Nanchang Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is on sale with a discount of 15,000 yuan! limited in number

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Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is a fashionable and dynamic SUV model, and its design adopts a streamlined shape, with a sharp front face design and a large chrome grille, showing a strong sporty atmosphere. The body lines are smooth and strong, which shows the elegance and luxury of Eta Ursae Majoris. Overall style, Eta Ursae Majoris’s design combines modern and traditional elements, bringing a unique and charming visual enjoyment to consumers. The iconic big mouth design of the front face and the unique LED headlight group make Eta Ursae Majoris highly recognizable on the road, showing the brand’s personality and self-confidence. In detail, Eta Ursae Majoris’s body surface adopts fine lines and smooth curved surface design, which perfectly shows the exquisite craftsmanship and superb technology of modern cars. In a word, the exterior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is full of dynamic and modern feeling, and it is an SUV with fashion, sports and luxury.

As a medium-sized SUV, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has a length, width and height of 4781*1920*1671mm and a wheelbase of 2815mm, providing passengers with spacious seating space. The side lines of the car are smooth, showing a fashionable and dynamic design style. In addition, the front and rear wheel tracks are 1641 and 1642mm, respectively, and the front tyre size is 235/55 R19 and the rear tyre size is 235/55 R19, which provides good handling and stability for the vehicle.

The interior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is simple and elegant, and it is made of luxurious leather, which makes it feel comfortable. The steering wheel adopts the design of manual up and down+front and rear adjustment, so that the driver can adjust according to his own needs. The central control screen size is 12.3 inches, which supports voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight, window and other functions. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. In addition, the front row is also equipped with mobile phone wireless charging function. The main and auxiliary seats are made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front-back adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the auxiliary seat also supports front-back adjustment and backrest adjustment. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion, providing more space flexibility.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine, with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine has excellent performance and can provide plenty of power for drivers. At the same time, it is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which makes the shift smoother and improves the driving comfort. Whether it is daily driving or long-distance travel, it can bring excellent driving experience to car owners.

In the reputation of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, car home owners spoke highly of the appearance of this car. He mentioned that the overall design is atmospheric, calm and upscale, and the favorite is the side design of the car, which adds a lot of points. Although the front face design is a little controversial, it is ok to get used to it. He is satisfied with the workmanship of the car body. It is said that the gray paint of rhinoceros horn is hard. The side design is very emotional, and the slip back shape is beautiful, but it sacrifices a little height space of the back box, but it is enough. As he said, the exterior design of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris can really leave a deep impression on people and make people yearn for it. I believe that in the future, more people will join the ranks of car owners and give a thumbs up for the design of this car.

Still that smell BYD’s brand-new Qin EV official map was released.

  [Aika Auto Domestic New Car Original]

  Previously, the official released several brand-new (|) local official maps. Today, BYD’s brand-new official Qin EV map was officially released, and the new car still adopts the Dragon Face family-style front face. The overall design is not very different from the cash (|), which is dynamic and fashionable.



  Judging from the official map released, the new car still adopts the latest Dragon Face family-style front face, and this design language has been well received by consumers. The headlight group has a higher degree of integration with the front middle net, and the overall sense is very strong. In addition, the headlight group adopts matrix design and contains five independent light sources, which makes it more recognizable.



  In the rear part, the taillight group of the new car does not use the penetrating taillight that BYD is good at, but is connected with a chrome-plated decorative strip at the top, which is highly recognizable. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4675/1770/1500mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2670mm. As for other relevant information, it has not been disclosed yet, and Aika will continue to pay attention.

  Editor’s comment:(|) The sales volume of this model has always been very good, and its reputation among consumers is also commendable. Now the replacement model is coming, and I believe it will have better performance after listing in the future.

How to choose an extended-range electric vehicle?

The trend of new energy is booming. Among several types of new energy vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles have become the new favorite. Such vehicles can not only enjoy the policy benefits of new energy vehicles in most cities, but also make up for the shortage of mileage anxiety of pure electric vehicles. In the camp of extended-range electric vehicles, AITO and Ideality are representative brands. The former has launched the first technologically luxurious intelligent electric drive SUV—AITO Wenjie M5, which is being delivered in 36 cities and more than 100 user centers. The latter has a high market popularity in Li ONE, so how to choose these two models? This paper tells you the answer by comparing the hard power of the two.

Comparison of extended range platforms: AITO-bound M5 has a longer comprehensive battery life and a smoother range extender.

AITO Interface M5 comes from Celeste pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-i), which contains a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender specially built for the range extension system. It runs very smoothly, and the maximum power generation efficiency can reach 3.2 kW h/L under the action of 41% ultra-high thermal efficiency. In terms of cruising range, the pure battery life of AITO-bound M5 under WLTC condition is 150km. Under the condition of full charge and full oil, the comprehensive battery life under WLTC condition is over 1,100 km, which is superior to all pure electric vehicles. At the same time, the fuel-and-electricity charging method can better meet the needs of users in complex usage scenarios.

Li ONE also uses the extended range platform, but the specifications and structure of the range extender are different from those of AITO M5. It uses a 1.2T three-cylinder range extender. Although the dynamic parameters are good, the inherent structure of the three cylinders is not good for the ride comfort, thus affecting the NVH performance of the whole vehicle. In terms of cruising range, Li ONE’s WLTC has a comprehensive cruising range of 890km, which is far ahead of most pure electric vehicles, although it is far from AITO’s M5, and there is no mileage anxiety.

Power system comparison: all adopt dual-motor four-wheel drive, and AITO asks M5 to accelerate faster.

AITO Interface M5 adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme, the front axle is equipped with asynchronous AC motor and the rear axle is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor. This combination achieves a balance between performance and energy consumption. Under the strong power output, the zero-speed acceleration time of AITO’s flagship version of M5 four-wheel drive reached 4.4 seconds, which led a number of new energy vehicles.

Li ONE also adopts the dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme, but both motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors, with the maximum power of 245kW and the maximum torque of 455N·m, which is not as radical as AITO’s M5, and the acceleration time is 6.5 seconds, which is nearly 2 seconds behind AITO’s M5. This result is also expected. After all, Li ONE is positioned as a medium-and large-sized SUV for home use, which is more suitable for the daddy crowd. Even so, the acceleration performance of Li ONE is compared with that of gasoline at the same price and the same level.

Chassis specification comparison: the lightweight of AITO interface M5 is more in place, and the front suspension is higher.

As a high-end SUV, AITO Wujie M5 adopts an all-aluminum chassis, which is not only lighter but also better in rigidity and strength than the traditional steel chassis. In terms of suspension, AITO M5 also shows sincerity. The front suspension is a double wishbone structure exclusive to luxury cars, which can better restrain the roll and control the corners steadily. The rear suspension is a multi-link structure, which has good shock absorption, can absorb the vibration caused by uneven roads and improve the ride comfort.

Li ONE is a little more expensive than AITO M5, but the chassis material is not as kind as AITO M5. Although there are some aluminum alloy components, the application scope is not wide enough. In terms of suspension, Li ONE’s front suspension is a common McPherson style, which is simple in structure, small in size and more easily accepted by manufacturers. However, the curve limit is not as high as that of the double wishbone, and the rear suspension is also a multi-link structure, so the comfort is guaranteed.

As two representative players in the field of extended-range electric vehicles, both the M5 and Li ONE of AITO have good comprehensive strength, which meets the diversified car demand of users. In terms of the comprehensive cruising range, acceleration performance and chassis specifications, the performance of AITO Jiejie M5 is even better. Considering that its price is also lower than that of Li ONE, AITO Jiejie M5 is more worthy of consumers’ choice based on the car purchase concept of "spending less money to buy a better experience".

Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by our website, aiming to provide readers with more news information. The contents involved do not constitute investment and consumption suggestions, and are for readers’ reference only.

[Editor: Zhong Jingwen]

The Information Office of the Autonomous Region Government held a press conference on "Re-promotion of Power Business Environment" of State Grid Mengdong Power.

