Guangdong announced that the minimum admission score for the spring college entrance examination is 150 for ordinary higher vocational colleges.

  On March 3rd, the Guangdong Provincial Admissions Committee announced the minimum admission scores for the spring college entrance examination of ordinary colleges and universities in our province in 2022 (unified examination for graduates of secondary vocational schools in ordinary colleges and universities, and admission for higher vocational colleges according to the results of ordinary high school level examinations). Among them, the total score of undergraduate colleges recruiting secondary vocational graduates is 260 points, and the total score of general vocational education is 150 points.

  Specifically, in view of the unified examination for recruiting secondary vocational school graduates in ordinary colleges and universities, undergraduate colleges recruit secondary vocational school graduates with a total score of 260, higher vocational colleges recruit secondary vocational school graduates with a total score of 100, higher vocational colleges recruit retired soldiers with a total score of 85, and higher vocational colleges recruit mainland Tibet Xinjiang secondary vocational school candidates with a total score of 90.

  Candidates enrolled in higher vocational colleges according to the results of the ordinary high school academic level examination have a total score of 150 for general culture, 130 for sports, 170 for sports, 130 for music (including musicology, music performance-vocal music, music performance-instrumental music), 155 for music, 130 for art, 155 for art and dance.

Bama Tea won the first place in paying taxes for Wuyi Rock Tea and Anxi Tieguanyin origin tea enterprises for four consecutive years.

Recently, according to the tax payment certificates provided by Wuyishan Municipal Government and Anxi County Government of Fujian Province, in 2023, Bama Tea Industry became the first tax payer of tea enterprises in the two places respectively. This means that Bama Tea has won the first place in the tax payment of tea enterprises from Tieguanyin, Anxi for 11 consecutive years, and the second place in the tax payment of Wuyi Rock Tea and Tieguanyin, two oolong tea enterprises from Anxi for 4 consecutive years.

△ Bama Tea won the first place in the tax payment of Wuyi Rock Tea and Anxi Tieguanyin origin tea enterprises for four consecutive years.

Wang Wenli, chairman of Bama Tea Industry, once said that using "double taxation crown" as a signboard is actually using integrity as a signboard. From the perspective of double taxation, it is not difficult to see that Bama Tea insists on feeding back the origin with honest management and promoting the long-term healthy development of China tea industry.

The mission of China tea benchmarking enterprise with double first tax payment for four consecutive years.

In 2023, "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Development and Growth of Private Economy" was issued, which mentioned that it is necessary to guide private enterprises to continuously improve the quality of development and promote the private economy to become bigger, better and stronger.

As a leader of private enterprises, Bama Tea Industry pays taxes according to law, which is one of the manifestations of its practice of honest management and its active commitment to the feelings of home and country and social responsibility of head tea enterprises.

Walking into more than 3,200 stores in Bama tea industry all over the country, you can see the golden sign of "double taxation first". Taking honesty and paying taxes as the letter in business is a concrete action for enterprises to serve the country, which just embodies the "positive" values of Bama tea industry. On the road of industrial revitalization, paying taxes will feed back the origin, continuously inject vitality and upgrading into the tea industry, and empower China tea to develop with high quality.

On the other hand, it has been able to achieve the double first place in tax payment for the two major oolong tea enterprises for four consecutive years, which also reflects the high industry recognition and core market position of Bama tea industry.

Empowering rural revitalization with "enterprise", building a new development path based on good tea of origin

The Bama tea industry, which has always been deeply involved in the development of the producing areas, actively responded to the national major policies, just conforming to the wave of the times. In fact, on the road of implementing the overall development of "three teas", Bama tea industry’s efforts go far beyond paying taxes in good faith according to law, and more importantly, it explores multi-dimensional solutions for the tea industry to empower rural revitalization through initiatives such as opening competitions, building industrial parks, building platforms, and opening channels.

△ In 2023, Bama Tea Industry Wuyi Rock Tea Wang Sai received more than 6,000 samples, far ahead of similar local events.

Up to now, Bama Tea Industry has been deeply involved in the "Double Crown and Double Tea Wang Sai" for four consecutive years, and has invested over 30 million yuan to hold the Tea King Competition, rewarding tea farmers and tea enterprises to make good tea. It has become a phenomenal event that leads tea farmers to improve their tea-making skills and the trend of tea consumption market.

