"In unison" Zhang Shaohan’s golden melody singing program changes to sing, the song has positive energy to change itself and fans

"I know, I have always had a pair of invisible wings that take me to fly and give me hope." This masterpiece of Zhang Shaohan is also her impression to the public. Zhang Shaohan, who has been out for 17 years, has always brought dreams and strength to those who love her. Her musical works also attract audiences of all ages with different styles.

In the ninth episode of Priya’s "One Talk" broadcast last week, Zhang Shaohan dedicated 8 songs to the audience in a row, and the melody carrying memories triggered a chorus. Not only that, she also shared with the audience the changes brought to her by "Invisible Wings".

Zhang Shaohan’s golden songs are broadcast to "sing" "Invisible Wings" with positive energy to change herself and her fans

The "Zhang Shaohan Special" broadcast on Saturday is divided into two parts: "Fast Song Zhang Shaohan" and "Slow Song Zhang Shaohan". Such a link setting fully meets the different needs of the audience. In the program, Zhang Shaohan sang 8 classic songs such as "Aurora", "Perfume Lily" and "Invisible Wings" in a row, bringing the audience back to the youthful youth. For the audience, the excitement is like watching a single song by Zhang Shaohan.

The song "Invisible Wings" that Zhang Shaohan is most familiar with the public also has a special meaning for her. The song has a beautiful melody, the lyrics are not only easy to remember, but also full of upward energy. With Zhang Shaohan’s delicate and warm voice, it gives people stability and strength, and it has a high flow in the student group. The 2009 Beijing college entrance examination composition title was also adapted from this song. In this regard, Zhang Shaohan said that when she heard the news, she still couldn’t believe it, but because of this, she knew another meaning of music. It turns out that singers can not only sing happily, but also learn about other people’s stories and bring strength to others through songs. Good works are not just a few minutes of melody enjoyment, but have a deeper meaning for their own lives. A member of the guessing panel at the scene said that he was in a desperate situation of being injured or even facing paralysis, and was deeply inspired by Zhang Shaohan’s song, and finally the "miracle" came to him. Zhang Shaohan said that she has always maintained this original intention. Every time she chooses a song for an album, she will try her best to choose some positive songs, because she believes that while the song moves her, it will also touch more people. I hope that people who like me can have the courage to move forward on the road of growth and become better people for each other.

Zhang Yu revealed that he was tortured by Zhang Shaohan’s song "Feng Timo sang with his idol and shed tears on the stage

Zhang Shaohan is deeply loved by the audience because of her playful, cute and clear voice. The scene of the program has also become a confession meeting for Zhang Shaohan. But Zhang Yu, a member of the guessing team, said that Zhang Shaohan’s "Invisible Wings" had tortured him all night. It turned out that he once stayed up all night to edit the song backing track for his son’s singing competition at school. Zhang Yu more bluntly said that he was familiar with this song and knew every word of the lyrics sung in a few minutes and seconds, which once again proved the popularity of Zhang Shaohan’s songs on campus.

Another member of the guessing group, Feng Timo, is also a loyal fan of Zhang Shaohan. She usually likes to sing Zhang Shaohan’s songs, and she also volunteered to become a model singer. After the first round of songs were successfully sung, she was praised and imitated by the idol Zhang Shaohan. At the same time, the model singing also won the support of the members of the star guessing group. She, who gambled on the opportunity to sing with her idol, was particularly emotional in her singing. Although she lost in the second round, she couldn’t help but love her feelings and confessed to Zhang Shaohan affectionately, saying that her songs brought more motivation to her dream. Feng Timo couldn’t help but cry, and finally moved Zhang Shaohan to get the chorus opportunity with his true feelings. The two had never rehearsed before, singing "Rain and Go" with a sweet voice and a very tacit understanding. After the song ended, the two girls who cherished each other hugged each other and moved the audience.

Priya’s "One Voice" has been broadcast for nine episodes, and the original singers who came to the show all represent the love and youth of audiences of all ages. In future shows, Luo Dayou, a favorite of mothers born in the 1960s and 1970s, and Zhang Jie, Zhang Bichen, Chen Li and other original singers who are loved by the post-80s and 90s, will also be invited to share music stories with everyone. This "family fun" music journey will also continue to set sail.

This Saturday night at 21:10, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s "Unison", listen carefully.