Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Auto Forum.

  The 19th China International Forum on Automobile Industry Development (TEDA) (hereinafter referred to as TEDA Automobile Forum) was held in Tianjin Binhai New Area from September 1 to 3, 2023. As a VIP car for TEDA Auto Forum — — Weiran Viloran shoulders the important mission of escorting this grand event. With its excellent strength, it brought first-class driving experience to the participants and successfully completed the VIP designated reception task during the meeting.

Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Automobile Forum _fororder_image001

  Weiran 2024 built the flagship luxury cockpit with "really comfortable three rows of space", adding 80mm space for the third row, which is called a free "upgrade". At the same time, with German high-quality driving and German seiko quality, we can enjoy the "driving" and "riding" double-flagship car with space, safety and comfort, and welcome the distinguished delivery room.

Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Automobile Forum _fororder_image003

  Wei Ran’s 2024 model comprehensively considers the three major indicators of riding space, riding somatosensory and riding safety. The whole system is equipped with a gold power combination of 2.0T+7DSG, and with a solid chassis of German, which not only has flexible handling, but also can achieve smooth driving in complex road conditions, without swaying or drifting, and riding without carsickness. In addition, Weiran’s 2024 executive-level two-row concierge chair is ergonomically designed, which integrates the functions of electric adjustment, active ventilation, heating and massage. The leg rest can be adjusted to a flat posture, and the mobile physiotherapy room can be opened with one button.

  Weiran 2024 integrates high-end intelligence, and IQ.Drive intelligent driving butler can realize L2-level driving assistance, which can be easily controlled in many road conditions. Smart Car Link System 3.2+ is equipped with Carplay and CarLife, and is equipped with Huawei HiCar mapping system, which supports one-click screen projection of Huawei mobile phones and enjoys rich and vivid in-car entertainment functions during travel. Weiran’s front and rear doors and windows are equipped with 4.96mm VSG double-layer silent glass, and with more than 60 silent designs, it is really quiet all the way.

Weiran Viloran successfully completed the VIP car task of 2023 TEDA Automobile Forum _fororder_image004

  While bringing practicality, comfort and entertainment, Weiran has built a "safety fortress" with the quality of German Seiko. The whole car has 9 airbags, all of which are equipped with driver’s knee airbags to protect the safety of the driver’s seat. The second and third rows are equipped with child seat fixing devices, which can always protect the baby’s safety and protect the whole family’s travel with flagship strength.

  Since TEDA Auto Forum 2020, Weiran has served as a VIP car for the grand event for three consecutive years, and this year is the fourth year. TEDA Auto Forum is committed to building a high-end think tank platform in the industry, where many outstanding auto brands compete for industry glory. SAIC Volkswagen Weiran Viloran has been recognized by the organizers of this event. In the future, the two parties will continue to work together, innovate together, take consumer demand as the guide and value creation as the core, continue to expand brand value and influence, and continue to contribute to the sustainable and high-quality development of China’s automobile industry. (Photo: provided by Weiran Viloran)

When the world is without fuel cars…



In 10 minutes, my car will be destroyed. The sun will rise tomorrow as usual, and there will be no gasoline cars in this world.

Many years ago, countries introduced countdown watches for fuel vehicles one after another, but people at that time did not take it seriously. They optimistically estimated that it was impossible to completely eliminate fuel vehicles, and at most, fuel and electricity were mixed. But this day has not only come, but also is very thorough, very crisp, and even a little cruel.

I am the last people in the world who still own a gasoline car. We are the car nails of this era. We will die sooner or later, and it will only take time. The world around us is already electric. My wife, my eldest daughter, my youngest daughter, although she is only 14 years old, she already has her own car, because the driverless mode does not require her to be an adult, nor does she need a driver’s license.


Back then, my driving coach was a middle-aged frustrated man, very thin and tall, who didn’t talk much. He didn’t have the habit of scolding people, and he wouldn’t ask students for Chinese cigarettes, but I still bought him every few practice sessions because I thought he was lonely.

I am also lonely.

At that time, I was unemployed and lovelorn, and every day I had a stone stuck in my heart, causing trouble with the world. In the hot June, no one at the driving school practiced driving, so I decided to practice. When I got dizzy from the sun, the coach drove the car to the shade, and we smoked one by one.

The driving school is gone. Where has the coach gone?


The reverse parking that tormented me is still tormenting me hilariously.

