2023 Shanghai Auto Show: Ideal Autopilot and Pure Circuit Line

  [car home Information] On April 18th, 2023, LI released the "Double Energy Strategy", which will fully exert its strength in "intelligence" and "electric energy". In terms of "intelligence", NOA navigation-assisted driving in the ideal city of AD Max 3.0 will be launched in the second quarter, and the landing push in 100 cities will be completed before the end of the year. It is worth mentioning that the NOA navigation and driving assistance system software and services in the ideal city of AD Max 3.0 are free for life, and its "assets" will also be fully reflected in the second-hand car transaction.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of "electric energy", LI has launched an 800V ultra-charged pure electric solution, officially entering a new stage where "extended range electric" and "high voltage pure electric" go hand in hand. By 2025, the product layout of "one flagship model+five extended range electric vehicles+five high voltage pure electric vehicles" will be formed. At the same time, at the press conference, LI and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited signed a "Comprehensive Strategic Agreement", announcing that LI’s first pure electric vehicle will become the first vehicle equipped with 4C Kirin battery in the world.

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  "In the’ intelligent’ part of the’ dual-energy strategy’, the ideal intelligent driving has officially entered the 3.0 stage. According to the official, its release will make the ideal model completely free from the dependence on high-precision maps, and it can perceive, make decisions and plan in real time like a human driver, thus realizing autonomous traffic in complex urban scenes and bringing users a truly usable intelligent driving system. Lang Xianpeng, vice president of intelligent driving in LI, said.

  "Under the’ electric energy strategy’, LI released an 800V super-charged pure electric solution, which combined the high-voltage electric drive system based on the third-generation power semiconductor, the battery with 4C charging capability, the thermal management system with wide temperature range and the 4C super-charged network to realize the charging efficiency of’ charging for 10 minutes and cruising for 400 kilometers’ from 2G to 5G era. Ma Donghui, president and chief engineer of LI, said, "In the future, extended-range electric and high-voltage pure electric will work in parallel to bring users a complementary energy experience comparable to that of fuel vehicles, and finally realize the goal of replacing fuel vehicles on a large scale."

  LI delivered a total of 52,584 new cars in the first quarter just past, an increase of 65.8% compared with the first quarter of 2022. Liu Jie, vice president of LI Commercial, said: "Up to now, the cumulative delivery volume in LI has exceeded 300,000."

Ideal intelligent driving enters the 3.0 era

  In the aspect of intelligent driving, LI insists on full-stack self-research. The official said that the ideal intelligent driving has entered the 3.0 era, from high-speed scenes to urban scenes.

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  LI has used three neural network large model algorithms: static BEV network algorithm, dynamic BEV network algorithm and Occupancy network algorithm to restore the urban navigation assisted driving algorithm, and used NeRF technology to enhance the Occupancy network algorithm to achieve higher accuracy and details.

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  Static BEV can still fill the road structure when some cameras are blocked and lane lines are blurred, which solves the real-time problem of high-precision map data.

  Dynamic BEV can track and perceive the distance and speed of the object stably when the vehicle appears in the field of vision of multiple cameras at the same time, which makes the dynamic BEV neural network have a certain "brain supplement" ability.

  Occupancy network algorithm can model the physical world in which we live in data, and restore the real scenes of the physical world through pure vision, such as trash cans on the road, temporary construction signs and other "general obstacles". On this basis, the use of NeRF technology further improves the resolution of Occupancy at a long distance and makes the system more powerful in perception.

  Based on the perceptual results of the above three neural network large model algorithms, the system will output the trajectory prediction results of all traffic participants around in real time, which can provide accurate information for users in decision-making planning of complex urban scenes.

Solution of 800V Ultra-charged Pure Electricity

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  At the press conference, LI put forward the solution of 800V super-charged pure electricity. This scheme includes an 800V high-voltage electric drive system based on the third-generation power semiconductor silicon carbide technology, a battery with 4C overcharge capability, and a full-stack self-developed thermal management system, which improves the charging speed and energy efficiency at the same time, so that users can obtain higher charging efficiency and longer cruising range in various environments.

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  It is reported that LI’s new generation self-developed electric drive system will be built with 800V silicon carbide power module. The application of the third generation power semiconductor Sic technology is the key to improve energy efficiency, and the capability of SiC chip also determines the upper limit of electric drive performance. At the same time, the 800V silicon carbide power module independently developed by LI can support up to 480A current output. The volume advantage of the self-developed power module combined with the multi-component integrated design of the motor controller makes the volume of the motor controller compressed to less than 4L and the power density as high as 62kW/L, thus reducing the volume and weight of the electric drive system and further optimizing the space and energy consumption of the whole vehicle.

