Box Office, Person-time and Number of Plays all set new records. Analysis of "the strongest May 1st file"

Special feature of 1905 film network It’s May Day again. After the "strongest Spring Festival file" and "the strongest Qingming file" in history, this year’s May 1st file once again set a new box office record. According to the statistics of M Big Data of 1905 Movie Network, the box office of May 1st movie in 2021 has exceeded 1.67 billion by May 5th, an increase of 9.4% compared with the same period in 2019.

This year’s May 1st file is known as "the most crowded May 1st file". During a short five-day holiday, more than ten movies were arranged. And the types of movies cover almost all popular types, such as love, suspense, spy war, police and bandits. In this May Day film, the top three at the box office are,, and.

This year’s May 1st file handed in such a satisfactory report card. Zhang Jinfeng, the deputy editor-in-chief of China Film Newspaper invited by this issue, mentioned that the May 1st box office results are inseparable from these three effects.

Holiday effect

The publisher probably expected that more people would choose to walk into the cinema during this short holiday than when they were away from home!

@ Zhang Jinfeng: Especially after the epidemic, it has become a common phenomenon for the film market to choose holidays to enter the cinema in the process of recovery. Moreover, in the absence of imported blockbusters this year, the number of people watching movies has increased by 25.9%, which can explain the effect of holidays.

Head effect

The May 1st movie should be My Love and Above the Cliff. The box office of the two films has reached more than 60% of the total box office, which is a big cake at the box office of May 1st.

@ Zhang Jinfeng: My Love may still have a gap in the quality of creation, but this film wins by accurately grasping its mainstream audience — — Young female audience. And it still has comedy and touching plot settings, which has a good connection with the target audience of the film in terms of emotion.

@ Zhang Jinfeng: Speaking of Above the Cliff, all aspects of this film actually reflect a creative level of China-style films, which should be regarded as the first choice of the market audience.

Word of mouth effect

Although the pre-sale of My Love reached more than 74 million, it could not escape the ultimate judgment of film quality — — Word of mouth. My Love didn’t get a good reputation in the later word of mouth, and the Douban score was only 5.1.

In just five days, two films have achieved box office counterattack through good word of mouth.

Above the Cliff, the first runner-up, won a good reputation because of its solid output. The box office of the film Above the Cliff has been on the rise since May 1, and the cumulative box office has reached 627 million, surpassing My Love and ranking as the box office champion.

In addition, another film with a good reputation is "Decisive Fight Against the Black", which is more grounded. Many real cases are adapted to face the ills of corruption, and the interpretation of powerful actors such as,, and so on adds points to the film.

At present, although it didn’t get a box office jump in the initial stage, its high reputation contributed to the continuous benefit of the film, which jumped from the humble sixth place on the first day of release on May 1 to the third place at this week’s box office, with a cumulative box office of 146 million.

Many movies have seen the holiday effect of May 1st, thinking that getting together may be able to gamble on attention. Now, the May 1 ST file is over, and some people are happy and worried on the report card. It is true that intercepting the short-term box office cannot be used as a yardstick for judging a film, but the word-of-mouth gained in five days is enough to show the quality of the film.

After all, the success of the film is not limited to the box office.

Today’s film reviewDirector’s observation:The rare issue is not a summary program from the beginning to the end. The guests did not praise the "strongest May 1st file in history" in a routine way, but raised hidden dangers and problems under the high box office, and analyzed and discussed the phenomenon of excessive contrast between the previous holiday box office and the weekday box office. I hope that after reading it, I can have more understanding of the schedule arrangement of the current China film market, and I also hope that I can see high-quality domestic movies not only during the holidays, but also on weekdays. (Director of Ma Hongyu’s Today’s Film Review)

What is the moral and symbol of Christmas? Who is Christmas commemorated?


Christmas symbolizes love and sacred faith. Christmas is a day of celebration and jubilation abroad. For people in Europe and America, Christmas is like the Spring Festival in China. They have Christmas holidays, give Christmas gifts and participate in various Christmas activities.

The real meaning of Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Christmas Eve on December 24th and Christmas Day on December 25th are all related to the legend of the birth of Jesus.

At the beginning of the 4th century, January 6th was a double festival for churches in the eastern Roman Empire to commemorate the birth and baptism of Jesus, that is, God revealed himself to the world through Jesus.

This day is also the winter solstice festival of the Roman calendar, which means the beginning of the recovery of everything. Perhaps for this reason, the Roman church chose this day as Christmas.