On March 16th, the Information Office of the Autonomous Region Government was held.State Grid Mengdong Electric Power "Power Business Environment Upgrade Again"press conference.Luo Yongzhi, spokesperson, deputy chief engineer and director of development planning department of State Grid Mengdong Power,Zhang Chengsong, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of State Grid Mengdong Power, delivered a keynote address. Du Ping, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Power Dispatching and Control Center of State Grid Mengdong Power, and Li Shufeng, Director of Power Marketing Department of State Grid Mengdong Power, attended the conference.

Speech at the Press Conference of State Grid Mengdong Electric Power "Power Business Environment Upgrading Again"

Luo Yongzhi, spokesperson, deputy chief engineer and director of development planning department of State Grid Mengdong Power Company.

Optimizing the business environment is a soft power to promote high-quality economic and social development, and the party Committee and government of the autonomous region attach great importance to it. State Grid Mengdong Electric Power Research issued a three-year work plan of "Re-improving the business environment of electric power", put forward 10 commitments and arranged 20 measures to help the autonomous region to continuously and comprehensively optimize the business environment.

First, stick to the initial heart of the people and add color to the economic and social development and the people’s better life.

State Grid Mengdong Electric Power has always adhered to the initial mission of "People’s Electric Industry for the People", resolutely implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Committee and Government of the Autonomous Region and the Party Group of State Grid Corporation of China, and always adhered to customer-centered and market-oriented, systematically built a modern power supply service system and consolidated the organizational foundation of power supply services. Streamline customer application materials, deepen online electricity service, promote the interconnection of government and enterprise information, and make customers worry more about electricity. Change the internal service process, strengthen professional collaboration, and save time for customers to run electricity. We will launch the "three zero" electricity service for small and micro enterprises with zero door-to-door, zero approval and zero investment, so that customers can save more money by running electricity. We will fully implement the phased electricity price reduction policy, and during the epidemic, we will implement intimate services such as non-stop power outages due to arrears and slow payment of electricity bills by small and medium-sized enterprises, benefiting 628,000 enterprises and reducing electricity bills by 440 million yuan. Innovate and implement the fund package of industrial expansion project, saving investment of 29.6 million yuan for small and micro enterprise customers.

Two, announced ten commitments, take the initiative to fulfill the mission responsibility.

In order to comprehensively improve the service capacity and service level, and effectively meet the needs of economic and social development and people’s energy consumption for a better life, State Grid Mengdong Electric Power officially announced to the public ten commitments to optimize the power business environment, and took the initiative to accept supervision from all walks of life. First, the power supply is more reliable, with the average power supply reliability of urban power grids reaching 99.9% and that of rural power grids reaching 99.8%. Second, it is more economical to obtain electricity, and actively extend the investment interface of power grid, so that customers can run electricity at the lowest cost. Third, it is more time-saving for customers to run electricity. The time for small and micro enterprise customers to run electricity will be reduced to less than 20 and 15 working days in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Fourth, inform customers in time of power failure and power limitation, inform customers or make an announcement 7 days in advance of planned maintenance and power failure, notify important customers in advance of temporary maintenance and power failure, and release information in time of failure and power failure. Fifth, quick repair and timely power reply, 45 minutes in urban areas, 90 minutes in rural areas and 2 hours in special remote areas. Sixth, the price and fee policy is standardized and open, and customers are informed of the occurrence and balance changes of electricity charges in time through various channels, and electronic invoices and bills are provided to ensure transparent consumption of customers. Seventh, the meter responds abnormally quickly. After accepting the customer’s application for checking the billing watt-hour meter, the test result will be issued within 5 working days. After the customer proposes that the meter data is abnormal, verify and reply within 5 working days. Eighth, the channel service is rich and convenient. Through the power supply business premises, 95598 hotline, online State Grid App and other channels, it provides consulting, electricity, payment, repair, energy saving, electric vehicles and other services.Ninth, the new energy service is transparent and efficient, and the new energy cloud platform is applied to provide one-stop services such as power grid service, electricity price subsidy and technical consultation for new energy projects. The tenth is to deal with service complaints quickly. After accepting customer complaints, contact customers within 24 hours and reply to handling opinions within 5 working days.

Three, the implementation of twenty measures to promote the power business environment.

It is more convenient for customers to do electricity:

1. Implement full-line service for power supply, handle business online and sign contracts online, so that customers can do power supply without leaving home.

2. Promote the government to share license information such as business license and property right certificate, streamline the types of customer application materials, and realize "one license to run electricity" for enterprise customers.

3. Promote the government to implement the "real estate+electricity meter" joint transfer mode, so that customers do not need to go through the electricity meter transfer procedures separately after the real estate transfer.

4. The office window is fully stationed in the government service hall, realizing "one window for acceptance and one chain for handling" of administrative examination and approval.

5. Strengthen the service capacity of the business hall, realize "one cabinet for all" and "one-stop service", and improve the convenience of customers in handling electricity.

Customers can save money by running electricity;

6. Resident customers, small and micro enterprises of 160 kW and below in urban areas, and small and micro enterprises of 100 kW and below in rural areas will have "zero investment" in electricity supply, and the power supply enterprises will bear the purchase and construction costs of meter boxes and above. In 2022, small and micro enterprises of 160 kW and below will have "zero investment" in urban and rural areas.

7. Optimize the power grid access mode, give priority to public line power supply, and reduce customer investment from the source.

8. Guide customers to standardize the construction of self-built projects, improve the versatility of equipment, help customers reduce the project cost and reduce the subsequent operation and maintenance costs.

Customers run electricity more efficiently:

9. Promote the government to connect with information channels, so that power supply enterprises can obtain project information in advance and connect with customers in advance to realize "electricity and other projects".

10. Simplify the process of power supply for customers, implement logistics display of power supply progress, and enhance customers’ sense of power acquisition.

11. Deepen the on-site operation of portable equipment and reduce the response time of power supply scheme.

12. Optimize the internal management process, implement the contract system for construction projects, and ensure that customers use electricity in time.

13. Promote the government to simplify the examination and approval procedures for road occupation and excavation, so that the project can start one day earlier and customers can use electricity one day earlier.

It is more intimate for customers to do electricity:

14. Dig deep into the value of power big data and provide free value-added services such as energy efficiency bills and energy consultation.

15. Publicize information such as service processes, charging items and standards to protect customers’ right to know.

16. Actively accept social supervision, strengthen internal service control, and ensure that customer demands are resolved in the first time.

Customers use electricity more reliably:

17. Increase investment, resolutely control the problem of low voltage and frequent power outages, and continuously improve the quality of power supply.

18. Strengthen lean management of equipment, realize active operation and maintenance, active maintenance and active repair of distribution network, and reduce the failure rate of power grid.

19. Reasonably arrange the power outage plan, and comprehensively promote non-power outage operation, zero-point operation and joint operation to ensure the minimum power outage range, the shortest power outage time and the least number of power outages.

20. Strengthen equipment condition monitoring, hidden danger diagnosis and prevention, and fault traceability evaluation, so as to achieve "four in place" of inspection, notification, filing and service, and continuously improve the health level of the power grid.

"The business environment is not the best, but only better". State Grid Mengdong Electric Power will adhere to demand orientation and problem orientation, actively plan and make steady progress, resolutely implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Committee and government of the autonomous region and State Grid Corporation of China, promote the reform measures of the power business environment, and strive for the further improvement of the power business environment.

Speech at the Press Conference of State Grid Mengdong Electric Power "Power Business Environment Upgrading Again"

Zhang Chengsong, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of State Grid Mengdong Electric Power Company

Good morning everyone! First of all, please allow me, on behalf of State Grid Mengdong Electric Power, to express my heartfelt thanks to all the guests and friends in the press conference!

On February 18th, the autonomous region held a conference on optimizing the business environment, proposing that we should resolutely fight hard to optimize the business environment, and provide strong guidance and strong guarantee for unswervingly taking a new path of high-quality development oriented to ecological priority and green development. Just now, we issued "Ten Commitments" and "Twenty Measures" to optimize the power business environment. This is the solemn commitment of State Grid Mengdong Power to serve the local economy and the people’s livelihood, and it is the concrete practice of sticking to the initial intention of serving the people and practicing the power grid mission. ?

