2,700 layoffs, losses 6 billion, NIO has no future?

By the end of 2022, NIO had a total of 26,763 employees. On November 3, NIO Chairperson and CEO Li Bin said in a letter to all NIO employees that about 10% of positions would be reduced, meaning that about 2,700 people would be laid off.

On August 29, 2023, NIO announced the second quarter financial report. The financial report shows that the revenue decreased by 14.8% year-on-year to 8.7717 billion yuan, the gross profit decreased by 93.5% year-on-year to 87 million yuan, the net loss 6.0558 billion yuan increased by 119.6% year-on-year, and the adjusted net loss was 5.4457 billion yuan, an increase of 140.2% year-on-year. (Normally, NIO will release the third quarter financial report of 2023 around November 9, but as of the date of publication, it has not been seen for a long time, and the estimated data is not optimistic.)

As of October this year, NIO’s total sales were 126,067 vehicles, ahead of XPeng Motors’ 101,445 vehicles, but far below Li Auto’s 284,647 vehicles.

The level of sales is the bedrock of a car company’s economy, and a series of data suggest that NIO’s life in 2023 will indeed be difficult.

Although NIO’s sales and profits are average, it is also quietly doing big things.

As of November 1, NIO has built 2,079 power stations and 19,579 charging piles around the world, including more than 2,000 power stations in China and more than 600 high-speed stations. At the same time, NIO’s overseas and domestic stores are also increasing, with 25 new stores added in October.

The layout of NIO’s charging and swapping network and stores has undoubtedly improved the car experience of NIO owners and expanded the influence of NIO, but many people believe that the construction and operation costs of NIO swapping stations are too high, and the global rollout takes up a lot of money.

If the cost of a power station 3 million (including land, personnel, battery loss, etc.), the NIO 2000 power stations need at least 6 billion to support. More importantly, NIO power stations only serve NIO owners, and NIO promises to owners that there will be free power changes every year, so the profitability of NIO power stations is about equal to none compared with 6 billion.

In addition, with the rapid development of overcharging technology and battery technology, the charging time has been greatly shortened, the battery life of pure electric vehicles has also been greatly improved, and the advantage of fast power station replacement has been gradually weakened.

Writing here, the author wants to apologize for the NIO power station replacement.

The author has personally experienced the second and third generation of NIO power station, and the average power change time is only 3-5 minutes. No matter how fast the overcharge speed is, it is impossible for them to fully charge a 75KW/h and 100KW/h battery within 3 minutes at this stage, and the charging time will even be extended due to the instability of the charging pile voltage. If there is no revolutionary breakthrough in power battery technology, the charging speed of the power station cannot be shaken.

The power station takes up most of NIO’s resources, but it also brings a lot of convenience to users, and at this stage, the power station and the overcharge complement each other, and it is far from the day when the winner will be decided.

NIO’s predicament today is mainly caused by high prices and low sales.

At present, NIO’s product system has covered many aspects such as cars, SUVs, coupe SUVs, station wagons, etc. It is the car company with the most models and the widest layout among the three car companies of "Wei Xiaoli". Friends who are familiar with NIO know that the price of its models is generally high. If it were not for the price reduction of NIO ES6 and NIO ET5 and ET5T, NIO’s cars would not be lower than 300,000 at all, especially NIO ES8 high-end models. Correction is approaching 600,000.

The advantage of many models and high prices is that it has cut into a more subdivided market, stabilized NIO’s high-end brand perception, but also entered the sphere of influence of traditional luxury brands and emerging brands such as Tesla.

NIO ET5 and ET5T priced at 29.8-356,000 yuan have no advantage over Tesla Model 3 and BMW 3 Series in price, and belong to the level of half a catty to eight taels in control and comfort. The biggest advantage is that ET5T has design advantages in order to stabilize the monthly average of 5000 vehicles (ET5 and ET5T), which can be compared with BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model 3 with an average of 1-20,000 units.

In fact, NIO has tasted the sweetness brought by the price reduction, in June NIO all models down 30,000 yuan, although the cancellation of free power exchange and other parts of the rights and interests, but NIO new ES6, ET5T, ET5, ES8 and other models sales or a significant increase, its July sales is the first time in the year to break through the 20,000, especially the new ES6 of 11118 vehicles, become the absolute main force of NIO.

At this stage, many car companies are deliberately setting the price of new cars for sales, such as Zhiji LS6, Xiaopeng G6, Xiaopeng G9, etc., and the effect is quite positive. Xiaopeng G6’s October sales are 8,741 units, Xiaopeng G9 is listed for 15 days, and Zhiji LS6 is 28,000 units.