After the large-scale application of electric vehicles, there is a reversing mode in the car, and the computer can help the owner to park accurately, which directly leads to companies, shopping malls, and even residential areas to reduce the parking space to a little bit. Refusing to park automatically, like me, I used to reverse the car and put a rudder directly into the warehouse, but now I have to turn the steering wheel several times. It almost brought me back to the terrifying moment when I took the driver’s license test more than ten years ago.


Six minutes to go. Six minutes to myself.

Ever since I have a car, what makes me most happy is not the pleasure of driving, but the feeling of sitting in the car in a daze. Turn off the engine, the car becomes quiet, and I can hear the crunch of leather when I move my body.

The car became a container for me to be alone, without fuel, rice, oil and salt, without intrigue, and the highly concentrated energy after driving was released in an instant. It also became my only unscrupulous place to cry. Sitting in the car wrapped in steel, I was like a baby, and it didn’t matter if I cried.

No more.

The accurate positioning notification of the smart electric car allows my wife to know that I have arrived at the door as soon as possible. If I don’t go home in time, it will attract her attention. Sorry, this gaze is the burden of my speechless look back.


But I can’t say I’m not happy, and people who are dependent and needed have no right to be unhappy.

From the moment I formed a family with my wife, I vowed to be someone who would bring her happiness as well as my own.

I still remember the first time I went on a date with my wife. I was waiting for her downstairs in my second-hand car. I was afraid that she would dislike my car, so I wiped it well before going, and even the floor mats were dusted, trying my best to be spotless.

The first date was a success, if not for the wife throwing up before getting out of the car.

The second-hand car had many problems. The door rattled, the brakes were stepped on for a meal, and the most important thing was that the gasoline smell was heavy. The wife said that she wanted to vomit when she got in the car.


I am the 367th person in the world to still own a gasoline car.

Owners of fuel vehicles have a separate cloud community, each with their own virtual coordinates. When someone switches to an electric vehicle, their coordinate indicator will no longer light up.

More and more lights are going out around the world.

It is said that at midnight tonight, there will be intelligent machines controlling public order towing my car.

Friend asked me, why do you stubbornly drive a fuel car? Are you refusing to move forward and want to go against the trend?

And at that moment, I had the answer: I don’t want to go against the world; I just simply don’t want one choice. The tide pushes us forward, but it shouldn’t take away the right to choose.

I like the smell of gasoline, I like the feeling of not so smooth at the beginning, I like to sit in the driver’s cabin in winter and wait for it to wake up. It is my memory, it is an era.


I hastily opened the door and strode home.

Goodbye, fuel truck.

This article is purely fictional

The story takes place in 203X. At that time, the fuel cars in the world completely disappeared. I am grateful for the time when gasoline cars accompanied human beings. The author boldly imagines how people’s lives, work, emotions, etc. will change in the virtual future, and whether those constant warmth and pursuit are also worthy of our occasional reflections today… In the next issue of "After the World Without Fuel Vehicles…", we will continue to walk into your/my/his future car world.

SAM series serialized micro-novels, creator profile


Ye QianqianArtist and designer, born in China, now lives in San Francisco, USA. The artist has emerged from an architectural background and explores the complexities of human-computer interaction. His works cover a variety of mediums such as architectural design, new media, and ink painting. His latest solo exhibition "Alone Not Alone" recently opened at the Landry Gallery in San Francisco. The artist has been active on the social software Instagram for a long time, personal account: @44ian.


There are billions(Pen name), a freelance writer, who likes all kinds of new and interesting things, loves the way of "opening your mind and opening your eyes", tears and laughter are both low, and you like to get into the movie theater that is smeared with black paint, giggle or cry, and bring your own tissues.


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SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show.

  April 18th, the high-profile annual event of the automobile industry — — The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition opened in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). With the theme of "Go New, march towards a great future together", SAIC-GM presented 34 models of exhibition cars with its Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac brands.

  The three brand booths of SAIC-GM located in Hall 3 are full of stars and colorful. Among them, the newly listed Buick ELECTRA E5 leapfrog five-seat smart electric SUV entered the auto show stage for the first time, and joined hands with Buick flagship MPV— — CENTURY, the strength of Buick brand "the more new" rejuvenation style; Cadillac consists of luxury pure electric medium and large SUV— — LYRIQ led by sharp songs, with rear-drive car family and SUV product matrix, showing brand pioneer design and new American luxury style; Chevrolet brings the first Ultium platform pure electric concept car FNR-XE, the newly upgraded Chevrolet SUV family and the high-performance product camp, which is a new interpretation of the brand’s extraordinary and new life. The strong exhibition lineup, together with the wonderful interaction and creative exhibition integrating cutting-edge technology and brand culture, not only presents the latest achievements of the three major brands in actively promoting the development of electrification and intelligent networking, but also clearly reflects the unremitting efforts of SAIC-GM to revitalize and accelerate its transformation and "lead smart travel and achieve a better life with innovative automobile products and services".

