HEYTEA denies listing; Amiro receives investment from Tencent; Pot Zaihuang receives tens of millions of financing | Consumer Research Institute Weekly Report

HEYTEA denies listing in Hong Kong next year

On August 3, HEYTEA was rumored to be listed in Hong Kong in 2022, with a target valuation of 150 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 124.782 billion yuan), double the valuation after the latest round of strategic financing. In this regard, HEYTEA said that the news is not true and there are no listing plans at present.

Chayan Yuese invests in Changsha local tea brand Guoya

On July 30, Chayan Yuese invested in Changsha’s local tea brand Guoya. Guoya was established in Changsha in 2013, focusing on fruit tea products. The price of Guoya is between 20-30 yuan, which is higher than the price of Chayan Yuese 15-20 yuan, forming a differentiation.

Xiabu Xiabu expects to close 200 stores throughout the year

On July 30, Xiabu Xiabu released an announcement showing that as of June 30 this year, the revenue of the same period is expected to increase by 59% compared with last year’s 1.92 billion yuan; the loss of the same period is expected to narrow significantly compared with last year’s 255 million yuan, between 40 million yuan and 60 million yuan. The announcement shows that Xiabu Xiabu’s net loss narrowed significantly in the first half of 2021, but still failed to achieve profitability. The main reasons for the loss include the impairment loss of assets of about 120 million yuan. At the same time, the company expects to close about 200 loss-making stores of Xiabu Xiabu brand throughout the year.

China Resources Vanguard withdraws from Hainan

Recently, China Resources Vanguard’s famous stores in Haikou posted a closure announcement. Due to regional layout adjustments, the stores will be closed from August 1. This is also the only hypermarket store of China Resources Vanguard in Hainan. China Resources Vanguard said in the closing announcement that it will bring an upgraded shopping experience to consumers in Haikou in the future with high-end formats.

Li Ning Sports Center opened in Qingdao

On July 31, the Ado Li Ning Sports Center officially opened in Qingdao Sunac Ado Town. The center has a comprehensive venue of more than 700 square meters, which can provide competition venues that meet the requirements of international competition levels. In addition, the sports center is also equipped with a gym and a yoga studio. In the follow-up operation, the sports center will build itself into a high-standard national fitness, event hosting, sports and entertainment, sports training and other community sports centers with Li Ning’s resource advantages.

Nayuki responds to food hygiene issues

On August 2, the media reported that Nayuki’s Beijing Xidan Joy City store and Chang’an shopping mall store had problems such as "cockroaches on the ground", "black mangoes", and "wrong production labels." On the morning of August 3, Nayuki’s official Weibo responded: The company’s management attaches great importance to it, and immediately established a special project working group to carry out a thorough investigation and rectification of the stores involved overnight. The two stores involved will suspend business today, and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will be invited to visit the store for inspection, and the inspection results will be announced as soon as possible. On the evening of August 3, Nayuki released Weibo saying that after on-site inspections by government regulatory departments in many places, the random inspection results of 186 stores inspected by Nayuki nationwide were in compliance. On August 4, Nayuki announced that the directors believe that the coverage of the matter will not have any material adverse impact on the operation and financial condition of the group.

Fitness Mirror Fiture will open up the European and American markets

On August 3, according to the South China Morning Post, Chinese fitness mirror brand Fiture plans to expand into the European and American markets, and will compete with Peloton, lululemon’s Mirror, and Germany’s VAHA in the global market. Fiture was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Chengdu. In the past two years, Fiture has accumulated $400 million in financing from investors including Tencent, Sequoia Capital and private investment firm C Ventures.

Lawson will open a new type of store in China

On August 2, according to the Nikkei Chinese website, a new type of Internet of Things store created by Japan’s Lawson and Panasonic will open in China. After consumers place an order and pay through a mobile app, the clerk will prepare the goods and put them in an insulated locker for safekeeping. Lawson plans to trial the new store in Dalian, and if it works well, it will be rolled out to other regions.

Yonghui enters the simple dish track

On August 3, Yonghui launched its own brand "Hui Ma Daojia" to enter the simple dish track. The first batch of more than 10 products was launched in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The products are quick-frozen and cooked products, which only need to be heated on high heat for 2 minutes in microwave or 8 minutes in hot water. "Hui Ma Daojia" is based on the concept of "on time meal, delicious instant enjoyment", combined with regional dietary preferences and business characteristics, through customized Product Research & Development, intelligent cold chain warehouse distribution, personalized user service and other links, to achieve full-link control of products, to create high-quality and cost-effective Kuaishou main dishes.

Pepsi sells Tropicana and other juice brands

On August 3, PepsiCo announced that it would sell Tropicana, Naked and other juice brands to French Private Equity firm PAI Partners for about $3.30 billion. The deal is expected to close in late 2021 or early 2022. According to the transaction announced so far, the above-mentioned changes in PepsiCo’s juice business do not involve the Chinese market. Tingyi in the Chinese market still owns the distribution and production rights of non-carbonated beverage businesses such as Tropicana.