Now NIO really don’t have to hold it for high-end brand perception. It is the most practical to cancel part of the rights and interests to give consumers real money discounts in order to sell sales. What about the future of NIO? Layoffs and losses are just a small episode in its growth process. Even if Li Jiebin picks it up, with the scale of NIO charging stations and stores, as well as the annual sales of 150,000 vehicles, capital and major car companies will not give up easily. (Text/Youshi Auto, forward)

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Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to?

  Along with the take-off of Yunqi, in addition to exclamations and praises, there are also full of questioning and disdain.

  On April 10th, 2023, when the short video of looking up at U9 "jumping in place" began to spread exponentially, the "busybodies" brushed aside and questioned one after another-such as copying the magic control system of Mercedes-Benz and the idea of "low rider" in the United States half a century ago, and so on, and some friends stood in front of the stage and declared that we had released similar technologies a few years ago …

  As the saying goes, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong ones. The topic of Yunqi is wrapped in the waterfall of attention and the marketing window. The original desire to share the flow cake is understandable, but the tide will eventually fade, naked swimmers will soon be made public, and the core of the problem will return to the original point-where is the innovation of Yunqi? What is the meaning of existence? Is there any deep value for the overall development of the automobile industry? In the final analysis, is Yunqi worth looking up to?

  All doubts and disdain, after waiting for the hustle and bustle to disappear, Yunqi answers with truth and strength.

  Innovation or tribute?

  As big asTVComputers, as small as mobile phone accessories, online public opinion has become more and more entangled in the originality of design. "Innovation is proud, plagiarism is ashamed", and the proper concept of honor and disgrace forces the progress of industrial design of manufacturers. Have you noticed that in the German Red Dot Design Awards, China products won numerous awards, and even foreign experts who are used to the Mona Lisa did not hesitate to praise them.

  However, the shape design is only an intuitive contrast between beauty and ugliness, but the engineering design similar to Yunqi involves more original latitudes-many machines that look similar in function and appearance, with the metal skin uncovered, are intricate and varied inside. For example, BYD’s DM-i and Toyota’s THS hybrid architecture both achieve fuel saving and high efficiency, but how much do they have in common on the mechanical level? Patent barriers are blocked layer by layer, trying to copy? Friends will sue you to bankruptcy first.

  In addition, when the engineering design develops to 2023, the space for innovation is limited after all-just like the integrated circuit, the process can only progress one nanometer at a time. As we all know, it has been 138 years since the appearance of automobiles, such as front-drive layout, air suspension, non-load-bearing body and so on. For the future development of automobiles, the modern public should recognize and attach importance to every "micro-innovation"-to make further progress, and this spirit deserves recognition. In fact, looking up at the cloud chariot -P on U8 is just like this.

  What’s the difference between Yunxiao -P?

  At first glance, the functions are similar, and the appearance can’t see much details. What is the difference between Yunqi -P?

  If you have been to Tibet, you must have seen the amazing LC80 (old land cruiser). Its suspension is a representative of primitive durability-the front and rear hard bridges are designed with a simple structure, which greatly avoids the possibility of failure, but the bumps are really bumps … The technical limitations of the times have caused comfortable regrets, and from today’s perspective, it is outdated.

  The progress of Yunqi -P has just solved this great regret-modern suspension is no longer just a matter of four shock absorbers and four springs. In Yunqi -P system equipped with U8, the suspension body, sensing technology and intelligent computing center are connected into a whole, and the shock absorbers and other actions have gone through perception-decision-execution, just like putting a brain on the chassis of a car, including turning, avoiding and calculating.

  The difference between Yunpi -P does not stop there. As far as its sensing system is concerned, Yunqi -P deeply integrates multiple road sensing elements such as camera and laser radar, which can identify the road features 5-150m ahead and output the elevation curve, and adjust the suspension damping in advance in a targeted manner, greatly optimizing the impact of road bumps on comfort. In addition, looking up at U8 can realize three independent adjustments of height+stiffness+damping, and has the ability of independent adjustment of four-wheel height, which can achieve front and rear leveling, left and right leveling and single-wheel leveling of the whole vehicle, and creatively realize the unique one-button leveling function in mainstream off-road vehicles, and almost achieve full adaptability of the whole scene.

  Such a balanced all-terrain capability is not groundbreaking.

  What’s the significance of Yunqi -P?

  After the press conference, many netizens questioned that the whole Yunqi family was a "fancy whistle", but little did they know that there were similar speech attacks when the iPhone was released. Ironically, smart phones eventually unified the rivers and lakes, and almost completely put Nokia and others into the cold palace.

  The superficial value of Yunqi -P is nothing more than making the car more comfortable, more flexible to handle and more adaptable to the road surface. But only from this perspective, Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles can also do well. Why should we spend millions on U8 to own this Yunqi -P?