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  In addition, in order to solve the problem of charging high-voltage electric vehicles on low-voltage charging piles, LI innovatively provided a deeply integrated boost charging solution. Using the inductance characteristics of motor windings, the electric drive system can be transformed into a step-up power supply, allowing users to get a fast charging experience of up to 150kW on charging piles with a voltage of 750V and below, and the highest charging efficiency can reach 98%. LI self-developed high-voltage electric drive system adopts the third generation silicon carbide power module and deeply integrated boost charging function, which not only improves the energy efficiency, but also has the function of fast charging and recharging covering the whole scene.

Intelligent charging network layout

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  LI officially launched the "Ideal 4C Super Charging Station" and the super charging network. Different from the traditional idea of taking a single charging pile as the product, the "Ideal 4C Super Charging Station" takes the whole station as the smallest module of product operation, and realizes intelligent interaction, intelligent operation and intelligent security by deploying four cameras and an intelligent sensing chip with computing power of 128TOPS. In the future, the ideal 4C overcharging station will also realize the real-time synchronization of station information with car and mobile App.

  At the same time, the LI 4C super-charged pile can reach the maximum output power of 480 kW, and with the ideal 4C model, it can quickly replenish energy by charging for 10 minutes and increasing the battery life by 400 kilometers. Combined with the power flexible distribution function of the station, the output power of each charging pile can be flexibly distributed based on the utilization rate of the charging pile.

Home of the car

  In order to make more users in LI enjoy a more convenient charging experience, the first batch of 25 ideal 4C overcharge stations will be put into trial operation one after another before the end of May. The ideal 4C overcharge station will be open to all new energy vehicles, and the overcharge network will be rapidly improved in the next three years. By the end of 2023, LI aims to build more than 300 high-speed overcharging stations, covering 70% of the high-speed mileage in the four economic belts of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Greater Bay Area and Chengdu-Chongqing, and the national high-speed coverage rate is expected to reach 40%. By 2025, the goal is to build more than 3,000 overcharging stations, which will cover 90% of the country’s national high-speed mileage and major cities.

Vehicle planning: 1 flagship vehicle +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles.

Home of the car

  Next, LI will also enter a new stage where the extended range keeps pace with pure electricity. By 2025, LI will have a product layout of 1 super flagship model +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

"ideal new MPV spy photos"

  The first pure electric vehicle in LI will be a pure electric MPV, which Li Xiang calls a whale (aircraft carrier), and there are five sharks (ships), which should be cars or SUVs. Previously, car home reported the spy photos of the ideal new MPV model. It is understood that the car will be rolled off the assembly line in July, officially mass-produced in September, and is expected to be listed in 2023. (Text/car home zhang xiaodan)

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

The blind date stage in Kaifeng, Henan Province is on fire, and Wang Po is all over the network at once, helping many single boyfriends to solve the blind date problem and getting the support of a large number of people!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

Every day, the blind date stage in Wang Po is crowded with people. Some people have been crouching for several days in order to get on the stage and end their single life.

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

But where there is fire, there is traffic. I heard that many anchors ran to the stage for blind date in order to rub the traffic! Just recently, a 24-year-old handsome guy encountered such a thing.

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

According to the man, I am 24 years old, and I am a chef. I stayed for 4 days and didn’t even eat lunch, just to grab the front row. It seems that this man is determined to get rid of single life, but he can’t get what he wants in the end!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

It was finally the man’s turn to take the stage. A famous woman introduced herself as a catering industry, which happened to be so speculative! This time, Wang Po wanted to fix two people, but the audience broke such a sentence!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

She’s the anchor! The audience has been shouting to let this woman step down. Is this really the anchor to rub traffic? But the woman waved her hand again and again on the stage and said that she really wasn’t!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

Wang Po was shaking with fear when he walked. Wang Po was most afraid of such a thing. After all, he really did good deeds and didn’t want to be muddied by people who were rubbing traffic!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

And many people really come to blind date, really want to hold hands with the right person and live together for a lifetime! If you are here to play, there is really no need to come!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

Later, the handsome guy still stepped down hand in hand with the woman, thinking it would be a beautiful love, but I didn’t expect it to be a scam. The man said that after stepping down, the woman said that she was coming to traffic, and she was the anchor! (The picture below is suspected to be the chat record of the man and the female anchor)

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

Boy, the man’s heart broke into slag directly, and he waited for four days, and finally waited for such a result! You just say that anger is not irritating, and this requires men to go from here!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

The handsome guy said: if you don’t come to find someone, then why waste other people’s opportunities? This is a complete delay!

