Huayi Tencent Entertainment (00419) fell 5.43% to 0.087 yuan/share.

On March 13th, Huayi Tencent Entertainment (00419) fell 5.43% in intraday trading, and as of 14:16, it reported 0.087 yuan/share, with a turnover of 1,199,300 yuan.

Huayi Tencent Entertainment Co., Ltd. mainly operates two major businesses: First, Internet health services, including online health service platforms and high-end health centers; The second is the entertainment and media business, covering the investment and production of movies, animations and TV series, as well as the merger and acquisition of international entertainment companies and resource integration.

As of the mid-year report in 2023, Huayi Tencent Entertainment had a total operating income of 634 million yuan and a net profit of-40,421,400 yuan.

What do you think of the random inspection of papers written in ChatGPT?

  Recently, Gu Jun, director of the Supervision and Evaluation Department of the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, said when he was a guest on a media program that he would organize self-examination and active spot check of published papers by scientific and technological personnel, and conduct ethical review of science and technology to guide scientific and technological personnel to improve their integrity awareness. Gu Jun said that ChatGPT can generate coherent and logical articles, which provides convenience, but it may also be used to avoid the problem of duplicate papers, or even list fictitious reference lists, leading to academic misconduct.

  This is not a new problem. Almost since the birth of ChatGPT, the controversy has never stopped around its possible impact on education and science and technology. Compared with those who advocate "no ChatGPT intrusion" and those who advocate "actively embracing new technologies",An increasingly accepted consensus is that it is necessary to clarify the application scenarios and boundaries of ChatGPT, draw the bottom line and clarify the rules, so as to maximize ChatGPT’s positive role and limit its negative impact.Take the papers published by scientific and technological personnel as an example. Although this is not the only yardstick to evaluate the academic research level of scientific and technological workers, it is still one of the important standards to test academic achievements and evaluate the quality of scientific research. It is still an insurmountable red line to ensure the originality, innovation and writing independence of the papers.

  Through self-examination and irregular spot checks, the procedures and standards for handling academic misconduct can be updated, which can strengthen the "physical examination" of published papers from technical means, judge the authenticity and originality of papers, and make scientific and technological personnel dare not and cannot take a slant; Carrying out ethical review of science and technology and guiding scientific and technological personnel to improve their sense of integrity will seize the core element of personnel using new technology, strengthen education from ideological consciousness, and make them truly stay away from academic misconduct from the heart.In the current context, strengthening the integrity education of the core population and improving the supervision mechanism by technical means are two important aspects to prevent scientific and technological personnel from using ChatGPT to write papers.

  At present, many universities at home and abroad have opened related courses such as ChatGPT, and students are encouraged to use it to complete some homework. However, it is forbidden to use ChatGPT to write papers without exception. Jinan University’s Journal of Jinan (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) and Journal of Tianjin Normal University (Basic Education Edition) clearly stated that articles signed separately or jointly by any large language model tools such as ChatGPT will not be accepted for the time being. The same is true of many top academic journals. For example, Nature magazine stipulates that any large language model tools such as ChatGPT are prohibited from becoming paper authors, and it is suggested that researchers who use these tools should specify the use of AI in their manuscripts; "Science" magazine clearly stated that it does not accept the papers generated by ChatGPT and does not allow ChatGPT to be the author of the papers. The papers generated by ChatGPT are equivalent to plagiarism.

  It can be seen that from universities to top authoritative journals, from teaching staff to all scientific and technological personnel, their governance logic is consistent:Carefully accept and strictly limit the use.No matter from the perspective of ensuring the innovative value of papers, maintaining the fair competition of scientific researchers, or ensuring that scientific research results truly serve social progress, this strict and standardized management is of due significance.

  Although China has not officially introduced measures to deal with the problems caused by ChatGPT, it does not mean that there is no relevant management. For example, in March last year, the Central Office and the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Ethical Governance of Science and Technology, taking artificial intelligence as one of the key areas that need to be strengthened. In April this year, the National Internet Information Office issued the "Administrative Measures for Generative Artificial Intelligence Services (Draft for Comment)", which intends to stipulate that intellectual property rights and business ethics should be respected when providing generative artificial intelligence products or services; Pre-training and optimized training data used for generative artificial intelligence products should not contain any content that infringes intellectual property rights.

  In particular, on August 28th, the draft law on academic degrees was submitted to the 14th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) for deliberation. Among them, the corresponding legal responsibilities are clarified for the acts of degree winners using artificial intelligence to write dissertations: the degree-granting unit decided to revoke the degree certificate after deliberation by academic degree evaluation committee. The signal conveyed by this is obvious:With the majesty of law, resolutely defend the dissertation from being "invaded" by artificial intelligence.