  Mouth guns can’t promote the progress of technology, and a simple cloud experience may just be a blind man touching an elephant. The far-reaching significance of Yunqi -P is that it realizes the intelligent linkage between the key parts system of the lower body and the whole vehicle for the first time, which indicates another electrical revolution of the automobile after the canbus bus is introduced into the vehicle control. The parts related to driving are controlled by the intelligent system in a centralized way, just like the human brain controls walking, and the automobile can take every road in a predictable, active and coordinated way, which means that the intelligent wave will sweep up and down every muscle of the automobile, and the automobile will have independent thinking and judgment in the future. What’s more, it has been predicted that Yunqi -P also supports OTA upgrade, which proves that it still has the potential for growth!

  More than that. From the technical point of view, we should also pay attention to its social value-the birth and application of Yunnian -P, which proves that China automobile has quietly passed the embarrassing stage of parodying Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, found a way out through deliberation and explored innovation through mediocrity. The domestic automobile industry is no longer a follower, but has changed from a chaser to a leader, grasping the baton of development and starting a new era in which the Chinese automobile industry affects the world industrial structure! Great country craftsmen shouted for this! National self-confidence does it one brace up!

  So, if anyone still asks: Is the cloud chariot worth looking up to? I will ask and answer questions, it’s worth it!

LI’s revenue doubled in the first quarter and hit the delivery target of 30,000 vehicles in June, and the price reduction will not be considered for the time being.

K figure 02015_0

K graph LI_0

  In the industry environment where overspeed and stall occur frequently,It seems that it has always maintained its own rhythm.

  On May 10th, the published financial report for the first quarter of 2023 showed that it delivered 52,584 new cars during the period, up 65.8% year-on-year; Realized revenue of 18.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 96.5%; Operating profit and890 million yuan and 1.41 billion yuan respectively, grossAbout 20.4%, reaching the "healthy" threshold set by Chairman and CEO Li Xiang.

  Based on the market feedback in the first quarter, the second quarterThe guideline gives a new high, and the delivery of new cars is expected to reach 76,000-81,000, up 164.9%-182.4% year-on-year; The total income is expected to be 24.22 billion-25.86 billion yuan, up 177.4%-196.1% year-on-year; Annual grossThe goal remains at 20%. At the first quarter performance meeting held on the same day, the management of LI also showed full confidence in the company’s development rhythm. Strive to deliver 30,000 vehicles in June, release pure electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, not consider price reduction for the time being, and adjust production capacity according to demand, which are the key words of management.

  Maintain the gross profit margin target of 20% for the whole year.

  Among the total revenue of 18.79 billion yuan in the first quarter, LI’s vehicle sales revenue was about 18.33 billion yuan, up 96.9% year-on-year and 6.1% quarter-on-quarter.

  Li Tie, CFO of LI, said at the performance meeting that the year-on-year increase in vehicle sales revenue was mainly due to the increase in vehicle delivery and the increase in the average selling price contributed by the ideal L series models; The month-on-month increase in this revenue was mainly due to the increase in vehicle delivery, and at the same time, some of the increase in delivery was offset by the decrease in average selling price caused by the difference in product mix between the two quarters.

Main performance indicators of LI in the first quarter of 2023 (Source: EnterpriseScreenshot)

  On February 8th this year, LI officially released the first five-seat product ideal L7, and launched the third model L7 Air; after L7 Pro and L7 Max on the same day. In addition, the L8 Air, the third model of the six-seat SUV, was also launched simultaneously. According to the official price published by LI, the national unified retail prices of L7 Air, L7 Pro and L7 Max are 319,800 yuan, 339,800 yuan and 379,800 yuan respectively, which are 20,000 yuan lower than the retail prices of ideal L8 models.

  On March 11th, Ideal L7 was delivered. According to the data released by LI, the ideal retail volume of L7 terminals in March was 8,009, and the delivery volume in April exceeded 10,000.

  The delivery of vehicles with relatively lower prices has increased, and its impact has also been fed back to the Maori side. In the first quarter of 2023, LI’s gross profit was 3.83 billion yuan, up 77.0% year-on-year and 7.4% quarter-on-quarter; The gross profit margin of bicycles was 19.8%, which was lower than 20.0% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

  Among many new brands, LI has been at the forefront in cost control. Although nearly 50 stores have been expanded or optimized in LI since late June, 2022, the sales, general and management expenses in LI in the first quarter were basically the same, which remained at the level of 1.6 billion yuan, about 1.65 billion yuan. As of April 30th, LI has 302 retail centers, 318 after-sales maintenance centers and authorized car body panel repair and painting centers all over the country. In the first quarter, its research and development expenses dropped to 1.85 billion yuan.

