BYD Qin Pro EV Super Edition will be pre-sold for 190,000-200,000 yuan after the real car arrives at the store.

A few days ago, we learned from the official that its best-selling pure electric car Pro EV Super Edition has actually arrived at the store. The NEDC working condition of the new car has a cruising range of 520km, the maximum cruising range is 650km, and L2 intelligent driving can be realized. After comprehensive subsidy, the pre-sale price is 190,000-200,000 yuan. It is understood that Qin Pro EV Super Edition will still set the price according to the subsidy policy in 2018, and the price period will last until June 25, 2019, bringing benefits to more consumers.

Qin Pro EV Super Edition adopts the latest "Dragon Face" design language, and has an iconic front face shape. The rear of the car adopts a penetrating design, and the body is integrated into the coupe-style slip-back line, creating a dynamic style that young people like.

The car still continues the latest family style. The flat center console is equipped with a large-size high-definition touch LCD screen, which can be rotated. The high-profile models will provide full LCD instruments. The new car is equipped with DiLink intelligent networking system, including four parts: Di platform, Di cloud, Di ecology and Di opening. It supports multiple applications and voice control, and can be upgraded remotely by OTA. It has comprehensive "evolution" capabilities not only in the intelligent networking system, including chassis system and electrification control system.

Qin Pro EV Super Edition has been equipped with a number of active safety configurations including Bosch ACC stop-and-go full-speed adaptive endurance system, automatic emergency braking system, pedestrian identification protection system, blind area monitoring system, parallel auxiliary system, intelligent identification of traffic signs, etc. Five driving control configurations, namely LKS active lane keeping system, BSD blind spot monitoring system, LCA parallel auxiliary system, RCW rear collision warning system and RCTA reversing side collision warning system, have been newly upgraded, and L2 intelligent driving has been realized, and the system and functions can be upgraded remotely in real time.

In terms of power, Qin Pro EV Super Edition is equipped with a power motor with a maximum power of 135 kW and a maximum torque of 280 Nm. It has a maximum speed of 15000rpm, and it takes only 3.7 seconds to complete the acceleration of 0-50 km/h and the top speed can reach 150 km/h.

The new car is equipped with a brand-new high-performance ternary lithium battery with a total battery capacity of 69.5kWh. With an efficient high-voltage system, a reasonable control strategy and an efficient energy recovery technology, it can achieve a maximum battery life of 650 kilometers. At the same time, with the support of fast charging technology, the over-current capacity and battery charging rate of hardware such as charging port and wiring harness are improved, and 30%-80% charging can still be less than 30 minutes, which ensures that power can be replenished quickly during long-distance cross-city travel without delay. (Editor/Zhang Jiadong)