Do you have all seven skills of badminton?

Killing the ball is the most direct and effective way to score points, but it is also one of the most difficult techniques in badminton, especially the jump killing of both feet. This action requires your body to leave the ground and complete the whole killing action in the air. Good jumping and killing requires good physical coordination, super air-staying ability and abnormal explosive force, and combined with the accurate grasp of the landing point, you can basically kill with one blow.

Key words:Square ball

"Four rooms in hand, I have everything in the world", from which we can see the importance of seeking the four directions. Amateurs, who can play well in all directions without strong killing, can become the best amateurs.

Key words:Front net ball

The basic ball in front of the net includes "hook, rub, pick and rub", which uses the flexibility of the wrist to show the good feel in front of the net. Mastering the ball in front of the net when you are young will be more useful in the future as you get older.

Key words:High ball

The skill of high-distance ball is not difficult, but the difficulty lies in the strength when hitting the ball. A person may have great strength, but his high-distance ball may not be in place; A person’s strength may be relatively small, but his high ball may be very backward. Therefore, it is important to master the high ball or to master the power.

Key words:Catch and kill

Catch-and-kill technique, especially doubles catch-and-kill, is very important, because there are many rounds of killing in doubles. In fact, I think catch-and-kill is the least technical, because all you have to do is block the ball.

Key words:Defensive ball

Instead of learning some offensive balls from the beginning, it is better to practice defense first. "Kung Fu is beaten first", and so is badminton beginners. Don’t always think about learning to kill the ball. First, your killing can’t kill the opponent. Second, you can’t learn without basic technical support; Third, because most of the people you have to face are battle-hardened old birds, the other side can only practice the offensive ball on you, but you can take the opportunity to practice your defensive ability.

Key words:interest

"Interest is the best teacher" can be used anywhere. Once you are interested, you are not afraid to play badly.

If you don’t play for two days, you will feel uncomfortable all over; If you don’t touch the racket several times a day, you will feel uncomfortable all over; I’m half tired after playing the ball, but I’m still excited and want to play … These are the charms of this sport!

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