  "Overall, we are very confident about the steady increase in gross profit margin." Li Tie said, "In the first quarter, the sales in Li ONE reduced the overall gross profit margin of vehicles in the quarter by 1.6%. We expect to complete all the sales in Li ONE in the first half of the year, so we can basically eliminate the impact of this part. Regarding the profit margin climbing of ideal L7 and Air models, we think there is still room for improvement. However, considering that there are other potential factors, we still maintain the goal of 20% gross profit margin for the whole year. "

  Before entering the pure electricity market, stabilize the market share.

  Once the news that LI will launch pure electric vehicles was exposed, it quickly seized the hot spot of public opinion.

  In Li Xiang’s view, the ultimate goal of pure electric vehicles is to replace fuel vehicles on a large scale, just like extended-range vehicles; To achieve this goal, the safety and convenience of energy acquisition are the basic conditions.

  In 2023, LI indicated that it will invest heavily in the construction of the overcharge network, and plans to build 300 high-speed charging stations before the end of the year, covering.Yangtze River Delta, Greater Bay Area, Chengdu and Chongqing, and expand the number of charging stations to 3,000 by the end of 2025, covering 90% of the country’s high-speed mileage and major cities in the first, second and third tiers.

  "We will not pass these costs on to consumers, so we will also let users buy the most competitive products in the same level at a cheaper price through effective R&D and supply chain layout." At the press conference, Li Xiang said that the layout of pure electricity sector was decided by LI after long-term planning and research. Therefore, the company has made sufficient preparations in R&D and supply chain.

  "Our core goal is to make high-voltage pure electric vehicles have prices similar to those of extended-range vehicles, and obtain gross profit margins similar to those of extended-range vehicles, which is the embodiment of our healthy operation. This is based on the research and development of models and the layout of the supply chain that we started a long time ago. "

  According to him, the first all-electric vehicle in LI will be released in the fourth quarter of 2023, and then delivery will begin, keeping the release rhythm similar to the ideal L7, L8 and L9.

  Before entering the field of pure electricity to divide cakes, LI put more energy into steadily increasing the market share. "Our core goal in the second quarter is to increase the market share of the NEV market above 200,000 yuan in the first quarter from 11% to 13%." However, Li Xiang bluntly said that there is no plan to reduce the price in LI at present. "When we make detailed long-term planning and pricing, we have set the price at the most competitive price in the corresponding price range according to the level and size of each model, and there will be problems when the price floats up and down. This is the fundamental reason why we have been very cautious in pricing and insist on long-term consideration. "

  Judging from the ideal L7 and L8 vehicle segmentation strategy, the successive appearance of Air, Pro and Max models also differentiated the same product on the basis of overall price reduction, providing more choices at the consumer end.

Ideal L7 three models configuration difference (Source: enterprise official website screenshot)

  Li Xiang said that with the test drive of the Air model to the store, the order volume has indeed increased significantly, and the ideal L7 and L8 Air models have brought about a 20% increase. "According to the first-tier, new first-tier and second-tier cities, the new first-tier cities have the highest sales growth rate at present, because for the SUV market of more than 300,000, the new first-tier cities have real consumption.. In the long run, third-and fourth-tier cities are also the focus of LI’s future expansion, with a view to gaining more market share in these regions. "

Being away from the sun can make you look twenty years younger.

Being away from the sun can make you look twenty years younger.

Forget glugging countless glasses of water or getting your beauty sleep. The secret of looking young is simply to stay out of the sun.
Stop being crazy about drinking water and sleeping beauty sleep. There is actually only one secret to staying young: staying away from the sun.

A study of hundreds of women has revealed that those who avoided the sun’s rays looked up to 20 years younger than they actually are.
After investigating hundreds of women, a study found that those women who stay away from the sun’s radiation look 20 years younger than their actual age.

However, other supposed rules for a youthful complexion, from drinking lots of water to sleeping well and exercising regularly, failed to hold back the hands of time.
Other universally recognized principles of maintaining youthful appearance, such as drinking more water, sleeping beauty sleep and exercising regularly, can’t stop the ruthless years from leaving marks on the face.

Only keeping out of the sun, and wearing sunscreen when this wasn’t possible, made a difference, the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual conference will hear today.
The annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology will announce this discovery: only by staying away from the sun, or wearing sunscreen when you have to be exposed to the sun, can you resist the years for several rounds.

The intriguing finding comes from a study of 231 women of all ages who were quizzed about their lives, including whether they were sun-worshippers.
This interesting discovery comes from a study of 231 women of all ages. The researchers conducted a questionnaire survey on their living habits, including whether they like to bask in the sun.

When researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in the US – commissioned by skincare firm Olay – guessed how old the women were, they found those who took care in the sun tended to have aged more slowly.
Subsequently, commissioned by Olay, a skin care company, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital estimated the age of these women and found that women who took sunscreen measures aged more slowly.