Magnum responds to whether to replace milk fat with non-dairy fat

On July 30, some netizens questioned that Magnum has a double-standard behavior. The materials used at home and abroad are different. The domestic version replaces milk fat with plant fat, thereby reducing costs. On the evening of August 1, Magnum’s official Weibo posted a response to this matter, saying that the product meets the national standard and responds to sustainable development, and then deleted the response. On August 3, the phone answering staff of Magnum’s official website responded that the Weibo matter is not clear. The crisp layer of ice cream is pure chocolate. As for whether other parts are plant fat, you need to give feedback to the factory and wait for a reply, but it does use coconut oil.

Uniqlo has announced that its first global flagship store in Beijing will open in November

On August 5, Uniqlo announced that its first global flagship store in Beijing will open in November this year. It is located in Sanlitun, a well-known fashion landmark in Beijing, spanning three floors and covering an operating area of more than 2,000 square meters. It is understood that this is the third global flagship store opened by Uniqlo in China after eight years. The first two are located in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Luckin Coffee achieves overall profitability

On August 5, it was reported that "Luckin Coffee" started to achieve overall profitability in May this year, which means that Luckin Coffee has completed this year’s annual target ahead of schedule. (2021 annual target: by November, more than 60% of self-operated stores will achieve store-level profitability, and plans to achieve overall profitability throughout 2021.) The official does not comment on profit-related information, subject to the financial report.

 Forever 21 returns to China

On August 4, Forever 21 announced its return to the Chinese market on Weibo. The brand headquarters officially authorized Lasonic Limited and its subsidiary Xusheng Electric Appliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to be fully responsible for the operation of Forever 21 in China. At present, the brand has settled in Vipshop and Pinduoduo, and Tmall flagship stores and large brick and mortar stores in major cities across the country are also being prepared.

The cutting-edge tea brand "One Mind in Vegetables and Trees" launched its first product

On July 29th, the cutting-edge tea brand "Yinian Grass and Wood" launched its first product – the "Shenyou Eight Extremes" limited tea gift box. In 2021, Yinian Grass and Wood was established in Beijing, with the "Yinian Tea Search" WeChat service account as the main position, providing users with a wealth of tea tasting, tea playing and tea learning content.

"Suze" officially announces ambassador Lee Lo Xiu and launches new products

On July 30, the personal care home appliance brand "Suji" officially announced the beauty ambassador Li Luxiu, and at the same time launched the new product of the Suji Qixi Festival – men’s razor. Suji was founded in 2015 and is a Xiaomi ecological chain brand. Suji first entered the market from electric toothbrushes, and then expanded its products to electric razors, hair dryers and other sub-categories, covering bathrooms and focusing on head care scenes, and gradually completed the category layout of personal care home appliances.

Plant Label Launches New Plant Milk Series

On July 30, plant-based nutrition brand Plantag plant label launched a new plant milk series. The new series has three flavors: black sesame seeds, oats, and pistachios. The brand emphasizes that the products in this series are all 0 sucrose, 0 lactose, and 0 cholesterol, and are all made of pure plants and do not contain milk ingredients. At present, this series of products has been put on the shelves of the brand Tmall flagship store.

Luckin Coffee × Zero Launches "Planting Package"

On August 2, Luckin Coffee launched the "Plant Package" in conjunction with Monday Zero, which has now been registered in Luckin stores across the country. The package includes two new products: egg-flavored plant ham sandwich and lime plant ham bagel.

"Fenty Beauty" will launch perfume products

On July 29, Fenty Beauty, a beauty brand founded by Rihanna, announced on its Instagram account that its first fragrance product, Fenty Eau De Parfum, will be officially launched on August 10.

Baby food brand "Deer Blue Blue" launched children’s soy sauce

On August 2, baby food brand "Deer Blue Blue" launched a children’s soy sauce. Founded in Anhui in 2020, Deer Blue Blue is an infant brand incubated internally by three squirrels. It takes children from 6 months to 14 years old as the consumer group and launches three product lines of "6 months + nutritional complementary food", "12 months + baby snacks", and "3 years + children’s snacks".

SK-II partners with JD.com to create an online virtual city

SK-II recently joined hands with "JD.com 2nd Floor Feature Z" to create an online virtual city "SK-II CITY" to bring consumers an immersive e-commerce shopping experience. In "SK-II CITY", in addition to pulling down to the second floor for shopping, you can also interact with JD.com Puppy JOY; in addition, users can watch SK-II’s animated videos in the virtual theater and explore behind-the-scenes stories in the "production backstage".

WonderLab Announces Yuxin Liu as Brand Spokesperson

On August 6, WonderLab, a cutting-edge nutritional meal replacement food brand, announced Liu Yuxin as its brand spokesperson on the official Weibo, and launched a limited "40 billion guardian gift box". In addition to probiotics, the gift box also has a spokesperson’s souvenir book, customized commemorative umbrella, badge and other peripherals.

Xiaohongshu "Don’t go to work on Mondays, eat, drink and play company pays the bill"

On August 2 this year, "Xiaohongshu Day" coincided with a Monday. Xiaohongshu planned an offline activity of "No work on Monday, eat, drink and play company pays the bill", allowing Xiaohongshu employees to go out and experience "life on Xiaohongshu" for a day with pay. Xiaohongshu arranges 250 + lifestyle choices in Xiaohongshu, such as Disney, indoor surfing, art exhibitions, massage, escape room, etc., which are loved by users, and encourages employees to choose according to their interests.