  "Primary Pure Electricity" Buick ELECTRA E5 booth attracts attention "Work of the CENTURY" Buick Century is popular.

  Buick’s 14 exhibition cars highlight the brand’s "new life"

  Buick brand brought 14 exhibition cars to the Shanghai International Auto Show. Among them, the leapfrog five-seat smart electric SUV just listed on April 13th & mdash; — Buick ELECTRA E5 made its first public appearance, and made its debut with Buick flagship MPV— — CENTURY has jointly led Buick MPV, SUV, sedan family and other heavy-duty models, and demonstrated the "new life" of the brand-new Buick with a full range of product matrices and refreshing booth technology interaction.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image001.

Buick booth gathered MPV, SUV, car family and new energy products.

  As the brand’s first mass-produced model based on Ultium Ultrapower electric vehicle platform, Buick ELECTRA E5 has become an absolute eye-catching highlight on the Buick booth. The new car adopts a new electric vehicle design language, has a leapfrog quality space and an advanced and reliable three-electric system. It is equipped with a new generation of VCS smart cockpit and iterative update of eConnect Zhilian Technology, and will also open the SUPER CRUISE super assisted driving system in the future; At the same time, with strict development and test standards, it will bring consumers a safer, smarter, more comfortable and more temperature-sensitive new energy travel experience. The price of Buick ELECTRA E5, a five-seat smart SUV, starts from 208,900 yuan. At present, it has been fully launched. Users can pay a deposit of 3,000 yuan to complete the reservation by downloading iBuick App or WeChat search Buick applet, and enjoy rich rights and interests of car owners.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image002.

SAIC-GM unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with 34 exhibition cars _fororder_image003.

Buick ELECTRA E5 cooperates with ELECTRA E5 Avia to meet the travel needs of mainstream users in China.

  Another popular role of Buick booth is the large-scale technology luxury MPV— — Buick CENTURY. It inherits the deep accumulation of Buick brand’s high-end MPV product development for more than 20 years. Based on the new large-scale luxury MPV architecture development, it not only adopts the brand-new PURE Design concept, but also gathers a number of breakthrough industry-leading technologies, perfect high-grade materials and unique process details, and sets a new market standard of more comfort, luxury, technology and safety. Since its listing in November last year, Buick CENTURY has been favored by many industry leaders, cultural celebrities and high-net-worth families in the new era.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image004.

Buick CENTURY creates an unprecedented distinguished travel experience for users.

  These two brand-new models "Double Star" reflect each other, which proves the strength of Buick brand’s accelerated transformation to electrification, intelligence and high-end. Under their leadership, Buick brand assembled its booth with four new product series: MPV, car, SUV and new energy. Among them, Buick GL8 ES LUZun and GL8 land business class of "Yishang IKEA" continue to show the calm attitude of leading models in the large MPV market by surpassing the same level of luxury quality, comfortable performance and intelligent technology; The Buick SUV family not only went on stage, but also brought interesting GS pet modified cars, which attracted the attention of "shovel officials". These new cars and best-selling players, together with Buick ELECTRA-X pure electric concept SUV, more fully demonstrate the ever-increasing product strength of Buick brand.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image005.

Buick High-spirited pet modified car makes Meng Chong’s life more exciting.

  In addition to the rich lineup of models, the styling design and interactive experience of Buick booth have also been upgraded. Inspired by the PURE Design concept of Pure Design, the Buick booth is centered on the pure electric main stage, showing an outward extended rhythmic shape, which explains the exhibition theme of "brand-new Buick is reborn"; The flowing metal texture and the rigid and flexible folding surface create a stronger visual impact, and the sense of science and technology is full. In addition, the Buick booth also has exclusive experience areas such as ELECTRA smart space, VCS multi-dimensional interactive stage, Buick Century multi-scene luxury space display, and Space Capsule space shuttle. Among them, ELECTRA Smart Space has demonstrated many leading technologies of Buick brand in the era of smart electric by means of digital devices on Ultranium platform and SUPER CRUISE super assisted driving interactive show. While experiencing Buick’s technology and art in an immersive way, the audience can also interact with each other on the spot and get rich gifts.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image006.