A lucky four had so few wrinkles and age spots, and such a glowing complexion, that they appeared to be a full two decades younger than they really were.
Four of them have almost no wrinkles and age spots, so radiant that they look twenty years younger than their actual age.

Researcher Dr Alexa Kimball, a professor of dermatology, said the popular perception that we drink lots of water to stay healthy is a myth and the body is ‘pretty good’ at judging how much we need.
Researcher Dr. Alex Kimble, a professor of dermatology, said that the popular view that drinking more water can keep you healthy is nonsense, and our bodies can accurately judge the amount of water we need.

Previous research by the British Nutrition Foundation reached a similar conclusion.
Previously, the British Nutrition Association’s research also reached a similar conclusion.

Experts there said: ‘Just drinking water for the sake of drinking water really has no effect on improving the appearance of skin.’
Experts from the association said: "Drinking water for the sake of drinking water really won’t improve the skin."

It isn’t clear why the women who slept well didn’t have younger-looking skin. But it may be that the question they were asked was too narrow and didn’t take into account their long-term sleep patterns.
As for why women with good sleep quality can’t have younger skin, the reason is not clear. However, this may be because the coverage of the questionnaire is too narrow and the long-term sleep patterns of the subjects are not taken into account.

A second study, also by Olay, suggested that low-level day to day exposure to the sun is more ageing that occasional, intense blasts.
The second study initiated by Olay Company shows that frequent exposure to low-intensity sunlight is more likely to make people aging than occasional exposure.

Finally, DNA examination of tiny samples of the women’s skin gave some insight into the damage done by the sun.
Finally, the researchers conducted genetic testing on female skin samples, which gave us a general understanding of the damage caused by sunlight to the skin.

A gene called CDKN2A was more active in facial skin that is exposed to the elements than on samples taken from the buttocks.
The researchers found that the gene named CDKN2A is more active in facial skin exposed to sunlight than hip skin away from sunlight.

This gene was also more active in women who said they loved the sun – and in those who looked older.
The gene is also more active in women who love sunshine-and these women look older.

Dr Kimball said CDKN2A activity is a sign that a cell is ‘tired out’ and urged women should protect their skin year round and not just when on a beach holiday.
Dr. Jin Bo said that the activity of CDKN2A gene means that cells are actually in distress, so she called on women to take skin care measures all year round, instead of waiting for a beach holiday to think about sun protection.

Dr Frauke Neuser, principal scientist at Olay, which has used the research to develop its latest face creams, said: ‘This research gives us a detailed picture of the effect of sun exposure on skin ageing and illustrate the importance of protection on a daily basis.’
Dr. flock Neuhser, the leading scientist of Olay, used these research findings to develop the latest cream. He said: "This study gives us a detailed understanding of the effects of sunlight on skin aging, indicating that daily skin care is very important."

English source: Daily Mail
Translator: Zhao Xiaoyi
Revising & Editing: Dany

The chill is getting heavier! Beginning of winter’s temperature drops sharply. The national winter map shows where to enter winter.