  Today, as a powerful and widely used new technology, ChatGPT should not be rejected and avoided blindly, but in the final analysis, it is still a tool created by human beings and serves human beings, and it is neutral in itself. How to use it depends on ourselves. It is believed that with the passage of time, the relevant institutional measures of management and governance will become more and more perfect, and finally ChatGPT will give full play to its advantages and serve the development and progress of human beings and society on the basis of following the rules of various fields and industries such as science and technology ethics, intellectual property rights and serious academic authority.

Andy Lau, Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige lead 11 blockbusters! Which one do you want to watch on Mid-Autumn National Day? What listed companies are behind the movie?

Click on the picture to get the book for free.

The long holiday begins today, which relaxes the mood, except for the stock lifeThere are more important things. You might as well make an appointment with your family and friends and go to the cinema to enjoy your time.
After experiencing the hot summer file with a new box office record of 20.619 billion yuan, what surprises will the audience get from the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day file?
Eleven films, such as Rock-Solid, Moscow Action, It’s not as if I’m so excited, Ex-4: Early Marriage, Volunteers: Attack by Soldiers, were assembled! It’s the rhythm of "living" in the cinema again. So many movies, which one do you want to see?
Release date: September 28th.
Among the Mid-Autumn National Day movies, Zhang Yimou, 73, is undoubtedly the brand-new masterpiece "Rock Solid".
"Rock-solid", which lasted for four years and finally met with you, was his first challenge to the theme of urban crime. Before that, he revealed in an interview: "This is an urban, modern and cold style that I have never tried."
Source: The movie "Rock Solid" official Weibo
According to Zhongxin. com, director Zhang Yimou said at the film conference that he didn’t have many realistic works, but Rock Solid was sharp and powerful, and the shooting process was very special. "From visual style to completion to final filming, it was a rare experience and attempt."
In addition, Zhang Yimou joked in the interview, "If Rock-Solid is released before The Knockout, Yu Hewei will be the first and Zhang Songwen will be the second". When this statement comes out, it will make everyone’s expectations full.
Volunteer Army: Attack by Soldiers
Release time: September 28th.
As the first part of the trilogy "Volunteers", Volunteer Army: Attack with Brave Soldiers tells the story from how to decide to send troops to the first and second battles of Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s entry into the DPRK. The film will be released nationwide on September 28th, 2023.
The biggest difference between the trilogy of Volunteers and the previous films on the theme of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea is that it shows this "war of founding the country" in a panoramic and multi-dimensional way.
The story spans three years and completely presents the historical context of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. There are more than 200 key figures, including leaders, generals and unknown soldiers. The individual destiny and the times complement each other, showing the audience a magnificent war group image.
International Train Robbery’ 93: Operation Moscow
Release date: September 29th.
Source: The film "Moscow Action" official Weibo
The film "93 International Train Robbery: Moscow Action", co-produced by Han Sanping and Andy Lau and directed by Qiu Litao, reproduces the extremely brutal transnational case and the high-energy hard-core pursuit!
The film gathers Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xuan, Janice Man and other luxury lineups, presenting the audience with the only violent crime action blockbuster in the National Day file, which will be released on September 29th!
As the only criminal action blockbuster in the National Day of 2023, the movie "Moscow Action" is strictly made with top-level industrialization standards, with fast and accurate fighting and gun battles, hard-burning and explosive car racing, intense and thrilling firepower, and the audience subverts their imagination, giving them an extremely enjoyable audio-visual feast!
Ex-4: Early Marriage
Release date: September 28th.
In 2017, a "Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3" detonated the "ex-emotion" about breaking up and gained 1.9 billion box office. After a lapse of six years, Ex-4: Early Marriage is back again, and the question of "what is love" is carried through to the end. This time, Meng Yun and Yu Fei, the "former" old friends, will face new marriage problems.
The film tells the story of Meng Yun, who is caught in the "sequela of breakup", while looking for his destiny, thinking about "why do people get married"; On the other hand, Yu Fei started the "marriage cooling-off period", from the involution of couples to frequent problems, and ushered in a new round of love challenges.
It doesn’t seem so hot.
Release date: September 28th.
The only comedy on Mid-Autumn National Day, It’s not as if I have a boiling passion, was written and supervised by Xing Wenxiong, directed by Gao Hu and starring Wei Xiang, Wang Zhi and Yue Liang.
The film tells the story of Wei Guozheng, a conceited coach who pursues "playing to win". He meets a group of players who love basketball but have a negative ability value, and forms a nameless "Benevolence House" basketball team.
pictureIn the daily training that chickens talk to ducks every day, how can coach Wei, who is on the verge of collapse, turn decay into magic and save the basketball team that is on the verge of bankruptcy? Whether they can be together "negative and positive" and achieve a real counterattack will be seen on the field.
I am the Return of the Hero of Nezha 2.
Release date: September 29th.
Every holiday is indispensable for children to watch animated films. Among the four animated films to be released this year, I am the Return of the Hero of Nezha 2, Beckon Bear: mission to mars, The Legend of the Little Mermaid’s Sea Monster and Kung Fu King’s Tiger Climbing the Mountain, I am the Return of the Hero of Nezha 2 has received the highest attention.
The film tells the story of Nezha and the Three Dragons mutually assured destruction after the Chentangguan War. Taiyi real person brought Nezha’s immortal body back to Qianyuan Mountain, waiting for the opportunity to regenerate Nezha to help Jiang Ziya to worship the gods.
At the critical moment of rebirth, Nezha fell into a huge conspiracy carefully arranged by Shen Gongbao and the Dragon King of the East China Sea. Can Nezha break the spell of Shen Gongbao? Can you be a real hero? Nezha’s difficult road to rebirth is about to open, and the battle for the hero’s return is imminent.
Which listed companies are behind the National Day file?
Movies are introduced here. As a financial blogger who spends every day in the stock market, I still want to analyze the listed companies behind these movies.
This year’s National Day, Light, Huayi and Bona will not be absent. Bona produced Chen Kaige’s Volunteer Army: Attack by Soldiers, while Light prepared Zhang Yimou’s Rock-solid. The release dates of the two films are only two days, which is the first time that the two directors have confronted each other in the commercial market. In Huayi’s hand, it is Tian Yusheng’s "Former" series "Former 4: Early Marriage" at the end of the decade.
At present, a total of 7 films have been scheduled for the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival. According to the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, the upper limit of box office predicted by "Rock Solid" and "Previous 4" is 1.78 billion yuan and 2.5 billion yuan respectively, and the box office predicted by "Volunteers" is 1.28 billion yuan to 1.5 billion yuan. At present, the predicted box office of no films exceeds 3 billion yuan, and the total predicted box office of announced films is about 4.4 billion to 6.4 billion yuan.
Looking at the performance in the first half of the year, the light media can be described as steady development.
In the first half of the year, Light Media achieved revenue of 605 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.78%; The net profit of returning to the mother was 203 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.12%.The films mainly invested by Light Media include Deep Sea in the Spring Festival and So Many Years in May 1st. In addition to Deep Sea, Light Media also participated in Manjianghong and Exchange of Life in the Spring Festival of 2023.
However, although "Man Jiang Hong" has a high box office. However, the investment proportion of light is not high, and the income is not as good as the main slide with lower box office. The revenue range of the mainland box office of Light Media, which originated from "Man Jiang Hong", is expected to reach about 100 million, which is lower than the revenue brought by "Deep Sea".
By contrast,Bona Film, which just landed on the A-share market last year, had a hard time.
According to the financial report, the company’s operating income was about 850 million yuan, down 42.31% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about-265 million yuan, down 212.22% year-on-year. Bona explained in the financial report that the main reason was that during the reporting period, compared with last year, the company invested in films with different orders of magnitude, and its performance was not as good as that of the same period last year.