ELECTRA smart space vividly presents the technical advantages of Ultium platform.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image007.

Buick Century Multi-Scenes Luxury Space Simulation Multi-car Scenes

  Pure electric LYRIQ sharp song leads the new debut of 2023 CT5.

  Cadillac brought 11 exhibition cars to the auto show.

  The Cadillac brand brought 11 exhibition cars to form an all-star lineup at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. Together with the immersive booth technology interaction, the brand’s new American luxury and avant-garde design sense were fully displayed.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image008.

Cadillac All-Star Team Appears to Show New American Luxury and Pioneer Design in All Aspects.

  At this auto show, the Cadillac booth was led by the pure electric LYRIQ sharp song four-wheel drive high-performance version and the rear-drive long-life version. As the first luxury model of the Otneng electric vehicle platform in China, Ruige has excellent performance such as a long cruising range of 653 kilometers and support for fast charging in the whole life cycle. At the same time, Ruige creatively combines innovative technology with pioneer luxury, and has upgraded the whole system with a new generation of SUPER CRUISE super assisted driving system. With the first DMS driver monitoring system and unique vibrating seat and steering wheel light strip, it integrates HoLCA intelligent lane centering assistance and other functions, bringing users a safe and relaxed luxury pure electric experience.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image009.

Cadillac pure electric LYRIQ sharp song four-wheel drive high-performance version & rear drive long battery life version led the debut

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image010.

Cadillac SUPER CRUISE Intelligent Experience Cabin

  In addition to the charm of pure electric vehicles, the Cadillac fuel car camp also demonstrates the strength of hard-core products. The "New American Luxury Rear-Drive Car Family" consisting of CT4, CT5 and CT6 assembled the booth, in which the star model CT5 ushered in a new upgrade, adding new colors of Alaska White, Manhattan Gray and Danube Blue, optimizing and upgrading a number of configurations, bringing users a new experience from quality to style. At the same time, Cadillac XT4, XT5 and XT6 also appeared together to show the strong comprehensive strength of the "new American luxury SUV product matrix".

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image011.

Cadillac CT5, a new American-style sedan, is renewed and upgraded.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image012.

Cadillac CT5 and CT4 inherit the track genes and debut together.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image013.

Cadillac XT6 Black Diamond Edition California Red Cloud Direct-Selling

  Not only that, Cadillac service brand "Cadillac LIKE U" will also usher in an advanced service, and a new upgrade will launch the "exclusive scooter" service. During the warranty period, when the owner’s car needs to stay in the store for maintenance, he can make an appointment for a free scooter. Cadillac will provide models including the flagship model CT6, which will make travel worry-free and worry-free. The upgraded "Kaidi LIKE U" service will be provided with the following services: door-to-door pick-up and delivery of the car, charging on behalf of the driver, exclusive scooter, many-to-one service, delayed waiting for you, car delivery on demand, full-time rescue, all-weather guarding, carefree charging and workshop.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image014.

15 service courtesy of Cadillac service brand "Kaidi Like U" to create a respectful and intelligent service experience for customers.

  Adhering to the spirit of vitality and exploration, interpreting extraordinary and new life

  Chevrolet unveiled with 9 exhibition cars.

  At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Chevrolet made its debut with nine main models. Among them, FNR-XE, Chevrolet’s first pure electric concept car based on the Autodyne platform, joined hands with the newly upgraded Chevrolet SUV family, Mai Rui Bao XL and modified cars to have a more scientific and technological sense and immersive multi-dimensional interactive experience, which completely interpreted Chevrolet’s extraordinary and new life.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image015.

Chevrolet made its debut with the strength of nine main models, which was a new interpretation of the brand’s extraordinary and new life.

  Chevrolet’s first concept car FNR-XE is the C-star of this booth. Adhering to the aesthetic design concept of vitality, FNR-XE shows a futuristic vehicle posture with its capable and powerful profile lines and metallic arc blue body. The front of the car adopts an integrated blackening technology front face, and the penetrating headlights are in harmony with the digital butterfly wing grille; The flapping dual-element taillights at the rear of the car cooperate with the active liftable tail and aerodynamic spoiler to create an aesthetic atmosphere of avant-garde technology. In the interior, FNR-XE’s family-oriented intelligent cockpit is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The unique adaptive seat, suspended quiet center console, interactive smart big screen and rear entertainment base integrate cool technology, comfortable life and game interaction, and interpret the brand’s infinite imagination of intelligent electrification life in the future.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image016.