"The north wind is cold and cold, and the sparse wood is half green and yellow." Today (November 8th), China entered the beginning of winter solar term. beginning of winter is the first solar term in winter, which means the beginning of cold winter. After beginning of winter, cold air activities became more frequent, and the winter process accelerated. China Weather Network launched the national winter map during beginning of winter all the year round to see where the cold wind is starting and winter is coming.
[National Winter Map] Most of northern beginning of winter enters winter.
At the beginning of the solar term in beginning of winter all the year round, many places in the north have entered winter, and the front of winter has reached the central part of North China, Qinling Mountains and western Sichuan Plateau. During the solar term in beginning of winter, the process of winter accelerated, and winter continued to cross south, and southern Hebei, southwestern Shaanxi, southern Shandong, most of Henan, northern Jiangsu and Anhui, and northwestern Hubei all entered the threshold of winter. Like Shijiazhuang (November 7), Xi ‘an (November 11), Jinan (November 10), Zhengzhou (November 13), Hefei (November 18), Nanjing (November 19) and other provincial capital cities, the average winter season is concentrated in beginning of winter season.
Most of the south is still in autumn at this time, such as Hunan and Hubei, where the coolness is full and the autumn is full. In summer, only Hainan and the southern coastal areas of Guangdong are left, and the summer heat is still there.
[Weather in beginning of winter] The temperature plummeted and the chill became heavier.
At the time of beginning of winter, everything was finally done. Beginning of winter is the first solar term in winter, which means that life begins to close and everything enters a state of recuperation and collection. Its climate has also changed from dry autumn to rainy and cold winter, with a sudden drop in temperature and a growing chill.
"One day in beginning of winter, water cooling is three points." Beginning of winter is the solar term with the fiercest cooling in the whole year, especially in the north. At this time, it has entered the cold season of "singing winter with the wind". China Weather Network took stock of the national temperature changes in the twenty-four solar terms, and found that the national average temperature began to decline since beginning of autumn, and beginning of winter had the largest decline, with the temperature in first frost dropping by 3.77℃ compared with the previous solar term.
The forms of precipitation after beginning of winter are more diverse, such as rain, snow, sleet and hail. The first snow often appears in North China, and it is already a scene of heavy snow in Northeast and Northwest China.
During the cold air intermission, the temperature difference between day and night in North China, Huanghuai and other places is large, and the humidity increases, which is prone to fog and haze weather, especially the visibility is low in the morning and evening, which will have a great impact on people’s life and travel.
Beginning of winter is not equal to winter. After beginning of winter, the cold air is stronger and the activities are more frequent. The front of winter begins to cross the Qinling Huaihe River, and most of the north has entered winter, while most of the south is still in autumn.
[beginning of winter Phenology] Water begins to freeze when it is frozen.
Beginning of winter is divided into three stages: the first stage is when the water begins to freeze, the second stage is when the ground begins to freeze, and the third stage is when the pheasant enters the flood. It is said that this solar term, water can already form ice; The land also began to freeze; After beginning of winter, big birds such as pheasants are rare, but giant clams with similar lines and colors can be seen on the seashore.
"beginning of winter is sunny and has a good harvest." In beginning of winter season, the land in Northeast China is frozen, and agricultural and forestry crops enter the wintering period; Jiangnan and South China should make full use of fine weather to harvest, sun and air late rice.
[beginning of winter custom] It is necessary to make up for the winter and avoid making up for the cold.
As the saying goes, "beginning of winter fills the winter and fills the mouth". In order to resist the cold, people have the custom of "beginning of winter supplements food". In the north, jiaozi is eaten, while in the south, radish stewed mutton, ginger duck, crucian bean curd soup and other tonic dishes are usually eaten, but it is forbidden to blindly "make up".
The weather is getting colder after beginning of winter, so friends should prepare down jackets, hats, scarves, gloves and other cold-proof equipment in advance, and add clothes in time to prevent colds.
When the north wind rises, everything hides, and beginning of winter is brushing away the restlessness of the season with the most peaceful attitude, so that everything can be calm. We might as well enjoy the warm sunshine in winter and feel the good time on earth quietly after our daily busyness.
(Source: China Weather Network WeChat)

The sexy calendar of "Coconut Tree" was exposed in 2024, and the bikini-printed beauty and macho man were accused of vulgarity. Coconut Tree responded: It is indeed available, not for sale, only for o

On January 4th, according to the report of "White Deer Video" of Shaanxi Net, recently, in Haikou, Hainan, netizens sent out pictures of coconut trees in 2024, which triggered discussion.

The video content shows that this calendar is printed with many bikini beauties and pictures of macho men.

Some netizens think that this kind of bikini beauty and macho man are vulgar and unacceptable. Some netizens think it is normal, and so do many old calendars. There is nothing wrong with a healthy and plump aesthetic, so I want to leave a message.

On the 4th, the staff of Coconut Tree responded that this calendar does exist. At present, there is no purchase channel, and local large-scale suppliers will have it. Calendars are not for sale, only for internal storage. "We do have this calendar. At present, there is no purchase channel, and some local large-volume suppliers will have it. This calendar is not for sale and is only used for our own internal preservation. "

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Shaanxi Network "White Deer Video"]

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Music creation is not careless, Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302 is trustworthy.

For many young music creators, an easy-to-use intelligent recording pen has become the immediate need. In fact, Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302 has become the choice of many people. With its compact body and professional performance, it can be said that in the market of intelligent voice recorder, Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 brings a different experience. This year’s Double Eleven, start this Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302, and easily complete the advanced stage!

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Urban governance rule of law: take the "Shanghai Domestic Waste Management Regulations" as an example

Since the reform and opening up, the urban management of Shanghai can be divided into three stages: the initial stage of reform and opening up to 2000, the construction management is cracked by solving the "three difficulties" (difficulty in transportation, housing difficulties, and environmental difficulties). With people -oriented, management as the first, safety as the first, to welcome the "Expo" event and consolidate "comprehensive management" as the main task; since 2017, it has entered refined management to make good use of the "three hearts and one needle" (embroidery -like " Carefulness, patience, excellence, and embroidery needle), build four beams and eight pillars.

After more than forty years of practice and exploration, Shanghai has accumulated rich experience in the process of dealing with various complex problems operating in large cities, and conducted a comprehensive exploration in the refinement of urban management.

In 2021, the Shanghai Housing and Urban -Rural Development Management Committee organized the writing "Exploration and Practice Series of the Construction of" People’s City "in the New Era". Strengthen the refined work of urban management and promote the exploration and practice of people’s urban construction. The book uses the four main "needle methods": rule of law, standardization, intelligence, and socialization (fourizations), combined with cases to detailed how Shanghai performs refined management.