Later, the woman also sent a video to apologize, saying that everyone might have misunderstood. Now she is looking for this man herself, but she can’t get in touch, hoping to give an explanation!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

Many people think that since you are not really looking for someone, don’t waste your time and traffic. To waste other people’s kindness in vain will also ruin Wang Po’s career!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

However, the anchor is also a person, as long as it is not a traffic, sincere blind date, I believe everyone must be very welcome. Just don’t have ulterior motives, after all, there are indeed many single boyfriends now!

Angry! Kaifeng Wang Po overturned again, and the man waited for four days for a blind date. When he stepped down, he learned that the woman was the anchor, which obviously rubbed the traffic.

[See you at 8: 00] Promote illegal content! 42 anchors were banned for 5 years.

  At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.


  With the approval of the Central Military Commission, the Armed Police Force started to use a new vehicle license plate, and the current license plate was abolished on October 31st.

  The first batch of generic drugs was encouraged to be published, and 33 drugs were selected.

  According to the national medical insurance bureau, it is expected to realize the "one code communication" of the national medical insurance system in 2020.

  The director of the State Post Bureau said that the contribution rate of parcel delivery in China to global growth exceeded 50%.

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will issue regulations to "kill big data" or be punished for online travel.

  According to the General Administration of Market Supervision, new energy vehicle companies should report the accident within 12 hours.

  From 10th to 19th, the last batch of savings bonds (electronic) will be issued by banks this year.

  On the 9th, the 2019 Beijing Industry Wage Guidance Line involving 19 industries was released, and the minimum wage guarantee line was set at 25,920 yuan.

  Twenty-one 4A-level scenic spots were rectified in Shandong, and four scenic spots, including Cowherd and Weaver Girl, were delisted.

  Zhao Jingbo, former inspector of the General Office of Jilin Provincial Government and former secretary of Jilin Municipal Committee, was double-opened.

  Su Shaoyun, former chairman of Tongcheng Rural Commercial Bank of Anhui Province, returned to China and surrendered himself.



  The White House said it would not cooperate with the impeachment investigation of President Trump in the House of Representatives.

  An F16 fighter plane of the US Air Force in Europe crashed in Germany and the pilot was injured.

  On the 9th local time, Turkish President Erdogan announced that the Turkish army and the Syrian National Army launched military operations against extremist organizations and Kurdish armed forces in northeast Syria.

  The World Health Organization released the first global vision report, saying that more than 2.2 billion people around the world are blind or have visual impairment.

  Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s unfinished cigars will be auctioned, starting at 6,000 pounds.

  Recently, the Korean Cultural Relics Department unearthed more than 400 ancient pottery and 2 seals on the seabed just 100 meters away from the west coast of Jeju Island, which were suspected to be owned by China businessmen.

  NASA’s Curiosity rover found sulfate deposits in Gail Crater on Mars, which indicates that there may have been life in Gail Crater.

  Britain has won a lottery prize of 170 million pounds, a record high.

  [hundred States]

  The network performance (live broadcast) branch of China Performance Industry Association announced the fourth batch of anchor blacklists, and 42 people were banned for five years for promoting pornography, gambling and other illegal content.

  In the next 10 days, cold air will come one after another, and the temperature in many places in the north will be lower than normal.

  Mobike began to adjust the pricing method in Beijing: 1.5 yuan is charged for riding within 30 minutes, 1.5 yuan is charged for riding beyond 30 minutes.

  Two men in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region killed a family of four and robbed them of money to go home for the New Year. After 23 years of absconding, they were arrested.

  A woman in Haikou missed the station, angered and hit the bus driver, and was sentenced to four years in prison.

  A 10-year-old girl sued her biological mother for nine years, and the court ordered her to pay 1000 yuan every month.

  Teachers and students of Shanghai University will pay a cleaning fee of 5,000 yuan for stealing the stone carvings of the Southern Dynasties. 

  The woman was bitten by a monkey while playing in Jiangsu Baoshengyuan Scenic Area. The person in charge of the scenic area said that macaques are protected animals and can only be passively defended.

  Zhejiang A&F University has set up a self-help shared kitchen for students, and 10 yuan can use it for 4 hours.

  Visual sense

  On the 9th, the Shanghai Sports Federation issued a notice that the "2019NBA Fans Night" activity was cancelled. The staff dismantled the built chairs and stools in the Shanghai World Expo Celebration Square.