The FNR-XE, Chevrolet’s first concept car of Autoenergy pure electric vehicle, interprets the infinite imagination of intelligent electrification life in the future.

  On the left side of the main booth is the outdoor camping area inspired by Yellowstone National Park, where American 7-seat SUV Chevrolet pioneers, 9AT mid-level SUV explorers, compact SUV star Milo and "No.1 Steel Gun" Chuangkuo RS gather together to show the tough and reliable hard-core strength of Chevrolet SUV family after rejuvenation and upgrading, as well as the vitality and exploration spirit of brand inheritance for a hundred years. Among them, the newly listed version of Xingmailuo Redline Obsolete Black Bee has a sporty Redline red and black contrast design, which sets off a more powerful and trendy vehicle shape. Its front face is decorated with bright red grille strips, and the bright red logo is embedded in the obsidian black exterior rearview mirror and the 18-inch obsidian black five-spoke wheel hub; The barrel-type air outlet in the car is decorated with bright red lines, the steering wheel and door panel are wrapped in suede, and the ergonomic seat is made of bright red and white clouds with perforated leather to ensure ride comfort. As the official customized painted version provided by Chevrolet, the Stellar Redline Obsidian Black Bee Edition shows the unique charm of "Little Hornet" with its cool body and classic red and black elements, and it will provide consumers with more fashionable and diversified personalized car choices together with the Stellar RS model.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image017.

Chevrolet SUV family collectively unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image018.

The Redline version of Star Myro shows the unique charm of "Little Hornet" with cool body and classic red and black elements.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image019.

SAIC-GM unveiled 34 exhibition cars at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image020.

Punch the historical interactive wall and relive the classic moments of the brand in the past 112 years.

  Chevrolet also set up five interactive zones and as many as 12 interactive experiences at the scene, bringing more impact and immersive brand culture experience to the audience. In the exclusive interactive area of FNR-XE, you can "travel through time and space" by scanning the on-site QR code, and feel the future intelligent travel experience brought by FNR-XE; In the SUV camping area, you can "explore" all kinds of wild animals through the AR telescope. The five senses experience space takes "sports spirit", "jungle secret" and "tactile corridor" as three themes, vividly showing the Chevrolet brand’s dream-seeking, all-way exploration and passionate spirit; The interactive wall of Chevrolet history allows the audience to travel through time and relive the brilliant mark left by the brand in the history of world automobile industry development in the past 112 years. At the same time, naked-eye 3D, Avenue of Stars, Secret Service Room, Chevy X Blind Box Wall, etc. also bring interesting multi-dimensional interactive experience, presenting the brand image of Chevrolet classic heritage and trend innovation in all directions. (Photo courtesy of SAIC General Motors)

Beijing BJ60: Pre-sale of Chengdu Auto Show/Listing of Guangzhou Auto Show

  [car home Information] Recently, we learned that (|) will be pre-sold during the Chengdu Auto Show, which will open in late August, and will be officially listed during the Guangzhou Auto Show, which will open in November. The car is equipped with a 2.0T+48V motor, with a non-loaded body and an independent suspension.

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

  The front face of BJ60 is a family-style design style. The five-hole grille is integrated with the LED light groups on both sides, supplemented by a lot of chrome decoration, but it still highlights the hard-core style. It is reported that it will be equipped with a welcome mode and intelligent interactive lights.

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the car are 5040/1955/1925mm and the wheelbase is 2820mm, so it is positioned as a medium and large SUV. Viewed from the side, the new car is burly, which of course indicates that it has good interior space. In terms of tires, it is reported that AT tires will only appear on models with 18-inch wheels after listing in the future.

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

  At the rear of the car, the design of BJ60 is simple and elegant, and a classic external spare tire will be used. It is worth mentioning that the taillights of the car are also full of details. After lighting up, it is the shape of traditional palace lanterns.

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

  Inside the car, the overall style of the new car is biased towards luxury positioning. Leather, paint and chrome-plated decoration all bring a sense of high quality, and the full LCD instrument and large-size central control panel make it not fall behind in terms of technology configuration. In addition, there is a mountain pattern on the plaque in front of the co-pilot, which has a strong sense of ceremony.