In the chapter of the "rule of the rule of law" the "warning line" of urban management, the writing group cuts in from the legislative, revision, law enforcement and law popularization of the city management field in Shanghai, analyzes the application of the rule of law thinking in the management process, and confirms the construction of the rule of law. Fundamental role in urban management. We have edited some of the contents of this chapter, explained the necessity of rule of law in urban management, and selected one of the most representative cases in order to readers.

For a long time, Shanghai has always regarded the rule of law as an important cornerstone of the construction of governance systems and governance capabilities, based on the management needs of oversized cities, and continuously refining and optimizing the guarantee of legal systems.

In early 2021, driving into the Fenhu Daokou of the G50 Shanghai -Chongqing High Speed ??Speed ??and entering the boundary of Shanghai, Mr. Lin, who was sitting in the co -driver, received a text message- "The Regulations on the Administration of Shanghai Public Health Emergency" will be implemented on November 1, 2020. Everyone is responsible for preventing and controlling and controlling it according to law. Strengthen self -health management, strengthen self -protection awareness, wash hands, divide hands, use public chopstick spoons. Enter the airport, railway station, bus, subway and other public places to wear masks as required to maintain social distance ""

"It is illegal to wear a mask in Shanghai in public places." Mr. Lin turned his head and told his friends and took out the mask from his pocket.

The "Regulations on the Administration of Public Health Emergency" clearly stipulates that during the popularity of respiratory infectious diseases, entering public places should be worn in accordance with the requirements and maintain a social distance. Today, wearing a mask in public places is not only a civilized habit, but also a legal obligation that Shanghai citizens should adhere to.

How to use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to regulate the public order of the city, so that the law can be dependent on, and the law is based on the law. It is an inevitable requirement and important content of the construction and management of modern cities. From the perspective of the refined goals of urban management, the accuracy and effectiveness of management methods should meet the basic requirements of standardized implementation, and the standardization of the means requires the establishment, sound, and perfect legal and regulatory system to enhance the particle size and refinement of legal resources With high rigorous rules and the spirit of the rule of law, it provides a solid institutional foundation and exquisite behavioral guidance for the efficient operation of urban management. On the one hand, we can rule the people and the people in accordance with the law, and use laws and regulations to restrict the behavior of citizens; on the other hand, in accordance with the right to rule, govern officials, regulate the behavior of government agencies and their public officials, and use laws and regulations to control the exercise of public power. It can be said that the process of continuous improvement of the rule of law in urban management itself is an important practice of the concept of "the people of the people’s city and the people’s city for the people".

The standardization of management methods is also conducive to overcoming the disadvantages of sports and empirical governance, and improving the long -term and stability of urban governance. The content of the standardized management methods also includes the clear division of the rights and obligations of various types of public affairs and the supply of public services, and the determination of organizational management and operating rules provides behavioral specifications for various governance subjects, and provides public rights of the public. Standards and basis, guide urban management laws and regulations to become social consensus and behavioral rules.

For the government, the rule of law of management methods lies in clarifying its responsibilities and their behavioral standards, accelerating the transformation of government functions, and promoting the original inherent leadership decision -making government to the legal decision -making government through the construction of the rule of law. For citizens, as the main body of the city, citizens have the right to also obliges to improve the literacy and legal awareness of the rule of law, can establish reasonable expectations for administrative processes and management effects, and achieve effective supervision of public administration. It can be seen that the rule of law is the core symbol of urban competitiveness and the dazzling business card for urban governance.

The ideal state of rule of law is "the law can be prohibited, and the law is prohibited without authorization." To achieve this goal, the lack of legislation, law enforcement, and law general law is indispensable. Especially for Shanghai with the inheritance of sea -faction culture, its regional culture itself has a basis for contract civilization.

Shanghai is the first city in the country to implement garbage classification. From July 1, 2019 to the present, it has formed a situation of Shanghai demonstration and onlookers in the country. For Shanghai, legislation is both the task required by superiors, but also the endogenous demand generated by garbage classification to a certain stage. Up to now, the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Lomitic waste" have been implemented for more than two years, and the garbage classification has entered the daily life of each Shanghai person. It shows the civilization of the city.

Case: Fine Management -Taking the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Links" as an example

From 2005 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of Shanghai’s domestic waste was about 3%, the average annual growth rate from 2011-2017 was 4%, and the annual growth rate after 2014 reached 5%. And the traditional garbage treatment method, whether it is incineration or landfill, will bring obvious problems: occupying tens of thousands of acres of land, mosquito flies fly chaotic, sewage overflows, smells of the sky, seriously pollute the soil and groundwater environment … The number of garbage is still threatening the lives of various wild animals, and the garbage in rivers and oceans invades the habitat of aquatic creatures, causing them to die by mistake and even species extinction. At the same time, the two evils brought by the waste incineration are one of the most deadly toxic substances on the earth. After the incineration is discharged and discharged, it can diffuse from a long distance. Once the pollutants enter the human body, they will stay for a long time and eventually cause cancer. "Garbage siege" has been "under the city."