Luhan endorses Boucheron

On August 2, French fine jewelry brand Boucheron announced that Lu Han has become the brand spokesperson and will perform the "Seven Hearts" special short film on the occasion of the Qixi Festival. At the same time, the brand also launched the new Quatre Classique series and Quatre Radiant series pendant necklaces in the Chinese mainland.

MCM Announces Kid Wang Linkai as Brand Spokesperson

On August 3, MCM announced that singer and producer Wang Linkai has become the brand spokesperson, and released the MCM 2021 autumn and winter series and Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day special series advertising campaign shot by the ghost. The series of products have been sold simultaneously in MCM boutiques, official websites and Tmall official flagship stores.

Wanglaoji× ChinaMeteorological News Agency Launches Meteorological Popularization

On July 29, the herbal tea brand Wanglaoji officially announced the cooperation with the China Meteorological News Agency, saying that under the guidance of the China Meteorological Administration’s Publicity and Popularization Center, they will jointly carry out the 2021 "Solar Hero" high temperature care action, while guarding high temperature workers, open a series of interesting meteorological trivia science, bringing a touch of coolness and care to more people running under the hot sun.

Zhong Xuegao launches summer short film featuring virtual idol A Xi

On July 30, Zhong Xuegao, a Chinese ice cream brand, announced that the virtual idol Angie was the "special tasting officer of Zhong Xuegao", and launched a summer short film and a season-limited "apricot milk ice cream" flavored ice cream starring Ah Xi. Founded in 2018, Zhong Xuegao started from the ice cream with tile design, focusing on 0 additions and high-quality ice cream products.

Shanghai’s second K11 officially begins construction

On July 30, the groundbreaking ceremony of the second K11 in Shanghai was successfully held, which also indicates that the second K11 will not be far away. This is the re-entry of New World Group into Shanghai after the first K11 shopping and art center in the mainland entered Shanghai in 2013, and it also further improves the strategic layout of K11 in East China. Huang Shaomei, Director and CEO of New World China, said at the groundbreaking ceremony that New World China will uphold the concept of "City New Heritage" in the future and turn the Huaihai Middle Road plot project into a highly recognizable artistic and cultural landmark.

Ele.me: Many brands have joined the "New Service Partner Program"

On July 30, Ele.me announced that many brands such as Nayuki, Lele Tea, 7 Fen Sweet, Liufu Duck, and Jiujiuya have joined the "New Service Partner Program". Ele.me said that it will continue to increase investment and subsidies in the afternoon tea scene, continue to optimize the consumption experience of takeaway, self-pickup, and reservation, further realize the digital upgrade of joint member operations, and better promote new product promotion and cross-border cooperation on the platform.

Taobao and Tmall reduce merchant service fees

On July 28, Taobao Tmall announced that from 0:00 on August 1, the credit collection service fee for all Taobao and Tmall merchants on the platform will be reduced to 0.6% uniformly, and the debit collection service fee will continue to remain free. This means that when consumers use funds such as debit card Yu’e Bao to spend, the merchant’s service fee will continue to be free, and the cost will be borne by the Taobao Tmall platform. If consumers use funds such as Huabei and credit cards to spend, the merchant’s service fee will be cheaper.

Traceability codes will be attached to the three types of duty-free goods on Hainan outlying islands

From August 1st, three types of duty-free goods in Hainan outlying islands, such as fragrance, wine, and mobile phones, will be sold with traceability codes. At the end of December, traceability codes will be attached to all duty-free goods in outlying islands. The traceability code is the unique identification of duty-free goods, including "Hainan outlying islands duty-free goods traceability code", anti-counterfeiting QR code, Hainan duty-free exclusive logo, and "unpaid tariffs, no reselling" warning. The relevant person in charge said that the purchased duty-free goods in outlying islands are goods for personal use by consumers, and must not enter the domestic market for re-sale, and must not participate in illegal activities such as set (on behalf of) purchase and smuggling. After the implementation of the traceability code management of outlying islands duty-free goods, the regulatory authorities can easily identify the violators and

"Tmall Apparel" unveils new brand support system for the first time

On August 4, at the Tmall Apparel New Product Investment Fair, Tmall Apparel released the new brand support system of the platform for the first time, supporting the growth of new apparel brands from trend insights, reducing operating costs to financial services, supply chain security, logistics services, etc. At the same time, it launched the "Rhinoceros Attractive Force" project in conjunction with Ali’s new manufacturing No. 1 project Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing, which is dedicated to opening up fabric research and development and fast counter-supply chain capabilities for new brands. At the same time, Tmall Apparel launched a large-scale investment promotion.