Relying on the competition to empower the tea producing areas, Bama tea industry further sank its origin, and opened factories in Anxi and Wuyishan, two core oolong tea producing areas, to explore the upgrading path of modern smart tea gardens. Among them, Bama Wuyishan Intelligent Ecological Industrial Park, which was just put into operation not long ago, is a large-scale tea industry complex integrating Wuyi tea production and processing, experience sightseeing, scientific research and training, which not only promotes the high-quality development of local tea industry, but also provides a strong boost for rural revitalization in Wuyishan area.

△ Seventh Generation Intelligent Production Line of Bama Wuyishan Intelligent Ecological Industrial Park

As a representative of the national tea brand, Bama Tea Industry has also practiced the concept of "helping farmers with tea" nationwide, built a direct bridge between tea farmers in producing areas and market consumers, and built a value-creating open platform for the participation of tea farmers and tea enterprises. Continue to "hematopoietic" for tea-producing areas and continue to contribute "eight horses" to rural revitalization.

High-quality exploration of developing national tea brands by resonance in the same frequency era

With the prosperity of tea in the country, along with the trend of industrial extension driven by the spirit of "the belt and road initiative", the layout of China tea has already extended to the whole world. The Bama tea industry, which actively conforms to the general trend of the times and develops resonantly, is at the forefront of the layout of tea in China.

Since the beginning of 2023, on the one hand, Bama Tea has appeared in international events at home and abroad several times, actively practicing the spirit of building a "the belt and road initiative" and helping great countries to have tea talks; On the other hand, he was invited to appear at the United Nations Headquarters, the China Embassy in the United States, and the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and held the global tasting of high-end China tea in South Africa, the Republic of San Marino, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. At the same time, Bama Tea Industry has built an Italian-Italian tea wine culture promotion center, entered the North American market strongly … and expanded the market breadth of China tea in multiple dimensions. Pass the power of China tea brand to the world again and again, and set off the China tea craze sweeping the world.

△ During the International Tea Day in 2023, Bama Tea was invited to represent China Tea at FAO, and Bama Tea was praised by guests from many countries.

In the new stage of "the belt and road initiative" entering high-quality co-construction, from China tea to world tea, Bama tea industry has been constantly exploring the development of tea brands, practicing the path of breaking the national tea brand upgrade and construction. Its implementation of honest management and tax payment, its cultivation of the development of energy-producing areas, and its strategy of promoting China tea to go abroad have all merged into an excellent example of the high-quality development of tea brands in China today.






Ouyang Zhongshi: What is culture? What is the core of culture?

What is culture? There are many experts who have defined it. There are hundreds of kinds in ancient and modern times, at home and abroad. Everyone always talks about a certain aspect of "culture", but it has not been fully summarized, so it is more troublesome to define it. Modern Chinese Dictionary explains culture as the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical development. If we understand it according to this definition, there is probably nothing that is not cultural, good or bad, and almost everything we can see can be classified into the category of culture. As for how culture came into being, why it came into being and why it came into being, there is no answer. Now, let’s analyze and study the word "culture".

Culture is the pursuit of beauty by human beings.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

From the beginning of existence, human beings always hope that the present will be better than the past, and tomorrow will be better than today. It can be seen that the pursuit of beauty is the desire of human beings and the goal that human beings will always pursue. It is human nature to pursue a beautiful desire. This desire for beauty is not only human, but also common animals, such as monkeys, cats, rabbits and dogs. Therefore, we say that this is a kind of nature of species, that is to say, this is an inevitable pursuit of the survival of a "living thing". However, this desire is limited by nature and bound by heaven and earth. From the nature, everything between heaven and earth exists objectively, regardless of human will, and they have their own operating rules. Living in nature, human beings should also obey some laws in nature, and form some laws and rules that everyone abides by in social life. In the Book of Changes, it is said that "the sky is strong and the terrain is Kun". This has summed up everything in nature. Kun means Shun. Heaven and earth are constantly running. The sky should be strong and the earth should be smooth. Everything on the earth, including human beings, requires "smoothness". Heaven and earth require "harmony", and if human beings want to be beautiful, they must also "harmony". Find a word to describe "beauty" and "harmony", and we in China will find the word "Wen". Literature is the meaning of beauty and harmony.