Promoting garbage classification can effectively improve the efficiency of garbage treatment, reduce treatment costs, reduce land consumption and environmental pollution, drive circular economy, save resources, and turn waste into treasures, and have the benefits of social, economic and ecological aspects. However, in order to do a good job of domestic waste, we must change people’s behavior habits and require a long -term process. Refined governance of domestic garbage in other countries often go through decades or even longer efforts. Therefore, the legislative work of the garbage classification is not only the need to mobilize the entire force, but also the most powerful education and guidance of this work and the most powerful education and control.

On the basis of a large -scale questionnaire survey and full review, Shanghai people have reviewed and approved the "Shanghai Municipal Home Wurns Management Regulations" greater than January 2019. It is announced that it will be officially implemented on July 1, 2019. Enter the "hard constraint" era.

The legislation clarified several priorities in Shanghai’s garbage classification work. One is how to divide it? Shanghai has been exploring garbage classification since the 1990s. After several changes, in 2011, it was determined to be recyclable, harmful garbage, wet garbage, and dry garbage. During the review of the regulations, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress designed a set of questionnaires for the general public, and the results showed that most citizens expressed their recognition of the "four -point method".

Shanghai domestic waste classification and launch guide

Who will control it? At the three levels of the city, district, and streets, the regulations stipulate the management model of "combination and block", and clarify the work content of the street office and the township people’s governments. One by one. For example, units and individuals who generate domestic waste are the responsible subjects of classification and distribution. They should put domestic waste to the corresponding collecting containers; each launching point shall establish a classification and distribution management responsible person to clarify their rights and obligations; For garbage, the receiving unit can refuse to receive it. If it does not make corrections within the time limit, it can be fined.

The third is how to do the source reduction? The regulations include specific matters including promoting product packaging materials and reduction of express packaging. For example, hotels must not take the initiative to provide disposable daily necessities, catering service providers and catering distribution service providers must not proactively provide free disposable chopsticks, puffing and other tableware. In Shanghai, when using APP such as "Hungry" or "Meituan", each merchant must provide special tableware options and give reminders to "provide on -demand".

Fourth, how to achieve "closed loop" management? The regulations strictly standardize and transport and transport, and clarify that the receiving units must use special vehicles and ships to implement closed transportation. Realization of the whole process.

After the "Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations" was officially implemented, a public account article entitled "A picture to understand Shanghai’s domestic garbage classification" was crazy "swipe the screen" in the circle of friends. Someone teased that the "magic people" was "mad" by the garbage classification. Every morning, when they went out, they had to accept the soul torture of "what garbage was".

Mobilization and ridicule, but if you go to the community and ask "whether the garbage classification is good", even the seventh or eighty -year -old grandma will answer you: "Okay! Now the environment is so serious, Allah is obliged to contribute to environmental protection." Since the implementation of more than two years, garbage classification has entered the daily life of every Shanghai people. Everyone is proud of "division", ashamed of "indiscriminate".

Observing all corners of Shanghai, you can find many places that are changing because of garbage classification: Located on the coast of the East China Sea and 70 kilometers from the southeast of the city center -this "digestion" of about 50%of the domestic garbage terminal treatment in Shanghai The landfills have become the ecological protection display window of green surroundings; Xinyixiu Village, which has achieved "wet garbage cannot be out of the community", Aunt Hou voted to the wet garbage in the community’s trash tank, and the intensive processing of intelligent equipment was treated with concentrated treatment 4 hours later, it became organic fertilizer, and was taken home by Aunt Hou to raise flowers. At the Century Lianhua Luban shop after the "Plastics Limit Order", the counter was carefully prepared on the counter. Packing for customers to use …

Shanghai Old Port Ecological Environmental Protection Base is the world’s largest waste incineration plant and medical waste disposal facility

Xinyu Liu Village "Wet garbage does not get out of the community"

The changes that occurred in factories, communities, supermarkets, and landfills are the true portrayal of the participation and control of the whole people. As of the end of 2020, Shanghai has initially established a full -process classification system to achieve 100%harmless treatment of domestic garbage. Both residential and unit domestic waste classification standards have doubled more than 95%, and the recycling rate of domestic waste resources has reached 38%. Garbage classification makes Shanghai more livable and more temperature.Please clickhereOr scan the code to buy to understand the exploration of refined city management in Shanghai: