The survival picture of dense scenery, a reflection on the hometown in Mo ‘erdaoga.

"Mo ‘erdaoga" is an Ewenki language, which means "a place with birch trees". It is located at the northwest foot of Daxing ‘anling Mountains, bordering hulun buir grassland in the south and the Ergun River between China and Russia in the north. The mountains are rolling, the ancient trees are towering, the vegetation is rich, and the streams are densely covered, showing the secluded, wild, beautiful and new style everywhere. However, "Mo ‘erdaoga" is not a film with only magnificent scenery, directed by Cao Jinling.

This is a film that reflects on the lost people and the lost environment. The director tells the story about the creative occurrence-the "Mo ‘erdaoga" she witnessed as a child will never be seen again. She wants more people to know what kind of Mo ‘erdaoga it is.

The first thing that brings the audience is endless beauty. In winter, heavy snow falls, the mountains are covered with yarn and covered with flocs, and the fog is full of branches, crystal clear. In spring and summer, the cold snow melts, and in autumn, the leaves are red with frost, and the wind around the forest surges, and the clouds are clear and the mountains are gorgeous … The film was filmed for two years, and it has traveled through the four seasons, and also witnessed the changes of the scenery here.

In another winter, a grand ceremony about life and death, the mother died with the bear under the shotgun to save her young child. Nevertheless, the bear was respected by the hunter and held a solemn ceremony. At this time, everyone, the forest, the trees and the animals, remained in awe.

However, with the rapid leap of the times, more and more people have forgotten their awe. Even the most basic rituals are slowly disappearing, and animals are hunted at will. Tu Tu pointed to her fur coat and said that she hunted it herself in order to win the favor of Chun. If she likes it, she can also get one for her.


The wanton felling of trees has caused extreme damage to the ecology here. Those who cut trees no longer worry that killing a "mother tree" will lead to the death of surrounding trees and the loss of land … In the process of this transformation, the director on the one hand let the audience see the beautiful scenery of this dense area of Mordaoga, and also let the audience witness the living picture there.

The most surprising thing is the ceremony of the old tree sitting in the temple-when a tree is cut off, but it doesn’t fall down under the support of the poles, at this time, any sound will trigger the punishment of the tree, and the tree will hit the person who made the sound … mysterious and full of unexplained "animism", and the way of survival in which man and nature are balanced.

In the director’s shot, the survival picture goes hand in hand with a charming love. My younger brother Lin Zi (Eric Wang) and his older brother Tu Tu (Ligeng Si) fall in love with Chun (Qi Xi) at the same time. Tu Tu tells his younger brother that he can’t conquer that woman, and only he deserves it … But after being forced to leave the logging team, Chun finally chooses his seemingly weaker brother. Just like man and nature, man can’t conquer nature, but he can live with it.

Instead of going to the city, the two returned to the forest, where they stuck to their beliefs about this forest-in other words, everyone has a forest to protect in their hearts, and protecting that forest from infringement is the protection of their hearts and cultural hometown.