1. Looking back on the road we have traveled, we have taken the initiative to show the responsibility of central enterprises and earnestly practice the corporate purpose of "people’s electricity industry for the people"

Since the establishment of State Grid Mengdong Electric Power Company, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee and government of the autonomous region and the party group of State Grid Corporation of China, it has worked hard and played an important role in safeguarding national economic development, promoting social progress and improving people’s living standards.

First, vigorously optimize the power business environment and enhance the people’s sense of power acquisition. Adhere to customer-centered and market-oriented, and strive to improve the response speed and convenience of power supply services and reduce the cost of running electricity. Improve the convenience of "access to electricity", carry out "sunshine industry expansion" in depth, promote "three zero" and "three provinces" services, and save investment of 29.6 million yuan for small and micro enterprise customers. Change the internal service process, and the average time for small and micro enterprises to receive electricity is no more than 10 days. Take the initiative to visit local governments and power consumption enterprises, and coordinate and promote a number of large customers such as Bishi Group, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Ningbao Metallurgy and Wulan Chemical to receive electricity and reach production. The quality of power supply service has been greatly improved, and the modernization of power supply service system has been promoted by strengthening the front line, connecting the middle station and the big backstage. Actively integrate into government services, vigorously promote online electricity, and "online office, online office, fingertip office" has become the new normal. Special rectification ignored the problem of infringing on the interests of the masses and introduced differentiated service measures for elderly customers. The anti-epidemic situation ensured strong power supply support, adhered to people-oriented and life-oriented, and organized 1,490 people in party member to fight for the front line of "joint prevention and control" in the community. During the critical period of epidemic prevention, an average of 1,700 power conservation personnel, 356 emergency vehicles, 30 emergency power generation vehicles and 78 generators were put into the front line of epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the safe and reliable use of electricity by 54 designated hospitals, 118 fever clinics and 167 important users. We will implement the preferential electricity tariff policy of 15% discount, and reduce the electricity consumption cost for users by 365 million yuan. During the epidemic period, we will implement intimate services such as arrears and uninterrupted power supply, and small and medium-sized enterprises will delay the payment of electricity tariffs.Benefiting 628,000 enterprises and reducing electricity charges by 440 million yuan.

The second is to speed up the construction of UHV power grid and help the development of energy bases in the autonomous region. The UHV project of "four connections and three direct connections" (Ximeng-Shandong, Mengxi-Tianjinnan, Ximeng-Shengli, Mengxi-Jinzhong exchange, Ximeng-Taizhou, Shanghai Temple-Shandong, Zhalute-Qingzhou DC) has been completed, with an UHV delivery capacity of 46 million kilowatts, an UHV supporting power supply connected to the grid of 15.24 million kilowatts, and a cumulative delivery capacity of 129.8 billion kWh.

The third is to speed up the construction of platform power grid and promote the fair and open power market. The accumulated investment is more than 110 billion yuan, the main grid has been upgraded from 220 kV to 500 kV, and the line length and substation capacity of 66 kV and above have been increased to 3.6 times and 5.6 times respectively. Key projects such as 500 kV Yimin-Xing ‘an-Wulanhaote-Zalut will be completed, and a 500 kV unified power grid will be formed in Hulunbeier, Xing ‘an and Tongliao areas, which will greatly improve the power grid’s ability to optimize the allocation of resources, and the platform power grid will be initially completed. With an open mind, we will promote the transformation of the company-based shareholding system and the platform transformation of the power market trading institutions. The unit price of large industrial catalogues was completely abolished, and the inverted ladder transmission and distribution price was implemented. All large industrial users entered the market to conduct transactions, and the degree of market openness was greatly improved. Through market transactions, the electricity cost of users was reduced by 3.559 billion yuan.

Fourth, actively serve the development of new energy and promote green and low-carbon energy production. We implemented 32 measures to serve the development and consumption of new energy, and implemented one-stop grid-connected access service, with a cumulative access to new energy installed capacity of 21.09 million kilowatts, accounting for more than 40% of new energy installed capacity. Actively promote the delivery of new energy through UHV channels, and promote the deep integration of the peak shaving auxiliary service market and the spot power market. In 2020, the power generation of new energy will exceed 31 billion kWh, up by more than 11 percentage points year-on-year, and the utilization rate of new energy will reach 97.9%, up by 1.47 percentage points year-on-year, achieving both power generation and utilization rate.

The fifth is to focus on national key tasks and fully serve poverty alleviation. All the poverty-stricken areas were electrified, and 5.409 billion yuan was invested to transform and upgrade the power grid in poverty-stricken areas to solve the problems of unpowered electricity and low voltage in poor villages. Invested 505 million yuan to complete the task of "two flags and one district" power grid transformation and upgrading, and served the three ethnic groups to get rid of poverty. Invested 13.4 million yuan to complete the power supply to 13 poor villages. Helping the ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation, investing 26.43 million yuan to serve the construction of supporting power grids for ex situ relocation, benefiting 8,300 poor people relocated by immigrants. Vigorously carry out consumption poverty alleviation, and purchase more than 1.75 million yuan of agricultural products from poverty alleviation points at all levels through online and offline channels to ensure the stable income generation of more than 5,000 poor households. The assistance in the village has achieved remarkable results. A total of 78 poverty alleviation cadres have been sent to help 5932 poor households get rid of poverty. Comrade Yu Zhibao, resident secretary of State Grid Mengdong Electric Power Company, was named as an advanced individual in poverty alleviation in China.

2. Looking ahead, we should cultivate new opportunities, promote green transformation and help the autonomous region to "give priority to ecology and develop green".

This year’s two sessions, "peak carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutrality" was written into the government work report for the first time, and the clean and low-carbon transformation of energy development became inevitable. The new pattern, new stage and new concept have given the power grid company a new mission and task. State Grid Mengdong Power will resolutely implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Committee and government of the autonomous region and the party group of the State Grid Corporation, and make good use of electricity, energy, services and responsibilities to ensure a good start in the 14 th Five-Year Plan.

First, accelerate the construction of green power double cycle in Inner Mongolia. Deeply understanding the spirit of "Three Innovations" of the Central Committee, and actively responding to the expectation of high-quality development in Inner Mongolia, this paper puts forward to build a double cycle of green power in Inner Mongolia, which is mainly based on the advantages of energy resources in Inner Mongolia, facing the two markets inside and outside the region, strengthening the two industrial chains of transmission service and power supply service outside the region, so that the energy resources in Inner Mongolia can be integrated into the two economic cycles inside and outside the region, and "the wind in Inner Mongolia should not only light up the lights in Beijing, but also heat the kang in Inner Mongolia" to realize the two cycles.

The second is to help rural and pastoral areas revitalize and build agricultural and livestock products bases. We will continue to increase investment in power grids in agricultural and pastoral areas, implement power grid upgrading projects in agricultural and pastoral areas, and comprehensively enhance the power grid support capacity in agricultural and pastoral areas. Promote rural electrification projects with high quality, improve the electrification level of agriculture and animal husbandry production, rural industries and rural life, and help the modernization of agriculture and rural areas and the construction of agricultural and livestock products bases. Accelerate the filling of shortcomings in power supply services in agricultural and pastoral areas and promote the equalization of power supply services in urban and rural pastoral areas. Reduce the cost of electricity connection for customers in agricultural and pastoral areas, and realize "zero investment" in electricity connection for small and micro enterprises in agricultural and pastoral areas of 160 kW and below in 2022.

The third is to promote the business environment of electricity. We will fully implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Committee and government of the autonomous region on optimizing the business environment, immediately put forward a three-year work plan of "Re-improving the business environment of electric power", continue to build a service brand of "Sunshine Industry Expansion", and strictly implement ten commitments and twenty measures. Further deepen the "three zero" and "three provinces" power services, gradually expand the scope of "three zero" services, further simplify business processes, promote the integration and sharing of government and enterprise information, expand online intelligent services, minimize links, reduce time and reduce costs. Further deepen information disclosure, announce service processes, charging items and standards, and information inquiry on power outage through online and offline channels, and effectively protect customers’ right to know. We will further maintain fair and open markets, focus on the three key points of "marketization, transparency and high efficiency", and resolutely put an end to the "three designations". Seriously punish issues such as relying on electricity to eat electricity and eating cards. Further improve the quality of power supply, build a modern urban and rural distribution network, carry out a three-year action plan to solve distribution network problems, focus on solving hot issues of concern to the masses, such as frequent power outages, low voltage, and insufficient power supply capacity, strengthen equipment operation and maintenance management, and implement active fault repair to ensure that customers use electricity more reliably, economically and safely.




Zhang Chengsong:The goal of "peak carbon dioxide emissions, Carbon Neutralization" has released a strong signal to accelerate the clean and low-carbon energy transformation. State Grid Mengdong Power’s proposal of green power dual cycle is an inevitable choice to implement the central spirit and actively participate in "four revolutions and one cooperation", a strategic measure to help Inner Mongolia’s "ecological priority and green development", a characteristic practice of State Grid Corporation’s development strategy in Inner Mongolia, and a realistic need for the high-quality development of State Grid Mengdong Power. Internal circulation is the optimal allocation of energy and electricity in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which makes the current energy and electricity industry longer, stronger and greener. External circulation is to optimize the allocation of energy and electricity in Inner Mongolia nationwide and participate in the national energy economy cycle. To build a green power double cycle in Inner Mongolia, it is necessary to rely on the energy bases in Mengdong and Mengxi (Inner Mongolia is the largest new energy, coal-fired power base and the largest power guarantee base in China) and use two kinds of resources (renewable resources such as coal resources and scenery). Based on two power grid platforms (Inner Mongolia UHV transmission power grid and Mengdong power grid), it faces two power markets (inter-regional and inter-provincial, Mengdong region). Smooth, extend and strengthen two industrial chains, namely, transmission service outside the region and power supply service inside the region, and two types of energy and power flows, so as to create two types of value flows, help peak carbon dioxide emissions outside the region to be carbon neutral, and promote the clean and low-carbon industrial transformation in Inner Mongolia.

First, promote the transformation and upgrading of the power grid and accelerate the construction of the energy Internet. Relying on the rich advantages of clean energy resources in Inner Mongolia, based on UHV, building a large power grid, developing a large base and integrating into the big market, we will accelerate the transformation of traditional power grid into an energy internet platform centered on electricity, and smooth the great cycle of energy cooperation with large power grids. Build a "two vertical and eight horizontal" interconnected platform power grid as soon as possible, and use three years to focus on solving the problems of power supply "stuck neck" and low voltage.

The second is to promote the optimization of power supply structure and clean energy supply. Firmly implement the clean, low-carbon, green and efficient transformation of energy and electricity, and fully promote "cleanliness" on the power generation side of the energy and electricity supply side. By 2025, the installed capacity of new energy in Mengdong area will be 37.5 million kilowatts, accounting for no less than 53%, and the power generation of new energy will be 82 billion kWh, accounting for no less than 40%. The installed capacity of new energy collected by UHV transmission terminal is 18 million kilowatts, accounting for not less than 40%, and the power generation of new energy is 43 billion kWh, accounting for not less than 30%.

Third, vigorously implement electric energy substitution and promote electrification of energy consumption. On the demand side and consumption side of energy and electricity, we will fully promote the electrification of energy consumption, replace coal with electricity, replace oil with electricity, and replace gas with electricity, greatly increasing the proportion of electric energy in terminal energy consumption and the proportion of green electricity consumed locally. By 2025, the proportion of electric energy in Mengdong area will not be less than 30%, and the proportion of new energy consumption in Mengdong power supply business area will reach more than 50%.

The fourth is to actively promote the transmission of Mongolian electricity and integrate into the national energy market. Based on the national important energy and strategic resource base and the new energy base of 10 million kilowatts, we will give full play to the price advantage and location advantage of Mongolian power transmission, expand the scale of transmission, consolidate the receiving market, and provide safe, clean and reliable power supply for load centers in North China, East China and Northeast China.

The fifth is to develop a smart energy system to digitally support energy transformation and upgrading. Accelerate the construction of a new energy industry platform based on hub business, promote the deep integration of advanced information technology and traditional business, and develop a new smart energy model with wide information perception, wide service coverage and wide participation of users. By 2025, the digital development index will reach 75%.

Inner Mongolia DailyReporter:At the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang proposed that what measures will be taken by State Grid Mengdong Power to continue to promote the reduction of general industrial and commercial electricity prices?

罗永志:In implementing the national price reduction policy. In order to promote the development of the real economy and effectively reduce the energy cost of enterprises, in 2018 and 2019, the state reduced the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10% twice, and the average per kWh of users in Mengdong Power Grid decreased by 7.87 points and 8 points respectively; In 2020, in order to cope with the impact of the epidemic and support enterprises to resume work and production, the state successively issued supportive policies of two-part electricity price, non-stop payment of arrears and phased reduction of enterprise electricity cost. At the same time, State Grid Mengdong Electric Power issued ten measures to fully resume construction and help enterprises resume work and production, and used WeChat, Weibo and mobile phone clients to carry out online and offline extensive publicity to help power customers understand the electricity tariff policy in time and adjust production plans in time. Receive all kinds of consultation 24 hours a day, and solve all kinds of questions and suggestions in the process of policy implementation in time. Through the above measures, from 2018 to 2020, the electricity consumption cost of industrial and commercial users has been reduced by 2.548 billion yuan, including 2.31 billion yuan for general industrial and commercial users.

In terms of implementing the policy of the same network and the same price. In order to speed up the economic and social development and the improvement of people’s livelihood in Mengdong, in 2017, in accordance with the unified deployment of the autonomous regional government, the electricity price of general industrial and commercial electricity to households decreased by 5.31 points on average per kWh compared with that before the same price in 2016. By the end of 2020, the average industrial and commercial enterprises have reduced the electricity cost of users by 1.144 billion yuan at the same price on the same network.

In this year’s two sessions of the National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report that "we should continue to promote the reduction of general industrial and commercial electricity prices". State Grid Mengdong Electric Power will pay close attention to the adjustment of the national general industrial and commercial electricity price policy, strictly follow the national unified work deployment, do a good job in policy adjustment and implementation, and support the development of the real economy. Expand the scope of industrial and commercial users to participate in market transactions, and all industrial and commercial users who meet the trading conditions will be included in the power market to participate in transactions. Cooperate with the price supervisor and market supervision department to carry out special investigations, clean up and standardize the transfer of power supply to increase prices. We will intensify the transformation of "one household, one meter", and realize direct power supply, metering and service to households as soon as possible for those who meet the transformation and reception conditions, and effectively transmit the price reduction dividend to end users.

China News Service reporter:The quality of power supply is related to the production and life of the masses. With the development of economy and society, customers’ expectations for power supply quality are getting higher and higher. What measures will State Grid Mengdong Power take to improve the quality of power supply?

Du Ping:The quality of power supply has always been one of the priorities of State Grid Mengdong Power. In the future, we will continue to attach great importance to it and take various measures to strictly control the scope of power outage, shorten the power outage time and reduce the number of power outages.

First, with the strong support of State Grid Corporation of China and the government of the autonomous region, State Grid Mengdong Power has continuously increased its investment in power grid and continuously improved its power grid structure under the condition of long-term serious losses. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the accumulated investment in power grid was 35.3 billion yuan, up 34% compared with the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and 10,338.4 kilometers of lines with 35 kV and above were put into operation, with a substation capacity of 14,474,300 KVA, and 500 kV substation (converter) was completed. At present, the power grid of 220kV and above in Mengdong has basically met the "N-1" requirement, and the single component fault will not affect the stable operation and normal power supply of the power grid. In the future, State Grid Mengdong Power will continue to strengthen power grid construction and eliminate the weak links of power supply at all voltage levels.

Second, continue to deepen maintenance management, optimize and adjust the operation and maintenance system, and improve the operation and maintenance capacity of power grids at all levels. In March, State Grid Mengdong Electric Power started the spring inspection, and conducted a large-scale, full-coverage and no dead angle patrol inspection of all power grid equipment, promptly found equipment and operation problems, promptly eliminated defects and improved the stable operation capacity of equipment. We fixed such large-scale maintenance five times a year. Before the arrival of such bad weather as the severe sandstorm in the past two days, we will closely contact the meteorological department, carry out special inspections in advance, make emergency reserves, and make every effort to ensure the safety of power supply. Hulunbeier genhe city is known as the "cold pole of China", and the maintenance staff often have to "fully armed" to carry out line inspections in the low temperature of MINUS 30 degrees. In the next step, we will further improve the overall optimization of annual and monthly maintenance plans, arrange maintenance operations lean, and achieve "one stop and multiple uses" to prevent repeated power outages and large-scale and long-term power outages; Deeply optimize the power outage operation scheme, and try to adopt the working methods of subsection construction, day stop and night delivery, etc., to further reduce the power outage time and continuously improve the power supply quality.

"Northern New Newspaper" reporter:Document No.1 of the Central Committee makes it clear that the power supply area in Mengdong area will reach 470,000 square kilometers by comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization. What measures will State Grid Mengdong Power take to serve the last mile and help rural revitalization?



During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, State Grid Mengdong Electric Power will continue to intensify the construction and transformation of rural power grids, plan to invest 14.6 billion yuan, implement rural power grid consolidation and upgrading projects, make up shortcomings and strong and weak items, consolidate the achievements of tackling poverty, promote rural electrification, give full play to the responsibility and mission of central enterprises and big countries, be a good power pioneer, and fully serve the economic and social development and rural revitalization of the autonomous region.

Inner Mongolia Radio and Television reporter:To optimize the business environment, electricity is the key factor. What measures will State Grid Mengdong Power take to help corporate customers and residential users use electricity early and well in their production and life?

Li Shufeng:Let customers "use electricity early" mainly in two aspects: "early" and "fast". In the aspect of "early", we should optimize business processes, cooperate with relevant government departments, open up information interconnection channels, obtain project information in advance, connect with customers in advance, master information such as energy consumption planning and production arrangement, and start the preliminary work of supporting power grid projects in advance to realize "electricity and other projects". In the aspect of "fast", relying on information technology to realize the online operation of electricity business, "online application of business, online circulation of information, online inquiry of progress and online evaluation of service", which is convenient for customers to "do it at their fingertips" and realize "don’t run once" for simple business and "run once at most" for complex business. In terms of internal links, it mainly changes the internal management process, strengthens professional collaboration, and realizes the shortest time for customers to run electricity through measures such as limited time system for engineering construction and contract system for customers’ power transmission time.

Making customers "use electricity well" is mainly reflected in two aspects: "less power outage" and "high quality". In terms of less power outage, it is mainly through strengthening the operation and maintenance of the power grid, rationally arranging the power outage plan, and comprehensively promoting non-power outage operation, zero-point operation and joint operation to ensure the smallest power outage range, the shortest power outage time and the least number of power outages. In terms of high-quality power supply, Mr. Du has just elaborated. Mainly through technical means and management means, the reliability of power supply is further improved, the problem of low voltage is solved quickly, and customers are ensured to use electricity well. At present, we are building a distribution network awareness system. Through this system, we can accurately control the power supply situation of power supply terminals and clients, quickly diagnose and accurately locate all kinds of power supply problems, and effectively improve the reliability and quality of power supply.

How does the Central Radio and Television General Station report on anti-epidemic disease?

  Author | Gao Xiaohong

  来源 | 中国广播杂志(ID:zggbzz)

  当前,我国正面临新型冠状病毒肺炎(英文简称NCP或COVID-19,中文简称新冠肺炎)肆虐的严峻挑战。新冠肺炎疫情是一场特别重大的突发公共卫生事件,极大地威胁着人民群众的生命健康安全。截至2月18日,全国已累计确诊72530例,重症 11741 例,死亡1870例。




  Unblocked information:

  Give full play to the authority and professionalism of mainstream media

  1, timely, open and accurate report on the progress of the epidemic

  The report of unexpected events refers to the news media’s integration of media resources in the process of the occurrence and development of events, and their reporting and evaluation of various situations related to events to the society and the public. After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, a major public health event, the whole society paid close attention to the epidemic information and the progress of epidemic prevention and control. China quickly launched a Class I response to major public health emergencies, and the National Health and Wellness Commission and the health and wellness commissions of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government announced the epidemic information of infectious diseases in their respective administrative regions to the public. The information on epidemic situation of infectious diseases should be published in a timely and accurate manner. At the same time, the news media should also report the true information of emergencies in a timely and accurate manner according to the law, protect the people’s right to know, and contribute to the handling and aftermath of public emergencies.

  Since the outbreak of the war of resistance against the epidemic, the general station has released authoritative information in time and continuously spread the epidemic situation around the clock. The News 1+1 column of CCTV, the general station, has been arranged as a whole and specially planned, and has continuously reported the COVID-19 epidemic since January 20th.

  On January 20th, this column was connected with Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of National Health Commission high-level expert group, to introduce the basic situation of COVID-19 epidemic, which played a role of "setting the tone" in the information dissemination of COVID-19 epidemic. Since January 26th, CCTV News Channel of the General Station has launched "Special Report on the War Epidemic", with the theme of fighting the epidemic, continuously focusing on the national situation of fighting the epidemic, and releasing the latest data of the epidemic in time, so that people can know fairly well. It also connected with reporters from the front-line general station of the anti-epidemic in real time, showing the good mental state of all regions and departments in fighting the epidemic with one heart and one mind. At the same time, we will give full play to the advantages of the platform and share the program resources. From January 29, CCTV will broadcast CCTV programs simultaneously from 10: 00 to 11: 00 and from 15: 00 to 16: 30 every day.

  In the reporting of major public health emergencies, the openness and transparency of information is very important. As a bridge connecting the government and the people, the mainstream media should disclose authoritative information at the first time and occupy the first place in the public opinion field.

  From January 26th, the press conference of the State Council Press Office, National Health Commission Press Conference and the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism will be broadcast simultaneously by CCTV’s comprehensive channel and news channel, and broadcast simultaneously by China Voice. Every day, through the live broadcast of the press conference on epidemic prevention and control, the prevention and control information in COVID-19 can be disseminated openly and transparently, and the people’s right to know is fully respected and guaranteed. At the same time, speaking in a timely, active and rational manner has also curbed the spread of online rumors.

  2. Interview authoritative sources and release authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control.

  After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the spread of all kinds of information, especially the spread of new media space on the Internet, is very active, which makes the people contact with a lot of information every day, and the phenomenon of information overload appears. At the same time, the people are very concerned about the spirit of the central government and the policies, methods, and prevention and control process of epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, the mainstream media need to exert their authority and credibility and master the leading power of public opinion. This is also an initiative to set the agenda and master the right to publish, define and interpret issues. As the authoritative mainstream media in China, the reception desk gathers the advantages of interview resources by releasing official authoritative information at the first time, interviewing authoritative experts and frontline workers against the epidemic, and carefully sets the media agenda for fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.

  3, professional team to fulfill the responsibility and mission of news propaganda work.

  In the highly developed communication environment of online social media, the mainstream media put forward more stringent requirements for the authenticity, accuracy and security of information in this public opinion campaign against the COVID-19 epidemic. Because if the information is slightly deviated, it may cause the content to spread out of control, and then affect the credibility of the mainstream media.

  On the one hand, the main station sent a professional team to the first scene to fight the epidemic, on the other hand, it strengthened the supervision of the contents of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the foolproof dissemination of information. From January 27th, the General Station set up the "Wuhan Live Studio of War Epidemic" in Hubei Radio and Television Station, and set the studio at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. The broadcasting frequency of the main station gives full play to the emergency role of broadcasting in public health emergencies. By taking advantage of the advantages of wide broadcasting coverage, fast transmission speed and low listening threshold, the emergency reporting plan is launched at the first time, and the propaganda of epidemic prevention and control is intensified. All programs broadcast the progress of epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19 in a rolling way throughout the day. Every day from 19: 00 to 20: 00, the "Voice of China Special Report on Fighting the Epidemic" is also launched. During the week from February 3rd to 9th, there were 1,400 epidemic-related reports and nearly 7,000 written messages.













  In terms of the strength and discretion of news reports, the epidemic reports of the main station are of high frequency, high intensity and high quality, thus achieving high coverage of epidemic prevention and control information.

  According to the data of CCTV Advertising Management Center, from January 24th to February 2nd, the viewing rate of News Network increased significantly, reaching 11.72%, and the viewing rate of viewers aged 15-24 increased by 186% year-on-year. The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic coincided with the Spring Festival. With the escalation of prevention and control measures, the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, and the implementation of personal home prevention and control measures, radio and television, as a family-accompanying media, just played a key role in spreading anti-epidemic information in families.

  In terms of the effect and actual effect of public opinion guidance, the general station boldly innovated on the new media platform by means of media integration, and achieved outstanding communication effects. For example, from 8: 00 on January 27th, CCTV News launched an uninterrupted live broadcast of the special program "Common War Epidemic", which was broadcast simultaneously on CCTV Video, CCTV News client, Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and other mobile new media platforms, providing viewers with an information channel that directly hits the front line of epidemic prevention and control 24 hours a day. The reporter from the General Station visited the epidemic prevention and control site and made a comprehensive, accurate and timely report on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients in various regions, the work and living conditions of medical workers, and the production, supply and transshipment of medical protective equipment. The live broadcast attracted tens of thousands of viewers from all over the country to interact in real time, and "Come on Wuhan, Come on Hubei, Come on China" was screened.

  At 19: 00 on January 31st, CCTV News Network entered the "Aauto Quicker" short video community and began the normal live broadcast. Within 33 minutes of the first live broadcast, the cumulative number of viewers was nearly 20 million. Since February 1st, "News Network" has been broadcast live on Sina Weibo, with a cumulative audience of 17.658 million, with an average daily audience of 1.358 million. In addition, CCTV news official Weibo initiated the topic of "real-time broadcast of joint prevention and control of epidemic situation", which was read 3.36 billion times and discussed 374,000 times, with a maximum reading of 608 million times in a single day. The topic of "common war and epidemic" has been read 6.07 billion times, discussed 1.55 million times, and the highest reading volume in a single day is nearly 870 million times. Through the way of integrated communication, the mainstream media has exerted great influence among young people and achieved the communication effect guided by public opinion.

  3. Storytelling: Reflect the people’s determination and deeds in fighting the epidemic.

  "People-centered" is an important working principle of the party’s news and public opinion work. In the report on the fight against the epidemic in COVID-19, the reception desk pointed the lens and microphone of news reports at the people’s anti-epidemic actions. By recording touching stories and accumulating ordinary materials, it told the stories of people around us and described the greatness of ordinary people, conveyed the warmth of humanity and humanistic care behind the severe epidemic, and showed the spirit of the people of the whole country to unite as one and help each other in the same boat.

  On January 29th, the Voice of China, the Central Broadcasting Station, launched the special program "Diary of an Angel". The content of this program comes from angels in white who are facing the COVID-19 epidemic and racing against death. It records the daily work of front-line medical staff in the form of voice self-report and first-person perspective. Angel Diary broadcasts an episode every day, and at the same time, it is launched on Himalayan FM audio platform, and published on Voice of China Weibo and WeChat WeChat official account. The program gives full play to the voice advantage of broadcasting, and spreads the positive energy story of fighting the epidemic with a keen perspective and delicate brushwork. According to the data, its single item in Weibo received the highest praise of 19,000 person-times, and the cumulative reading volume of WeChat WeChat official account exceeded 344,000 person-times.

  In addition, since February 11th, News Network has launched a column "A Line of Anti-epidemic Groups" to report the effectiveness of joint prevention and control measures by various departments in various regions and tell touching stories about the front line of anti-epidemic. The book "Wuhan at Zero, Here are Stories You Don’t Know" by feature story of the Central Broadcasting Corporation truthfully records the voices of people in Wuhan in the middle of the night and bears witness to the determination and persistence of people from all walks of life. By reporting the great love and responsibility of front-line workers, the mainstream media has established an emotional bond for the people to overcome the difficulties together.


  Stabilizing People’s Heart: Facing the Social Concern of Major Public Emergencies

  1, timely counseling to resolve the crisis of public opinion.

  The prevention and control of the epidemic situation in COVID-19 is all-round. In the field of news and public opinion, the first problem is to face and promptly dispel the possible public opinion crisis. The so-called public opinion crisis refers to the phenomenon that public opinion is at a difficult juncture because unfavorable public opinion occupies the central position in the public opinion field. In order to avoid and prevent the public opinion crisis and smoothly resolve the contradictions and problems caused by unexpected events, it is necessary to open the way, promptly guide and master the initiative.

  After the occurrence of major public emergencies, the news media should fully predict the current public opinion environment, and make adjustments from the perspective of overall information dissemination, ensure the expression of opinions of the masses, reflect their voices, channel negative and negative public opinion, and encourage and advocate positive public opinion.

  The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic coincided with the Chinese Lunar New Year, so the festive atmosphere became heavy, and the people’s life focus shifted to preventing and controlling the COVID-19 epidemic and ensuring life safety. In this public opinion environment, the reception desk immediately made adjustments, and the 2020 Spring Festival Gala broadcasted a scenario report program "Love is a Bridge" with zero rehearsal. Through the form of scenario narration, it showed the touching scene of Wuhan people facing up to the sudden COVID-19 epidemic and the medical staff selfless treatment.

  Later, in the recording of the Lantern Festival special program, we dug deep into the first-line story of epidemic prevention and paid tribute to the "most beautiful retrograde" who silently contributed to the epidemic prevention work, showing the great cohesion of the Chinese nation and the spiritual strength of the people of the whole country to work together to overcome difficulties, which was well received by the audience.

  According to statistics, as of 10: 00 on February 5th, the epidemic news materials released by CCTV International Vision and the press conference signals held by state authorities were selected and broadcast by 1,721 overseas TV stations or channels in 112 countries and regions, including Fox and BBC, for more than 362,000 times, which won wide respect and support from the international community.

  2. Relieve public panic.

  After the outbreak of the epidemic in COVID-19, especially at the initial stage of the outbreak, the public was in a state of panic due to the fact that the focus of the epidemic has yet to be scientifically studied, the situation of epidemic spread is grim, the effect of epidemic prevention and control has yet to be observed, and the drugs for treating and preventing the epidemic have yet to be developed. The public’s panic is manifested in various ways, such as the spread of rumors and rumors, weak awareness of scientific prevention and group prevention and control, and panic buying of masks and medical supplies in some areas. During the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, it is very important for the mainstream media to play the role of public opinion guidance to alleviate public panic. Previous studies have shown that if we can correctly use the guiding function of the mainstream media, we can promote the original absurd rumors to become a "pedal" for people to understand the truth and scientific knowledge.

  On the basis of interviewing authoritative sources and releasing authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control, the Headquarters also launched a series of promotional videos in conjunction with the Propaganda Department of National Health Commission to popularize the knowledge of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and guide the public to enhance their awareness of self-prevention. Each of these popular science videos is about 1 minute long, which effectively and conveniently spreads the practical operation and prevention and control concepts of legal prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, and group prevention and control, and the communication effect is good. Up to now, the series of public service short films have landed on nearly 400,000 digital screens in 50 cities across the country, playing circularly at major airports, stations and ports, and landing in business districts, communities, enterprises and universities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

  In the communication environment of media convergence, the new comprehensive audio-visual media flagship "Central Video" 5G new media platform newly built by CCTV based on new technologies such as "5G+4K/8K+AI" was officially launched not long ago, which was put into the prevention and control propaganda of the COVID-19 epidemic. CCTV, the main station, opened up "War ‘ Epidemic ’ The topic "Frontline" includes vlog real shooting, exclusive interview, scientific inquiry, suggestions, real-time panorama and other sections. Record the true story of the "epidemic" front line, follow up the latest progress of experimental research and development, and introduce the knowledge of epidemic prevention science in the form of short video; "CCTV News" broadcasts "Common War" 24 hours a day, and works with hundreds of millions of viewers to supervise, watch, accompany and guard the cloud.