thisNational day file,Bona bet on "Volunteers: Attack by Soldiers". By the end of June, the accounts receivable of Bona Film reached 830 million yuan, accounting for 97.65% of the revenue, and the net cash flow generated by operating activities in the same period was only-120 million yuan.

Huayi BrothersAbsentthis yearSummer file.
In the first half of 2023, five films were released by Huayi Brothers: Wandering Earth 2, Rock Tibetan Mastiff: Riding the Wind and Waves, Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department, Love is Beautiful, and Slam Dunk Master. The main films: Rock Tibetan Mastiff: Riding the Wind and Waves and Love is Beautiful were 39.624 million and 14.551 million respectively. At present, the upcoming "Former 4" in the National Day file may become the "life-saving straw" of Huayi Brothers.
According to the financial report, Huayi achieved an operating income of 339 million yuan in the first half of 2023, a year-on-year increase of 59.93%; The net profit loss of returning to the mother was 143 million yuan, which was 192 million yuan in the same period of last year, and the loss was narrowed compared with the same period of last year.

Mid-Autumn Festival should be complete.
I wish you all a high monthly salary and a long income.
Leave this long vacation in the comments section, what do you like best?A movie, and explain the reasons.. The three users who have the highest praise in the comment area will receive a surprise gift carefully prepared by Snowball. (Deadline for activities: Until October 7th.picture)

Ouyang Zhongshi: What is culture? What is the core of culture?

