use the power of science and technology to benefit consumers, in the endproductIs the force hard enough? Coincidentally, a few days ago, the editor participated in the official test drive of Xiaolong series area held in Shenzhen. Not much to say, let’s take a look!

  First, briefly introduce the appearance and interior of Xiaolong series, Haval Xiaolong and Xiaolong.MAXThey all adopt the latest family-style design language, among which Haval Xiaolong adopts the treatment of closed grille, which shows its own new energy.SUVIdentity, triangular style on both sidesLEDHeadlights, together with the blackened front surround below, give people a simple and fashionable visual experience.

  Compared with Haval Xiaolong, Haval XiaolongMAXIt gives people a more personal feeling. The front face of the new car adopts the popular borderless grille design, which is used on both sides.LEDLight sourcesevenFont headlights, after lighting up, have a good recognition, and the overall look gives people a young and dynamic visual experience.

  The side shapes of the two models are relatively smooth, and they all have a penetrating waistline. It seems that the body is relatively slender, and the wheel eyebrows and side skirts are decorated with black plaques. The body size cover, the length, width and height of Haval Xiaolong are respectively4600x1877x1675mm, wheelbase2710mm, Harvard XiaolongMAXLength, width and height are respectively4758x1895x1725mm, the wheelbase is2800mm.

  The interior part is equipped with Haval Xiaolong.7+12.3Inch dual screen system, relatively young and sporty. And Harvard XiaolongMAXInternally, a whole new generation is adopted.Coffee
OSIntelligent cockpit system, by12.3Inch full LCD instrument+12.3Inch central control screen and12.3Three-screen system collocation composed of inch full-color LCD auxiliary driver screenW-HUDHead-up digital display system and three-spoke multi-function steering wheel are very futuristic.

  It is worth mentioning that Haval XiaolongMAXEquipped with coffee intelligent driving system, equipped with Snapdragon8155Chip, which can realize includingACCIntelligent driving assistance functions such as adaptive cruise in full speed domain, active emergency braking, lane departure warning, etc. It also has functions such as parallel line assistance, reversing lateral warning, rear collision warning, door opening warning, lateral auxiliary warning and panoramic monitoring of mobile sentry.

  When I came to the highlight, during the test drive, I thought it was carried by Xiaolong.1.5LThe engine will be eclipsed, but the system composed of it and the motor can achieve amazing results.185KW/375N.mPower output, push1.7Tons of body more than enough, at the same time, pure electricity.NEDCThe cruising range is respectively110km,NEDCComprehensive cruising range exceeds1000kmThe front drive mode is also very suitable for urban travel, the power output is used to the extreme, and the fuel consumption is only.6.4rise/Hundred kilometers, quite rare.

  XiaolongMAXpick up1.5LHybrid system consisting of engine and front and rear double motors, maximum power of engine.85kw, comprehensive power205kW, comprehensive torque585N·m,0-100km/hAcceleration only needs6.8sPure electricityNEDCThe cruising range is105km,WLTCThe comprehensive fuel consumption is1.78L/100km, feed fuel consumption5.5L/100km.

  It is worth noting that thanks toHi4Electric four-wheel drive, Haval XiaolongMAXrely oniTVCIntelligent torque vector control system for real-time monitoring of vehicles and roads, combined withthreehold upnineMode intelligent dynamic switching, so as to achieve "the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes" At this test drive meeting, Haval XiaolongMAXThe extraordinary performance is also displayed in front of the national media through the comprehensive test drive of the whole scene and many road conditions, and the new energy is redefined.SUVThe strength of the new benchmark of value has been verified.

  On the highway, there is no need to accelerate preparation in advance at all, overtaking in one go, and because of the rear-drive structure, the whole vehicle is more stable to drive, the acceleration does not feel like raising its head, the high-speed steering chassis is also solid, and there will be no signs of pushing the head. And Harvard XiaolongMAXBut also in pure electric mode, series mode andoneIntelligent switching between direct drive modes, in congested roads, the system will mainly operate in pure electric two-drive mode to ensure the fuel consumption level of the whole vehicle to the greatest extent. On the road section around the mountain, vehicles continuously turn corners, which extremely tests the handling performance. Haval XiaolongMAXOptimize and integrate the front axle generator and drive motor of conventional models to form a perfect50:50Axial load distribution, the turning limit of the whole vehicle is higher.


  Haval XiaolongMAXAnd Harvard Xiaolong, both for Harvard Global.SUVThe inheritance of expert brand positioning also brings new energy with all-round strength.SUVTake the comprehensive experience to a new height. Especially Haval Xiaolong.MAXWith the new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology,Hi4It has activated the brand’s new weapon in the field of new energy development, and redefined new energy with breakthrough leading technology.SUVThe new benchmark of value allows users to buy a new energy four-wheel drive with good performance, wide use and strong strength at the most sincere price.SUV.