Christmas is the biggest festival in the Christian world. It is generally believed that December 25th, as Christmas, may have started in the Roman Church in 336 AD.

Because the calendars used by local churches are different, the specific dates cannot be unified, so December 24 to January 6 of the following year is designated as the Christmas Festival, and local churches can celebrate Christmas during this festival according to local conditions.

In many countries in Europe and America, people attach great importance to this festival and associate it with the New Year. The excitement and solemnity of the celebration greatly surpassed the New Year and became a national holiday.

The symbol of Christmas tree

It is said that the Christmas tree first appeared in the Saturnalia in mid-December in ancient Rome, and the German missionary Nicholas used vertical trees to worship the infant in the 8th century. Subsequently, the Germans took December 24 as the festival of Adam and Eve, and put a "paradise tree" symbolizing the Garden of Eden at home, and hung cookies representing the sacred bread to symbolize atonement; And lit candles to symbolize Christ. In the 16th century, Martin Luther, a religious reformer, designed a Christmas tree with candles in it for a starry Christmas night.

However, there is another popular saying about the origin of the Christmas tree in the west: A kind farmer warmly entertained a wandering child on Christmas Day. When leaving, the child broke off a branch and planted it on the ground and immediately grew into a big tree. The child pointed to the tree and told the farmer that every year today, the tree is full of gifts to repay your kindness. Therefore, the Christmas tree people see today is always full of small gifts. Designed by Horsley. The card depicts a noble family, and three generations raise their glasses together to congratulate an absent relative. At that time, he printed 1000 copies, and the unused printing house sold them at a price of 1 shilling each. So the Christmas card was born.


People’s body talk: the charm of football and grassroots feelings

Source: People’s Daily Online-Viewpoint Channel Original Draft

On November 17th, in the second round of the 2022 Chinese Football Association Cup, the Chinese champion team Jingchuan Wenhui eliminated the Chinese Super League team Beijing Guoan 7:5 in a penalty shootout and advanced to the top 16. This game surprised many people. Losing to a semi-professional team as a traditional strong team in the Super League may be caused by various reasons, but it also made many people know more about the current situation of football in China and look forward to the development of grass-roots football.

The FA Cup is an independent knockout cup outside the football league in China, and it is also the only opportunity for low-level teams and high-level teams to compete together. Jingchuan Wenhui eliminated Beijing Guoan from penalty. Although there were accidental factors, from the process of 2:2 draw in regular time, the strength of the two teams was close, and Jingchuan Wenhui team even got the upper hand slightly. Two goals were remarkable. The players on the field were thunderous, calm and confident, and had a degree of attack and defense. In a game in which the strength is very different and there is no suspense, the audience felt the long-lost charm of competitive football.

Aside from the mobilization, cohesion and team fighting capacity before the game, we can find details that are easily covered up by victory from the voice of the head of Jingchuan Wenhui after the game. Jingchuan Wenhui said that the main reason for winning the game was that the opponent was negligent and could not use foreign aid. He attributed the opponent’s defeat to accidental factors and external uncontrollable rules. Compared with the simple ceremony of "accepting and accepting", he was polite, modest and humble, which was quite the bearing and pattern of Chinese traditional culture. Brutalizing its physique, civilizing its spirit, an unexpected game, let us see the momentum and indomitable feelings of grassroots football.

Football is round. The competitive characteristics and rules of the game make football not only have the integrity, antagonism and appreciation shared by collective ball games, but also have the variability of technical and tactical coordination and the contingency of game results.

"The prime minister must start from the state department, and the fierce generals must be sent to the pawn." According to the results of post-match interviews and data disclosure, there are 152 players in Jingchuan Wenhui Football Club, more than 70 of whom are local doctors, policemen, teachers and other amateurs from all walks of life, and 40% of the players participating in the FA Cup are semi-professional players. Jingchuan Wenhui Club is integrated with Beihai Jichi Club, co-built and shared with Jingchuan County key amateur sports schools, and has a champion team, an U19 echelon, an U17 echelon and an amateur team, which reflects the effectiveness of Jingchuan County Football Association reform. The development of grass-roots football in Jingchuan presents a good trend, which is not only the component of football professionalization reform, but also supported by the three-level training network of competitive sports national system, and the association, sports school and club cooperate and form a joint force. The deepening reform and practice of county-level individual associations, the development of county-level football clubs and the modernization process of amateur sports schools are all key and difficult points in the construction of a strong sports country and the development of grass-roots sports organizations. For the government and an effective market, it may be the internal logic of the wonderful performance of this grassroots counterattack.