  On the 9th, at this moment — — The 4K Cantonese version of the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the National Day was premiered at the Yuanfang Theater in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. More than 200 people from all walks of life in Hong Kong attended the premiere.


  On October 9th, local time, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry would be awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Wittingham and Akira Yoshino for their contributions to lithium-ion batteries.



  "First of all, I want to wish my very good friend — — Happy birthday to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is 39 years old today. "

  — — On October 7, local time, Putin’s birthday, Trump wished Abe a happy birthday.

  "It is estimated that I am fat after retiring, and help me maintain my image."

  — — Hui Ruoqi responded humorously to Weibo, the official of Tianjin Sports Bureau, who mistakenly sent a mosaic photo of himself.

  "If Brexit cannot reach an agreement, how long can the inventory of toilet paper last?"

  — — British parliamentarians asked the government to ensure that there should be enough toilet paper available in the case of "no agreement to leave the European Union".


  Feng Duan, a famous physicist and educator, academician of China Academy of Sciences and retired professor of Nanjing University, has been writing poems for his wife for decades, and has been called "the most beautiful love" by netizens.


  Zou Yiqing, a well-known playwright and one of the writers of the 86th edition of The Journey to the West, died of illness on the 9th at the age of 81.


  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

  Editor: Xiao Xiao Luo Meng

Huayi Tencent Entertainment (00419) fell 5.43% to 0.087 yuan/share.

On March 13th, Huayi Tencent Entertainment (00419) fell 5.43% in intraday trading, and as of 14:16, it reported 0.087 yuan/share, with a turnover of 1,199,300 yuan.

Huayi Tencent Entertainment Co., Ltd. mainly operates two major businesses: First, Internet health services, including online health service platforms and high-end health centers; The second is the entertainment and media business, covering the investment and production of movies, animations and TV series, as well as the merger and acquisition of international entertainment companies and resource integration.

As of the mid-year report in 2023, Huayi Tencent Entertainment had a total operating income of 634 million yuan and a net profit of-40,421,400 yuan.

Congratulations to the Super League! The two giants confirmed their continued investment and shattered the rumors of dissolution! The Football Association can rest assured.

The financial difficulties of China Football Super League have always been a topic of great concern. In recent years, the Super League has been hit by a serious economic crisis, which has led to the situation that some clubs have to be dissolved. This situation once triggered people’s concerns about the future development of the Super League.

However, in the latest news, two established clubs, Shanghai Harbour and Beijing Guoan, gave a positive reply, saying that they will continue to invest money for the team and guarantee to participate in next season’s competition. This is undoubtedly an exciting news, but also let the China Football Association breathe a sigh of relief.

As China football clubs with a long history and great reputation, Shanghai Port and Guoan have been reported to be unstable in operation and possibly even dissolved in the past few years. This series of rumors has further weakened people’s problems about the sustainable development of the Chinese Super League.

However, it seems that Shanghai and Guoan have not given up their responsibilities. According to relevant reports, the parent companies behind the two clubs have made it clear that they will continue to invest and support the team’s operation. This decision not only shows the courage and confidence of the two giant clubs, but also adds a touch of bright color to the future of the Chinese Super League.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Zhonghe, the parent company of Beijing Guoan Club. Although the company faces a huge deficit, it has no intention of quitting the club. This shows that China and China have a deep understanding of football and its influence, and are willing to shoulder their responsibilities in it. Similarly, no organization has proposed the intention of transferring Guoan Club.

Of course, in today’s economic situation, many enterprises are under pressure and challenges, and the football industry is no exception. Compared with the past, Shanghai and Zhonghe may invest less in the club. However, this can’t hide their contributions in supporting the development of strong teams and ensuring the treatment of players.

In fact, with the joint efforts of China Football Association and other relevant stakeholders, in recent years, Super League has taken a series of measures to solve the financial difficulties and gradually promote the professional development. For example, increase marketing efforts and introduce more business partners. These measures have provided more development opportunities for the Super League and injected new vitality into the club.

Generally speaking, although the Chinese Super League has experienced some financial difficulties and dissolution rumors in recent years, the decisions of Shanghai and Guoan once again prove that the giant clubs have deep feelings and responsibilities for China football. They will continue to invest and guarantee to participate in next season’s competition, which brings infinite expectations to people. Similarly, with the joint efforts of all parties, I believe that the Chinese Super League can overcome difficulties, develop continuously and make greater achievements.

Extended topic: In addition to the economic problems faced by the Super League, there are a series of issues related to football in China that deserve our attention. The first is the construction of youth training system. How to cultivate more outstanding young players is one of the long-standing problems in China football. Only through a sound and efficient youth training system can we ensure the future worship strength of China football.