What is the word Wen? The Book of Changes says: "The phases are mixed, so it is called Wen." "Za" was originally written as "Fu" (we simplified it as "Za"), with the word "Yi" on the left and the word "Ji" on the right. In terms of word-making, it means that there are many birds flying on a tree and wearing all kinds of clothes, which are very beautiful, that is, "味味". In other words, a variety of appearances and things are gathered together and colorful, which is called "Wen". In addition, there is another explanation, which says in the Book of Rites: "Five colors are written." All colors are gathered together, which is "Wen". All kinds of colors are gathered together, but they are not randomly piled up, but have their own rules, so we also say "articles". All kinds of things get together, and they are not chaotic and organized. This is called "Wen", which is a beautiful symbol.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". All material wealth is created by people, and our spiritual wealth also appears for beauty, so we use a word "Wen" to describe it. Can we understand that all the beautiful things (whether material or spiritual) created by human beings, as well as all the efforts made to achieve beauty and all the ideas for development towards beauty, are all cultures? Therefore, a good wish is culture; Pursuing beautiful practical actions is also culture; Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

In this way, all the wishes, actions and results of people’s lives, which are getting better day by day, can be covered in culture. Therefore, the meaning mentioned in the dictionary can be interpreted as: in the historical process of human society, all material wealth and spiritual wealth belong to culture, or culture can be said to be the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth. I think my understanding may depend on a little spectrum, or at least touch a little edge.

Having said that, I also want to make an important explanation: after "beauty", the word "harmony" must be added. Since culture is the pursuit of beauty. You also pursue, I also pursue, he also pursues, it should be said that this is a common pursuit of all mankind. Since it is the common pursuit of all mankind, it is inevitable that they will collide with each other. In order for everyone to get "beauty", we should make a code of conduct to ensure that everyone can get "beauty". This norm must ensure that everyone is "beautiful", which requires everyone to live in harmony, and everyone should be humble, tolerant, tolerant and respectful.

Chinese culture is developed.

Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

The world, from the beginning of human beings, is pursuing beauty. What is created and formed in the process of pursuit, whether material or spiritual, is the crystallization of the pursuit of beauty. So, how to understand Chinese culture? Analysis, in Chinese culture, some of them are native to China, or are inherent, such as our "classics" and "transmission". There is also a part that comes with the historical development of society. For example, we didn’t have a fire, we didn’t know how to use it, and we didn’t eat cooked food. Later, we gradually found that food tastes better when cooked, and the use of fire is wide, so we can keep warm and cook. We have also built many houses and planted crops, which are our material wealth. In the ideological and spiritual field, there are many books, music and paintings, which are our wealth. These are all created and developed by our Chinese nation. Everyone knows that Chinese culture is profound and profound, because we have a long history and a large population. On the land of China, our wisdom has naturally condensed into a set of cultural characteristics suitable for ourselves in the continuous progress. To put it bluntly, we Chinese sons and daughters have enough ability to pursue beauty and harmony step by step! Our long history has proved this. In the long historical process, our ability has gradually accumulated with the development of society. Since the pre-Qin period, the growth of new content has never stopped. No matter the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, or even modern and contemporary times, every era has its unique contribution and a little fresh knowledge has grown up.That is to say: in addition to the original inherent culture, with the progress of the times, a large part of the cultural accumulation has increased.

Part of our culture is absorbed from the outside, or introduced from the outside. Even if it came from the outside, we absorbed it, transformed it and developed it. Especially after the Ming Dynasty, foreign cultures from other regions poured in, which added new contents to our long-term self-developed culture. China people are not afraid of wealth, and China people do not refuse foreign wealth. They first introduce it, then combine it, and then "transform" it, and finally it is no longer easy to distinguish it clearly. For example, after Buddhism in India and Zen in Indian Buddhism spread to China, China people conducted research and development, resulting in the formation of Chinese Buddhism. China’s Zen is a fusion and has become a part of Chinese culture. It is precisely because our Chinese culture has such tolerance, absorption and digestion, and it is precisely because we have such a trilogy of "introduction, combination and melting" with foreign cultures that our Chinese culture has formed a life force with its own characteristics, which is developing at any time and is good at integration. Therefore, Chinese culture is becoming more and more huge, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, profound and profound. Inherent, developed and integrated, these three aspects make our Chinese culture more comprehensive. Of course, the status and emphasis of these three aspects in Chinese culture are not exactly the same in different times, but in the final analysis, these integrated cultures are still harmonious, which constitutes our Chinese culture.