"Chaotianmen Wharf" announced that it has received nearly 100 million yuan in Pre-A roundsfinancing

On August 5, Chongqing Chaotianmen Catering Holding Group’s new consumer brand "Chaotianmen Wharf" announced that it has received nearly 100 million yuan in Pre-A round of financing. The investors are Gao Rong Capital, Panda Capital, Zhanze Investment, Red Dot China and Honghui Capital. This round of financing will be mainly used to strengthen Product Research & Development and data mid-platform building, and realize the further transformation and monetization of the Chaotianmen brand with the help of diversified online and offline marketing methods. At the same time, the company will officially start business extension to the upstream supply chain to provide consumers with better quality ingredients and more reasonable prices.

"Maverick Casey" completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan

On August 3, the pre-cooking brand "Maverick Casey" completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by GF Shinde, followed by Fuzhou Yuguang, and Yuanzhi Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor. The funds will be mainly used for new product research and development, supply chain upgrade, brand marketing and other purposes. Maverick Casey was established in Quzhou in 2020. The main consumer group is positioned as young families. It provides consumers with steak, pizza, pasta, egg tarts and other western food ingredients. It is a pre-cooking brand with family steak as the core.

Hot pot catering brand "Senior Brother Zhou" completed 100 million yuan A round of financing

On August 2, "Senior Brother Zhou", the head brand of Chongqing hot pot, has completed 100 million yuan A round of financing, which is exclusively invested by Black Ant Capital. "Senior Brother Zhou" is the largest direct-operated hot pot brand in Chongqing, focusing on Chongqing spicy hot pot, double-flavor hot pot and signature big knife waist. As of July 2021, "Senior Brother Zhou" has set up 21 directly-operated stores in Chongqing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

"Pot King"Received tens of millions of financing

On August 6, it was reported that the rice fast food brand "Pot Zaihuang" (formerly known as: Zaihuang Pot) has recently completed a new round of 10 million-level financing. The investor is Tibet Yuankun, a subsidiary of Century Jinyuan Group. It is reported that this is another round of financing voluntarily added by the old shareholder Tibet Yuankun after the new round of financing at the beginning of the year. Pot Zaihuang was established in 2012 and officially renamed the brand "Zaihuang Pot" to "Pot Zaihuang" in 2021. At present, Pot Zaihuang has more than 50 directly-operated stores across the country and will open to join in the second half of 2020. The current number of franchise stores is about 20. Xue Guowei, founder of Pot Zaihuang, said that the next round of financing of Pot Zaihuang has also been launched, with a target scale of about 100 million

Tide play brand "ToyCity" nearly 100 million yuan A + round of financing

On August 3, the trendy play brand "ToyCity" completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Ease Capital, followed by Fuji Capital, and Yiren Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round. The financing funds will be used for IP incubation, brand promotion and exposure, team building, and ATS space construction.

"Amiro" receives strategic investment from Tencent

On July 30, Amiro, a pioneering technology beauty care brand, received strategic investment from Tencent. Amiro was established in Shenzhen in 2015 and entered the home beauty instrument track from the subdivision vertical with a small makeup mirror. During the Double Eleven period in 2020, AMIRO’s Tmall sales exceeded 54 million, reaching three times that of the same period in 2020. Makeup mirrors ranked first in the Double 11 category for three consecutive years, with cumulative sales exceeding 1 million units.

Beauty equipment brand mesmooth completed 50 million RMB A round of financing

On July 30, the beauty instrument brand mesmooth announced that it has received 50 million yuan A round of financing, which is exclusively invested by Nut Capital. This round of funds will be used for branding, supply chain integration and marketing promotion. Founded in 2019, mesmooth focuses on multi-functional beauty instrument products with "one machine multi-purpose" as the entry point.

"Le Fan" completes 10 million-level A-round financing

On July 30, Le Fan announced the completion of the 10 million A round of financing, led by Baidu and followed by Dingxiang Capital. This round of funds will be used for brand marketing, marketing activities and Product Research & Development. Founded in 2017, Le Fan was incubated in the massage equipment industry group Aojiahua, focusing on the development of portable and mobile smart health products. Currently, it has launched a series of products for young people’s office, home and travel scenarios.

 Roleplay tabletop game brand "Reasoning Master" received $10 million in Pre-A round of financing

On July 30, the Roleplay tabletop game brand "Reasoning Master" completed a $10 million Pre-A round of financing. The investor is Plum Blossom Venture Capital, and Yuze Capital serves as a financial advisor. This round of financing will be used for the expansion of offline stores, the cultivation of upstream authors, and the incubation of hosts.

One-stop new female content social platform Walsea completes millions of yuan angel round financing

On August 2, the one-stop new female content social platform "Walsea" completed millions of yuan angel round financing, and the investor is Liebao. Li Yanni, founder of Walsea, said that this round of funds will be mainly used for team building and product content polishing, driving user growth through word-of-mouth and refined operations, and providing a more comfortable content social environment for female users.

Plant meat brand "in addition to meat" received tens of millions of angel round financing

On August 5, the plant meat brand "Except Meat" completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing. This round of financing was led by Huagai Capital and followed by Taiyu Ankang. The plant meat brand "Except Meat" was established in 2019 and has now launched B-end products such as plant meat dumplings and plant solid egg yolks.