What is culture? There are many experts who have defined it. There are hundreds of kinds in ancient and modern times, at home and abroad. Everyone always talks about a certain aspect of "culture", but it has not been fully summarized, so it is more troublesome to define it. Modern Chinese Dictionary explains culture as the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical development. If we understand it according to this definition, there is probably nothing that is not cultural, good or bad, and almost everything we can see can be classified into the category of culture. As for how culture came into being, why it came into being and why it came into being, there is no answer. Now, let’s analyze and study the word "culture".

Culture is the pursuit of beauty by human beings.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

From the beginning of existence, human beings always hope that the present will be better than the past, and tomorrow will be better than today. It can be seen that the pursuit of beauty is the desire of human beings and the goal that human beings will always pursue. It is human nature to pursue a beautiful desire. This desire for beauty is not only human, but also common animals, such as monkeys, cats, rabbits and dogs. Therefore, we say that this is a kind of nature of species, that is to say, this is an inevitable pursuit of the survival of a "living thing". However, this desire is limited by nature and bound by heaven and earth. From the nature, everything between heaven and earth exists objectively, regardless of human will, and they have their own operating rules. Living in nature, human beings should also obey some laws in nature, and form some laws and rules that everyone abides by in social life. In the Book of Changes, it is said that "the sky is strong and the terrain is Kun". This has summed up everything in nature. Kun means Shun. Heaven and earth are constantly running. The sky should be strong and the earth should be smooth. Everything on the earth, including human beings, requires "smoothness". Heaven and earth require "harmony", and if human beings want to be beautiful, they must also "harmony". Find a word to describe "beauty" and "harmony", and we in China will find the word "Wen". Literature is the meaning of beauty and harmony.

What is the word Wen? The Book of Changes says: "The phases are mixed, so it is called Wen." "Za" was originally written as "Fu" (we simplified it as "Za"), with the word "Yi" on the left and the word "Ji" on the right. In terms of word-making, it means that there are many birds flying on a tree and wearing all kinds of clothes, which are very beautiful, that is, "味味". In other words, a variety of appearances and things are gathered together and colorful, which is called "Wen". In addition, there is another explanation, which says in the Book of Rites: "Five colors are written." All colors are gathered together, which is "Wen". All kinds of colors are gathered together, but they are not randomly piled up, but have their own rules, so we also say "articles". All kinds of things get together, and they are not chaotic and organized. This is called "Wen", which is a beautiful symbol.

To make all kinds of things in society have a good meaning is called "taking culture as its foundation"; Let it become beautiful and make it "beautiful". This is called "culture". All material wealth is created by people, and our spiritual wealth also appears for beauty, so we use a word "Wen" to describe it. Can we understand that all the beautiful things (whether material or spiritual) created by human beings, as well as all the efforts made to achieve beauty and all the ideas for development towards beauty, are all cultures? Therefore, a good wish is culture; Pursuing beautiful practical actions is also culture; Starting from good wishes and pursuing practical actions, we finally get a good result, which must be the crystallization of "culture".

In this way, all the wishes, actions and results of people’s lives, which are getting better day by day, can be covered in culture. Therefore, the meaning mentioned in the dictionary can be interpreted as: in the historical process of human society, all material wealth and spiritual wealth belong to culture, or culture can be said to be the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth. I think my understanding may depend on a little spectrum, or at least touch a little edge.

Having said that, I also want to make an important explanation: after "beauty", the word "harmony" must be added. Since culture is the pursuit of beauty. You also pursue, I also pursue, he also pursues, it should be said that this is a common pursuit of all mankind. Since it is the common pursuit of all mankind, it is inevitable that they will collide with each other. In order for everyone to get "beauty", we should make a code of conduct to ensure that everyone can get "beauty". This norm must ensure that everyone is "beautiful", which requires everyone to live in harmony, and everyone should be humble, tolerant, tolerant and respectful.

Chinese culture is developed.

Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

The world, from the beginning of human beings, is pursuing beauty. What is created and formed in the process of pursuit, whether material or spiritual, is the crystallization of the pursuit of beauty. So, how to understand Chinese culture? Analysis, in Chinese culture, some of them are native to China, or are inherent, such as our "classics" and "transmission". There is also a part that comes with the historical development of society. For example, we didn’t have a fire, we didn’t know how to use it, and we didn’t eat cooked food. Later, we gradually found that food tastes better when cooked, and the use of fire is wide, so we can keep warm and cook. We have also built many houses and planted crops, which are our material wealth. In the ideological and spiritual field, there are many books, music and paintings, which are our wealth. These are all created and developed by our Chinese nation. Everyone knows that Chinese culture is profound and profound, because we have a long history and a large population. On the land of China, our wisdom has naturally condensed into a set of cultural characteristics suitable for ourselves in the continuous progress. To put it bluntly, we Chinese sons and daughters have enough ability to pursue beauty and harmony step by step! Our long history has proved this. In the long historical process, our ability has gradually accumulated with the development of society. Since the pre-Qin period, the growth of new content has never stopped. No matter the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, or even modern and contemporary times, every era has its unique contribution and a little fresh knowledge has grown up.That is to say: in addition to the original inherent culture, with the progress of the times, a large part of the cultural accumulation has increased.