  On the evening of January 27th, CCTV opened a 24-hour live broadcast port, and started the "slow live broadcast" of the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Thunder God Mountain hospital through the 5G+ optical fiber dual Gigabit network, and multiple aircraft seats presented live real-time pictures around the clock. Without the host, commentary and editing and packaging, it attracted nearly 120 million online "cloud supervisors". The series of live broadcasts were broadcast on 11 online platforms, including Tencent News, Today’s Headlines, Phoenix News, Youku and Wo Video. The total number of viewers exceeded 15 million and the number of interactive comments exceeded 13,000. The series live broadcast and slow live broadcast are broadcast on CCTV News client, @ CCTV News Weibo, CCTV Video client and Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and Betta Fish. Among them, only the short video of "Tik Tok" was watched by more than 55 million people.




  On January 29, the Central Steering Group sent an inspection team to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, where the epidemic was serious, for supervision and verification. CCTV reporters covered the whole process. In the report, the working ability of the person in charge of the local competent department was questioned. After the news broadcast, the role and effect of public opinion supervision were produced, and the director of the health and health commission in Huanggang City was immediately dismissed. In the supervision of news and public opinion, the mainstream media always adhere to the problem orientation, which can neither make a mountain out of a molehill to cause panic, nor make a mountain out of a molehill to make the work lax. We should correctly carry out constructive public opinion supervision, meet the audience’s higher-level pursuit of information disclosure in the all-media environment, and promote the solution of problems in the prevention and control of epidemic situation in COVID-19.

  The whole people participated in the war against the COVID-19 epidemic, and the effect was obvious. With the unified and centralized leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the mobilization and participation of the whole society, and the comprehensive strengthening of prevention and control, the battle of epidemic prevention and control will surely win the final victory. At the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, the authoritative mainstream media, represented by the Central Radio and Television General Station, adhered to the duty and mission of news and public opinion work, gave full play to the authority and professionalism of the mainstream media, grasped the principle of "time and effect" and carried out news and public opinion work "people-centered", which unblocked information, enhanced confidence and stabilized people’s hearts.

  The author of this paper is Gao Xiaohong, Minister of Journalism and Communication at China Communication University, and distinguished professor, a Changjiang Scholar at the Ministry of Education. Cai Yu is a Ph.D. student at China Communication University, originally published in the third issue of China Broadcasting in 2020.

"Dragon and Lion Lantern Festival in Zhangjiajie" 2024 Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival Dragon and Lion Competition started on February 22nd.

Dragon and lion dance to make the Lantern Festival, and colorful folk customs celebrate the Spring Festival. The reporter learned that the two-day 2024 Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival Dragon and Lion Competition will be held at 9: 00 on February 22nd in the basketball hall of He Long Sports Center. At that time, 15 dragon and lion teams will compete on the same stage, presenting a cultural feast with international elements and national characteristics for the general public and tourists.
The theme of this activity is "Dragon and Lion Lantern Festival in Zhangjiajie", aiming to meet the diverse cultural needs of the citizens through high-end sports events and actively create a festive, civilized and harmonious holiday atmosphere. Sponsored by Hunan Provincial Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office, Propaganda Department of CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, Zhangjiajie Cultural Tourism Radio, Film and Television Sports Bureau, Zhangjiajie yongding county Committee of CPC and Zhangjiajie yongding county People’s Government, undertaken by Zhangjiajie Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office, Propaganda Department of CPC Zhangjiajie Yongding District Committee, Zhangjiajie yongding county Cultural Tourism Radio, Film and Television Sports Bureau, and jointly implemented by Zhangjiajie Media Center (Media Group), Zhangjiajie yongding county Cultural Center and Hunan Xiangbao Culture Development Co., Ltd.
The activity is divided into three items: the lion dance routine competition (including the Southern Lion and the Northern Lion), the traditional dragon dance competition, and the dragon lion He Chun performance. At that time, there will be 10 dragon and lion teams from all provinces and cities in China and nearly 200 members from 5 local dragon dance teams in Zhangjiajie. It is worth mentioning that this event not only shows professionalism, but also reflects internationalization. Some contestants come from South Sudan, Liberia, Morocco, Bangladesh and other countries. Among them, the winning team in the competition on February 22 will be invited to perform a dragon and lion performance in Dayong Ancient City on February 24 to have fun with the people and welcome the Spring Festival. It is reported that the 2024 Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival Dragon and Lion Competition is a sub-activity of the 2024 Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival National Tide Carnival. In order to create a festive and peaceful festival and let the general public and tourists know about Zhangjiajie’s traditional folk culture and intangible cultural heritage, a series of activities will be held during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, such as the Spring Festival Market Cultural Festival, the Lantern Festival, the first Zhangjiajie Flour Carnival and the Guoyun No.1 Art Lantern Exhibition.

China Elevator Jianghu Fengyun Record

Li Jianguo, general manager of Midea Building Technology Elevator Company, used the human body as a metaphor to introduce the technical points of Digital Elevator: "For example, the application of AI graphic image recognition, voice acquisition technology, new infrared, millimeter wave and other human perception technology sensors, laser ranging technology, etc. is to improve the perception ability of the elevator; The application of CPU chips with higher computing power, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, deep learning, neural network and other technologies improves the calculation and analysis ability of the algorithm, which makes the elevator smarter and smarter. " It is understood that before leaving the factory, every LINVOL elevator has to undergo a total of 513 quality tests of the whole elevator and its components, such as performance, protection, structure and function. The mechanical safety protection system is combined with the electrical safety protection design, and eight safety devices, such as emergency braking system, door interlock and speed limiter, are adopted to prevent elevator accidents to the maximum extent. On the software side, we can monitor the elevator’s operation status in real time through big data and Internet of Things technology, analyze the elevator’s operation status in time through big data logic algorithm, and transmit it to the elevator management platform through the network for intelligent analysis and preventive maintenance. In addition, Midea is equipped with AI, sensors and Internet of Things technologies for every digital elevator. The camera of AI can automatically identify dangerous goods and dangerous ladder riding behaviors, and initiate corresponding measures to prevent problems before they happen. As a part of the building, intelligent elevator can also improve the operation efficiency of the building. Li Jianguo introduced,The digital platform of iBUILDING in UILDING can automatically identify passengers’ identity information through the elevator eye system, and automatically guide people on nearby floors to take a ride by robot dispatch, so that passengers can be sent to the destination floor without button contact. "It turns out that the elevator stops in the middle during the peak period of use, and the single running time is long; Now, through a series of algorithms and digital intelligent applications, the single running time of the elevator can be shortened, running more times, and delivering more people to the destination floor. " At the same time, the intelligent passenger flow analysis system can also realize the priority of dispatching elevators on peak floors, shorten the operation efficiency of elevators by about 2/3, improve the comfort, and at the same time effectively reduce energy consumption, save energy and reduce carbon.codaBorrow a passage from A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens as the conclusion of this article: This is the best time and this is the worst time; This is the age of wisdom, this is the age of stupidity; This is the period of faith, this is the period of doubt; This is a bright season; This is the dark season; This is the spring of hope, and this is the winter of disappointment … Although the rivers and lakes of elevators in China are still under the feast of foreign investment, I believe that with time, domestic elevator brands will surely rise against the trend and flourish in the wind! Each platform has the same name. If you like our story, please share, collect and forward it.

Shanghai to Zhejiang self -driving travel detailed route


      First, drive an elevated road along Humin Road. 6 kilometers from exit to enter Shanghai to Kunming highway

  Second, in Shanghai to Kunming Highway

  1) Drive 430 meters along the Shanghai -Kunming Expressway. Hangzhou/G60/Ningbo/Xinzhuang direction, open a small right

  2) Continue along Shanghai to Kunming Expressway 27. 6 kilometers straight into the Hangzhou Bay Ring Road Expressway

  Third, Hangzhou Bay Wound Highway Expressway

  Travel 52 along Hangzhou Bay Ring Road. 7 kilometers, go directly to Hangzhou, open a little bit of Shanghai to Kunming highway

  Fourth, in Shanghai to Kunming Expressway.