Secondly, the adjustment of foreign aid introduction policy. In recent years, it has played an important role in introducing overseas top stars to improve the level of domestic professional leagues. But equally, whether the restrictions on the amount and salary of foreign aid are reasonable has always been a controversial topic. What kind of policies should be adopted to balance the competitive relationship between domestic players and foreign aid, which can not only improve the level of the league, but also do no harm to the development of local players.

To sum up, there is still great potential to be tapped in the development of China football market. In recent years, top European clubs have marched into China, and made active attempts in business operation and brand promotion. How to further expand the scale of the football industry and increase the profit model has also become an important proposition.

Generally speaking, in the context of solving the financial difficulties, the continued investment of super league giants has brought hope to people. However, in addition, China football still needs to be reformed and innovated from many levels. Only by developing and expanding in all aspects can we realize the historical mission that the "green field" should shoulder in the great cause of Chinese national rejuvenation.

Youth training system construction: China football has been seeking to improve its international competitiveness, and a sound youth training system is indispensable. China football needs to invest more resources to train young players and provide them with high-quality training and competition opportunities to ensure that more local stars will emerge in the future. This may require improving infrastructure, hiring more professional coaches, and cooperating with schools to train football teenagers.

Adjustment of foreign aid introduction policy: foreign aid has played a key role in improving the level of the league, but it has also caused some controversy. China Football Association needs to carefully weigh the amount and salary of foreign aid to ensure that domestic players have enough opportunities to participate in the competition and promote the growth of local players. This may require more attractive policies to attract international stars to play in China and encourage clubs to train more local young players.

Football market development: China football market has great potential, but it needs further development. More and more international football clubs have realized the value of China market, but China football can also expand the scale of football industry in various ways, including developing football tourism, promoting football education and providing more entertainment activities. This will help to improve the popularity and attractiveness of the Super League.

Cooperation and win-win: The problem of football in China needs the cooperation of all parties. Government, Football Association, clubs, fans and enterprises can all play a role in promoting the development of football in China. Partnership, investment and common vision will help solve financial problems and other challenges.

To sum up, China football faces a series of challenges, but it also has great opportunities. The commitment of the super league clubs has brought a glimmer of light to China football, but to achieve sustained success, we need to carry out reforms and innovations in many aspects, including youth training, foreign aid policies, market development and the establishment of cooperative partnerships. Only through all-round efforts can China football realize its ambition and realize the historical mission of football in the great cause of Chinese national rejuvenation.

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[Looking for coaches] How is the proportion of the correct motivation? That’s it! -The table tennis national ball exchange

Find a coach+ask the Ma Kaixuan coach to guide it to see if there is any problem with the front and back action? thanks

Coach Ma Kaixuan Answers

Boys, right -handed horizontal board, single -line exercises on the front and backhand.

1. Positive hand. The plate shape is stable, the hitting time is reasonable, and the proportion of impact and friction is quite good. The first thing that needs to be adjusted is the shape, the big arm is started, and now it is too close to the body’s torso, causing the big arm tension, and the continuous shoulders are raised.

It is best to swing with bare hands to solve it. At the same time, the front arm is opened horizontally a little more. In this way, the focus of the exchange is adjusted together. My legs, but I estimate that the distance between my feet is close. That is to say, we comprehensively govern during waving,Open your feet properly, the knee is slightly bent, and the structure will be much more reasonable.It is best to use multi -ball to adjust the action with more effort. It is not impossible to use a single ball. The requirements for the sparrows are relatively high. Of course, you can do a single ball.

2. Affairs. This video is shot well, and there are angle changes, and it will be much more comprehensive.

The child is stable and the action structure is quite stable. The proportion of playing and rubbing in the ball is quite good. This coach is a bit level, at least, it is quite satisfactory. You can stand some properly at your feet, and the sense of stability will be much better.

In addition, there is a detail that he must stand in front of him with his left foot. Sometimes he comes out of his right foot. At the same time, the left foot heel is twisted on the ground. This is not possible. Can you remind him that when hitting the backhand, the left forearm of the left arm is placed near the left waist, and the height on the table is very helpful to the body balance.

At this age, the practice of training, and the number of training hours, the ball skills will rise very fast.

Do you want to ask too? Native

Ma Kaixuan, former Beijing team member. In 1990, he went to work in the United States and many students were selected as the U.S. National Team. Its table tennis resumes are colorful and unique and have rich teaching experience. He is currently a technical consultant of Ping Pong World Magazine and National Ball Exchange.

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