Some people say that our cultural development is not fast enough or advanced enough, is that right? I think the progress of Chinese culture is by no means slow! Gunpowder was invented by China people, and it was also the most advanced at that time, but we didn’t develop it later. Is it because China people are not smart? I don’t think so, because we in China simply don’t want to make a weapon with powerful lethality. The pursuit of Chinese culture is to avoid war and misfortune. The pursuit is to move forward more steadily. Therefore, I feel that Chinese culture is firmly grasping the "beauty" and "harmony" and moving forward. I would rather take one step slowly and take one step less than those inappropriate paths.

Therefore, the Chinese nation has formed its own inherent culture, which is a very complete system. With the development of history, it is constantly developing and expanding, and it is also constantly absorbing and melting with the development of the world. Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

What is the core of Chinese culture?

The words "benevolence, virtue, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Chinese culture pursues beauty, and all its development is towards "better and more harmonious day by day". Therefore, I think beauty and harmony are the core requirements of culture and Chinese culture. It is difficult to get along fairly and harmoniously like this, and to achieve the beautiful harmony of all mankind without a common agreement and a common norm. Our sages have long known this problem, and they put forward some requirements and norms. We can analyze it through a few Chinese characters.

The first is "benevolence". "Benevolence" occupies an unshakable core position in Chinese traditional culture. If you take the word "benevolence" apart, it is two people. People should love each other, and this "benevolence" is love.

Followed by "virtue"; The word "virtue" should be written straight on the right side except the heart, so the ancients often said that "straight heart is virtue" "Straight" is integrity, and upright is "virtue". "Virtue" requires a lot. Adding the word "heart" is to explain thoughts, and adding "worry" is to explain actions. That is to say, integrity is required in both thoughts and actions. This is the meaning of "virtue". "Virtue" has been mentioned in Zhuangzi, which means "virtue". Things are born, which is called virtue. Morality is a special power. Although it is not a thing, it is a very unusual internal energy force. This kind of power will make things grow and make things successful. Visible is a power that can enhance life and promote success. How can we explain this power? I realize that it is a kind of "strength", and it seems easier to understand that it is an "opportunity". In the language of ordinary people, especially in Beijing dialect, there is a saying: "Come on!" Sometimes it is reduced to one word: "Yes!" Just saying: ok! It’s done! Everything was successful and reached a very "suitable" situation. This statement is exactly the true meaning of "de". It must also be explained that this "gain" refers not only to one aspect, but to all aspects. It is the requirement of "getting" that is suitable in any way. In order to ensure a comprehensive "win", all aspects must follow certain principles, which falls on this "virtue".

On the winter solstice, it was also called "Germany and Japan" in ancient times. From this day on, the days became longer, which is the law of celestial bodies. "Yin declines and Yang rises", and everything began to grow. This day is also called "prosperous day", that is, it begins to grow. Therefore, "things can be born"-if things have "virtue", they begin to grow; "Things can be done"-things can be successful. "Virtue" is a good word to help people and things grow vigorously.

How can a beautiful "text" achieve a comprehensive "culture"? We must rely on "virtue". Chinese culture can have such vitality and cohesion, which is inseparable from the word "virtue". It can also be said that virtue is an essential core in Chinese culture.

We pay attention to "benevolence" in order to ensure a comprehensive "beautiful and harmonious" requirement. It can be said that "benevolence" is the core of Chinese culture. In order to ensure the normal development of "benevolence" and "morality", we need to do standardized activities and then make it a system, which leads to "ceremony" and "law"

How can people achieve "benevolence" and "virtue" and move into a standardized system? There is a way-that is "transformation". The word "Hua" is amazing. No matter how you look at it, there are two people, one is upside down and the other is red-handed. In this way, the word can’t be inverted, and everything is correct. This "transformation" can be both negative and positive, that is to say, it can be reconciled and dissolved, and it can be established in all cases. This should be a channel to a better state. There are many things that can be solved as long as they are "transformed".