If the road is long, the line will come, but it is difficult and more brave. We expect the society to pay more attention and support to grass-roots football, and we expect that the sports lifestyle with football as the carrier can meet the needs of more people for a better life!

Fashion is not superstition, but a compulsory course in life!

In the stream of time, we always walk through the intersection of the past and the future. Clothing, like a symbol of time, carries our choices and decisions at every step. Sister pomelo tells history takes you into a wonderful journey through time and space.

Hey, history fans, let’s cross the long river of history, but also remember the preciousness of every moment. Clothes are not only a coat, but also a code of life and a story about us. Uncover the wonderful world outside this fashion together.

"Respect clothes before people, skin before soul." This ancient proverb is buried in our hearts like a seed of revelation. Clothes may not determine a person’s life, but it is a window into the heart. Does this mean that every choice we make affects our future destiny?

Network material

"Image must be ahead of ability, otherwise your ability will be easily overlooked and underestimated." The external image, like a bright flag, leads our internal state. Dressing appropriately is not only a respect for yourself, but also an attitude towards life and career. Let our image become a background color of life and light up the road ahead.

Network material

"Appreciating a person begins with face value, respects talent, fits in with character, lasts longer than kindness and is loyal to character." Life is like a painting, and its face value, talent and personality are like various shades on the canvas. Dressing is not only an external decoration, but also a way to show our colorful life. Let the aesthetic power dance on us, and let people feel the charm of both internal and external cultivation while seeing us.

Network material

"A person’s life will not be decided by the clothes you wear, but you can see your life state and inner world through the clothes you wear." Clothing is not only an external expression, but also a reflection of inner feelings. The netizen in this story changed his life through ten days of careful dressing. The choice of clothes has become the starting point of her fashion mood turning point. Isn’t this the wonderful power of fashion?

"Teacher Angela Chung once said:’ You dress beautifully and appropriately, and it is your people who are remembered; You wear sloppy clothes, and people will only remember your sloppy clothes.’ "Dressing appropriately is not only a kind of respect for yourself, but also a kind of respect for others. A good display of external image will lead us to the peak of life. Let proper dress become a plus item in our life, lead good luck and prevent opportunities from slipping away easily.

Network material

Dressing turned out to be a fate choice. Clothes are not only a part of our life, but also our window to the outside world. While choosing clothes, we may also be betting on every step of life. The mystery of life is hidden outside fashion, and clothing is one of our most intuitive choices every day. In the long river of time, let us lead our own destiny through clothing. Not only fashion, but also the choice of life. Dress, change your destiny, make your own decisions.

What are the possibilities for the game industry in 2023?

Recently, the game industry has been warm and windy.

As the weather vane of the industry, the 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference was held in Huangpu. The protection of minors in games has entered a new chapter, the long-term trend of going to sea has not changed, the value of games has been re-evaluated, and the game technology has brought resonance effect ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

What are the possibilities of the game industry in 2023?

For the game industry, 2022 is difficult: whether the overall economic downturn, players’ willingness to pay, lack of capital confidence, and cold investment and financing, it has brought a lot of impact to the industry: many game projects have been dissolved or stopped, and the wave of layoffs has swept again.

The data shows that the domestic market sales revenue and user scale, self-developed game sales revenue and mobile game sales revenue all decreased year-on-year. After the obvious slowdown in 2021, the game user scale declined for the first time in the past 10 years, and the industrial development entered the era of stock market. "China’s game industry is in the stage of pressure storage", aiming at the game industry in 2022, "China Game Industry Report 2022" concluded.

* Actual sales revenue of China game market. Source: China Game Industry Report in 2022.

* The scale and growth rate of game users in China. Source: China Game Industry Report 2022.

However, despite the bleak data of the game industry in 2022, industry practitioners are still full of hope for the future. As Hong Xiao, CEO of Perfect World, said at the 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference, "Many people feel quite pessimistic after reading the industry data in 2022, but no one said this word."

Recently, the 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference was held in Huangpu, Guangzhou. According to Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, the number of participants exceeded 2,700, almost double that of previous years, and the scene was packed. He pointed out, "Through the current situation, we can feel what kind of development trend is in 2023. If everyone in this industry does not see hope and opportunities, this situation will not be formed." At the meeting, Gao Dawei, deputy general manager of Tencent’s digital public opinion department, also said with emotion, "Walking through various forums, I felt a surging enthusiasm, as if I heard the sound of the game super engine starting and roaring again."

After the "cold" 2022, major game companies have more expectations for 2023. "The bad news is exhausted, bottoming out", Tan Yanfeng, vice president of Shengqu Games, summed up his outlook for the future of the industry in eight words; Hong Xiao, CEO of Perfect World, pointed out that the game industry has entered the next stage, and there are still many values worthy of being dug deep by practitioners; Wu Shenghe, CEO of Zulong Entertainment, said that with the release of the version number, many game masterpieces are ready to go, and this year will be a year of fierce competition.

According to statistics, since the resumption of version number distribution last year, more than 180 domestic game version numbers have been distributed in two batches this year. In addition to large enterprises such as Tencent and Netease, many small and medium-sized manufacturers have also gained something. Among them, many game companies that have got the version number are eager to try, and are ready to make great efforts this year. For example, Tencent, which got the version number in January this year, has announced that it will set a file in February, and the number of reserved users in the whole network has exceeded 70 million; Netease survival shooting mobile game "Extraordinary Pioneer" started the "prism test" in January; Mihayou’s new work "Collapse: Xingyuan Railway" has also been opened for paid testing recently and is expected to go online in April; Zulong Entertainment’s new version of the love women game "In the Name of Shining" is also planned to be launched in China in the first half of the year …

In addition, the 2022 China Game Industry Report also revealed a more positive signal, "The game industry is expected to rebound after bottoming out from industry resources to users’ willingness and ability to consume.",and pointed out that insisting on high-quality and high-quality development, deepening the subdivision and differentiation of the track, and paying more attention to the user experience will become the focus of China’s game industry to break through the predicament and develop healthily.

In recent years, with the shrinking of the "blue ocean" of the domestic game market, going out has become a "compulsory question" for game companies. More and more companies take going out to sea as their key development strategy, and the number of game products going out to sea is increasing and the area of going out to sea is expanding.

At the same time, the achievements of domestic game companies in overseas markets are obvious to all. According to the data, in 2022, the actual sales revenue of China’s self-developed games in overseas markets was 17.346 billion US dollars, which was more than 4 times higher than that of 3.076 billion in 2014. According to Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association and chairman of the Game Working Committee, the overseas income of self-developed games has exceeded 10 billion US dollars for four consecutive years, and it can also account for about one-third of the domestic market income. Such achievements show that domestic enterprises are doing well overseas, which is recognized by real money.

* Actual sales revenue and growth rate of China’s self-developed games in overseas markets. Source: China Game Industry Report 2022.

However, since 2022, the external unstable factors faced by games going out to sea have increased, such as changes in the international environment, changes in overseas laws and policies, overseas channels, and overseas tax issues. In the context of the decline in the scale of the global game market, the actual sales revenue of China’s self-developed games in overseas markets also declined for the first time in 2018, down 3.7% year-on-year. At the same time, as more and more domestic manufacturers flock to the sea track, the competition for going to sea becomes more and more fierce, the cost of buying continues to rise, the profit rate decreases, and the overseas game market has also "rolled" from the blue ocean to the red sea.

However, "the choice of game going out is irreversible". In the increasingly crowded overseas market, how should domestic game manufacturers tap the new amount and find the second growth curve?

Ao Ran, executive vice president and secretary general of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, pointed out that although China’s game enterprises will face more or less challenges in the process of going out to sea in 2022, the long-term positive trend has not changed. China’s games still have room for development in overseas markets, and there are development opportunities in some new fields. On the one hand, the emerging game markets in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin China and other regions have great development potential, which is expected to become the growth point of’s game going out to sea. On the other hand, there are development opportunities for games going out to sea on the sub-track of IP-adapted games, casual games and other game products.

In addition, keywords such as localization, content innovation and long-term operation were constantly mentioned at the game going to sea and marketing forum on the 13th. "Although going out to sea is already the Red Sea, there are many difficulties, but it is still a super market with billions of users, and opportunities are always there." Dong Bin, deputy general manager of Glacier Network, said that if you always make good products, make good experiences and improve quality, you still have many opportunities to go out to sea.

Yin Tianming, vice president of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment Products, pointed out that domestic games have entered an era of striving for quality, innovation and quality in overseas markets. Enterprises going to sea must change from "picking fruits" to "planting good trees" and make efforts in three aspects: in-depth localization, product innovation and continuous change, and refined distribution and operation. Zhong Kunjie, deputy general manager of Xinghui Games, said that with the intensification of market competition, the importance of long-term operation of game products has increased sharply. To make the game run longer and the audience more stable, we should do a good job in content iteration, localization, deep layout and cross-promotion.