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

  In other comfort configuration, the driver’s seat is equipped with leg rest and seat memory function, the front seat is equipped with 12-way electric adjustment, heating, ventilation and massage function, and it has aviation headrest. The rear seats will also be equipped with ventilation, heating and massage functions. In addition, the car will also be equipped with 256 colors of optional ambient lights, front laminated glass and Yanfei Lishi brand 12 speakers +1 external amplifier sound system.

Beijing Cross-country Beijing BJ60 2022 2.0T Basic Model

  As for the power system, this car is equipped with a light mixing system consisting of a 2.0T engine and a +48V motor, with an 85L fuel tank and a 35L auxiliary fuel tank. The transmission system will be matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission, equipped with part-time 4wd system, which can electronically switch the modes of 2H, 4H and 4L. The ATS all-terrain system supports the choice of nine driving modes. In addition, the new car also uses a non-load-bearing body, and is equipped with three locks: front, middle and rear, in which the transfer case can amplify the torque by 2.54 times. (Text/car home Chen Hao)

Help in the end | Blue cat died of cat plague after sterilization, and the animal hospital compensated the owner for the operation fee.

Sun Zeyu, a journalist with extreme eyes

Intern Hu Keqing

Ms. Lan, a citizen of Wuhan, has a beloved pet cat. In February this year, her cat suddenly developed gastrointestinal diseases after sterilization. What Ms. Lan never expected was that she died of cat plague not long after she sent the cat to the animal hospital for treatment, which made Ms. Lan unacceptable.

After sterilization, blue cats vomited and diarrhea.

Recently, Ms. Lan, a citizen of Wuhan, called the Jimu news hotline to report that her pet cat died of cat plague only half a month after sterilization. In this regard, Ms. Lan is very sad and can’t accept this fact.

In January this year, Ms. Lan, who lives in Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone, accepted a 5-month-old blue cat presented by a friend. When she brought it home, this lovely cat lived with her day and night, which made her very fond of it. In February of this year, Ms. Lan wanted to sterilize this blue cat, so she searched for an animal hospital with a high online rating near her home.

On February 16th, Ms. Lan took Blue Cat to this animal hospital on the date of appointment in advance, and prepared for sterilization. The operation went smoothly, and Ms. Lan took the blue cat home that day and took good care of it. But what Ms. Lan didn’t expect was that her beloved blue cat had problems the next day after one night.

"In those two days, the blue cat has been suffering from diarrhea, vomiting all day, and can’t eat food. It looks very distressing." Ms. Lan told Jimu journalist that on February 19th, she came to the animal hospital again with her blue cat. The doctor told her that it was a normal reflection that the cat’s resistance would decrease after sterilization. This blue cat may have gastroenteritis and needs intravenous drip for anti-inflammation.

After receiving hospital treatment, on February 20th, Blue Cat’s physical condition improved obviously.

The owner is sad to die of cat plague.

Unfortunately, a week later, Ms. Lan found that the blue cat had symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and inability to eat. On February 27th, Ms. Lan took Blue Cat to the animal hospital again. After being examined by the animal doctor, Blue Cat suffered from cat plague. The next day, Blue Cat was admitted to this animal hospital for treatment.

However, just one day later, the bad news came from the animal hospital: the blue cat was dying and had to undergo blood transfusion to continue observation and treatment. Ms. Lan told reporters that the animal hospital said on March 1 that there was no other treatment except blood transfusion.

On the same day, Ms. Lan immediately picked up the blue cat and prepared to be transferred to hospital for treatment. But what she never expected was that on the morning of March 2, Blue Cat was on the way to hospital for treatment and died unfortunately. In the days that followed, Ms. Lan cremated and buried the blue cat, which was extremely sad.

"I can’t figure out what I did wrong half a month after Blue Cat was sterilized." In an interview with a reporter, Ms. Lan questioned this animal hospital. "During the hospitalization of Blue Cat, the information provided by the doctor was very unclear. She only sent me some videos of it and told me that Blue Cat was in poor health."

Ms. Lan said that when she heard the news of Blue Cat from the doctor for the last time, she was seriously ill and needed blood transfusion treatment, which was like a clear sky, which made her suddenly unacceptable. "If the doctor clearly informed me of every step of the treatment process, I would also have the opportunity to transfer Blue Cat to a more professional hospital for treatment, and this life might be saved." Ms. Lan said.