Part of our culture is absorbed from the outside, or introduced from the outside. Even if it came from the outside, we absorbed it, transformed it and developed it. Especially after the Ming Dynasty, foreign cultures from other regions poured in, which added new contents to our long-term self-developed culture. China people are not afraid of wealth, and China people do not refuse foreign wealth. They first introduce it, then combine it, and then "transform" it, and finally it is no longer easy to distinguish it clearly. For example, after Buddhism in India and Zen in Indian Buddhism spread to China, China people conducted research and development, resulting in the formation of Chinese Buddhism. China’s Zen is a fusion and has become a part of Chinese culture. It is precisely because our Chinese culture has such tolerance, absorption and digestion, and it is precisely because we have such a trilogy of "introduction, combination and melting" with foreign cultures that our Chinese culture has formed a life force with its own characteristics, which is developing at any time and is good at integration. Therefore, Chinese culture is becoming more and more huge, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, profound and profound. Inherent, developed and integrated, these three aspects make our Chinese culture more comprehensive. Of course, the status and emphasis of these three aspects in Chinese culture are not exactly the same in different times, but in the final analysis, these integrated cultures are still harmonious, which constitutes our Chinese culture.

Some people say that our cultural development is not fast enough or advanced enough, is that right? I think the progress of Chinese culture is by no means slow! Gunpowder was invented by China people, and it was also the most advanced at that time, but we didn’t develop it later. Is it because China people are not smart? I don’t think so, because we in China simply don’t want to make a weapon with powerful lethality. The pursuit of Chinese culture is to avoid war and misfortune. The pursuit is to move forward more steadily. Therefore, I feel that Chinese culture is firmly grasping the "beauty" and "harmony" and moving forward. I would rather take one step slowly and take one step less than those inappropriate paths.

Therefore, the Chinese nation has formed its own inherent culture, which is a very complete system. With the development of history, it is constantly developing and expanding, and it is also constantly absorbing and melting with the development of the world. Chinese culture is increasingly rich, novel, thick and huge. But the general direction that runs through the center will never change, which is the core of Chinese culture-beauty and harmony, eliminating evil. I hope that all mankind will move towards the most ideal and beautiful harmony together.

What is the core of Chinese culture?

The words "benevolence, virtue, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Chinese culture pursues beauty, and all its development is towards "better and more harmonious day by day". Therefore, I think beauty and harmony are the core requirements of culture and Chinese culture. It is difficult to get along fairly and harmoniously like this, and to achieve the beautiful harmony of all mankind without a common agreement and a common norm. Our sages have long known this problem, and they put forward some requirements and norms. We can analyze it through a few Chinese characters.

The first is "benevolence". "Benevolence" occupies an unshakable core position in Chinese traditional culture. If you take the word "benevolence" apart, it is two people. People should love each other, and this "benevolence" is love.

Followed by "virtue"; The word "virtue" should be written straight on the right side except the heart, so the ancients often said that "straight heart is virtue" "Straight" is integrity, and upright is "virtue". "Virtue" requires a lot. Adding the word "heart" is to explain thoughts, and adding "worry" is to explain actions. That is to say, integrity is required in both thoughts and actions. This is the meaning of "virtue". "Virtue" has been mentioned in Zhuangzi, which means "virtue". Things are born, which is called virtue. Morality is a special power. Although it is not a thing, it is a very unusual internal energy force. This kind of power will make things grow and make things successful. Visible is a power that can enhance life and promote success. How can we explain this power? I realize that it is a kind of "strength", and it seems easier to understand that it is an "opportunity". In the language of ordinary people, especially in Beijing dialect, there is a saying: "Come on!" Sometimes it is reduced to one word: "Yes!" Just saying: ok! It’s done! Everything was successful and reached a very "suitable" situation. This statement is exactly the true meaning of "de". It must also be explained that this "gain" refers not only to one aspect, but to all aspects. It is the requirement of "getting" that is suitable in any way. In order to ensure a comprehensive "win", all aspects must follow certain principles, which falls on this "virtue".

On the winter solstice, it was also called "Germany and Japan" in ancient times. From this day on, the days became longer, which is the law of celestial bodies. "Yin declines and Yang rises", and everything began to grow. This day is also called "prosperous day", that is, it begins to grow. Therefore, "things can be born"-if things have "virtue", they begin to grow; "Things can be done"-things can be successful. "Virtue" is a good word to help people and things grow vigorously.