"Jianlu Sugar Water Shop" completes a round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan

On August 4, the new Hong Kong-style sugar water brand "Jianlu Sugar Water Shop" completed a round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan. The investor is Fuda Capital. This round of funds will be mainly used for team building, product upgrading and supply chain construction, driving store user growth through word-of-mouth and refined operations, and providing consumers with more comfortable sugar water consumption space.

"Fabez" received nearly 10 million yuan in seed financing

On August 5, the pet nutrition fresh food brand "Fabez" announced that it has received nearly 10 million yuan in seed round financing, and the investor is Qingyu. This round of financing will be mainly used for marketing, advertising, core team building and new product research and development. Fabez was established in 2015, and its current products include cat and dog fresh food and snack cat strips. Among them, the formula of fresh food includes chicken pumpkin wolfberry, duck kelp prebiotics, deep sea fish series, etc. The product is characterized by pure fresh meat, rich in high protein, and no food inducers.

Baking brand "Hua Muzi" received a million yuan angel round + financing

On August 5, "Hua Muzi" announced that it had received millions of yuan in angel round + financing, which was led by Qiguang Capital and co-invested by Zhonglin Capital. This round of funds will be used for new product research and development, brand promotion and channel development. Hua Muzi was founded in January 2020, focusing on the fast-paced lazy breakfast scene of the younger generation, and launching Chinese-style innovative products for Western-style cakes. The product categories include meat floss toast, cheese Iwaki toast, egg yolk rose flower cake and mung bean cake.

Q & A responded to the online query: Huawei has invested more than 1,000 people in the R & D team, and the load-bearing capacity of the new M7 model exceeds 630kg.

On September 22nd, AITO asked the car to respond to a series of previous online inquiries, mainly focusing on space performance, chassis suspension, and safety.

IT Home with a summary: According to the "Electric Planet" report, a Li Auto staff member recommended his own L7 model and asked the world for a series of "popular science" for "friendly products".Questioned the performance of the development of the M7 non-new platform, the "oil-to-electricity" model, the suspension chassis, shock absorbers, and ultimate load-bearing

The response from the interrogator is as follows:

Han Songluo’s brand-new collection of short stories "Love Story in Late Spring" was published: becoming Han Songluo who wrote novels.

Reporter Qu Peng
Han Songluo’s brand-new collection of short stories in late spring, Love Story in Late Spring, was recently published by People’s Literature Publishing House. With the unique brushwork of the northwest land, it coldly observed and meticulously recorded its own stories of the times.
The six short stories in Love Story in Late Spring all revolve around "running away". Without exception, they all run away, looking for themselves or the future, or a running-away ceremony that has no purpose, no end and no answer, but must be completed.
In The Fish Tank and the Sunlight, the novel takes Li Zhiliang’s "running away" as the anchor point, and begins to exert its strength and spread outward: the low-frequency noise of the fish tank, the boredom of adolescence, and the conversation of psychologists … Finally, the ultimate fate of all people is running away, and the destination of running away is not going to prosperity or the city, but to the wilderness, madness and a long road with no return.
"Love Song for Remy Young" describes the musical memory of a generation in the 1990s. Teenagers who dream of Guangdong and small towns shrouded in prosperity, people who want to be famous and fearless. He focused on the fate of the little people. After several years, the music ensemble, can everything be the same?
In the Golden Age of Remy Young, the hero Remy Young is trapped in a dirty, chaotic and crowded family, and he is eager to break out of the shackles and build a beautiful new world. As a teacher, he entered the space of the other, which is also true and false, and also ushered in his golden age, because he investigated the students who impersonated the college entrance examination. However, after leaving the wilderness again and again, he was shocked that everyone was telling and confessing, spreading dark rumors to the world. Finally, with a sigh, return to his real world.
My Father’s House of Fantasies is a inner senses connected with the real world, which is constructed in fantastic imagination. The sudden disappearance of my father when I was young made the building he designed a fantastic space for me. With the mystery of my father’s disappearance, "I" kept searching until the appearance of "Xu Lihu", which made me find some clues …
The opening of Love Story in Late Spring is the return of Pu Yilin. Lin, who has been abducted for more than 20 years, "went home", and the joy he recovered, familiar and unfamiliar relatives and friends, guilt and hatred hung over the Pu family for an instant. After the ups and downs, mother Fengtai fell into endless assumptions: if he was shown the "White Pagoda" near his home, could he get it-his son never left home, so he didn’t have to accept everything in front of him in a hurry and panic?
"Lonely Hunter" is the twilight, when "she" dials the phone number randomly generated in her mind, her unstable mood and whispers with no fixed destination. Don’t cross the line, don’t trespass, just simply vent everything. When the "beep" sounds, I return to the scene and look around as if nothing had happened …
Han Songluo
Han Songluo was born in Xinjiang and lived in Gansu. His life for more than forty years has been based on the northwest land. He added new content to northwest writing by his own way of not sticking to traditional writing techniques and narrative skills. According to Zhang Yiwei, a writer, Han Songluo’s novels are "westerns" of China’s contemporary literature. Zhang Li, a professor at the College of Literature of Beijing Normal University, also said that Han Songluo’s writing is full of fantasy and deep sense of reality, with a distant, wild and chilly wind. He is an unforgettable writer who brings new temperament. Perhaps it is precisely because of his delicate and never lazy perception of the changes of the four seasons in the northwest and everything around him, spying, thinking and writing that his words and works were cast. "Not everyone has to sing the same song, he has his own movement", which is perhaps the best annotation for him. He lived and wrote as a shadow, dancing in the county town, Shan Ye and fantasy.
It has been nearly 20 years since Han Songluo began to write prose at the age of thirteen or fourteen and published his works in 1995. He is Han Songluo who writes columns, film reviews, music reviews and even lyrics, but he is always Han Songluo who writes prose. Han Songluo, who has written a column for eighteen years, returned to the road of novel creation after he had finished supporting his family, buying a house and obtaining financial resources. First came Night in Spring Mountain, then Love Story in Late Spring. He began to write for himself, not for anything else.
Writers Li Xiuwen and Han Songluo have been close friends for many years. He has been recommending Han Songluo’s novels to people. Those brilliant and gloomy, running away and returning, those "serial" traditions and wilderness characteristics, those mysterious pursuits and teachings under the stars have been constantly experimented and refined by Han Songluo, and finally formed a fascinating novel world. "Now, as a novelist, he has finally been seen by more people. As his friend and colleague, I am deeply proud.
Readers who are familiar with Han Songluo know that many of his works contain the word "spring". For him, "spring" is like a self-evident code word between him and words and readers. Han Songluo said that when he was young, it took great courage to say that he liked flowers. However, it is hard for people who have really lived in the northwest not to fall in love after truly feeling the spring. In the northwest, spring is the beginning of everything, and flowers are so important. Now he can finally speak out his longing for spring and his love for flowers, which is a great freedom and unspeakable happiness. Therefore, the main element of the cover design of Love Story in Late Spring is a hazy, gorgeous and blooming flower, which comes from the famous Spanish photographer Paula Codo?er.