Pets must be hospitalized separately.

At the same time, Ms. Lan told reporters that she was very dissatisfied with the actions of the animal hospital during the hospitalization of the blue cat after suffering from cat plague. Not only in the process of physical examination of the blue cat, it is not carried out separately from other pets in the hospital, but also the blue cat is placed in a house with sundries for hospitalization, which will increase the risk of blue cat infection with cat plague.

Recently, Jimu journalists went to the animal hospital with Ms. Lan. The doctor said that Ms. Lan did not conduct antibody testing with them before sterilization of the blue cat. In this regard, Ms. Lan said that she had vaccinated the blue cat two months ago. She believed that the blue cat probably suffered from cat plague in the animal hospital.

With the intervention of a high-profile journalist, on the same day, the animal hospital agreed that the doctor at that time would compensate Ms. Lan for the 2,000 yuan treatment fee she had paid before.

Afterwards, a journalist interviewed Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association. The staff of the association said that for pets, the incubation period of cat plague is long, unlike some surgical diseases, which is convenient for anatomical judgment. Therefore, animal medical institutions must treat and maintain pets separately according to whether they have diseases or similar diseases.

The staff also said that there is a risk of infection in animal medical institutions, and owners must conduct antibody testing or vaccination in a timely and comprehensive manner before sending their pets to medical institutions for surgery or treatment. In addition, the owner is also requested to choose a regular animal medical institution for his pet as far as possible.

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Shanghai’s tragic accident caused 1 death and 1 injury case details announcement

Cao Moumou, a male, male, born in 1995 ** 被 被 被, citizenship number: 4290041995 **********, Han nationality, junior high school culture, before the incident, online car driver, household registration in Hubei Group of Xian Tao City ** Village, temporarily lived in Room **, ** Road ** Road ** of Yangpu District, Shanghai. On March 31, 2021, the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau was criminally detained in accordance with the law for suspected traffic accidents.

The case was ended by the investigation of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and was transferred to the court on January 17, 2022 to the court for review and prosecution by the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou. After the acceptance of this court, the next day, it was informed that the non -prosecutor had the right to entrust the defender and the legal consequences that the penalty could be caused. The close relatives of the victim had the right to entrust the lawsuit to the lawsuit, and questioned the non -prosecutor in accordance with the law and listened to it. The opinions of the victim’s family reviewed all case materials.

After review by law:

At 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the brand that was not leased by Cao Moumou was Shanghai AF **** small sedan.时,因其驾驶机动车未靠道路右侧通行且违反文明驾驶规定而分别与对方向在道路东侧由南向北被害人沈某甲骑驶的号牌为上海67****电动自行车及The victim Huang Moumou’s number plate was a collision of Shanghai 38 **** electric bicycles, causing damage to the vehicle, Huang Moumou’s injury, Shen Moujia died on the spot. After determining the accident of the traffic police detachment of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Cao Moumou’s total responsibility for the accident, Shen Moujia and Huang Moumou did not bear the responsibility of the accident.

After the accident, Cao Moumou’s initiative to report to the police, waiting for the scene and actively rescued the wounded. After the case, the above -mentioned criminal facts were truthfully confessed. A few days ago, the victim Huang Moumou had received Cao Moumou’s compensation RMB 55,000 (the following currencies are RMB); 38.6668 million yuan and Cao Moumou compensated 49,000 yuan (the remaining 60,000 yuan has been negotiated with Cao Moumou and the victim Shen Moujia’s family membership payment). Cao Moumou has been understood in writing by the above -mentioned victims and family members of the victims.

The evidence of identifying the above facts is as follows:

1. The one -click search for super search information, ID card copy, and criminal suspect’s illegal crime information verification form from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau confirmed that the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou had reached legal and completely criminal responsibility age when he committed the crime. Identity information and no prevalence.

2. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s case (event) issued by the public security organs receiving a report, the registration form, the case of the case, the 110 incident registration form, and the call for details. A traffic accident occurred near the Panlong Highway and the intersection of the construction of the North Road and the electric bicycle. Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, took the initiative to call the police, waited for the scene and truthfully confessed the above criminal facts.

3. The results of the test form of the drug driving (urine test) and the exhalation alcohol tester confirmed that Cao Moumou was not toxic and drunk driving.