How can a beautiful "text" achieve a comprehensive "culture"? We must rely on "virtue". Chinese culture can have such vitality and cohesion, which is inseparable from the word "virtue". It can also be said that virtue is an essential core in Chinese culture.

We pay attention to "benevolence" in order to ensure a comprehensive "beautiful and harmonious" requirement. It can be said that "benevolence" is the core of Chinese culture. In order to ensure the normal development of "benevolence" and "morality", we need to do standardized activities and then make it a system, which leads to "ceremony" and "law"

How can people achieve "benevolence" and "virtue" and move into a standardized system? There is a way-that is "transformation". The word "Hua" is amazing. No matter how you look at it, there are two people, one is upside down and the other is red-handed. In this way, the word can’t be inverted, and everything is correct. This "transformation" can be both negative and positive, that is to say, it can be reconciled and dissolved, and it can be established in all cases. This should be a channel to a better state. There are many things that can be solved as long as they are "transformed".

We have been using and following the law of "transformation", or this principle. Why is Chinese culture more and more extensive, more and more profound, with a long history and enduring prosperity? First of all, because it is the pursuit of all mankind, it represents the common and beautiful aspirations of all mankind; Secondly, it is the strong inclusiveness and integration, culture and power of Chinese culture. Because in the process of cultural development, it is impossible without collision. The fear of collision lies in coordination and how to solve it. It boils down to two kinds, one is to let and the other is to rob. Rob no good results, today’s winner, tomorrow may be a loser, today’s loser may be a winner tomorrow. Fighting and looting is not a good way to solve the problem, and it is not as good as a word "Hua". Through a word "Hua", we can resolve, harmonize and transform and move forward in harmony. We have "transformed" many things, and by "transforming", we have formed a big multi-ethnic family.

All this comes down to one word-"harmony", which is the highest realm that people pursue. This "harmony" is not that "combination" Harmony is two things, or many different things are very harmonious and harmonious, such as various musical instruments, which play and sing to form a beautiful melody, but it is not that two different things have lost themselves. For example, people’s wishes and demands are varied, but it is indeed possible to achieve unity. Unity here does not mean synthesizing "one", but achieving agreement, that is, achieving harmony. Combination is to add two different things together, dissolve them and lose yourself. "Harmony" is the fusion of two different things, each with its own characteristics and living in peace. Everything in the world is different, and everyone is different, so we should advocate harmony. Only harmony can last.

In our thoughts and actions, we should respect morality, etiquette and law, and finally reach the realm of "harmony" through "culture". Therefore, I believe that the words "benevolence, morality, courtesy, law, culture and harmony" summarize the core content and basic characteristics of our Chinese culture, and the common pursuit of all nationalities and people in the world is nothing more than this. Knowing this, we will understand the vitality of Chinese culture.

Transferred from Ouyang Zhongshi’s "Culture Man Tan"

With 4 gold medals and 4 silver medals, the China Badminton Team achieved gratifying results in the Youth Tournament, but the problem of An Xiying remained unsolved.

On December 3rd, the Youth Badminton International Challenge held in South Korea ended, and the China Badminton Team achieved gratifying results.

This competition is divided into four age groups, namely U19, U17, U15 and U13. Among them, the China Badminton Team only participated in the competition of U19 age group.

Happily, China U19 badminton players joined the finals of men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles, and won the first and second place in these four events.

In the final, Wang Zijun 2-1 Pan Yinlong won the men’s singles championship; Hu Keyuan/Lin Xiangyi 2-0 Chen Yongrui/Chen Zhehan won the men’s doubles championship; Chen Fanshu/Jiang Peixi 2-0 Liao Lizhen/Liu Yuanyuan won the women’s doubles championship; Hu Keyuan/Liu Jiayue 2-1 Lin Xiangyi/Liu Yuanyuan won the mixed doubles championship. Among them, Hu Keyuan won two championships and Liu Yuanyuan won two runner-ups.

However, U19 is also the epitome of the adult team. An Xiying, the women’s singles player of South Korea’s adult team, dominated the world in 2023. In U19 team, the women’s singles player of South Korea still dominated, and their Kim Min-hyun 2-1 Japanese player Yasukawa Shachuan won the women’s singles championship.

For the China Badminton Team, the problem of how to beat An Xiying has still not been solved. U19 players also lost to South Korean players, which means that it is impossible to defeat An Xiying by promoting young people.

In other age groups, the winners are basically Korean, Japanese and China Taipei players.

Do you still need a structural biologist with AI? Wait for the top experts in Shi Yigong to see it this way.