We have been using and following the law of "transformation", or this principle. Why is Chinese culture more and more extensive, more and more profound, with a long history and enduring prosperity? First of all, because it is the pursuit of all mankind, it represents the common and beautiful aspirations of all mankind; Secondly, it is the strong inclusiveness and integration, culture and power of Chinese culture. Because in the process of cultural development, it is impossible without collision. The fear of collision lies in coordination and how to solve it. It boils down to two kinds, one is to let and the other is to rob. Rob no good results, today’s winner, tomorrow may be a loser, today’s loser may be a winner tomorrow. Fighting and looting is not a good way to solve the problem, and it is not as good as a word "Hua". Through a word "Hua", we can resolve, harmonize and transform and move forward in harmony. We have "transformed" many things, and by "transforming", we have formed a big multi-ethnic family.

All this comes down to one word-"harmony", which is the highest realm that people pursue. This "harmony" is not that "combination" Harmony is two things, or many different things are very harmonious and harmonious, such as various musical instruments, which play and sing to form a beautiful melody, but it is not that two different things have lost themselves. For example, people’s wishes and demands are varied, but it is indeed possible to achieve unity. Unity here does not mean synthesizing "one", but achieving agreement, that is, achieving harmony. Combination is to add two different things together, dissolve them and lose yourself. "Harmony" is the fusion of two different things, each with its own characteristics and living in peace. Everything in the world is different, and everyone is different, so we should advocate harmony. Only harmony can last.

In our thoughts and actions, we should respect morality, etiquette and law, and finally reach the realm of "harmony" through "culture". Therefore, I believe that the words "benevolence, morality, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Transferred from Ouyang Zhongshi’s "Culture Man Tan"

Wang Fang was reused, Xiaoding sent blessings, qi zhou finally appeared, women’s basketball team Long Hudou, Liaoning’s glorious history.

Recently, the news of China Basketball Association has been continuous. The National Team Construction Committee was set up by the Basketball Association, and Yao Ming served as the director of the Committee. Xiaoding blessed the men’s basketball team, but it was ridiculed by the fans. qi zhou was afraid of missing the preliminaries because many opponents infected COVID-19. WCBA had just carried out six rounds, but it had already come to an end. Guangdong’s 11 crowns were enviable, and Liaoning fans basked in the team’s 12 crowns.

On September 26th, Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that it would set up the National Construction Committee in the near future, with Yao Ming as its director and Wang Fang as its executive director. Perhaps it was because of the poor performance of China football men’s national team in the top 12 that chinese basketball association made this decision quickly. This move by the Basketball Association is intended to promote the construction of the men’s national team, improve the overall strength of the national team and strengthen the players’ awareness of winning glory for the country. In fact, this is also related to the fact that China men’s basketball team missed the Olympic Games for the first time after 17 years.

Wang Fang was the leader of Liaoning Sports Bureau before, but now he is appointed as the executive director, which shows that chinese basketball association values Wang Fang highly. Wang Fang is the mother of Liaoning team player Zhang Zhenlin. As the superior leader of Liaoning team in last season’s playoffs, Wang Fang also accompanied the team throughout the playoffs. He witnessed the growth of the players. In this year’s National Games, Wang Fang also witnessed the Liaoning National Men’s Basketball Team defending this National Games gold medal, which shows that his support for basketball is real.

Ding Yan Yuhang, a Shandong player who hasn’t updated his personal social dynamics for a long time, recently updated his personal social media. He took a big photo of the China men’s basketball team participating in this World Cup qualifier, and gave his best wishes to his friends. Originally, this was a perfectly normal dynamic, but some fans thought that Ding Yanyuhang was rubbing against the popularity of China men’s basketball team. In fact, it was a bit unfair to Ding Yanyuhang. After all, Xiaoding’s wishes for the national team and friends were sincere, and fans should not be mixed with too much personal feelings.