  Travel along Shanghai to Kunming highway. 3 kilometers, go directly to Hangzhou/ Qiandao Lake/ S2, and turn to Hangzhou -Ningbo Expressway

  Fifth, Hangzhou -Ningu Highway

  1) Drive along Hanging Highway 21. 9 kilometers directly to Hangzhou/Desheng Road, and it becomes a little bit of Disheng

  2) Walk 610 meters along Desheng Road, and open a small right

  Sixth, Zhejiang driving plan

  1) Continue to run 840 meters along De Sheng, enter Disheng Fast from the entrance

  2) Drive 680 meters along Desheng quickly, leave the slope from the airport exit

  3) Drive 360 ??meters along the ramp and go straight into Dusheng East Road

  4) 580 -meter driver along the Sheng Dong Road, turn left in front to enter the airport road

  5) 3 drivers along the airport road. 7 kilometers, in the direction of the Chengdong Bridge Stadium, rotate the bridge slightly

  6) Travel along the bridge 1. About 60 meters after 2 kilometers from the Hangzhou Criminal Investigation Building, go straight into the field

  7) 2 drivers along the stadium road. Turn left to the ancient Xinhe Bridge at 9 kilometers and enter Western Road

  8) 530 meters along the West Road of the Ring City, open the provincial roads and bridges into the provincial government

  9) Drive 280 meters along the provincial government. Arrive at the end (on the right side of the road)

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Shanghai Fengxian "Greenland Kangmei Valley"

The National Hotline of the Sales Center: 400-8558-334 (Calls Callery Sales Division Promotion Activities)

If you have any questions, please inquire, make an appointment to enjoy the discounts of buying a house, and the professional one -to -one enthusiastic service, so that you can use a professional perspective to buy a house.

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Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 Buy a house in Shanghai. First of all, you must choose the right location, especially just need! It is especially important to buy more valuable sectors at the same price. This not only affects the quality of life and living, but also the decisive factor in the value of real estate in the future.

From the perspective of policy -oriented, the preferred choice of Shanghai is undoubtedly five new cities. These five areas are defined as an important growth pole in Shanghai in the future.

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334

The most worth mentioning is that it was announced at the just -concluded "" Cloud Investment Promotion "and" Cloud Signing "Conference in Fengxian District, Shanghai in 2022." Line 15 of Shanghai is about to start. According to the planning diagram, it can be determined. There are two stations in the core area of ??Duan Oriental Miyu, and Fengxian travels will be more convenient.

In addition, there are 9 universities in Line 15, with a total of 10 campuses and 3 national science and technology parks. This line is really full of talents. Not only that, Line 15 is also a proper transfer king.

This means,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 is located in Fengxian South Bridge. The strongly built international medical and healthy life service complex, with a total price of 900,000, is under hot sales …

Nanqiao City

About 130,000 square meters of international health community

Platinum service -type apartment

Launched the building about 45-100㎡ apartment houses

Unlimited purchase, the total price is 900,000 from 900,000

"Greenland · Kangmei Valley" renderings

1 international health life service complex

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 occupies the core of Nanqiao, with a single set of about 45-110 square meters. At the same time, relying on the big brand effect of Greenland Group, after purchasing, you can also directly entrust the brand of platinum hotels to uniformly manage and operate, one -stop hosting services, can be transferred and can be transferred.

Real view of business clubs

Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 is a giant system for Greenland Group, with about 130,000 square meters of international health life service complex. The project covers a variety of formats such as international medical rehabilitation centers, commercial centers, clubs, hotels, platinum service apartments and other diversified formats. It will create new landmarks in the South and Shanghai portals, new kinetic energy and green physical and mental habitats in the regional beautiful health industry.

In addition, in this complex, there is also a platinum service apartment provided by Greenland Hotel Tourism Group with a four -star hotel -type exclusive service.

Greenland Platinum Hotel, this is a very well -known luxury four -star hotel in the industry. To enjoy one night of services, they often need to pay thousands of yuan.

Even so, there are still many home buyers. When they need to resolve the pressure of life and need to restart their work inspiration, they will firmly punch the platinum and the luxury hotel. Because the services here can instantly heal your body and mind that you are tired of life.

Let the owners start at about 900,000 ultra -low total price,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 can enjoy a four-star hotel-style service every day. Coupled with the comprehensive diversified and large health facilities in the composite body, such products choose a choice for the vibrant elderly people to choose a career for the new young people in the city.

The apartment facilities are configured in accordance with the four -star standard, including shared kitchen, full -time restaurants, business clubs, gym, exquisite books, etc., which brings a full range of star life enjoyment to the residents.

Gym renderings

"Greenland Kangmei Valley" club renderings

Club effect chart

From ritual service, room cleaning to intimate private assistant, etc.,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334Provide residents with meticulous care, so that every residents can enjoy a private, comfortable and exquisite star life.

2 Greenland Creation

New landmark of South Shanghai Portal

Greenland Group is the first Fortune 500 company in China with real estate as its main business.Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 has formed a diversified business pattern of "the main business of real estate, large infrastructure, large consumption, large finance, health & science and technology industry" The business spreads more than 50 countries around the world, and in 2021, the Fortune Global Enterprise 500 is 142nd.

"Greenland · Kangmei Valley" real -life picture

The most worth mentioning is the characteristics of "Greenland Kangmei Valley".Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334The riverside growth blended with the river and green space next to the Pu South Canal, and extended infinitely in the landscape space.

Through the "urban rain forest" and "cross green gallery" landscape concept, the project creates a new business card and a new style of the "three lives" in the South and Shanghai regions. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the project’s "medical and health care", to create a "five -sensory garden" of a panoramic and open healthy life.

Especially under the design of the "urban rain forest", through the concept of "small units, large operations", it is more refined, modern, and more international.

In order to organize the community and the city organically, Greenland Kangmei Valley implanted the ecology and art into the community, and through the "social+vitality" three -dimensional dynamic line, the creation method of the "two axis and multiple groups" creates a step -by -step and blending scene. Leisure life scenes make emotions release.

The overall space structure of the apartment is square, and the superior lighting and ventilation,Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334The layout of each functional area is reasonable and clear, taking into account social and private needs, and at the same time, through some superposition designs to maximize the use of spatial use, to carefully create extraordinary home lives for residents.

"Greenland Kangmei Valley"

Unit Figure Reference

Model stem effect map

Model stem effect map

Model stem effect map

3 The bustling life circle at reach

The development of each dimension of Fengxian New Town is very complete.Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334 There is the 100 billion-level industry, the bustling facilities comparable to the urban area, and the planned national green ecological demonstration with the planned country as the core of Shanghai fish as the core. City area. Just waiting for all planning to land, the area will usher in the outbreak of value.

Especially the "Shanghai Fish" environment,Let people enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, the trails of water and mountains, and forest sports fields, and natural river channels that can be boiled, will become your natural back garden, pocket park, sports venue, let you go out to see the scenery, enter the garden step by step, show all the way, show all the way to show up. The beauty of square inch.

Shanghai fish

In addition, there are about 47,800 square Nanqiao Central Park (planned)Greenland · Kangmei Valley Sales Center Hotline: 400-8558-334After completion, it will become the largest ecological green space park in Shanghai, a natural ecological oxygen bar, and infiltrate fresh oxygen at 365 days. Living here, enjoy health and gain beauty.

In terms of transportation, Line 5 Wangyuan Road Station and the south extension section of Line 15 (in China); there are many S4 Shanghai -Gold Expressway, Hongmean Road Tunnel, Daye Highway, Puxing Highway, G15 Ring Expressway, etc. Urban aortic ring.

Medical aspect,Adjacent to the Sanjia Women’s and Infant Fengxian Hospital (expected to be opened in August 2022), the Fudan Fudan Children’s Fengxian Hospital (to be launched), and Xinhua Hospital’s Fengxian Hospital District (expected to be completed in 2024) and other improved medical facilities to escort health.

Shanghai Fengxian "Greenland · Kangmei Valley"