4. Driving license information, motor vehicle driving license, photocopy of driver’s license, vehicle detailed information, motor vehicle traffic accident liability for compulsory insurance policy, commercial insurance policy, Shanghai taxi operating license confirmed, Cao Moumou’s driving license and rental car Related conditions such as the driving card is complete.

5. Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s population business inquiry management system information, ID card copy, a copy of the temporary resident ID card, and basic information of the vehicle have confirmed that the victim Shen Moujia, Huang Moumou’s identity information and two electric bicycles are related.

6. The first aid case, the medical certificate of the resident death, the guarantee, the cremation of the remains, the thermalization certificate of the body of the residents, and the thermalization of the body, and the Judicial Appraisal Opinions of the Judicial Appraisal Center of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University confirmed that on March 31, 2021, the victim Shen Moujia was on the spot due to a traffic accident on the spot. Death, the cause of death is in line with road traffic accidents, causing injuries to the whole body. In addition, ethanol composition was found in the blood.

7. Notice of injury testing and the outpatient medical records of the Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine confirmed that the victim Huang Moumou had eyeballs due to the accident.

8. Household registration copy, copy of ID cards, civil judgments, civil jets, civil mediation letters, receipt, understanding, and Didi company transfer vouchers confirmed that Cao Moumou has conducted with the victim Shen Moujia’s family on the economic compensation of the accident. Civil litigation and later reached a mediation agreement. A few days ago, the victim Shen Moujia had received a compensation of 1.182 million yuan in insurance companies, 386.668 million yuan paid by Didi Company and 49,000 yuan for Cao Moumou. Payment). The family members of the victims have been understood by Cao Moumou.

9. Transportation accident understanding, people’s mediation agreement, and road traffic accident economic compensation voucher confirmed that it has been compensated by the victim Huang Moumou for the victim of the victim, and was written in writing.

10. The "Road Traffic Accident Confix" issued by the Transportation Police Detachment of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the situation of Shen Moujia’s electric bicycle after being drunk, which is confirmed by the situation of the responsibility of the accident. Cao Moumou’s responsibility for the accident; Shen Moujia drunk riding electric bicycles does not work on traffic accidents and the consequences of damage. The two victims had no fault in the accident. Responsibility for the accident.

11. Shanghai Fenglin Judicial Appraisal Co., Ltd.’s judicial appraisal opinions confirmed that the safety technical status of the car involved in the case is in line with the relevant provisions of GB7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety"; the safety technical status of the two electric bicycles involved in the case meets GB17761-2018 " The requirements of the Safety Technical Specifications of Electric Bicycles; at the time of the accident, the license plate is "Shanghai 67 ****" electric bicycle carried by people to carry people’s traffic behavior. A collision of electric bicycles can be established.

12. On -site pictures of road traffic accidents, surveys of road traffic accidents, photos, photos, CD -ROM confirmations, car accidents and other related situations.

13. The statement of the victim Huang Moumou confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, when the electric bicycle was driving along the east side of the Pinglong Highway from south to north to the south side of the south side of the river bridge, about 200 meters, It was suitable for a sedan to drive quickly from the middle to southeast along the middle road to the southeast, and it avoided it westward. Later, it felt like a electric bicycle or a car colliding.

14. Witnesses Shen Mou’s testimony confirmed that it was the son of Shen Moujia. On March 31, 2021, Shen Moujia drove an electric bicycle and collided with a small sedan on the way along the Pinglong Highway. His mother said that Shen Moujia went to the construction site from his home when he was at the time of the incident.

15. The confirmation of the confession of the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou was confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the driving number was Shanghai AF **** small sedan, and it was driving north to south along the Dragon Highway in this area to the south to the shoulder. The road milestone hit two electric bicycles at 6.7 kilometers, resulting in related facts such as one death and one injury.

The court believes that Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, implemented the behavior stipulated in Article 133 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, but the circumstances of the crime were mild. And its close relatives made financial compensation and obtained written understanding, according to the provisions of Article 67, paragraph 1 and 37 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, can be exempted from criminal punishment. According to the provisions of Article 177 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, it was decided not to prosecute Cao Moumou.

Three seized CD -ROM returned to the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

If the non -prosecutor’s decision, if he does not accept the decision, he can appeal to the court within seven days after receiving the decision.

If the victim’s close relatives do not accept the decision, they can appeal to the Second Branch of the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate within seven days after receiving this decision, and ask for a public prosecution; they can also filed a self -prosecution directly to the Shanghai Chongming District People’s Court of Shanghai.