For Ding Yan Yuhang, some fans also very much hope that he can return to the national team. It is also a great encouragement for Ding Yan Yuhang to see that Abdul Salamu, who has suffered serious injuries like him, has already returned to the national team. Du Feng has also given all players a chance. After all, it is the greatest honor for a player to play for the national team, and it is also a very confidence-boosting thing to have the opportunity to enter the national team after a serious injury.

Recently, there are a lot of news about China men’s basketball team, one of which makes the fans very worried. That is, when qi zhou participated in nbl preseason, many of their opponents were found to have COVID-19. qi zhou, as a close contact, is likely to be isolated and missed. However, recently, some media broke the news that qi zhou appeared in China men’s basketball team’s training abroad, which broke the previous rumor that qi zhou would miss the preliminaries. China men’s basketball team has been sent to the strongest team in the world, hoping that they can break into the final with all their might.

The second phase of the cba is about to start, and wcba has already gone through six rounds. Compared with the attention of CBA in China, there are few fans in wcba. Up to now, three teams in WCBA have maintained an unbeaten record this season, namely the defending champion Inner Mongolia team, Sichuan team and Shandong team. In the first six rounds, Inner Mongolia team beat their opponents by a big score, and their biggest competitor this season is Sichuan team, which is temporarily ranked third.

In fact, after seeing the lineups of the two teams, the fans were not surprised why the two teams competed for the championship. Together, the two teams gathered a total of 17 national players. The Inner Mongolia team gathered 9 national players including Li Yueru, Yang Liwei, Huang Sijing, Zhao Shuang, Zhang Ru, Pan Zhenqi, Ma Xueya, Wei Wei and Li Yifan, while the Sichuan team had Han Xu, Wu Di, Shao Ting, Li Meng, Sun Mengran, Li Shanshan and so on.

In today’s cba league, Guangdong men’s basketball team and Liaoning men’s basketball team are still the two strongest teams. Compared with the 11th championship of Guangdong men’s basketball team, Liaoning men’s basketball team has won the championship of cba league only once, but the runner-up has won many times, which has also been criticized by many fans. Liaoning fans who are very unconvinced listed the past record of Liaoning team, and the time goes back to the national basketball championship in 1985. As we all know, cba league only has a history of more than twenty years. Here

According to the statistics of the fans, since 1985, Liaoning men’s basketball team has won 12 championships in many competitions, such as the National Basketball Championship, the National Basketball League, the National North-South Championship, the National Games, the Asian Club Cup, cba, Extraordinary 12, etc. From this figure, it has indeed surpassed Guangdong’s 11 championships. In fact, just from the data point of view, it can’t explain too many problems. After all, the glory created by our predecessors has become.

I went to Shanghai to play, and I found three interesting phenomena!

1. There are many women in Shanghai.
After you go to Shanghai, you will find that Shanghai is actually a man and many women. In fact, this is normal. Because Shanghai is an international metropolis, many people strive for this field. Many of them did not expect Shanghai’s marriage, and most of them would eventually choose to go home. Many women in Shanghai are successful. This means that the eyes are also very high. Naturally, it is difficult for boys to go to their eyes. Drag it will become a woman.

2. Shanghai is not a monthly salary
In Shanghai, you will find it in fact, and almost other cities. Most young people also have two lines a day. For despair, in fact, most people are 170,000 people. This is not as good as those who want to pay. In the face of Shanghai’s house prices, prices, and life pressure, in fact, not only Shanghai, as long as it is a large city, no one is thinking about wages, and the pressure is not low.

3. Shanghai people are very interested
I will find it after going to Shanghai. People in Shanghai are really involved, not only business, but also in life. What they do is plan. Will you try this? What should this matter be? This is the same as businessmen who are underway or roadside health workers. This is the case, the case, the recent popular Shanghai Darphy on the Internet is. Because of Shanghai mosquitoes, she specially observed the habit of mosquito and engaged in the "mosquito net". According to the mosquito, the work of mosquitoes is carried out. When talking about this, she also smiled and said, "I played in the RT-MART supermarket for 13 years. Everyone called me." I have to say that the Shanghai people are really thoughtful.