Wuhan Railway Station welcomes the peak of passenger traffic, and it is estimated that 579,000 passengers will be sent during the three-day holiday on New Year’s Day.

Ye Wenbo, a journalist of Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Correspondent Liao Yuzhi Wang Qian

Intern Li Jianing

New Year’s Day is approaching in 2024. The reporter learned from the Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office that it is predicted that the three-day holiday on New Year’s Day is expected to send 579,000 passengers, with a single-day peak on December 30, sending about 236,000 passengers.

During the festival, the Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office will make overall coordination, continuously improve the comprehensive environment of the station area, jointly rectify the taxi operation order, fully divert traffic, carefully investigate potential safety hazards, and wholeheartedly create a safe, stable and orderly riding environment for passengers.

On the eve of New Year’s Day, the person in charge of the Comprehensive Management Office of Wuhan Railway Station actively communicated with the person in charge of Wuhan Railway Station, Hongshan Traffic Brigade, Metro, Wu Tie Travel Service Media Co., Ltd. and other station units on various security matters such as traffic diversion, passenger evacuation and parking lot management during New Year’s Day. All units in the station area use the WeChat support group in the station area to strengthen the joint logistics linkage. Wuhan Station publishes the passenger flow situation at the stage every day, and all units in the station area are responsible for passenger connection.

In order to create a good operating order, the law enforcement brigade of the Comprehensive Management Office regularly carried out rectification actions, and jointly carried out joint law enforcement actions with Wuhan Municipal Transportation Bureau, Hongshan District Transportation Management Office, District Traffic Police and other units in Wuhan Railway Station Network, East and West Elevated Platforms, Main Traffic Roads and other places to severely crack down on unlicensed operation of operating vehicles and illegal operation of taxis. In the middle and late December, more than 10 rectification actions were organized, more than 300 vehicles of various types were inspected, and 5 illegally operated vehicles were investigated; After collecting complaints from the masses, five cases were filed after verification.

In view of the characteristics of many travelers and traffic during New Year’s Day, Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office analyzed and judged the risk factors during the holiday period in advance and took effective preventive measures. The Joint District Market Supervision Administration and the station police station organized pre-holiday safety inspections, highlighting key areas such as hotels, restaurants and construction sites in the station area, as well as key industries such as fire protection, gas, road traffic, special equipment and electricity safety, to ensure that there are no dead ends in the inspection; Require sanitation companies and garbage sorting companies to strengthen operation safety, and operators are strictly prohibited from drunk driving and fatigue driving to ensure that no safety accidents occur; At the same time, do a good job in road inspection and inspection during key periods during the festival and in extreme weather such as freezing rain and snow, and timely handle and report all kinds of emergencies.

It is also the focus of pre-holiday preparations to strengthen the sanitation and cleanliness of the station capacity and appearance of the car, and optimize and beautify the waiting environment for passengers at the railway station. The third-party cleaning company of Wuhan Railway Station Comprehensive Management Office increased cleaning staff, strengthened environmental sanitation, and ensured that 50 people were on duty every day during the festival. At the same time, the newly opened landscape areas in West Square, West Second Road and Harmony Road will be comprehensively cleaned and cleaned, and the station units will be coordinated to strengthen the comprehensive environmental improvement of the station area and enhance the window image of Wuhan Station.

The relevant person in charge of the Comprehensive Management Office of Wuhan Railway Station said that during the New Year’s Day holiday, the passenger flow of Wuhan Railway Station increased. The Comprehensive Management Office will coordinate all units in the station area, strengthen scientific dispatch and duty, and do a good job in the management and service of the station area with excellent spirit. Respond to the protection work of the New Year’s Day holiday and continuously enhance passengers’ sense of acquisition, happiness and security.

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