Recently, Yan Ning, a famous structural biologist, announced that he would resign from Princeton University and set up the Academy of Medical Sciences in Shenzhen. In response to the latest research that she will focus on when she returns to China, she said that the discovery of structural biology is of great significance to the pharmaceutical industry, including the research on the interaction between drugs and hormones, which has more implications for drug development and disease treatment.

Yan Ning said, for example, that through the method of structural biology, scientists saw for the first time that two commonly used drugs used protein as a "scaffold", which directly "side by side" affected the normal function of protein.

Technological change promotes the development of structural biology.

Protein, as the scaffold and main substance of human tissues and organs, plays an important role in human life activities. In the cell, a large number of protein elements form the molecular machines, which performs important molecular processes in the cell through the interaction of protein, including the cell’s response to the external environment and the internal environment, and also forms a signal transduction network system with the interaction of protein as a link.

Structure By studying the three-dimensional structure, dynamic process and biological function of biological macromolecules, biology can provide more details of protein interaction and real-time dynamic process, thus helping scientists to understand molecular mechanism and explore the pathogenesis of diseases related to macromolecular dysfunction.

The development of biology not only contributes to the discovery of drugs, but also affects the research fields of life sciences including biochemistry, cell biology, genetic development, neurobiology, microbiology and pathopharmacology.

The development of science and technology has been promoting the progress of structural biology. In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to cryoelectron microscopy, which can greatly improve the efficiency of analyzing the atomic resolution three-dimensional structure of large protein complexes; Moreover, researchers can freeze biomolecules in motion and visualize their motion process.

This breakthrough has brought a perfect storm to the field of structural biology. In recent years, important breakthroughs have been made in the field of life sciences. The work of China scientists such as Cheng Yifan, Shi Yigong, Yang Maojun and Liu Zhengfeng has also benefited from this technology. They have analyzed the important complex structure of atomic resolution. In addition, the enzyme that produces the protein that leads to Alzheimer’s syndrome was analyzed by cryomicroscope.

In August, 2015, Shi Yigong’s research team published an article in Nature, reporting the three-dimensional electron microscope structure of human γ -secretase with a resolution of 3.4 angstrom, and studying the function of the pathogenic mutant of γ -secretase based on the structure analysis, which provided an important foundation for understanding the working mechanism of γ -secretase and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.

In February, 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the research team of West Lake University successfully analyzed the full-length structure of novel coronavirus receptor ACE2 for the first time by using cryo-electron microscopy, which helped the research and development of drugs in COVID-19.

What does AI predict protein folding change?

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, recently announced 220 million kinds of protein structures predicted by AlphaFold software, which shocked the field of structural biology, because it indicates that artificial intelligence enterprises have begun to "truly hand over the power of Al to scientists all over the world".

Scientists compare the significance of this disruptive breakthrough with the human genome project. In the 1990s, when the Human Genome Project began to take shape, scientists realized that it was not enough to master the base arrangement of genes, but also to know the protein, the product of genes.

Shi Yigong, academician of China Academy of Sciences, structural biologist and president of West Lake University, commented on AlphaFold’s work: "Its accurate prediction of protein structure is the greatest contribution of artificial intelligence to the scientific field, and it is also one of the most important scientific breakthroughs made by mankind in the 21st century."

Shi Yigong once told China Business News: "AlphaFold represents the world’s leading artificial intelligence protein organization prediction system." At the same time, he said, China’s high-tech enterprises are catching up, expecting to bring surprises to the world in the near future.

He also said that the improvement of the accuracy of protein structure prediction will greatly benefit the pharmaceutical industry. "Artificial intelligence prediction of protein structure provides an important foundation for drug design and optimization. The structure of drug target proteins combined with all small molecule drugs can almost be wiped out by AlphaFold. " Shi Yigong said.

In the opinion of some scientists, although AlphaFold’s work is shocking, the accuracy of drug research and development prediction is not enough. Professor Liu Zhijie, executive director of iHuman Institute, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, told the First Financial Reporter: "It has been a long time to predict the protein structure. Now the accuracy of the prediction is definitely getting higher and higher, but it still hasn’t reached the precision of crystal structure."

Liu Zhijie First Financial News told the reporter that the crystal structure is the most accurate, and now artificial intelligence can predict the protein folding with the accuracy of electron microscope and nuclear magnetic resonance. In addition, because there are thousands of structures in protein, the difficulty of analysis is different. "If some protein sequences are similar to the known structure of artificial intelligence, it is easier to predict." Liu Zhijie said.

However, he still believes that with the continuous improvement of the prediction accuracy of protein folding, it will play a more important role in the field of life sciences in the future. "If the current prediction can reach the accuracy of electron microscope, some drugs can already be designed. Drug design is the biggest application field of artificial intelligence protein folding prediction." Said to Liu Zhijie First Financial Reporter.