The female figure is humiliating, and this stalk sucks.

"S is thin, M is beautiful, L is rotten, XL is rotten, and XXL is rotten." There is also a small line on the size table, "Only for girls aged 18-35, please consult customer service first according to your figure". Recently, a suggested size table for women’s wear in RT Mart shopping malls caused controversy. In response, its official Weibo statement said that improper wording in publicity materials would strengthen internal management to ensure that such incidents would not happen again.

To be honest, I thought it was a spoof at first. I can’t figure out how a publicity board full of malice towards women got green light all the way to the wall. Wen Wenjun, who thinks that playing homophonic terrier is very humorous, used just two lines to account for all the discrimination against women’s age, gender and figure, and there is really no one.

According to the clothing size, the female compatriots, who account for three fifths of all women, are all in the queue of "worse than bad". Also coincides with the "Double Eleven" period, so the IQ and EQ are not online, offending the gold owners and sisters who are the main force of "buy buy Buy". I’m afraid this business will really be "broken up".

It’s 2020, but the mainstream aesthetic of women still stays on the long legs with black silk. Every once in a while, there are female stars who are hung up on hot search because of their "expansion". It seems that women can only be equated with self-discipline if they are white, young and thin, chopsticks legs, A4 waist and paper people.

Even actress Gong Li, who was named "Gong Huang" by the domestic entertainment circle, was not spared. In August this year, a street photo of Gong Li and her husband caused a heated discussion among netizens. In the photo, Gong Huang wore a pink floral dress, and the whole person looked natural and graceful. However, in the netizen’s message, the words "the waist of the bucket is full of fat, and the unicorn arm is raised" are still very heartfelt.

Top female artists who are over 50 years old and internationally renowned have to be humiliated by their bodies. It also makes female compatriots realize that in the world ruled by deformed aesthetics, women never seem to escape the fate of being examined, evaluated and humiliated by their bodies.

A female star in the spotlight should take a scale with her when eating a meal. If you eat a little fat, you will be ridiculed by the whole network. Some people argue that the harshness of actresses’ figure has industry particularity, because they belong to the representatives of traffic and attention. You can think about it carefully. Is being fat or thin the only criterion to judge an artist’s quality? Don’t you see, how many red flowers are there, and there is a good skin, but I don’t know where the face value is higher than acting. After many years of debut, acting will only be silly and sweet.

Not only stars, but also ordinary women are kidnapped by the abnormal aesthetic of "one fat destroys everything", which is both a victim and a perpetrator. Under the single aesthetic effect of being thin and young, the standard of beauty becomes thin and thin again.

The popular "BM style" this summer, the once popular "A4 waist", "keeping goldfish on the clavicle" and "touching the navel with the backhand" all made the "fat girl" feel ashamed. In order to become beautiful, some girls go to great lengths to soak in Chili water, induce vomiting, and even shrink their stomachs to lose weight. Others are addicted to plastic surgery, leaving serious sequelae.

It’s easy to get rid of the brand of "XXL corresponding to’ broken’" in shopping malls, but it’s difficult to break the hidden rules of female body humiliation.

The beauty of women should not be confined to the standards defined by others. Beauty is a lot of money. Only by establishing healthier and diversified aesthetic standards can women have more self-confidence, not be shackled by the standard of "white and thin", accept the traces left by years and love their bodies, live high.