At the same time, as a cultural carrier, games also shoulder the important mission of spreading Chinese culture abroad in the process of going to sea. Zhang Yijun, the first vice president of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, said that the excellent games that have been successfully launched at present have absorbed a lot of Chinese traditional cultural elements, which have formed a very good communication role in foreign markets, and also provided help for how to expand overseas more accurately and effectively in the next step. Some enterprises point out that game products with unique cultural attributes can prolong the game viscosity of players in the game, attract users better and reduce the cost of user drainage. Combining with traditional culture and traditional festivals will be the future trend of game development.

"The era of earning money by going out to sea has passed." How will enterprises going out to sea grasp new growth points and face challenges in 2023? It is worth looking forward to.

The scientific and technological attributes are prominent, and the potential value still needs to be tapped.

Paying attention to the science and technology circle, it is not difficult to find that the recent scenery is not only ChatGPT, but also game technology.

At the annual meeting of the game industry in 2022, the scientific and technological attributes of games have received unprecedented attention. Whether it is a forum for game re-cognition, a forum for game+and technology resonance, the topic of technical value of games cannot be avoided.

Ao Ran, executive vice president and secretary general of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, pointed out that in recent years, the industry has gradually reached a consensus: as a compound cultural content product, games have both natural cultural attributes and profound scientific and technological attributes, and based on these two attributes, they are constantly enriching their economic attributes and becoming a driver to support the integration and development of digital technology and the real economy.

From the discussion in the industry, it can also be clearly seen that the scientific and technological attributes of games are promising in many other industrial fields, and have brought gratifying resonance effects, such as feeding back cutting-edge technologies as a perfect testing ground, "breaking the circle" to promote the integration of numbers and reality, and resonating with the construction of basic fields of science and technology, especially the construction of scientific and technological talents. Andy, vice president of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, said that with the accelerated development of digital and information technology, today’s video games are becoming a super digital scene, and the "culture" and "technology" attributes of the game industry have been demonstrated unprecedentedly.

According to the Research Report on Game Technology Capability and Technology Value, 62% of the respondents recognized the role of game technology in national technology innovation capability, 81% of the respondents agreed that games promoted the development of AI technology, 91.4% of the public researchers believed that game technology promoted the physical field, and 81% of the industry respondents recognized the talent supply and employment capacity of the game industry. At the same time, the report also puts forward two exciting prospects: first, in the future, games will guide more scientific and technological innovations to cross the "valley of death" and improve the survival rate of high and new technologies; Second, the game will become the basic environment to inspire more scientific and technological innovation and give birth to more "unexpected joy".

Undoubtedly,The scientific and technological attributes of the game have been further recognized and affirmed. As Aoran said, "As an important help to realize a strong country in science and technology, the value of the game has become increasingly prominent.".

Referring to how the game industry should better release the scientific and technological efficiency of games and bring more resonance effects in the future, Aoran put forward three key points: promoting innovative breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, helping the development of other social fields and strengthening the talent pool in the science and technology industry. Yang Fang, deputy director of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Publishing Bureau, also said that in the future, games should make new achievements in serving scientific and technological innovation, give full play to the role of game industry development in promoting scientific and technological progress, increase investment in cutting-edge technology research and development, speed up the breakthrough of key core technology innovation, make great efforts to promote scientific and technological innovation and help science and technology overcome difficulties. According to its disclosure, this year, Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China will implement the "Network Publishing Technology Innovation and Development Plan", focusing on promoting the breakthrough of the underlying technology of online games such as virtual reality, perceptual interaction, game engine and motion capture, and promoting the expansion and application of new formats such as metauniverse, digital twins and cloud games.

However, the potential value behind the game goes far beyond this.

The People’s Daily once wrote that games have become an industry of great significance to a country’s industrial layout and scientific and technological innovation, and its potential value deserves further attention and deep excavation. Many game companies also admitted at the annual meeting that the game industry has not really released its value in the digital economy, and it is the general trend to "reassess" the value of games.

"Through this annual meeting, you may have felt that games will become a starting point for many economic phenomena in the future. It has gone beyond the original inherent form of the game and started cross-domain and cross-border, which has a wide range of economic and social values. " Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association and chairman of the Game Working Committee, said that game companies should focus on the overall development of the industry, explore the positive social value of games at multiple levels and dimensions, and help the game industry to use more diverse social benefits, making a unique contribution to the construction of a strong socialist cultural country and the implementation of the digital economy development strategy.