Others think that with the development of artificial intelligence, there may not be so many structural biologists in the future. "Many researchers who do structural biology are actually more like technical service personnel. The more people there are, the more structures that can be analyzed. Therefore, in essence, a large part of their work depends on manpower. Now with AI, it is true that a large number of people who do structural biology have changed careers." A virus researcher told the First Financial News reporter.

However, for top structural biologists such as Shi Yigong, technology is only a powerful support for the "top brain", which can help them realize more ideas. "Every conscientious biologist should know how to make good use of the structural prediction of artificial intelligence." Shi Yigong said.

Professor Michael Levitt, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013, told China Business News: "I think many structural biologists are not only doing structural research, but also doing a lot of work on protein function and drug research and development, just like Professor Yan Ning. Artificial intelligence only liberates a part of traditional manpower, but the progress of science still needs to rely on the smartest human brain. I’m afraid that artificial intelligence alone will not work. "

In recent years, a number of AI pharmaceutical companies have also been born in China. In this regard, Ewing Nan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Beijing Institute of Scientific Intelligence, pointed out to the First Financial Reporter: "The emergence of AI for Science research paradigm is an important historical opportunity for scientific and technological innovation, which not only expands the capability boundary of data-driven and physical model-driven models, but also is expected to promote the organic combination of the two, provide theoretical basis for further solving practical problems, and greatly narrow the distance between scientific research and practical application."

The old lady of Shanghai takes pensions to constitute a crime of fraud, proving that the pension white eater is a criminal act

#270,000 elderly golden cases open##

The truth of this fact is that from 2009 to 2015, the old lady of Shanghai, Qian Mou, would abandon the husband who lost his ability to take care of his self -care in the hospital after paying some medical expenses during the hospitalization treatment, until the husband died alone. After the death of her husband, Qian still refused to go through the relevant procedures, and at the same time, he took the husband’s pension and accounted for himself.

On June 9, 2021, a case of fraud and abandonment of Qian, a public prosecution of the People’s Procuratorate of Minhang District, Shanghai, was held in the Minhang District People’s Court.

The truth of the case is very clear.

Some people think that pensions are in the country, and the national Tang monk meat, all Chinese citizens can eat, all of which are desirable. Therefore, it is not believed that the old lady of Shanghai Qian Mou is a criminal act. This view is particularly popular in the small and fresh meat little beauties. Because the little fresh meat and the little beauty thinks that farmers are reasonable to eat white food, everyone can not pay a penny social security, and they can be sits to share the social security provers for decades.

However, the understanding of farmers is extreme errors.

In the basic composition of pensions, all pensions of social insurance forms should belong to the private property of citizens who pay social security, and they are not owned by the whole society. In the basic pension of the national welfare form, [also known as the pension subsidy], that is, the country’s money from the city taxpayer to the farmer, the other social benefits that belong to the country to the farmers to the elderly.

Compared with the former, although it is also called pension, it is actually very different in nature. That is to say, the essence of social maintenance money is the private property of citizens who pay social security. They use their labor income to take out a part of their salary every month to invest in their future pensions, like bank savings. But more advanced than banks, these social property from citizens is managed by the state and has absolute security and insurance stability. The basic pension [also known as the pension subsidy for white hair to the farmers], the source of funds is not the citizen of the social security, but from the city’s hundreds of millions of taxpayers. Do not bear the tax responsibilities and obligations that every citizen should have, and the one billion farmers have no longer contributed a penny to the national fiscal tax for seventeen years. Therefore, these money -sweats from urban taxpayers have been distributed to farmers through the hands of the country. The money does not have the nature of private property, but has a social welfare nature.

Understanding the above principles, I understand that the old lady of Shanghai, Qian Mou, led her died of more than 270,000 yuan. The violent object was the private property of all social security citizens.

Similarly, those who do not pay a penny for social security, and those who have to pay the social security persons for decades of social security people are divided by farmers, which are those who eat white food selfish little fresh meat and little beauty. In fact Criminal behavior, they are public robbery, because their violations are the private property of the whole society who has paid social security for decades. But it is terrible that some people have committed guilty and do not know sin. Zhen Zhen has words that he is the savior of the peasant. He has called for robbery and plundering under the banner of speaking for farmers. As criminals, they have gone far enough on the road of illegal.

These pension articles videos are full of headlines. This fully shows that a large number of cyber criminals are active on the media network. They attempted to learn ancient bandits and live on the wealth of others by robbing others.

The opening of the old lady in Shanghai should let the small and fresh meat and little beauties who advocated robbery to calm the rational and rational girls. Please do not go further and further on the road of crime.