At this year’s "Talk Show Conference", a remark made by star agent Yang Naizhen is worth reflecting-"Girls should not be defined by standards, there is no standardized beauty and ugliness, just like yourself."

Let more women stop criticizing themselves for the eyes of strangers, have the right to health and beauty, and break the shackles of stereotypes and concepts. There is still a lot that the whole society needs to do. Let’s start with something like "XXL corresponds to’ breaking up’".

Source: The Paper.

Let the culture and history be vivid.

Source: People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Wang Chonglv Guo Hongsong painted.

Compared with Zeng Guofan, I admire Zhang Jian more. As an extremely complicated individual, Zeng Guofan can be said to be a "big book" with rich contents. After living in Beijing for ten years, he was a scholar, awarded Hanlin, and served as assistant minister of various ministries. After being released to the outside world, he set up the Xiang Army, created Westernization, and served as the governor of several provinces, ranking among the three. He became the person with the greatest meritorious service, the heaviest power and the highest status since the founding of the Qing Dynasty, and achieved the "three immortals" of virtue, meritorious service and self-examination. Moreover, through introspection, he became a sage, a saint inside and a king outside, and "worthy of the perfection of heaven and earth".

However, I vaguely feel that he has lost his id and the starting point of life. He not only wants to build extraordinary achievements, but also wants to be a perfect man between heaven and earth, so as to achieve all-round transcendence inside and outside. His pain also comes from both inside and outside: on the one hand, the court is afraid and suspicious of him, and at the same time, in order to establish a perfect image, he is cautious in his words and deeds, treading on thin ice and pursuing perfection in everything, which inevitably leads to melodramatic and pretentious. As he wrote in his diary: "I have been too anxious recently, and every day I swim in an open day, it is always because I am too eager for fame and popular opinion."

In contrast, Zhang Jian is like a pioneer in the long night.

Zhang Jian’s imperial examination road was very uneven. Seeing the defeat in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, and thinking about 26 years of wasted time, 120 days and nights curled up and rested in a narrow test shed during the day, and the destruction of talents by stereotyped writing, the champion and he resolutely decided to abandon his official career and take the road of rejuvenating the country through industry and education.

After establishing the development idea of "father’s education and mother’s industry", he has founded more than 20 enterprises, involving textiles, printing and dyeing, printing, paper making, matches, soap, electricity, salt industry, animal husbandry, silkworm, oil, flour, telephone, shipping, docks, banks, real estate, hotels and other industries. Among the more than 370 schools he founded, apart from primary and secondary schools, the focus was on normal education and vocational education in agriculture, medical care, textiles, railways, merchant ships and river and sea engineering. He founded the University of Engineering and Nanyang University, supported his colleagues to establish Fudan College, merged the three colleges of medicine, textile and agriculture into the future Nantong University, and also contacted celebrities in the education field to brew the transformation of normal universities into universities, thus establishing Southeast University and creating a complete modern education system.

The "Big Student Model" he explored promoted the joint-stock system of modern enterprises in China. In terms of education and culture, his museums, normal schools, new theaters and meteorological stations are the first in the country. In addition to establishing a library, a society of performers, a more vulgar theater, parks and stadiums, he also set up charitable undertakings such as nursing homes, nursery schools, disabled homes, poor factories, shelters and welfare homes, with a view to transforming society and improving the quality of the people.

In terms of ideological and theoretical achievements, there has always been a difference in the evaluation between "following" and "going on" in academic circles. The former embodies inheritance, just like adding bricks and tiles to the inherent balcony; The latter pays more attention to innovation and is committed to re-building. As a pioneering practitioner, Zhang Jian belongs to the latter category. From a historical point of view, future generations admire a person, not only by examining what he has done to benefit the society and the people, but also by valuing what new things he has provided to the predecessors. In this sense, I said, "Fool is more approachable, and I am quite convinced by Zhang Jian."

No matter Zeng Guofan or Zhang Jian, or even thinkers, writers and politicians in China, what they said and did in their time reflected the influence of Chinese traditional culture and enriched this culture with their own practice. This is also the angle I chose to write "Context-History of Our Mind".

Culture is the root, blood and lifeline of a nation, and Chinese studies are an important carrier of Chinese spiritual culture. Throughout the history of human civilization, Chinese culture has unique ideas, wisdom, tolerance and charm, which has added a high degree of self-confidence and incomparable pride to the Chinese nation.

Many people equate Sinology with China’s traditional culture, which is unscientific and imprecise. They are two different concepts. The connotation of traditional culture is much broader, including material culture (such as utensils, clothing, food, architecture, etc.), institutional ritual culture and spiritual culture (knowledge, belief, art, religion, philosophy, law, morality, etc.); Traditional Chinese studies, however, is only a part of China’s traditional culture, and its scope is relatively narrow.

The so-called "national studies" are relative to western learning and new learning. At the end of Qing Dynasty, when European and American academics entered China, people called China’s inherent knowledge "Sinology", which generally refers to Chinese traditional culture and academics with Confucianism as the main body. Liang Qichao said that sinology is a knowledge about moral character, that is, a knowledge to sharpen one’s own character and virtue. In terms of disciplines, Chinese studies include today’s philosophy, history, religion, literature, manners and customs, textual research, ethics, edition, etc. In terms of ideology, there are three schools of thought, namely, pre-Qin hundred schools of thought, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. For a long time, Confucianism has run through and dominated the history of China’s thoughts, while others are subordinate.

Theoretically speaking, Chinese traditional culture has three pillars: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Confucianism and Taoism are indigenous and first produced in China. After the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Chinese classics, Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties, the introduction and spread of Buddhism, and Confucianism and Taoism formed a three-legged situation. As the traditional wisdom of Chinese life, they interacted and complemented each other. Confucianism stresses the enterprising spirit of joining the WTO, emphasizes vigorous and promising, and aims to cultivate self-cultivation, rule the country, and take the world as its own responsibility; Taoism pays attention to spiritual detachment, natural Taoism, calm and smooth, inaction, soft and rigid, and static braking. Buddhism pays attention to being born, emphasizing that everything is empty, eliminating interference, turning troubles into bodhi, indifferent to fame and fortune, and "putting down is the best." Once upon a time, there was a saying: "Treat the mind with Buddhism, the body with Taoism, and the world with Confucianism." (filial piety in Southern Song Dynasty)

History is a process of inheritance and accumulation, and the present and future of a nation are extensions of history. Some historical and cultural essays, with the help of the accumulation of historical materials, treat the exhaustion of the soul and make up for the absence of the spirit, obliterate the characteristics of prose expressing individuality and revealing oneself, regard the historical materials that should be the background as the main body of the article, and fail to see the dimension of spiritual display. In my writing, I pay special attention to strengthening the subjective consciousness, focusing on the pertinence of reality, and strive to infuse new insights, new discoveries, true temperament and sense of reality into historical materials.

Historical and cultural prose should be a mixture of literature and history, and it is an organic integration of philosophy, poetry and historical writing. They should rely on historical events, seek the source of passion from poetic nature, and obtain the ladder of sublimation on the philosophical level. Through the marriage of literature and history, the youthful smile of literature brings vitality and beauty, vitality and passion to the cold and solemn historical old man; After reading the vicissitudes of history, the literary beauty gets the enlightenment like the morning bell and the evening drum, adding a huge spiritual impact on the aesthetic value.

When writing the book "Context", on the premise of accurately understanding ancient books, I used prose forms and literary techniques to explain the facts and show the spiritual outlook of the characters; Try to set up some tension fields, information sources and shock waves, so that vivid images, vivid interesting things and thought-provoking inquiries can be danced from time to time, and strive to avoid the stagnation and rigidity of pure political theory, and reasoning will become a proper wake-up call or a necessary adjustment to lyric and narrative. This kind of "reason" comes from the perception of life and has a strong personality color. In this way, history has also become smart and full of fresh vitality.

The Chinese context is vast. We have entered the profound China culture, the complicated and changeable real world and the surging spiritual world.

Shanghai to Zhejiang self -driving travel detailed route


      First, drive an elevated road along Humin Road. 6 kilometers from exit to enter Shanghai to Kunming highway

  Second, in Shanghai to Kunming Highway

  1) Drive 430 meters along the Shanghai -Kunming Expressway. Hangzhou/G60/Ningbo/Xinzhuang direction, open a small right

  2) Continue along Shanghai to Kunming Expressway 27. 6 kilometers straight into the Hangzhou Bay Ring Road Expressway

  Third, Hangzhou Bay Wound Highway Expressway

  Travel 52 along Hangzhou Bay Ring Road. 7 kilometers, go directly to Hangzhou, open a little bit of Shanghai to Kunming highway

  Fourth, in Shanghai to Kunming Expressway.

  Travel along Shanghai to Kunming highway. 3 kilometers, go directly to Hangzhou/ Qiandao Lake/ S2, and turn to Hangzhou -Ningbo Expressway

  Fifth, Hangzhou -Ningu Highway

  1) Drive along Hanging Highway 21. 9 kilometers directly to Hangzhou/Desheng Road, and it becomes a little bit of Disheng

  2) Walk 610 meters along Desheng Road, and open a small right

  Sixth, Zhejiang driving plan

  1) Continue to run 840 meters along De Sheng, enter Disheng Fast from the entrance

  2) Drive 680 meters along Desheng quickly, leave the slope from the airport exit

  3) Drive 360 ??meters along the ramp and go straight into Dusheng East Road

  4) 580 -meter driver along the Sheng Dong Road, turn left in front to enter the airport road

  5) 3 drivers along the airport road. 7 kilometers, in the direction of the Chengdong Bridge Stadium, rotate the bridge slightly

  6) Travel along the bridge 1. About 60 meters after 2 kilometers from the Hangzhou Criminal Investigation Building, go straight into the field

  7) 2 drivers along the stadium road. Turn left to the ancient Xinhe Bridge at 9 kilometers and enter Western Road

  8) 530 meters along the West Road of the Ring City, open the provincial roads and bridges into the provincial government

  9) Drive 280 meters along the provincial government. Arrive at the end (on the right side of the road)

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