In view of the future development trend of the game industry, Aoran, executive vice president and secretary general of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, once concluded at the annual meeting that China’s game industry is an emerging force in the cultural field, and its future development will usher in greater opportunities.The game industry will take the road of independent innovation more firmly, tell the story of China more vividly, and integrate with technological innovation at a higher level.

The trough in 2022 has passed. Can the game industry see the "rainbow" in 2023? Let’s wait and see.

Produced by Nandu Big Data Research Institute

Network content ecological governance research center

Writing: Luo Yun

Source: 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference and 2022 China Game Industry Report.

It is De Technology’s AI-driven automated test to optimize the user experience of 5G smart phones.


A new application test automation method, which can quickly evaluate the experience quality provided by the world’s popular mobile applications.

German technology company recently announced the introduction of enhanced functions for its Nemo device application test suite. The software solution adopts automation technology and artificial intelligence (AI), which gives a powerful boost to wireless service providers and application developers, and can help them quickly evaluate the real interaction between smartphone users and local mobile applications. It is German Technology that provides advanced design and verification solutions, aiming at accelerating innovation and creating a safe and interconnected world.

In the past few years, the number of users who use mobile applications to access digital content and participate in social media platforms and online games has increased significantly worldwide. Compared with the mobile web browser, the local mobile app can provide a tailor-made excellent experience; Therefore, the use of mobile applications has significantly promoted this growth.

Matti Passoja, the head of Nemo wireless solution of De Technology, said: "Service providers and mobile application developers want to know the real experience of end users when they access OTT applications with smartphones connected to cellular networks, and they need a reliable way to verify it. It is DeTech that has created an automated application testing method based on its unique software and hardware technology platform. This method uses real applications, and can accurately understand network performance even in extremely complex and changeable situations. "

It is DeTech that makes full use of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) and automation technology, and uses the data captured by local mobile applications (instead of the simulated data flow) to create a brand-new device testing application method. This method can evaluate the interaction between end users and their mobile applications more accurately. The new application test automation method can help wireless service providers quickly optimize the performance of 5G network, and at the same time provide better quality of experience (QoE) for smartphone users. Users can enjoy the world’s most widely used OTT services and social media applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat, TikTok and Zoom.

The new automatic test application method is one of the three supplementary test methods provided in Nemo device application test suite of German Science and Technology. According to the type of mobile application and key performance indicators (KPIs), the test method can be used with a Nemo field test solution. Nemo test suite users can obtain comprehensive, real and flexible 5G network performance verification and end-user QoE evaluation.

It is a Nemo testing tool of German Science and Technology, which can capture real measurement data in the field and use it for real-time analysis or post-processing analysis. These test tools include Nemo Outdoor 5G NR drive test solution, Nemo Backpack Pro 5G indoor benchmark test solution and Nemo network benchmark test solution.

Urban governance rule of law: take the "Shanghai Domestic Waste Management Regulations" as an example

Since the reform and opening up, the urban management of Shanghai can be divided into three stages: the initial stage of reform and opening up to 2000, the construction management is cracked by solving the "three difficulties" (difficulty in transportation, housing difficulties, and environmental difficulties). With people -oriented, management as the first, safety as the first, to welcome the "Expo" event and consolidate "comprehensive management" as the main task; since 2017, it has entered refined management to make good use of the "three hearts and one needle" (embroidery -like " Carefulness, patience, excellence, and embroidery needle), build four beams and eight pillars.

After more than forty years of practice and exploration, Shanghai has accumulated rich experience in the process of dealing with various complex problems operating in large cities, and conducted a comprehensive exploration in the refinement of urban management.

In 2021, the Shanghai Housing and Urban -Rural Development Management Committee organized the writing "Exploration and Practice Series of the Construction of" People’s City "in the New Era". Strengthen the refined work of urban management and promote the exploration and practice of people’s urban construction. The book uses the four main "needle methods": rule of law, standardization, intelligence, and socialization (fourizations), combined with cases to detailed how Shanghai performs refined management.

In the chapter of the "rule of the rule of law" the "warning line" of urban management, the writing group cuts in from the legislative, revision, law enforcement and law popularization of the city management field in Shanghai, analyzes the application of the rule of law thinking in the management process, and confirms the construction of the rule of law. Fundamental role in urban management. We have edited some of the contents of this chapter, explained the necessity of rule of law in urban management, and selected one of the most representative cases in order to readers.

For a long time, Shanghai has always regarded the rule of law as an important cornerstone of the construction of governance systems and governance capabilities, based on the management needs of oversized cities, and continuously refining and optimizing the guarantee of legal systems.

In early 2021, driving into the Fenhu Daokou of the G50 Shanghai -Chongqing High Speed ??Speed ??and entering the boundary of Shanghai, Mr. Lin, who was sitting in the co -driver, received a text message- "The Regulations on the Administration of Shanghai Public Health Emergency" will be implemented on November 1, 2020. Everyone is responsible for preventing and controlling and controlling it according to law. Strengthen self -health management, strengthen self -protection awareness, wash hands, divide hands, use public chopstick spoons. Enter the airport, railway station, bus, subway and other public places to wear masks as required to maintain social distance ""

"It is illegal to wear a mask in Shanghai in public places." Mr. Lin turned his head and told his friends and took out the mask from his pocket.

The "Regulations on the Administration of Public Health Emergency" clearly stipulates that during the popularity of respiratory infectious diseases, entering public places should be worn in accordance with the requirements and maintain a social distance. Today, wearing a mask in public places is not only a civilized habit, but also a legal obligation that Shanghai citizens should adhere to.

How to use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to regulate the public order of the city, so that the law can be dependent on, and the law is based on the law. It is an inevitable requirement and important content of the construction and management of modern cities. From the perspective of the refined goals of urban management, the accuracy and effectiveness of management methods should meet the basic requirements of standardized implementation, and the standardization of the means requires the establishment, sound, and perfect legal and regulatory system to enhance the particle size and refinement of legal resources With high rigorous rules and the spirit of the rule of law, it provides a solid institutional foundation and exquisite behavioral guidance for the efficient operation of urban management. On the one hand, we can rule the people and the people in accordance with the law, and use laws and regulations to restrict the behavior of citizens; on the other hand, in accordance with the right to rule, govern officials, regulate the behavior of government agencies and their public officials, and use laws and regulations to control the exercise of public power. It can be said that the process of continuous improvement of the rule of law in urban management itself is an important practice of the concept of "the people of the people’s city and the people’s city for the people".

The standardization of management methods is also conducive to overcoming the disadvantages of sports and empirical governance, and improving the long -term and stability of urban governance. The content of the standardized management methods also includes the clear division of the rights and obligations of various types of public affairs and the supply of public services, and the determination of organizational management and operating rules provides behavioral specifications for various governance subjects, and provides public rights of the public. Standards and basis, guide urban management laws and regulations to become social consensus and behavioral rules.

For the government, the rule of law of management methods lies in clarifying its responsibilities and their behavioral standards, accelerating the transformation of government functions, and promoting the original inherent leadership decision -making government to the legal decision -making government through the construction of the rule of law. For citizens, as the main body of the city, citizens have the right to also obliges to improve the literacy and legal awareness of the rule of law, can establish reasonable expectations for administrative processes and management effects, and achieve effective supervision of public administration. It can be seen that the rule of law is the core symbol of urban competitiveness and the dazzling business card for urban governance.

The ideal state of rule of law is "the law can be prohibited, and the law is prohibited without authorization." To achieve this goal, the lack of legislation, law enforcement, and law general law is indispensable. Especially for Shanghai with the inheritance of sea -faction culture, its regional culture itself has a basis for contract civilization.

Shanghai is the first city in the country to implement garbage classification. From July 1, 2019 to the present, it has formed a situation of Shanghai demonstration and onlookers in the country. For Shanghai, legislation is both the task required by superiors, but also the endogenous demand generated by garbage classification to a certain stage. Up to now, the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Lomitic waste" have been implemented for more than two years, and the garbage classification has entered the daily life of each Shanghai person. It shows the civilization of the city.

Case: Fine Management -Taking the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Links" as an example

From 2005 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of Shanghai’s domestic waste was about 3%, the average annual growth rate from 2011-2017 was 4%, and the annual growth rate after 2014 reached 5%. And the traditional garbage treatment method, whether it is incineration or landfill, will bring obvious problems: occupying tens of thousands of acres of land, mosquito flies fly chaotic, sewage overflows, smells of the sky, seriously pollute the soil and groundwater environment … The number of garbage is still threatening the lives of various wild animals, and the garbage in rivers and oceans invades the habitat of aquatic creatures, causing them to die by mistake and even species extinction. At the same time, the two evils brought by the waste incineration are one of the most deadly toxic substances on the earth. After the incineration is discharged and discharged, it can diffuse from a long distance. Once the pollutants enter the human body, they will stay for a long time and eventually cause cancer. "Garbage siege" has been "under the city."

Promoting garbage classification can effectively improve the efficiency of garbage treatment, reduce treatment costs, reduce land consumption and environmental pollution, drive circular economy, save resources, and turn waste into treasures, and have the benefits of social, economic and ecological aspects. However, in order to do a good job of domestic waste, we must change people’s behavior habits and require a long -term process. Refined governance of domestic garbage in other countries often go through decades or even longer efforts. Therefore, the legislative work of the garbage classification is not only the need to mobilize the entire force, but also the most powerful education and guidance of this work and the most powerful education and control.

On the basis of a large -scale questionnaire survey and full review, Shanghai people have reviewed and approved the "Shanghai Municipal Home Wurns Management Regulations" greater than January 2019. It is announced that it will be officially implemented on July 1, 2019. Enter the "hard constraint" era.

The legislation clarified several priorities in Shanghai’s garbage classification work. One is how to divide it? Shanghai has been exploring garbage classification since the 1990s. After several changes, in 2011, it was determined to be recyclable, harmful garbage, wet garbage, and dry garbage. During the review of the regulations, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress designed a set of questionnaires for the general public, and the results showed that most citizens expressed their recognition of the "four -point method".

Shanghai domestic waste classification and launch guide

Who will control it? At the three levels of the city, district, and streets, the regulations stipulate the management model of "combination and block", and clarify the work content of the street office and the township people’s governments. One by one. For example, units and individuals who generate domestic waste are the responsible subjects of classification and distribution. They should put domestic waste to the corresponding collecting containers; each launching point shall establish a classification and distribution management responsible person to clarify their rights and obligations; For garbage, the receiving unit can refuse to receive it. If it does not make corrections within the time limit, it can be fined.

The third is how to do the source reduction? The regulations include specific matters including promoting product packaging materials and reduction of express packaging. For example, hotels must not take the initiative to provide disposable daily necessities, catering service providers and catering distribution service providers must not proactively provide free disposable chopsticks, puffing and other tableware. In Shanghai, when using APP such as "Hungry" or "Meituan", each merchant must provide special tableware options and give reminders to "provide on -demand".

Fourth, how to achieve "closed loop" management? The regulations strictly standardize and transport and transport, and clarify that the receiving units must use special vehicles and ships to implement closed transportation. Realization of the whole process.

After the "Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations" was officially implemented, a public account article entitled "A picture to understand Shanghai’s domestic garbage classification" was crazy "swipe the screen" in the circle of friends. Someone teased that the "magic people" was "mad" by the garbage classification. Every morning, when they went out, they had to accept the soul torture of "what garbage was".

Mobilization and ridicule, but if you go to the community and ask "whether the garbage classification is good", even the seventh or eighty -year -old grandma will answer you: "Okay! Now the environment is so serious, Allah is obliged to contribute to environmental protection." Since the implementation of more than two years, garbage classification has entered the daily life of every Shanghai people. Everyone is proud of "division", ashamed of "indiscriminate".

Observing all corners of Shanghai, you can find many places that are changing because of garbage classification: Located on the coast of the East China Sea and 70 kilometers from the southeast of the city center -this "digestion" of about 50%of the domestic garbage terminal treatment in Shanghai The landfills have become the ecological protection display window of green surroundings; Xinyixiu Village, which has achieved "wet garbage cannot be out of the community", Aunt Hou voted to the wet garbage in the community’s trash tank, and the intensive processing of intelligent equipment was treated with concentrated treatment 4 hours later, it became organic fertilizer, and was taken home by Aunt Hou to raise flowers. At the Century Lianhua Luban shop after the "Plastics Limit Order", the counter was carefully prepared on the counter. Packing for customers to use …

Shanghai Old Port Ecological Environmental Protection Base is the world’s largest waste incineration plant and medical waste disposal facility

Xinyu Liu Village "Wet garbage does not get out of the community"

The changes that occurred in factories, communities, supermarkets, and landfills are the true portrayal of the participation and control of the whole people. As of the end of 2020, Shanghai has initially established a full -process classification system to achieve 100%harmless treatment of domestic garbage. Both residential and unit domestic waste classification standards have doubled more than 95%, and the recycling rate of domestic waste resources has reached 38%. Garbage classification makes Shanghai more livable and more temperature.Please clickhereOr scan the code to buy to understand the exploration of refined city management in Shanghai: